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1sta b i isha
U =
I Ir
1IoUII lertla
I of officers in
y appointment truant
nl theehtks of the iiist ernntJ tliinl
I and fourth classes to compell the
d attendance at school of children
between the ages of 7 and 14 years
of J M Alverson making it a felo
v R W M iller prohibiting the
J j hunting of rabbits and squirrels be
I tween September 15 and November
I 15 of each v ar
rj Same prohibiting the sale or
transportation ofwild turkeys
j I within the State of Kentucky
W F Klair changing the name
> of State insane asylums to hospit
E K Renaker requring that
the records of the survey made by I
the county surveyors shall he pre
I sfedLuby Hargrove providing that I
the session of circuit court in Ful j
ton county shall alternate between
isFulton which is the largest town
and Hickman the county seat
when copies of the Kentucky re
ports in any county court house
are burned or destroyed they shall
he replaced by the State Librarian
and paid for out of the State treas
H K Bourne reducing from 2
to1 the fee charged by the Sher
I iffs for advert sing the delinquent
tax list
Chris Mueller permitting public
officers in Louisville and Jefferson I
county to close at i oclock every
Saturday during the year
J C OConnor authorizing per
sous to establish public ware houses
for the transaction ofan oil ware
authjorizint g
such warehousemen to issue ware
hense receipts and to conduc an
I oilwarehouse business undr the
law just as other public warehouses
are conducted
S C Black extending the pow
ers of the State Dental Association
by authorizing them to require an
examination of any and all appli
cants shall pay a small fee for the
R S Hearne so amending the
State pharmacy laws as to re
quire venders of pa e it medicines
to pay a license of 50
R B Bradley appropriating
I 66138 for improvements at the
State Penitentiaries
ofH D Newbotnb authorizing the
reJefferson fiscal court to incJease
erfrom i to 2 the daily pay of Jef
fersoncounty patrols or policemen
G W Caudill creating the 3t5 t
I judicial district of the counties of
itKnott Magoffin and Floyd
T E Butler changing from six
to five the number of members of
the board of trustees in each com
mon school district in order that
there may not be a tie vote
R W Miller changing time for
holding courts in the Madison county
ty circuit court district
Eli H Brown providing that
i county clerks shall be paid two
j cents for each name recorded in
Ithe school census and that back
pay shall he allowed for such se
t i its dining the yeah 1902 an JI
1903 Vetoed by the Governor Je
I H K Bourne changing the
time of holding courts in the cat
ous counties of the 12 district
S D Cochran providing in de
tail the manner in whir h common
school districts may he esablished
on county lines
J P Edwnrds suthnriing the
j Louisville iOir1 of public works to
i institute proceedings in the courts
I for the condemnation of laud for I
p rks and public houlevaul purpos
i e
IJ P Edwards authorizing the I
J efferson fiscal cotnt to levy a taxi
j for the purposeof building a State i
Guard armorvI
I H D Ne comb repealing the
I license imposed on dealers in min j
eral water by the general revenue
act of the last session of the legis j
F A Lochrey providing that
liuslees of sixth class towns shall I
have authority to contract for wa i
ter and lights to purchase or lease j
real estate for municipal purposes
and may rent to any persons the i
towns water front fora term of
six years
W D Claybrooke reassigning
the cities and towns of the State to i
the classes to Which they belong r
W W Tabb seeding to the UniI
ted States government the lands a I
bout West Point in Hardin county j
cfor government military post in
the event of tHe selection of that i
cite by the U S government
H R Lawrence authorizing the
county judge to direct in his dis
cretion that any wet lands in the
county be drained the expense to
be borne by the county I
J W Day repealing the license
tax on the tobacco manufactured I
E E Winn providing thdtthej
county may condeirn land and ma
terial necessary for the coast tiction
of public roads and bridges
Charles E Day authorizing 4th I
the present law for public school I I
purposes 1
H R Lawrence changing the
time of holding courts in the Third
Judicial district including the coun I
ties of Trigg Calloway Christian
Virgil McKnight authorizing
the filing in of broken sets of Ken
tucky reports in the offices of cir
cuit county and Federal courtj
clerks at the expense of the Stale
R W Miller empowering fourth 1
class cities to separate the manage
ment of their public school
J J C Howard making a slight
change in the line between the
counties of Clay and Laurel fI
Harry Williams authorizing
sixth class towns to increase the I
school tax from 50 to 65 Cents
M C Champion legalizing the
custom of distillers in making their
reports to the State auditor on Sep i
i st instead of on Sept isth as the I
old law provided II
Robert Enlow authorizing coun I
ty clerks to receive taxes from distillers I I
tillers who under the present la wty
can pay only to the sheriff Appro I
ed by the governor
W J Worthington providing
that where there is no qualified
constable in a town of the sixth
class the town marshal will per
form his duties
There was a big sensation in
Leesville Indiana when W H
Brown of that place who was ex
pected to die had his life saved by
Dr Kings New Discovery for Con
sumption He writes hI endured
insufferable agonies from Asthma
but your New Discovery gave meOne
immediate relief and soon there
after effected a complete cure
consumptioS n
pneumonia broucliiuVand grip are
numerous Its the peerless remedy
for all throat and lung troubles
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by all druggists Trial bottles free
just WriQ > leRemember
said the man with fhe red face and
angry eyesthe worm will turn
Well answered the coldblood
ed citizen let him About all the
comfort the average worm gets is a
chance to wriggle II
20 per cent I
20 percent
T Fft
Publish Evr y
These Arc The Bills Which Origi
uated in The House
R B Bradley attending registration
tration to sixth class towns and
providing for certificates thereof
W C Clark repealing exemp
lion of 50 wages except for board
raiment or hotiserent for family
M C Champion providing for
recording of all fiduciary settle
ments in a book for the pnrp Ee
C C Spalding appropriating
75000 for Worlds Fair
J C Summers providing that
each big of fertilizer be tagged
with date of inspection weight and j
Carl Day prohibiting coeduca
tion of rage > affects only Iterea
T E Butler appropriating 26
cents of Sheriffs revenue instead
of 22j to increase school term to
six months
J W Day ceding laud at Ovv f
ensboro to U S Government for
public building
J P Edwards requiring mer
chants to give five days notice be
fore they can dispose of stock in
Paul Hefliug defining due dill i
gence in collecting checks and
L F Johnson appropriating t
000000 for new State capitol
J P Edwards giving stenogra
pher of Louisville police court Iwo
months vacation with pay
Same requiring official steno g
raphers of Jefferson circuit court
toreport all cases and providing a
salary of 2500
Same Louisville Ripper Bill I
H P M < Dad risin per
cipit I u the Confederate Home I
from 125 to 175 and admitting j
aged wives of veterans j
Same authorizing consolidation
at Louisville of Polrtechnic and
Carnegie libraries
Same appropriating 57000 for
improvement at Confederate Home
II D Newcomb providing that
school fund shall be pro rated by
sixths in order to meet extension
of school term
J Edwards authorizing Jeffer
son fiscal court to increase treasur
ers pay from 1000 to 2500
S W Adams correcting law as
to taverns which would seem lo
admit the keeper to sell several
kinds of liquors under one licens
Same permitting town councils
to employ sheriffs to collect munic
ipal tax
8 J M Al person fixing penalty
for vagrancy at 10 or 30 days for
first offense and 60 days fot subs e
R W Miller providing con
demnation of passway through
private property
Same making it a felory to Uri be
or attempt to bribe a member of
the Legislature
Same making annual appropria
tion of 15000 for Kentucky
Childrens Home Society at Louis
F A Loc lirey requiring ivory
stable kvenirs to keep a record r
the vehicles used and to obtain sig
natures of those using them and
how long they propose to do so
Same increasing salaries off
clerks of judges of the court of ap
peals from 900 to 1200
T 11 Sharp providing how
peace officers may collect reward
rfor horse thieves
J A McCain creating embalm
ing board and requiring license fog
G W Weathers providing thai
attowns of sixth class lying in two
counties shall Le considered to b s
largest in the county population in which it has bel
A S Thompson allowing the
1State Treasurer 1500 annual for
additional clerk
Same increasing fine of road
overseer to 825 for a failure to
perform duties
R S Hearne increasing clerk
hire in insurance Commissioners
office to r 500 a year
J W Day authorizing chautau
qua assemblies to have private po
Same authorizing boards of edu
cition in third class cities to fix
salary of secretary of board
Duby Hargrove providing that
hunters from another State shall
pay the same fee in Kentucky as is
charged in the Stale from which
they come
H K Bourne providing thai
the county board of health shall
consist ot three doctors appointed
by State board of health one man
by the fiscal court with the county
judge as ex officio
II K Bourne authorizing chief
justice to make settlinent with R
fae it
to come to agreement
R H BradY ping penitentiary
tertiary guard pay from Soto i51
Thomas Drewry carrying into
effect amendments to constitution
permitting municipalities to change
their mode of taxation
prixat t
athug of appellate court reports in the
hands of the judges of the court
Thomas Diewry providing for
pension fund for aged and infirm
policemen or their families in Lou
Fred Vauhan making it unlaw
ful for county c1t rkor other offi
cials to certify to any abstract of
altitles of land where such lands are
io the actual possessions of another
than the person or the corporation
shown to be the owner by said ab
stract or certificate
S W Adams making the circuit
clerk instead of
the sheriff in conji
ties having cities of the sec ll
class the chairman of the county
board of election commissioners
R W Miller appropriating 2 m
500 for a monument at Boonesboro
where the first General Assembly
of Kentucky met and organized
the Commonwealth of organizedI
iaH R Lawrence appropriating
75000 for improvement at hej
Hopkinsville Insane Asylum
W F Klair providing for the
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It 11 OD HE AD
Brodheadis to have a new school j
house I
Mrs J R Cass is with Mr Cass
Ipat CassI
pat Crab Orchard this week
Win Carson has been doing t
some painting for R S Martin
Misses Hedie Sayers and Annie
Owens were in town shopping j
Tuesday j
Miss May Magee came in from J
Lancaster Friday and spent Easter j
with liomefolks i
The peach crop seems to he <
damaged considerably but we hope j
they are not all killed j
IMisses Susie and Lydia Hilton
visited their brother Lester Hiltonte
at Piltsburg Friday until Monday
Mrs Bessie Browning of Liv i
ingston was the guest of Mrs Sal i
lie Magee Saturday until Monday
Misses Clevie and Fannie Mattt
were in town Saturday to attend j
the opening of the millinery shopse
Your correspondent has been on j
the sick list consequently there j
has beeu no news from Brodhead i
for a few weeksI
Mrs Bettie Tharp and her sou s
Bud who went to indian Territory j
z short time ago returnd to their j
oldhome at Brodhead this weeki
the Deputy sheriff brought Mat j
Ford to Mt Vernon from Georgiah
Egbert is with his friends at Brodv
head for a few days >
ofMrs Sam Purcell of Crab Orch1
ard died last week of measles and
pneumonia The deceased was a j
daughter of Jeff Coffey of this coun i
ty and wife of Sam Purcell brother i
of Joe and John Purcell of this 1
neighborhood i
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pure lifegiving and lifesustaining
oxygen to the blood and tissues
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ant to take and it is good alike for
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Davis drugstore
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EdThat people when they gee me go
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Will wish and wish that they were
so wereI
I want to be so rich I do
In good substantial cash gadzooks j
That I can build a libaree
And fill its shelves with pocketbooks I
Cut on all Shoes I
Mrs Per Riggsby is seriously
A C Hiatt made a business trip
to Mt Vernon Monday
Moore is the proud fatherI
Mrs Cash Hiatt who has been
ill for some weeks is out again heenj
The child of J H Singleton
died last week of pneumonia fever i
J F Adams sold to George W i
Frith one work horse at a fair price I
Mr Nathan Welsh the grocery 1 t
man was in our little town Tues
< Iav
Mr and Mrs Elijah Owens enI
tertained number of friends Sun 1
Miss Loretta Adams left a few I
days ago to visit her sister at Cor
Mt Loretta Hiatt whom we
reported sick is very much improv 1
ed i
Walter Boyd has gore to Reading i
Ohio where he will find employ I
men tI
meetJ Cress bought of various j
parties here a nice bunch of ho s
at 4 cents j
Mrs John Wise of Cincinali is
ta t the bedside of her sister Mrs
Riggsby 1 i
Homer Chestnut was in Brodj
head Monday having some dental
work done j
J C McCiary of Stanford
spent Saturday until Sunday with
the family of A K McClary j
Ben Doil and wife of Copper I
creek were the guests of their I
grandmother Mrs Mary Duvall i
J M Cress and wife also Mas
ter Joe were the pleasant guests of
relatives here from Saturday until
Albert Hiatt who has been in
Louisville attending Massy Business
College for some months returned
home Saturday f
Cecil McClarysold to Leslie
Harber of Preachersville a com
bined saddle and harness mare for
the consideration of 135
Henry Hysinger and Miss Mol
Phelpss Sunday and were united
in the holy bonds of matrimony
The groom is one of our best
young men and the bride is a
beautiful and worthy young ladI
They will make their home with
his fatheri
fatherMrs I
Mrs W G Capps who has been
quite low for some time was re
moved to hr fathers Sunday i
where it is hoped her condition I
will be improved t i
Hutch Sargent and wife left a
etshort time ago for Cincinnati I
where they will make their future
home They were accompanied
by their sister Miss Ina Sargent
On Sunday 2 ist our community
was shocked by the death of Mrs
is Hilton after an illness of only n
few hours The remains were in
tered in the Oak Hill cemetry
Mr Hilton and family have have 01
recently moved from Harlan coun
t to our vicinity and our people
deeply sympatize with him in the
Io 45 of his wife
The remains c Mrs Sam PnrceH
who died at the home of her daugh
ter near Preachersxille of pneinno
nia were brought here Saturday
and intered in the family burying
ground Mr and Mrs Purcell re
sided here until one year ago when
they moved to Crab Orchard Tlrey
have nianj friends here who e
sympathy is with the bereaved ones
Mrs W M Hysinger whose ill
mess has been repotted through
this column died Tuesday 29th
She had been constantly growing
worse for some time andat n
oclock p m the spark of life was
extinguished and her spirit was
born to a better world The fu
neral services were conducted by
Rev Phelps 1t the home after
which the remains were intend
in the family burying ground She
was all that goes to compose a
model lady aud a Christian charac
ter and her loss will be deeply felt
b community The 1
iby our family
have our sympathy
Taught by Miss Tlmnn and For
The Month Ending March 29
Licla Hilton 94 ClCdc Cass Sa
Bettie Hicks 97 Ethel Hilton 96
Lizzie Cable 96 George Yaden
79 Urban Cass 82 Clyde Watson
19r 1 Francis Forbs 96 Katie Cass
93 John Eva Hilton 90 Etta Ca
tIe S9 Mattie Wilmott S4Vern
Jarrett 9r Owen Cass 89 Brack
Durham 89 Earl Tharp 92 W51
ard Hilton 82 James B Frith 76
Lucy Rash 88 Monroe Francisco
So Ermie Tharp 85 Vic Francisco
82 Gertrude Martin 83 Maud
Blanch Crawford 77
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