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Mount Vernon signal. (Mt. Vernon, Ky.) 18??-current, February 05, 1904, Image 1

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t pllllT 1
t D
4k j3JD3DPRINP1 qi i t Aty
Y y
y 1tr <
r f u
onnl n I I i f n I if 11 i 1 v ffJ I
i 3 t gJlt t
A j
FerfiJizerAf115 per e
Hundred rbs
BOJE MFAf I25 Per undred
r WEIttL Pounds
WE wait and must sell this this season because we must j
huve the room
Bissell Chilled Plows and repairs all at low prices
E = yt yr ta
YOUR price on same before buying s
JThe Year 1903 has gone and passed end we are jrell a
satisfied with i our trade during that year hut our trade has 1
been growing each year and to make it better in 1904 than r
ever before we will give 1p Beautiful Picture Frame to our e
cash customers at he end of each month b
So call up Phone No 87 and we will ti b
be weighted to wait on you by
i 4
Y1NClfB I6R Ulr
Its not sentimentthat makes the most successful shots shoot s
Winchester Factory Loaded Shells Its the re
sults they give Its their entire reliability even
o ness of pattern and form shooting Winchester
Leader shells loaded with smokeless powdery ji
are the best shells on the market Winchesterb
J Repeater shells d with smokeless powder
are cheap in price but not in quality Winchester
t New Rival black pcvder shells are the favorite n
black powder load on the market on account of the
their shootingand reloading qualties Try either of
these brands and youll be well pleased Theyareth
IW ca
48000000 FOR WAGON
There is a lull introduced IB Co I
gress br the Hon Walter P Brown the
Hoal is
Jacob H Gallmger Senator from
New Hampshire appropriating ed
24000000 on tIe part of the jr
Nitional Government as a national p
aid in building wagon roads TLis 11
money is to be apportioned among he
the States accordingto their popu in
1st ioa except tbat no State shall
receive less than 250000 The
State or counties receivUK this
mono must add a like amount so
that 48000000 wll be extended
in the building oil wagon roads
Thi will place in each State froia
ion to 5o mite of fine hard road
whiih will not be affected by frost
or spring riins endoa which he
farmer caii haul tbe year round
It will bea great advantage to J
those living near it but it will be 1
a far greater advantage ttte
whnle outry because it will be a
i t
wonderful illJ
make everyone who sees this roa tIto
and who uses it waht more roads j C
just be itKDd it mil cause more
road just like it to be built Ie
Should this hill pa a Congress
Kentuckys prt of the mne >
would be 62 000 Add to this
620000 to hr raised in Kentucky
and wt have aa lahleI 4000
for he mlding of wagon roads in
K iUCk I
A ropo dent thus dflbt
h1t XT rience I can strung t
c T rccrtf tl erbt a imdic j
rrm k rk tftr > s tr it lij c j
j tItf 1 Il Tdctr InS
f i ot r
d tl
< y C i t
io 4 vl
P rar 0 tnl
err rR alert futile r miv d
im complaint 1 woiider at peo i
pie going on suffering or perdut I
their m ney or worthless things
when Herbine is procurable and
so cheap 500 a bottle Chas fiC
Davis drugstore
Her Love of Fancy WorkI
f Does roar wise dp much fancy
r > work V I
Fancy work She wont even
1 let a porus plaster come into the
house without crocheting ared
border round it sod runmaj a y eh
ow ribbon Qro1l b the bel cu 1
< S tf Iq
J t
i u
Rev James Moore the ollrst F
minister of the Baptist church in
United Stales died at his home C
Menifec county at the ripe age of
7 years He has been an ordain v
preacher for yo bears and dm g
rag that time has im nursed 1732 M
people and received over 3000 into F
the cburdlIt is said of him that p
can quote accurately every verse w
the New Testament f
The Rev J N Presf ridge edi fl
tor and publisher of the Baptist f
Argus an organ of the Baptist
Church in Kentucky has taken J
the initiative in bringing about a t
worlds conference ol Biptists n c
auguratiug the idea in an editonal
Prestt >
ridges plan cuntrmplatcs a gather <
tub of Baptists from all oer the I
world wherever tbs Baptist faith J
bebe i
beBeres it will result in incalculable 1
che on
Ilboth continents Thegathering i s C
to be called the Pan Baptist Con i
ferenc9 and is to be held in London
on a date to be fixed if the idea ire I
carried tmt
t 1
Ii a fight at Wilton Kunx cnun
ty Deputy Matthew Helton shot
jnd killed Dan and Tcm Flrtch r
and fatal y wounded a man named
The hipgest oil well that has
jiten drilled in the southeastern
KcnttJfky division for saver at
rntiths came in in the Hammond
IInHltht Liter Richlard creek
Si VTJ > tithrl < for drill pen C
ii liflr formfltion
Kvt 1 v th c ins
sre taken out
isn oolin fertjiuh ens ed
irir ur hole big well is con
aid treda good loubarrel Ptndu cer
A strike Ka 5 i < Isp made on the Jones
tarts andis good for ten 1iarre isin
These completions are giving a
great impetus to drilling
Made it UnHnirapu Hojax1
thought you intended to marry Miss
Nan Canuck le
TmaixI thought so top but
her family bbjecttd
i Hojix Wbit did Miss Carnickle
0 mixon beesone of the
t awilywtkpeWS
ad 7
1 Giv Taf took y oth of office as <
Secretary oi Waf last Monday
j Boss Soup captured the Re
publican Congressional mnitt > e
I in Louisvillti the lasimeeting f
j that body and changed is nir keup
Hanna orgaiiization
The Heflih B II proposing an
educational Qualification rhat could
ebniinate thetKiteraie net ro voter
was virtuallvkillfd at Frantmt by
the action i the House v It i h in
I definitely pottpored J action upon
te me sure
Plans for the entertainment of I I
the membr Qf the Legislature by
the three Louisville commercial
organizations including a trip to S
Louis to the dedication of the Ken n
tucky building a banquet in Louis j
ville and a in ptCtou of Douglas < 7
Park proposed permanent site for I
the State Fair J
The bill creating the new county
of Beckham passed the Kentucky
House and goetto the Governor j
for approval ThiS will make 120
counties in the State ana it is said 3
that Beckham county will be nor
mally Republican though the
change will make Carter comity I
Democratic It will be out of por
lions of Carter Elliot and Lewis T
iwiih Olue Hill asthf county seat L
i Th numlters oi the Supreire I
Our oi the Urfivd Std anr al
Inn D vid J Brewer Henry B
sotsn Eiward D o ti1C Rufus i
Vt h ill jt > itph MciCenna I
Crver Vt Hlmen Wiliaui R
Dav Them niters IIi the Ken
turkj Cou t of Appealar A R 5 j
Bunuini VS E Setilr H S B r G
ISkc tr J P Hobjon ifd C ORear Si
The total apjiQpriaton b > the
present Genetal gllhll0j iw1ud
ing Sioioooo for anew Slate zu
i c iiitol will hardly excten a mill H
Ii ion and a half dollars It is t xptc j p
ltd that at no time will the Sta t9l
i run into debt fur bsidts a lai tj tt
i urn in the Treasury all the matte p1
I will not he ietdxd at the is me i < l
1 A new Capital bill will be inroduc j sled
ed in an effort to preserve theII
I present historicChiJil nBand > Der 7 Ip
mitthe erection of the new Capitol h
on a more suitable iteCJ
Four years ago President Ro seh
I velt appointed Minnie Cox a negro It
Vomanas Postmistress of Iudiaual
ola a prosperous Mississippi townIt
The white people who tec ivied it
nearly all the mail revolted andCI
some of the younger and more
violent used some pretty strong
language She professed to be 23
afraid closed the office and raoveii P
to another State where she con
tinued to draw the salary of 1300 at
ierear The people of the town
asked the President to appoint an ti
other Postmaster but he refused o
and for years hey have been re y
I c dying their mail at Greenville li
I iweutjfive miles away font which 11
point it ins brought by private t
conveyance The tmn of the ne j
gro wtman expired last week and t
thePresident wanted to appoint her I
and he appointed Senator Mart ii <
a Democrat The office at Il1dlaLt
vIa will be opened again <
a Mr W VV Prickett Smithfield C
> 111 writes Sept ioth ig t I
had been suffering several > ears
with a cancer on my lace which 1
gave rue great annoyaiue and un i
bearable itching 1 was uMug iiai 4
II tarus Snow Liniment tor a sore
v lei and though stn accident I 4
tc n e
re lr ancer and atilt gacn > < aimost m
j Mam relief 1 deodcO to conga uc
j to u e lit it limcnt on the cancer
In a tort = int iic can tr comeuut
a d n1 lace hcaUd up and she r c
I is not the slightest scar lett 1 bat t
r implicit faith in the merits of tit it
1 I propatation and it cannot he too
e highly Te oiamended ° 25 5bc
t md I oo stXhas C Davis dtuy
I store
Husband What another dre
III nakfcrsbiW My dear you shtu d j
e try and fix Opt mind on something
an tit > h > rthaii dress > t f
e s Wife Sol have dar1lUg6I vc
is g of toy mind fixed on a bee ot a
s bonnet in a downtown milliner
the wtjidow and just thick itsoiil
or I 29 08 Of e nirse you will ge l
for a t wouV y ou Johu dwr
< >
120 i
Mr W H Edwards Jr bought
51c Ammon ewes from Mr Joe C
Gridy at 3 50 a head Woodford s
Sun z
SunS tZ
SK Hodgkin buught the past i
neekacir lend ofa Sw p t o
220tbat3Uc W 4 K l tI
Hodgkin bought tier amt Veke I 1J
Phil Rutled e fiverxta heifer
966 U 3 a 385 Com tty ha l
altiiiiiid the rtlrr old aes 1
years and yet l > e as yco ian o
iay tenet il Was h < vesit v i
shown at the Worlds Fair t >
Indiana frmer L Co Viu
filter settler of Gut o
liW sate iWt tfU ITJIJ li
crop in the tale of 1364 He puT
aside I6 bushels of tht ye rj
harvest and kept It in an open crib LI
has remained there ever since i
and received no treatment other j
than to allow the air to pass through j
at all times Winchester Demo c
w H LUlard sold to R L Gas p
23YtarlinKi eers at 3 cCa r
pester k Son purchasedof D NPr
Prtwitt this week 17 butcher hos
t 4i c Danville Advocate
In answer bthe fo lowing ques c
tion hVhat is good to uel wolves
out of cattle I have a Jer > ey heifer
which is about two years old that
has fifteen to twenty of them on
rbt kIwoui 11ik to get
them off The Earnests Home
journal says Th se wolves are
the larvae or grubs of the gadfly 1
The best tray lS to querze cut and I
destroy them It may be necessary
in order to get the grnhs out to
enlarge the euenmus a little Tne
ding of this works no harm to the I
skin if a sharp knife is used cat e
fu ly There is always a small i
opening fcr each grub by means of
which it keep up communication I
with the outside All cattle ought
t t e examined in the spring and
if there are any of these creature
OT fiem they should be forced out
Thus the supply of flies can get less
ned for every fly passes thtough
a grqb tnge hu the grubs and flu esL
Iwm always be present until thee i
practice here recommended t > eco mss
genet L Any way of killing these
gin s that leave them w1erethey
ar fin < d under the skjn to Been n
pose and fester is to be avoided
The above is something that
every person owning cattle should
keep in mind
Do YOU think mu h of M a it
Ftisbu asked Mr Gilroy of it Ir
AU ut 24 hours st17ys2 r bctf
Published Every
I y 19O4 1
ttgfM Tffi
Edward Cashis under arrest inI
Bloomington ill charged with
killing William Sewell of Pulaski
county KyI
The Iroquois Theater disaster
will be made the sujeei of an int1
vestigation by a special grand jury
n Chicago at au early datef
February 18 has been fixed as the
date of the trial ot Mrs Anna Opt1
penheimer charged wits the nnue
dtr of her baby in Cincinnati hnsY
Lexington and Paris electric car
line was suddenl > stricken deaf
and dumb and no cause can be as
signed tor it
Capt Benjamin Cve Milam a
veteran of the Mexican War and
the manufacturer ofa noted fishing
reel died at Frankfort He was
ghty two years old
Arrangemeuts are said to have
been completed for the construcJ
tioo of the inerurban electric line
between Lexington and Ftankfortfll
Lake Michigan has at last frozen
over and navigation is blocked
Theayerage temperature lor Dec
W4s S clow normal and for January
belo v which was only xcelled In
A htavv snowfall is reported
hrdu > ihout No l rnGeoistia A
bama jnd Mi issippt UChtktb1
has not betii > xpeneru td within
the lass tweet fee tears 11 haS I
i tal ti t he cotut y
L i rf Khffct j iS r ui
sende1 totf S rrtttrc o 1l arDo
al 2 nrtot be apr pnav iuritu
ie purch s < l fi ur ciin > p errs IIr1BI
army maneuvers West pnt is
umiedas a desirable iccation fur
thetenon f
The htonting L = cajijuon signaled
e passage of the State Capitol I
Appropriation Bill in the Senate
Saturday afver 00 i Se elal amel1dj1O
ncuts were offered but were voted I
down a d the measure passed j
unanimously The ciiizens cfjI
Frankfort were wild with cnthusA
m over the settlement cnthusI
Sewed In a cotton belt about hfrp
waist > 3000 in cut erne and ne
gotiable papers was found table
Mrs Maria Uitts of Independence
Kau was received at the City Hos
pital Papers showing that she
was possessed of property valued a
from 20000 to 60000 wen also
found Mrs Uttts was found suf
ferine from pneumonia and died
The payments for pensions sincev
July i 1865 just after the close of
the war including estimates for tbea
current year sum up 3109850
563 This is more by nearly a
hundred millions than the entire
cost ot the army and navy during
the war which was 3 027763 416
Jf peace has its trctortes It also hasa
its expenditures not less fornlidac
ble than those of warl
la his effort to reach the bedside
of his dying wife in New YorkC
Charles W Clark son of Senator
W A Clark made a recordbreak
jug run over the Santa Fe railroad
on a special train The run from
Wiusiow Ariz to Chicago a dis
tance of 1663 miles was made in
th r > sevcn hours and fifteen mini
utes an average fortyfour and
half miles an hour including stop
aud delays
l was troubled for several year
with chroLic in O e lion and uses
noUo debility writes P J Gr 1trvI
dhelped me until I tej at usiiig Eltc
good fiiauali hern dicin s I tvei
ntSeC hey nwrt > x p in
vrietnrxrlrnt lea 11 iur + tdI
edPetdtdaur female ti uble ha
certor tor weak run down wuiiieii
in our family Try them Ont
507 with a guaranteed sate fact on
Sold by all druggists
One of the novelists referrngto
his hero S4ys His countenance
fell His voice broke His heart
siiik His heir rose Hh exes
blazed His words burned His
blood fr ze After reading this
I one is puzfed to know whether th
> Bern was a pium tera bankrupt
Ikuatap tittlV ttu
F rSt = = 4
Es i Jr
eI 1 j rit 1 I fl C e 5
1 UrjI i rII s O r r At
> j
i 1Y
tFa Iu
W d f P u
> r tv
x Ivv
For Ladies 25O and
275 Shoes made of
the very best Vici Kid
All sizes
For Ladies 150 and4i 75
Shoes s choice of 100 pairs
all sizes and widths
For Mens 150 work Shoes best
Values on earth A large line bestI
kinds of Shoes at very low prices
Every Brand Best Calico
5 cents a YardY
P A Y Ar T y
< si at Wholesale Cost
crr f V W
orvc VV 7 v J r 1 T
TlflNT FAIL to get our SPECIAL 1 Oz HATS Best on Earth complete i lino of Staple
LJUil I and Fmcy Groceries at Live and Let Live prices Best M OCA and JAVA Coffee
and furs Dont fail to call on us Yours font fair deal
de1I Cent Mdse
Livingston Ky
February swill be a month ofL
storms violent storms and bliz
zard Wind rain sleet and snr v
will prevail covering the entire
tCpuntty xhe reitatit d shag f
tIle m ociile th1 J teeniest i it
ioatrt years and will ccnsist j
piicipjffy nsrec 4and snrwrac l
ejpiriid litfljes with heavy I
1 Tiic Vi tn be light jj
> rt > cliiviTJuM except t ver f w
c iluiiicrr inl Quit Statest
iij xy rajtis will fallat times
liInfst 5
t hii > rl dtiri r heing followed
ssrC r v sw slid cold waves
ft ttlr i1g to J
to4ve1 n
i > M vavcs ovcjLt e tnt es pfOhiO
Indiana Kentucky West Vatt
Ienncssee IHinoi and Pennsylvar
eta y
11 will cause suffering Ito a man e
and east and seriously delay traf
fict from Elaine to the Gulf of Mex
ico causing much distress in every h
LTestT to
North Southwest and Northwest
will at times he almost suspended a
tj severe hi zzirds and extreme in
cold and traffic over the South will t
be seriously crippled by rain sleet c
and snoY a
Btftveenethe 22iid and 26th great s
tortes of violent nature wH sweep t
etover entire country causing des
icjtructioa in thtir oath i i
One Minute Cough Cure gives I
relief ie minute because it kills
the microbe which tickles the mu
colts membrane causing the cough
hedrd at the same time clears thee
phlegm drawsout the hiflimatlon
111and heals and soQtheS the affected
of1Parts One MinutQ Cough Cute
I strengthens the lungs wards off
E pneumonia and isaa harmless and
never failing eureioall curable
cases of coughs colds and croup
Due Minute Cough Cure is pleas
ant to take harmless and good alike
or young and old Sold by Chas
0 Davis the druggist
heM r Hunlee I cant see why
my hnsbmd should bi jealous of
me I
Her FriendNo one can my dear
One was pale pale a sallow and t
the cither frssljand ro iv Wher ce 1
I the dlfL net x Sh elm is bin h
ing with healrh mes Dr Kings
Nov Life Pills to maintain it By
Irgeutly rru iltt the lazy organ >
1 fTev compel sand digestion and
° H jdoff cthri ation Try them
lids iS5 ft l ICI ItT hN
The following story is related in
Louisville as having been told by
Bishop Dudley
The Bishop was in New York
anI while there called to pay his
fcspeetstois imminent cleric who
was announced was to preach the r
following Sunday the sermon bflits
lice The Bishop found tbfe clergy
man in his study seated in a big
leather chair his feet propped up
fens He was smoking at
twentycent cigar and sipping
Well well said the Bishop by
veal of introduction t that is the
matter t
matterI have the gout a bad case
thnve just been reading abots fv
our sertnou Will you be able te f
deliver itk with your font in its pres
ent condition
hOh yes indeed It
I hope that I shall be able to
hear itOb by the way what is
be the subject of your sermon
The New York man flicked the
ashes from his cigar rested his foot
a more comfortable fashioa
toyed with a copy of the latest novel
of the day which he had in his lap
and taking a sip of sherry drawled
Selfdenial to
r Th ldin One Day
w Take Laathrow a TaN ts
Tbit mre
IF your I nrlate have not go
REMEDY in stock we will send
you two bottles by express charges
prepaid for 100 Remember this
REXEDY is guaranteed to cure
Mention this paper when writing
i l
ClIp 1 1
i rw Days

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