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I Shirts Collars Cuffs Neckties Ready Made Suits for Men Youths and BOysl
I t W
J if
v <
iJjiun1BBODH JitajUhi n
watt r
Miss Ada Owes of this county
h died at her home in Lebanon June
e tion Thursday She had been a pa
tiejt sufferer of that dreadful dis
ease consumption for over a year
She leaves a husband and tw o
P small children to mourn the loss of
I a kind and devoted wife andaffe r
tionate IlJotbefi
Misses Anna Outon and Mary
OCannon of Louisville are the
f guests of Mr andMrs John Flynn
Mrs Lou Purcell has returned i
from Lebanon Junction where sh e
y has been at the bedside of her sis
ter Mrs W li McFerson
Mrs Mattie Baughman of Stau
t ford is the guest of the Dunn farow
1 I By Mrs Moore and daughter are
r visiting Dr Bentors family
sI Miss Ella Dunn has returned
I from a several weeks visit to Dan
t ville and Lancrster t
eiMrs J R Cass spent Friday uu
I burg til Monday with Mr Cass at uuI
burgMr and Mrs Dunn of exast
I are the guests of the formers par
ent at this place
Hon Harvey Helm of Stanford I e
was shaking hands with old friends q
and making new ones in ton5ati
1John Newland came up from
Livingston Saturday to attend the j
Masonic meeting at Preachersville t
On last Saturday night in re C
sponse to an invitation given the
Brodhead Masonic Lodge by the b
Paeachersville Lodge some iS or n
j 20 of the Brodhead Lodge met the ei
siC rat Orchad Lancaster and
ansi I
1 Treachersville Lodges with many g
I other brethren from other place I c
r Pro ratuFirst and probably ai
the most enjoyed part was the sup I C
per prepared by Mrs Cummins
aMahle laden down with every thing I
goodand the kindness shown us
by the ladies made one think it was Go
good to be a Mason Something C4
over one hundred partook of the1
hospitality and ifa supper wa s I3
eer enjoyed it was Nothing i ai
i liking Every thing ot the b tS
and in abundance Next we assl
1 senibled at the Hall where the it
Master of Preachersville Lodge anF
I nouuced that Brodhead Lodge n
would confer the first °
v 3rd degree
Crab Orchard 2ndand Lancaster b
3rd all three degree work all ofal
which was done with credit to each C
I lodge and the fraternity The
brethren mixed and mingled together
er and found many acquaintances
and enjoyed the occason hugely h
and all felt benefited by having
goneMEMBER al
The Ideal Entertainers will play It
for the benefit of the Brodhead Ma
sonic Lodge at Albrights Hall d
Brodhead May i7th Ifyou have
f0 give up going to see the hail a
I Fair dont fail to see the Ideal En
tertainer Admission 25 and 15C
Reserved seats 35 cents
A man too proud to beg too
I 1honest
is up against hard unfeeling con
l dition ofhingsf
also have the > greatest line of Tiiiloring in the United States with prices > that will sur
prise you Ladies Skirts Waists and Slippers all nice firstclass and cheap I
A CoiriDlete Line of DRY GOODS and NOTIONS
We want your trade Come and see us
The leaders in their line l
tt f
LEVEL GfiflEtf
to j
Q Wall well and vBscicham county
r another offspring dour last Legis
t j lative Session has met an untimely
j death and placer on a bed f
thrns Iiy the cm rt of Iib
tunicall d
re sego 1 boy of t 5 know the proceed
in i ing unconstittnitiiuil al imtio an J
SI dlaJI1hISt engiignl in its rite
e wia y
its I waste time in such childrens plar
sj Enough time and per < lcnreri
day weie utterly wasted to liaje
1I tI
U enacted many valuable and much I
111 needed laws j
i The Congressional race is warm
1e ing up Gilbert has main warm r
j I friends in Rockcastlcf I dont be
> lite in giving a Fee Simple
3 title to a seat in Congress to any i
i individual neither do I believe in i
i tinning a true atilt tried man out
simply to make room for a new i
one therefore Isay hurrah for
I Geerge Gilbert As to the presi 1
edency just give us a democrat
5one in whom is no gtle and well
elect him in November tho some
of our rural editors are trying tojj
elect him now Jailer Hines of
1 Somerset went to Mt Vernon aI
s l few nights since and gatone Surber
a convict who had broke jail at i
Somerset and took him back and ii
thence to the pen They overturn
ed their vehicle between here and
Mt Vernon badly drippHng a Mr
Farmer They claim that their
aI driver was intoxicated drunk the
boys call it in Rockcastle Now
we never become intoxicated fI
get drunk unless we go to some IJ
other connty to get the Bug Juice I
which proves that we are no worse I
than our nab rsCorn planting 1
and sheep shearing is the order of
farmers A big crop ic being put b
out Lots of tatersare planted ati
big gardens Our People ar becoming I
coming vegetarians We shonld jh
eat less hog and mor garden truck i
Trya ridge ot jarsrtips T Uli other L
things they are healthful and I
easily raised Most of our little
I wool growers will sell wool in the
grease and burrs Lambs and
waives are in demand so are eggs fc
Some of our merchants got a n
little riledand are paying 140 forI
them forI Ji
The 1 J boasted of a Lincoln I tc
hucksters buying 1400 dozen in I ti
that county in a week Whv sir I s
our Leeel Green merchant sells to 5r
tee Enbanks huckster 800 or goo I tl
dozen per week Our women have i fl
learned that feeding hens for eggs i t1
I teat raising chicks for sale Tur I n
keys goslings and ducklings are ti
few and far between The hen is i is
the fowl that pays Keep her well i b
fed and shell pay the better Some il h
of our women get 12 doz eggs per ji
week from small flocks peri
proportion Some fine mule colts I I B
and pretty calves and sows and 111
I pigs are seen spontaneously but Ic
they are worth but little and t d
I sheep why they are higher than a j o
goodf la1
young mooley cows aud calves for si
sale If
saleBetsy has a lot of geese and both i 1
old and young Pekins for sale i d
cheap also a good sow and 7 pigs tl
We see a resurrection has begun o
in the vegetable kingdom and I a
many little plants have come forth IIt
dressed in suits of living green tl
Say Ed can you hold upon f
Walton and Hearst long enough to iJo
tall us why the pubs of the iithjn
turn down so many good men na tl
tive born in order to honor that tl
nonresident Hunter and why 1
give good white men back seats
and bring black men to the fro t
Are they afraid the brother of color i
mont exert them 8
I Is a black a colored man or a i n
man of color eh i 11
We see the Japs are amusing S
themselves on the Czars troops a
If nothing but fight will do I hope s
tY t Russia will get so badly whip °
ed that hiz pap Alex J wont know di
him when he ta > 0t
ibigfo his trousers any way and a °
gooAsoundl threshing would help d
the boy so pour it on until he I ic
bawls like a c Iffl
Thorn Brown is convalescent fl
and our old friend and nabor J
M Hurst after a siege of over
three yearS with a complication of
ailments whicb baffled the skill of A
the M Ds is on deck again and
DOW bids fair tp live a long time T 1
jt ftp tae ulet the JusyV F
I I =
1 0
< I omk g Every Day
It St
I ilrt
20 percent
20 percent
Published Every
KJ Smith bought of Per Hiatt
a nice milk cow for 30
v H B MrCJary and A V Smith
iimauea thing trip to trtachersville
1 Sunday
The singing school here iS4 pro
J rgTessing nicely under the tutorship
iot Piof Sailor
Oscar Capps who has been con
fined to his room for some weeks
Js out again
Walter Satgent and wife of
Ccvington axe visiting their par
eats here
Mrs John Boyd has been very
sick for several days hut is some
4 what improved
j 0 Vra McQueen was over at
t VPreachersville Saturday to t < tteud
Jhe Masonic banquet ttteudI
oj > < D N Willmqtt one of Copper
Creeks substantial citizens was
yheje Mondoy
frs J V Tate and Miss Sallie
Purcell of Brodhead we 2 the
guests of Mrs A C Hiatt Sunday
ili J t Mrs Allen Hiatt who has been
guile sick for several days with
measles we are glad to report ithI
improving I
Ii r i MessrsAvC Hiatt Jeff Holrlraan
j Wm Hysinger and George Iloore
attended court at Stanfprd Monday
Mr Abe Chesnut and nieceI
Miss Ethel Chesnut of I Springfield
Mo are spending a few days with
r the family of f W J Chesnut her
Misses Nannie Carmical and Bes
sie French of Mt Vernon were
the guests of the Misses Hiatt
Saturday until Sunday
Jy l rj who cannot stand the shocking
strain of laxative syrups and cathar
V V tic pills are especially fond oflc
iiwhq rid Jt iJecrs try to1 1a j
liver medicine shouji try thefer
easy pills and compare the dgree
ably pleasant and strengthening
effect with the nauseating an tYJ
v Prong cbndjtiots lollpwing tSe nse
t otheMr remedies Little Early
to Risers cure billiousness constipab
thin sick headache jaundice ma
laria and liver troubles Sold by
Chas C Davis the druggista
r On The Installment Plan
Jjneys mother who had been
away foa a fortnight returned un
J expectedly After the first greet
i iings wereover and she had straight
ened the sofa pillows and rearrang
ed the books on the tables she
turned her attention to her son
J Joey she said sadly after a
brief examination I dont belive
you have had a bath since I went
j away
ofI have protested Joey onlyyou
r 11haent1ooked in the nghtplace I
Looked in the righT place
What do you mean
You looked at my neck You
ought to have looked at my arms
They were just as clean this morn
ing You see Ive been bathing in
chapters a chapter a day Legs
are one chapter arms are
Oh Joey
t well if youve got to wash your I
self thats the only exciting way
I know whimpered Joey
The Baccalaureate Sermon is
be delivered next Sunday at 1030
a m in the college chapel The
minister for the occasion is Rev
George A Joplin Mt Sterling Ky
Mr Joplin has several acquaints ft
ces in Mt Vernon and no doubt
will be glad to hear him There
will be evening serviced also i
the chapel
On Monday evening at 730 the
Primary department will give i
entertainment though it seems
that several others besides the priI
maries will participate There will
ebe a juvenile pUy anda variety
of exercises
Tuesday evening at 730 tIleI
Junior exercises will take place and
will consist chiefly of declamations
There will be other exercises
enough to give it 3rietyI
Commencement proper will oc
cur on Wednesday at 230 p m
This hour is chosen to acconimo
date people coming on the trains
It is much regretted that one
member < + f the graduating class
Walter Mullins will not be pres
Miss Fannie Sparks is Saluta
torian and McKenzie Brown ValI
edictorian Judge R G Williams
is to deliver the Class Address
The Ideal entertainment Company
is to furnish music for the grad
ation exercises
There is to he a fine concert
in the evening by the Ideal En
tertsiners to be followed by a
Class Reception
It is to be hoped that this will
be one of the finest commence
ment occasion Mt Vernon has
enjoyed Come all
Tickets for the entertainment
given by the Ideal Entertainers ts
can be had at Becks Drugstore
and also at the Drugstore of Chas
I bad a case of piles r says G
Ga Carter of Atlanta Ga and
consulted a physician who advised
me to try a box of De Witts Witch
JHazelSalve I purchased a boxI
3ndwas entirely > cured It is
splendid for piles giving relief in
stantly and I heartily recommend
to all sufferers DeWitts Witch
Hazel Salve is unequaled for its
healing qualities Eczema and
other skin diseases also sore cuts
kinr d
are quickly cured by it Sold by
Chas C Davis the druggist
teach a girl to swimIi
JohnnyWell yer want to ta e
her gently by de hand lead her
Sently down to de water put your farm
arm gently around her vaiat andc
Chimmy Oh cut it out Its
me sister
Johnny Oh Push her off dera
Call at the SIGNAT office and getIt
Tornado Policy on your property
For Infants and Children
Boughs t
Bears the
Siscuatuie of I H
le God Old Summer Time Will Com 1
P ComgL
s u m m e r Clothing
line js complete come and see them it costs you nothing to look We have any
thing you want that you have to wear such as
y Straw Hats and Fur Hats
of nil kinds Overalls Gloves old
kinds and any old thing you
want to wear
ND we still continue to Lead with
DeBorde is drilling a new well in
his yard Uncle Bill is treating
hog cholera which has recently
broke loose in our town An
ounce of preventative beats a pound
of cure therefore feed your hogs
spts of turpentine before they take
sick and theyll generally keep
Your friend
friendL ms
Rev 011 Huey contribute the
following I closed a delightful
meeting at Hazard county seat of
Ferry county and 40 miles from
Jackson from which place I bed
to ride horseback with 25 addi
tions The meeting only continued
mission field I was ever in It is
the seat of the FrenchEvetsole
feud of several years While there
tey had one examining trial for
murder and tow have a compara
lively quiet connty No whisky
s legally sold aud the moonshine
business is about broken up We
have a new Baptist school building
just about finished costing about
5000 School is conducted b >
Rev A S Petry who heretofore
used such buildings as he could e
cure and had 200 in attendance
during last term He hopes 10
open in thefall under more favor
able conditions and with about 300
students The young men and
ladies are a fine class of students
They sacrifice and study l dare
determined to make something of
themselves Hazard is in the midst
of a population of 70000 that is
almost without religious privileges
It was a pleasure to labor among I
them and I give God the prate I
fo r the wonderful blessings we en I
Alo 1
mineral lands are being bought and
they are looking for a railroad andI
then Jackson had better look out
Interior Journal
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
Chas C Davis our local drug
gist does not hesitate to recom
mend Kodol Dyspepsia Cure to
his friends and customers Indi
gestion causes more ill health than
anything else It deranges the
stomach and brings on all mania I
of diseases Kodol Dyspepsia Cut e
digests what yptteafcares indjges
ltnn dvspensn and all stomach tf
orders Kodol is not only a perfect
digestant but a tissue building ton
fect strength and increased vitalit
follow its use
Our National Birds
The American eagle
The Thanksgiving turkey
May the pue give us peeve in l
our States
bpd the other a piece for all our
Cut on all ShoesI
Cut on all HatsI
kinds best STAPLE and FANCY GROCERIES at Rock Bottom Prices Dont
gomg el5ewheli
Four for halwino
Livingston 7 Ky a
ou AIL
Mrs Wilmoth Elder is on the I
sick list
Gillis Craig is a little improved tin
in health at this timei
Miss Ava P Brown has been o rat
the sick list for the past two weeks i
Several have finished planting i
corn and a great many are planting I
l now
ICharlie Proctor has gone to Son J
I erset to work at the carpenter j
j trade
tradeEld Eugene Snodgrass of Lex I
I ington is here visiting his mother j
Mrs ComerI
John Stringer Jrvho left home
a few days ago and went to Indiana r
is now sick at that place
Illr and Mr Win Ferrillof
Garrard county are in this locality I
visiting friends and rela rives
Eld J L Davis filled his regu
j Jar appointment at Providence Sat
urday and Sunday He has about I
recovered from his hurt received I
i I 1
I sonic time ago i
It is said that nothing is sure
sureI i
except death and taxes but that is j
not nllogelher true Dr Kingsl
Xev Dirfcov try for Consumption I
is a sure cure for all lung and throat 11
troubles Thousands can testify to
Mrs C B Van Meter of Shepherd I
town W Va says hI had a severe I
case of Bronchitis and for a year
tried every thing 1 heard of but got I
I no relief One bottle of Dr Kings
New Discovery then cured me ab sl
solutely Its infallible for Croup 1
Whooping Cough Grip Pneumo I
nit and Consumption Try it Its i
guaranteed by all druggists Trial
bottles free Reg sises Soc 100
1ArRIf I
ArRij TpRjj AiRU J5TH 1904
It is hereby ordered by the Court j
that the boundarv of Livingston <
I voting precinct No 7 of Rockcastle 11
County Ky be and the boundary
thereof is changed so as to include I
the residence of H M Mink t
i a copy attest
I attetM MILLER C R C C rr
i By B H Joni D C la
i 4The mare you eavost nfter hap 1
pines says the captain of the I
I Colonels launch tbe more it wil 1an
Islip away When you try to catch
it itwill fool you like a bubble t
ahd then burst the minute yotigtt
yourliands on itII h
Wise PapaSo you are in love
with that penneless youngster eH y
Now I propose to cure you of that c
Sje itvtlfulhJIltit you cant H
Im determitclto him i
m rmfneq to marry i
Wise Papa Exactly and thats I
what I propose to let you do 1
C 0 X TT A r
Squirrels and whipporwills are
Mrs Nellie Hayes viitecl rela
tives in Berea this week
Judge Chenault of Richmond
was here this week on business
Dock Stuckey of Linl slot u i
tended Sunday school here Snn
diy evening
Mrs D N
Martin has just re
turned from a visit to relatives in
U S Berry who lit bet t1OU
the sick list for tho past week is
Prof Petters of Lexington was
rhere this week to analyze CODWOTS
famous water
n B Beldon who his Lad a se
vere case of measles for past two
weeks is fast improving
Mr Wm Kelton aud family oF
Nicholasville are visiting his par
ents here Mr and Mrs M Lle
ton this week
D C Pullins transferred two
hives of bees for J S Report
killed a rattlesnake and found abee
tree while he irasat Brush Creek
1at week
Notwithstanding the disagrees
bie weather itetlance had this
spring bees are doing well Fix
up your empty gums and get ready
Ifor early swarms
J J Wood Hayes are renting
their store house to a new coat of
paint Now if the R R Co will
paint the new depot and whitewash
the stock pens our little village will
b egin to look like its coming to
To save a life Dr L G fcnitr
pf No Mehoopany Fa made a
fill cure He writes a patient
was attacked with violent hemor
rhages caused by ulceration of the
stomach I had often fonnd Elec
rio Bitters excellent for acute stom
ach and liver troubles sn I prescrib
ed them The patient gained from
the first and has not had an attack
Jin 14 months Electric Bitterlf
are positively guaranteed for Dy
lsia Indigestion Constipation
and Kidney troubles Try them
Miss Flanaigau I wi I give ye
an answer in a month Pat
PatThats right me fdcrtint
take plihtv av toime to think it
over But tell me wan tbing now
will it be yes or no
The Colonel hamer nJlyPat
oure the most artistic drinker 1
eer sawit must have taken lots
of practice to get that li bt elbow
of yours working so artistically
Prt Thank ye fee yez piais 1
Kuvnet yere no cripph ycrsv
fi e
o y

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