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tM vernon Signal h
t i h
Published every Friday by 1
Advertising rates made known on
A > application
r 0
f Of Wayne county is a candidate for State
Treasurer subject to the action of the
Demoaratic party
Wo are authorized to announce the
As a candidate for Circuit Judge in this
the Twentyeighth Judicial district sub
tojcct to any action of the Republican party
THE edict has been sent forth
1iat the tariff must be let alone
and thatthe Republican party will
i defendt he Dingley bill against all
k i f
iI comers There can no longer be
any doubt No one will now stand
0 witti the Republican party believ
ing that that party stands for tariff
k revision It stands committed to
the present tariff Although the
tPhiladelPllia Press itself a staunch
> organ and exPostmaster General
r L Smiths own paper trying to get
into the tariff revision baud wagon
which it thought would head the
itiprocession has said that the declar
ation of the Iowa platform rep
resented the progressive element I
of the party and although the ReI
S publican organs throughout the
j country echoed the same sentiment
S l the Baltimore American going so
far as to brand the present tariff as
tariff for trusts only the adminis
tration has seen fit to ignore this
just demand It has seen fit to
ally itself with the forces that ar e
i > ojaposedtcrany revision whatever
t of the tariff And you may look
the country over and you will see
that the Trusts are without excep
tion the strongest opponents of
tariff revision The President ap
pears to be hostile to the Trusts
He seems to want to strike them a
bljew He pronounces them a
menace to our government He
says he is seeking a remedy for the
4 evils of the Trusts He professes
to be after them with all of his
I rough rider determination
Slit regrettable as is the neces
sit pr the people will have to ask
emselveslhc question is he sin
He cannot be the statesman the
people give him credit for being
and be blind to the fact that the
tariff fosters Trusts The Iowa
farmers see that Republican con
ventions have declared that the
tariff fosters Trusts and shelters
monopoly Until the President
admits those facts facts enunciated
y iby his own party he will have to
see his motives questioned
4 < The leaders refuse the direct
reiiiedy the effective remedy the
immediate remedy and pretend to
be looking for something else
They cannot in doing so escape
s the imputation the just imputation
that they are putting up a bluff
game in which the people are the
Tariff revision is absolutely the
first step in the fight against the
ignorSy es
it4allies with the Trusts it pre
tends to fight and all of its talk is
mere buncombe
7 TIE SIGNAL is 15 years old to
dy Its publication was begun ig
i3fe James Maret was its first
editor W R Cress was next in
charge After him came J W
a Brown E B and James Maret for
a time then E B Smith took
w charge and ran the paper under the
name of Mt Vernon eagle until
Oct 1896 when he sold the plant
r to James Maret who held the helm
until December ist 1 899 when the
present owner took charge AJto
7 > gether the paper has had pretty
Mal i sailing though like other btis
sorty 1e
7 45f r
heavy jolts along the line but it
still lives Opposition papers that le
have been started to down it found tit
a rocky road and didnt travel c
long nor far The SIGNAL has
stood the storms andison a firm h
basis today and we are excusable t
in using the old hackneyed phrase d
weve come to stay
Not only does the abdication of
the Speaker because of the tariff
reviews of his constituents show
division and schisms in the rank
of his party but the following ut
terances from Republican sources
show it as well
I Shall we continue a tariff on
articles that yield no revenues
need no protection and are articles
of export How can such a policy
be defended It simply inures to
the benefit of those who secure
control of any such commodity
since by its aid they can fix exor
bitant prices in the domestic mar
ket Congressman Babcock
There seems to be but one way
involvs adjustments of the tariffon
the products of the TrustsSec
1retary of War Root
We favor any modification s f
the tariff schedules as will prevent
their affording shelter to mouop
olyJIowa Republican Platform
It must be confessed that in
1many instances protection has been
made wholji superfluous so far as
the WhII f industry are con
American Rep
The people who cast the votes
have the power to enforce the or
der that they be protected against
foreign business rivals whom they
asare already underselling in the
foreign market And every proofs
sof the misapplication of the high
tariff system such as Mr Schwab
furnishes will incite the voters to
erxercise their authority at the
pollsExPostmaster Genera
ofWe favor such revision of the
tariff as will place upon the free
list every article and product con
trolled by any monopoly Idaho
Republican platform
dHe o
ae d
sjust our tariff to prevent inequah
sties and abuses we shall not have
the opportunity Mr Foss the
Republican candidate for Congress
in the Eleventh Massrchusetts
There seems to be but one way
to deal with Trusts honestly and
that involves the adjustment of the
tariff on the products of the
Trusts Secretary Root
I have never advocated putting
Trust goods on the free list nor dod
I know any Republican who has
We have always antagonized this
proposition which is of Democrat
ic origin Chairman Babcock
Tariff revision is neither a log
foal nor expedient way to get at
the Trusts Congressman Little
fftering free trade poison to cure the
IeTrust evilSpeaker Henderson
heTile efforts of the Democrats to
make an issue out of the allegation
that the manufacturers are selling
goods cheaper abroad than at home
will fall flat Chariman Babcock
1SIt would he suicidal to revise
the tariff Congressman Hopkins
There will be no revision of the
tariff Aurhorized statement
given to the press by the President t
after the conference at Oyster Bay
The Republicans willnot re
Itvise the tariff during the coming
session nor in the next succeeding
Congress Representative Can
titnon Chairman of the Appropria
11Jion Committee of the House of
heThe real evils connected with
tyany change in the j tariff Pees I
1 dent Roosevelt in his recent speech
cat 11cmllat1
From the above expressions of w
leading Republicans it is manifest w
that there i5 a difference of opinion re
vhichtthe fa
the Republican campaigners will I b
handle the tariff and Trust ques i
ton during this campaign The 1 ci
decision of the Oyster Bay coufer tw
ence and the subsequent statement I p
of the President that there will be
lie revision of the tariff is forcing
the people of the country to think
that the Trusts have been some
what influential in revising the
Presidents opinions and editing
the Republican tariff revisionists i
past present and future political
The President says All insin
cere advocacy of the impossible
is dangerous Which side of the
expressions is dangerous The re
vision is dangerous to the Trust
alone and the antirevision to the
people only Is there a lice of de
111arca ion upon which the Repub
licans can stand The echo ans
wers none SCRAPS I
St r
It is better to avoid the faults of
another than to talk about them
One gossip in a neighborhood is
enough to keep everybody by the
You cannot make a fortune by
grumbling about the success of
other people
lMr Straitl ace Awful to see
Indians drink so isnt it
Prison Pets You bet Its a
clean waste o good liquor
J Pierpont Morgan will not an
uihilate President Roosevelt during
the next 10 davs At least he
ought not to ump tin a cripple
When two judges decide the
same question differently and a
third finds them both wrong men
naturally marvel as to the myste
rious processes of legal reasoning
tThe Mayor of Brookfield Mo >
has threatened to fine every one in
that city 25 who allows a weed to
grow over six enches high on their
premisses Such a rule enforced
in Mt Vernon would send many of
us to the county poor farm
The Presidents hurt was not bad
enough to give the doctors half a
chance Cin Enquirer
Well just wait and see Top
notch doctors of the brand who
have waitee upou wounded presi
dents and other noted personages
in the past have shown their skill
to rather a disadvantage Presi
dent Roosevelt is not out of t jCi
woods yet
The eagle was first used on
American coins in 1788 on cents
1and half cents issued from the Mae s
sachusetts mint It was adopted
in the plan of a national coinage
as a design upon all gold coins an d
on the silver dollar half dollar and
quarter dollar The design of the
eagle was at one time suggested for
the national flag but was aban
A company has been formed at
Lafayette Ind to manufacture a
pocket telephone The receiver
ravid transmitter are so shaped as tot
fit the mouth and ear An alu
inmuni box is fastened to a tele
phone pole a key fits this box and
when inserted calls the telephone
exchange The caller gives t heq
number he wants and the inser
tiou of his key cuts off all persons
on the line until he is through
A Kansas wido i er who got mar
ried again in two weeks after his
wife died went out and tried to
hush up the charivari crowd by tel
ling them that they ought to be
ashamed to make such a noise
around a house where a funeral
had Declined so lately This ofi I
pretty near equal to the story of
a fellow who killed both his father
and his mother and then pleaded
for mercy on the ground that he
was an orphan
Out in California an irrigation
Ifditch was beingdug and iron jipe
for it was strung along the line to
be placed in it When the men
began to lay the pipe they were
found to be full of rabbits An ex
animation showed every pipe to be
inhabited The rabbits found the y
were safe from hawks and animals
which payed upon them and took J
refuge in the pipes The men
failed to scare the rabbits out by a
beatinG on the pipe so tried smok
inglheni but the bunnies were t
crowded in so tight the smoke
wouldnt work They were finally
A drunken man staggered into a
church one Sunday and sal down
in the pew of one of the deacons
The preacher was discoursing
about prevalent popular vices
Soon he exclaimed Where is the
drunkard The drunken man
was just far enough gone to think
the call personal so rising heavily
replied Here I am and remain
ed standing while the drunkards
character and fate were eloquently
the preacher reached another head
of his discourse and asked
Where is the hypocrit Gently
nudging his neighbor the drunk
ard said in an audible whisper
Standup deacon he means you
this time Stand up and take it
do you good V
The Wayland Horn e stead give
the following condition of crops on
the sand ridge in Clark cotin tyMo
t The corn on the sand ridge is
getting nerrly thirty feet high with
aiTearat each joint It is feared
that the ears cant mature because
ofthestalks take up so much room
and if they do the corn will have toe
be shelled at the saw mills as or
dinary elevators cant handle their
size Then there are those big ap
ple trees hangiug full of jucy frui t
cabbage as big as a Colorado mown
tain watermelon vines running so
fastthat the boys cant keep up
and everybodys getting as fat as
Col Shouse the colonel had to
quit eating Even the mosqui
toes are as big as quails and are son
hungry for lean meat that when a
fellow came back from Ohio he
had to be kept in a wire cage a few
days to prevent the mosquitoes
from eating him upbones and
idtThe people of Ohio county should
be commended for their loyalty to
the Home Telephone Company
Four years ago some of our enter
prising citizens recognizing the
need for a telephone system in
Ohio county risked their money
and efforts in supplying the need
and put in au exchange in
Hartford with lines reaching out to
11every important section of the
county Soon after the organiza
lion of the Home Company the
Cumberland Telephone cz Tele
graph Company a foreign corpora
tion entered the field and offered
various inducements to our peoples
to give their patronage to that
dcompany but Ohio county people
very sensibly reserved their pat
ronage to the Home Company
It is fortunate for Ohio county
people that they took this sensible
view of situation If the Home
Company were out of the way this
1foreign corpoaation would raise
their toll rate to prices exacted in
other towns where it has no comp
ltition The Home Company is
owned and operated by home peo
rpIe and should have the patronage e
of home people
leOne month of the term has gone
IeThe class in Caesar is just learning
that All Gaul is divided into three
lSparts Nevertheless some are of
the opinion that there is some gall
that never should be divided
forthis e
erection of a Dormitory and also
asking the authorities in this mat
ter to expedite the business is
being circulated by Mr F K rue
ielger and others this week1sl I
Dormitory ought to be pushed
fProf Hale gave a most captivat
ing presentation of Dickens Christ
mas Carol at the College chapel
acters were adroitly impersonated
and the highest degree of anima
tion was thrown into the unique
scenes which characterize Dickens
writings It was a pity so many
did not hear the announcement of
this entertainment Prof Hale will
com realizeb 1
a snug little dfviMghd frointhe i c
1L 4 t
Born to the wife of John Robins
boy v
Uncle Dan Holman was in town
Mrs John Newland is visiting in
Rev Livingston filled his regular f
appointment at the Christian I b
church Sunday sc
A E Albright and wife were inf
Cincinnati this week m
F L Thompson was with our
merchants Wednesday
W H Pettus visited homefolks
at Preachersville Tuesday t
J fI Albright is in Adair coun
ty in the interest of the Latch Co
Mrs F Francisco went to Hazel i
Patch Wednesday to visit her 1
daughter Miss Many Dtirmau spent Sun 1
day with Miss Sallie Purcell and 1
Mrs Lou Purcell v
Mr and Mrs John Fowjer were
made glad Sunday over the arrival
of a laughter at their home
V Miss Etta Pike the eldest dough >
ter of R Pr Pike left Monday Jar
Wilmore to enter Aslibury College
Messrs J G and T S Frith
and families attended the funeral
of Mrs Dr OBannon at Stanford
J E Wallen left Tuesday for
Arkansas where he has a position
as collector for the Wrought Iron
Range Co
An ice cream and oyster supper
given by Miss Neville Carson was
enjoyed by many young people
Saturday night
A B Furnish and W H Krue
geF were pleasant callers in our
sto11 Saturday night Archie the
young widow says come again
eOscar Hayes has entered school
at Berea
W A Hammond was down from
Disputanta Monday
Charles Bowlin went to Panola
Tuesday to buck staves
35ke Dooley and family were up
from Withers TuesdayI
L C Smith went to Richmond
on a business trip Tuesday
1DIEDThe infant son of Mr
J C Wood and wife Monday eve
Sam Mason was up from Mad
son first of the week buying cattle
Bowee r
were in Cincinnati first of the week
eRev Hartsfield filled his regular
appointment here Saturday and
Uncle John Pennington went to
Richmond Tuesday returning
Rev Hampton was over from
Jackson county first of the week
buying cattle
Tennessee has been visiting friends
here this week
yonn I
will have it put in
Mrs Dr Albright of Barbour
ville has been visiting the family
of A W Stewart the past two
weeksWe had the honor and pleasure I
of emg at a big meeting a big
dinner a big baptising and a big I
wedding last Sunday
fJoe Gatiiff and Miss Lizzie Mc
Guire were married Sunday even
ing at the residence of Mr and
Mrs William McGuire on East I
side of county
tOur merchants have returned
from the city where they have been
buying goods andiron we have
three as full and pretty stores as
there are iu the county
the coffee roaster uses
to glaze his coffee with
would vou eat that kind of I
eggs Then why drink them I
Lion Coffee i j
rha no coating of storage eggs
give etc Its coffeepure
r Unadulterated fresh strongI
and of delightful flavor
L and aroma
aromaI I
1Uniform quality and
K JroshnQHs arc Insured
by tea sealed package
+ u
SOf r C j r 1 L w
a 71 iif it
Like the running brock the
red blood that flows through
the veins has tb come front
somewhere V <
the springs of red blood ar
found in the soft ore clf the
bones called the marrow ncr
some say red blood also come3
from the spleen Healthy bone
marrow and healthy spleen F
are full of fat
Scotts Emulsion makes new
blood by feeding the bone
marrow and the spleen with y
the richest of all fats the purei
cod liver oil
For pale school girls and
invalids and for all whose
blood is thin and pale Scotts
Emulsion is a pleasant and rich
blood food Jnot only feeds
the blocdAViang organs but
gives them Strength to dot
their proper work
Scud for free sample
SCOTT i nOW E Chemist
49415 Itarl Street New Yorlrn
sue tuil ioo all druggists
V 0
The State of Kentucky receives
an additional 5290003 making
total of 12086069 to be devided
among the officers and soldiers of
the Frst Second and Third Ken
tucky regiments The Fourth
Kentucky regiment receives no
1f this because it was not one
of the State Guard regiments
Director Geo E Roberts of the
United States Mint has made a
final estimate of the production of
gold and slyer in the United States
in the year rgoi the amount being
111795100 The value of gold
produced was 78660700 and of
silver 33128400 This seems to
be an enormous sum to be dug
from the earth in twenty States and
Territories but the farmers of
a single State like Iowo produce
11from the soil double that amount
in value every yea
A disastrous freight wreck with
a loss of several lives occured at liti
It is announced in London that
the British and American tobacco
interests have merged and will seek
to dominate the tobacco trade of
the worldy
worldAfter f
After holding a meeting of Iris
cabinet President Roosevelt wired
an invitation Tuesday to the coal
road presidents of the anthracite
region and to president Mitchell
of the miners union to meet him
inn Washington today at 1 1 a m
for a conference looking to the end
ing of the long strike
G Cte Jellies
preserves and pickles spread
1P R FFi i S ITJ
wa Will keep them absolutely moisture and cga
jacid proof PurNReHaedYaraLineisalso
A3 useful in a dozen other Wl1t about the
ear o1 andI
5 Sold everywhere
BlackiILjCl J
I have used your Hair Vigor
J Vigorfor I
M pleased with it It certainly re <
stores the original cole tc gray
hair It keeps juy hair > jii Mrs
j Helen Kilkenny NenPorl t rd Me
Ayers Hair Vigor has 1
Ibeen restoring co + r to a
gray hair for fifty years I
and it never fails o dor
Iand work either 1
You can rely upon it I
ifrom falling for hePfn1
your scalp clean nrui for j
making your hair g ov 1
SIC3 a tattle A 11nra I
ir 4
If yon dnigjriat canwt lV tv you
H you a bottle Bo sure and t i + 1 r VK tau
O of Our ucrest cxrr i5i ufik v 1ri Wiciw
g J C AYEK CO Lor elf MSS

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