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. "
' W 4.WMilH
Seventh Annual Commencement
OFT hi-:
Mt. Vernon Collegiate
h.'' .v - Institute.
Never has the school, during the
seven years of its existence, made
such rapid progress, as it has since
it has been under the present man
agement. The average attendance j
for the last two yearn, has almost
doubled that of any former years,
while the general satisfaction given,
both to pupils att.l alike,
has been far superior.
The closing exercises, of the Mt. j
Vernon Collegiate Institute were
begun, with the preaching of the
Haccalaure 'te sermon in the College
chapel Sunday morning, by
the Rev. V. A. Iseuheart. of Richmond.
The ohoir composed of
Misses Dove B. Letcher, and Mary
D. Cox, and Messrs Eugen Mullins,
Claud Cox and others Sang ouejoraUo"
Stanza of "Praise God from whom
aU Blessings flow," after which.
Cev. A. E. Ewers offered a very
short and impressive prayer. Song,
"Consecration was sung. The
scriptural lesson read, was Paul's
first letter lu the Romans and first
chapter, the 16th verse of the same
chapter; "For I am not ashamed
of the of Christ; lor it is the
power of God unto salvation to
every one that beliveth; to the Jew
first, and also to the Greek" was
chosen for a text. The Ricumoud
Theologian spoke in part as follows:
"This is the best Paul could say
about the Gospel of Christ; he could
say it of nothing else; there were
other Gospels, but lor them he 1
blushed with shame. Everywhere
Paul preached, he met the Gospel ;
of the Greeks. Uheir preaching
was a Gospel of Sentiment; the love
of the beautiful, which found expression
in temple, picture and
statue; the civilization built upon
their Gospel crumbled into ruin."
' There was also the Gospel of
the Romans. A Gospel of law.
As Paul viewed the life buiL upon
this Gospel he blushed for shame
of it. lie found Roman society
rotten to the core. These Gospels
are still preached, but the failure ot
Rome and Greece ought to make u
(realize, a civilization built upon
.any other Gospel but the Gospel of
Christ, is doomed to fail."
"There are other Gospels preached
today., , of which, we ought to
he ashamed, the Gospel qf Christian
science, that all pain is a delusion.
To he all mind so as not to
mind anything anywhere but have
a mind like the lobster, which has
110 mind. The Gospel of Sentimentality,
that children are little
angles; to allow a child to fellow
its impulses, thus allowing it natural
development, assuring just that
character God iuteuded for each
particular one. The Gospel, of
Dowieisiu. which is but food for tlw
gulls. The Gospel of agnosticism1
a knownothingisin, which wou'd
iead to intellectual suicide. The
Gospd, of Indiferentism, which
would lake God from His Throne,
and break down all destinction
trr.th and error; gooo and
evil; love of God and love of self,
Heaven and Hell. The Gospel of
Spiritism the practice of
deming theofTice of the Holy
Ghost, to lead unto all truth and
1 s ening to apparitions made up by
some hair brained medium These
are not i he Gospel of Christ. They
will lead to eternal shame. The
Gospel nf Christ alone has in it the
power and it alone will lead to
Uernal glory." The quartet. Misses
Cox and Letcher, and Eugene
Mulluii and Claud Cox, sang.
' Gently Lord, OGentlv Lead Us,"
after which the benediction was
icci ned
Is an exceedingly beautiful, bright
and attractive young lady, and her
"Out of Tune," was well
written, nicely delivered and greatly
Tuesday night ca'ie the Primary
entertainment, the first of which,
vvns n rlioriis snni" bv some twentv
five of lhir ir,g A marchin r
song. "Our Heroes," by the bojs
came next and each one performed
his task well. Those who took
part wete: Robert, Floyd, Ray,
Scott and Louis Miller. Miller McCoy,
Jake Williams, Sam Prewitt,
George and Russel Proctor, Jce
and Rob McKenzie, Jammie
Thompson, Ben Griffin, Fred
Baker, Elzie Coffey, Charley Estes, ,
Logan Taylor and Charley Prewitt, j
color bearer
fe mbatif?.fBBm
m v .ifism
fTF ' V wlB
iwsgapm U . xriiln.zXw. KjtSJ j.t.iB!
w IK; . 4mms i
ft mmxGSL
w Mwmm
Mr. Ch 'stunt is one of
nicest and most energetic
young men. and the honor won, in
being 1 he valed'ctorian of hi class,
i- a deserving compliment.
Ilic'fird.'s rendition ot "A
busv We n m" was excellent Tin
lii't. a Ciiitat.!. "A Ky,'r.V. of
Fairy Land," was played by the
following girls:
Lela May Lovell, Sadie Richards,
Margarite Fish, Lena McClutc,
Kitty Poynter, Allie Houk, Annie
Davis, Annie Coffey, Hulah Smith,
Cora Grifiin.
Bessie Sparks, Mary Houk.
Mullins, Hamie Estes, Hermes
Laiiflrum, Argie Townvend Jenu.e
n-,..; Tk"nmi,." ........ a..
JLtlVl.T I IH- Vl jJll.l J" were ll
na May Miller ard Margarite
-. & x mJM i
tim a mwm
There probably has never been a
boy gone through the Institute,
who has worked harder and made
a more rapid improvement, than
liasjoungMr. Krueger. In the
debating society, his efforts have
been very encouraging indeed. He
will t nt,er Ci"tral University this!
Wednesday night, the Junior
a comedy, "The Wild
Man from Borneo" in thrae acts:
Borneo B. Binns--A Tropical Bliz-
.ard frqnv the South Stas, Jntnes
Pennigton, who is very w :althj ,
and gavcf a .monthly allo.vauce to
Fied Binn,- his down trodden
nephey (Cosse Sutton,) who had
marrie, Olivo," a beautiful county
The only son of Dr. and Mrs.
Ewers, is one of the youngest
members of the class. He will
leaves next week for Louisvil.'e to
rake a course in the Bryant & Strat
ton Business College.
girl (Miss iVIae Magee) byt had to
keep it a secret from his Uncle in
order to continue to get his month
ly allowance. Capl. Lefton Wright,
( Eugene Mullins) Late of the
Philippine Army, to help his old
friend, Fred, out of trouble tells J
Borneo, that Fred's wife is his wife,
vvhich causes trouble with his lover
Lizzie D.iyton ( Miss Annie Thompson,
but fiunally Peter, (Claud
Cox) the sleepy servant, tells it all,
how the scheme was worked, and
the blizzard soon ends and all are
happy. Jake Gentry, the wild
ni.m of Borneo, looked all that he
was supposed to be.
If the administration is looking
for a Senatorial hangman it has one
in Fred Fuiiston who would take
pleasiue in the job.
Who is recognized as one of the
best students in the classand finish-
eu tuurse a year earner, man inei
other memoes. He will go to
Louisville Medical College and take
a course.
Thesrcneral average, and class I
standing of the graduates is as f0, - !
Shnior Yijar. Fur.L Coursk.
Lee Chestnut 95 95
Ernest Ewers 96 93
mirciette houk 94
win. 92 92
Jas. Pennington 93 92
Anna Thompson 95 94
Grkathst Imi'rovhmknt Prizk.
Ciias. Scott.
Rkc.ui.au Attkndancb.
Flojd Miller, Robert H. Miller,
Chas Scott, Anna Thompson, Waiter
Miller, Jennie Davis.
- BfU.K.
Lee Chestnut.
Latin Study.
H. Burdette Houk
4mmMwmMmm$mM!M I
vies ' " ldKmfiULivlM1&'. sf ftfml
' 'Mwam
tm. iAxm:i$jfi.ZEuiww
4 , 11. ?f W f?Ti I
2i A1
" iAM4A) ,1 ' rst",Si
r i li- m
" " L 15 VZ
-.... tb5&
Who won the prize, which was a
gold medal, for having made the
best general overage in Latin for
the year. Young Mr. Houk will
probably either go to Central
Danville, this fall, or to
Louisville to take a business course.
Mrs. Matilda Cummins is very
J. M. Norton is at Jellico pealing
Tom Moore and Willie Wallen
were in Pulaski Sunday.
M. C. Sowder returned from
Wooldridge, Tenn. Sunday.
T. T. Hayes has been very sick
but slightly improved at this lime.
'B II. Cummins, who has been
sick for some time continues to grow
jRev. Smith filled his regulor
appointment at Freedom church
1. U. Walle" will iro on the road
.. . ...ni. (V- v o
ilgttll HWAl IUI l.. v.). itltllllll.
.His sister, Miss Sarah, will have
charge of the store during his
Iii platform declarations against
trusts the republicans are quiet and
j Mrs. J. C. Todd has moved to 5
the ground.
R. M. Johnson was home from
Richmond last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Jordan were
I in Berea last Saturda'.
Mrs. Palina Shockley was here
from Berea last Sunday.
Miss Alice Barclay is here thie
1 week from Richmond.
j R. E. Moye, the Scaffold Cane
I merchant, was here Sunday.
J. II. Sigman is an expert bee
, man, but he is a better honey man.
Mrs. Frank Jones, of Scaffold
Cane, was in Berea Monday shop-I
Miss Bertha Shockley, of Berea,
was visiting relatives here last
, .
H. S. Wilhelm, of Lexington,
was here first of week taking up
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Lambert were
the quests of Mr. I. M. Reynolds,
last baturday.
Messrs. Win. and H. H. Wood
made P. S. Callahan a pleasant
Cjan last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Hill, of Scaf
fold Cane, were visiting relatives
near Berea last Sunday.
Robt. Linville and family, of
Scaffold Cane, called on James Lin
rille and family last Sunday.
G. T. Johnson and family, of
Wildie, were the guest of Mr. and
Mrs. J. H. Sigmiiii last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. 'win. Hayes, of
"HrWildieT', passed- through- here" to
Berea last Sunday to spend the day
with relatives.
U. S. Berry is the leading farmer
in this part, lit having added a new
disk harrow to his already long list
of farming implements.
The rain last Monday and Tuesday
did lots of damage in this part,
by causing the buds to burst and
the grass to turn green.
D. C. Pullins found a bee tree
and cut it Monday.He showed the
boys how to handle bees so as not
to interfere with their business etid.
W. S. Beldon has prepared himself
for letter writing, so when you
are in need of a charming note
dropped to your girl, give Mr. Beldon
a call.
Last Sunday aboul noon fire was,
set out by some unknown person
near the forks of the road, just
north of here. The wind was blowing
a swift gale and in a few minutes
after it was discovered, it had
reached to top of the ridge, a distance
of a quarter of a mile. By
many active workers the fire was
under controle, with the loss of
fire hundred tobacco sticks belonging
to Mr. D. C. Pullins, and one
hundred tails belonging to M. R,
"At the end of the campaign,"
writes Champ Clark, Missouri's
brilliant congressman, "from over- 1
work, nervous tension, loss of sleep
IIKI (.UMillll :pllIUg i. IIUU It'JUlll
utterly coll ipscd. It seemed that
all the organs in my body were out
of ordor, but three bottles of lilectric
Bitters made me all right. It's the
best all-around medicine ever sold
over a druggist's' counter." Over
worked, run-down men and weak,
sickly women gain splendid health
and vitality from Electric Bitters.
Try them. Only 50c. Guaranteed
Uv nil flnmnriMs. I
" "'
It i just possible that Secretary
Shaw wis mistaken when he said
that the sentiment of the peonle of
this country favored a centralized
governnient. We do not believe
that the republicans who have for
, .. '. . ,. . .,
forty years been centralizing the
,, .
U. S government represent the
real sentiment if a majority of the
Mrs.. Ann Jseutfi is on the Fiidfc
Mrs. Henry Parkeson iis
Luthuir Mullins, of lit. Vernon,,
was here Tuesday.
A. C. Kiatt was in Mt. V ernou
Tuesday on business.
Mrs. G. M. Fish is seriously ili
with inflamitory rheumatisnu
Mrs. Mitch Delany is dangerously
ill with .dropsy of the heart.
Messrs W. J. Chestnut and Harry
Chastine attended church at Wildie
Eugene Adams jukJ family have
returned from Winchester after a
weeks stay.
Misses Ida and Annie farkersou
was the guest of Lumjic and Cievie
Iliatt Sunday.
G. S. Iliatt has t'ttGt returned,
from a flying trip to see his Preach-
erville widow.
Messrs H'JIHfcr J ,-. and Albert
Iliatt mar. l'p to Willie.
Saturday JK nday.
Mesdam A Tate, of
Brodhea, 'lh here
Tuecciai Bi a tisumg
tour. m
Servic jjWcl by Rev.
Felps at ji Grove Sunday
last result x additions to the
Rupert Menifee and family have
returned from Parker Cty , Ind.,
where they have been for some
Mrs. Mary Rowland formerly of
thi.s place but now located at Lexington
was married to Mr. Clevi-land,
of that place last week.
Mr. McWhorter, of Wallaceton,
passed through here Tuesday with
a nice bunch of hogs purchased
from Henry Catron and others.
Frank Adams paid Hiatt a pleasant
call Tuesday, Frank is a hustling
farmer and being so industrious
we seldom see his face In this place.
It is often asked how such startling
cures, that puzzle the best
physicians, are effected by Dr.
King's New Discovery for
Here's the secret. It
cuts out the phlegm and germ-in-
fected mucus, and lets the
ing cxygen enrich and vitalize the
blood It heals the inflamed, cough
worn throat and lungs. Hard colds
and stubborn coughs soon yield to
Dr. King's New Discovery, the
most infallible remedy for all Throat
and Lung diseases. Guaranteed bottles
50c and $1.00. Trial bottles
free at all druggists.
Gum Sulphur
The prospects for good gardens
are first-class.
Aunt Martha Payne, sister of
uncle N. D. Wilmott, is very feeble.
A irood audience was
Saturday night to hear Bro. Liv-
Sunday school every Sunday at
9:30 a. m. Parents come and bring
your children.
A son of fi. W. Baker writes
from Missouri, that he has lost one
of his children and another not
expected to lve.
A fine mare was taken from the
stable of E. W. Baker Saturday,
but was found next day. Such
innlotnrc clirtul1 la 1iit4Y '1st
, . . , , ,
aml 8,ven the fl,n be!,efit of the
A number of our citizens, in-
ciutling ijro Stinnett went fishing a
, , . "
few cays ago. One of our party
. . , , , , .
soon caught a large eel, and had it
ot been for Bro Stinnett,.we
ably would have never known
what we had.
. f

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