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r JE > stable bed c
i 1887
t f
I Democratic Candidate tor PresidenfI
Jackson EI
We had quite a refreshingshow
er today gardens and crops ae
parching for want of rain We
are connected with the outer world
by another telephone line from BeI
rea Now if the speculating land
owners of Jackson county would put
their heads together and causes
ranch line of railroad to be built
to Mckee it would be better for all
y parties concernedGrant Collier
v and Allen Bayer two of McKees j
s Attorneys are building handsome
residences heteJ B Llewellyns I
mother from North Carolina is
Msss Ellen Bradshaw is ill from
hemorrhages of the lungsDr
Sandlin and family of Richmond
Ky visited Mrs Sandlins parents
Mr andMrs James Hayes of this
> cNgMrtplac flast week Our post office I
Jus changed hands Mrs Lucy
Reynolds is postmistress nowI
John Hayes is home from Louis
villewbere he has been attending
medical schoolDr and Mrs
Auryx will visit the Worlds Fair
at St Louis next weekDr Good
man and family visited the families
ofDr Auryx and D G Collier
last week Another bloody fight j
3 miles out of town occurred last
week in which John Moue was
killed by Jobn Morris a son of
Wm Morns Moms escaped with
but a few bruises he happened to
suite Moore near the heart w th a
knife I
knifeOnr I
Onr missionary people from the j
+ f T
North are ready to begin work on I
a large college building here
n ijdoubtless they will send the faculty
but am not so sure about the mat e
rial to be used in the school room
lf f
1I101111f tnii ignll
I The school teachers all ate pre
paring for commencing their
schools W T Mullins will teaChh
Maretburg school r Miss Bessie I
Reynold Piney Brach Miss Mollie
Caner Lewis school Miss Vira
DeBoard Freedom Miss Grace I
I McCall will spend the fall at Hazel
Patch with her father = J J Mc1
Call and J D Hunt spent Sunday I
at home Miss Sadie Martin isat
home afttr an extended visit wit h
rends at Stanford
Miss Sallie Evans spent Satur I
day and Sunday with GracrMc1
allMbs Jalia Reynolds is visit
ing in Livingston Mrs E va
Honk has been right sick but ic
able fo be up againMiss Alice
Bethurum visiting in Stanford
Geo Owens and wife boast over
a fine girl earned Essie Evaline
Graud mother Chesnut is in
TenntFM ewit1 her son Her
health isverv pcor John Hunt
Ts mowing grass and oats for the
arniers around hereMrs Dora
Owens and family of Salem Jnd
ire visiting relatives here
Miss Alice Green is spending the
seek with Mrs Patten W Kr
Buckhanau is very sick with rheu
matism Mrs Katherine McAlis
ter and Miss Kate Branaugh are
I recuperating at Dripping Springs
IMr Ed Stigall of Harriman
Lick called on one of our town
yy and has been wearing
long pants for nears ix months
Ad new postoffice about four miles 1
frombere was opened the ist of
June During that month the I
cancellation was 75 cents and the 1
mail carrier who makes three trips J
a week gets twothirds of the can
cellation he got 50 cents The 1
postmaster gave a man 25 cetits t
to make out his monthly report f
CaD some one tenme where the j
postmaster ss pay comes in 4J
Editor I made a mistake in myJ
Isptletter in giving date of fairJ
It comes off 27 28 and 29th of 1
July instead of August J
J F Holdam and wife are gone
to Cumberland county to look after r
his interests in the oil fields Y
Misses Ernie and Clara Menifee
are spending the week with thtir
father near Albright Miss Maryti
gWilson opened school at the
Holmes school house Monday I
This is her third term aC the same
place which goes to show that she s
gives good satisfaction as a teacher o
We said in our letter some timeII
since that Prof Gashwiler had theI
school at this place but we had j J
been wrongly informed Crab 1
Orchard is still without a teacher I
A good school for the right one
hope some gjoi teacher will get u
I ha observed tInt iti not the
one w ho makes the highest grade i
certificate that makes the most sue
cessful teacher in every case one
must have a tallent for teaching tQJ
begin with Then he must cult i
vate < that talent in
lUorder to keep up
with the demands of the times
There is no standing still we either I
a a t The WOli Sommei Time Js here I
n o
< S urn me r O a l i o t h fn j g fVi R >
I 1UI line is complete comeiand eee ith mi taco ba you nothing to look We have any
Shirts Collars Cuffs Neckties ReadYMade Suits oM en Youths ando Y s
forwards or backward We must
I try to do a little letter each mustl
ceding day in every other business
as weilas teaching ifwe ssI
I w e will soon be a ni > nsensity
I agaiy
Mr Editor I appeal to you again
I tort + 16 kctp from si many typo
graphical errors in my correspond
i ence There is no such w Kd as
< Maurula in my last cinimunica
thatt I
favors it The x ordj was Root
hogordie written props h is
II Roothog ordie i
Our farmers will sow larger wheat
crops than usual this fall A good
ayield gives encouragement Com
mercial fertilizer can be prcfitably
used for small grains and grass
butit will not pay < in a general
way on corn Much depends upon
the season in a profitable use of
fertilizers corn on any kind of soil
Our people never felt better not
had more to eat and the prospects
for a good crop pv moles wood
peckers and possums was never
betterSum sowini
Sum ov our peepil have bin sowin
a few wild oats mist with a little t
Rye and tha raze cane and tares
crap promises to bea short jot
Why did peepil quit I raisin pun
k ins I robbed a begum this am
got 4 stings and a Jarfull ov sweet
honeyFrid chicken haz bin scace at
our house because the price waz
Jiy this summer Eggs still in a I
silent way demand a penny each
and refuse togo for leis Morris I
the huxter hauls a i = buss load
outen our country every weekJ
yes mostly egs What a good
time the wirnin have toten them to w
the store and exchangin then fer
shooger kaughphy and callycoe a
How wimin dp love to handle and
look at sick goods Did you ever a
take nobs Yes we air fur Parker
and the tpther man whd erX qe is f
for President arid Liei tPresident
If the rads dont Shak U pa trot S
Roosy wilt never git char on biz Yl
Broncho But we are tpd that V
moony makes themartgoo even the f
political mare and tha rift sd lo to
hay dead oodlins ov it Nowthat th
makes me think ov it suppose one II
party byes enuff floaters to put
them into office when without the
use ov munny tother party wood
hav bin elected is this a fair elec
tion in a Repnblic expressing Jhe
eplain toils ov a free peepil fc
We air gettin to be autul auk
open up in the Congress race Wt
need sunithin to keep us cool these
hot daze Gilbert like the omit >
Mississippiismoving silently aud
irresistably on headquarters
M B DeBord our old friet d
and former pupil ate beans and
taters uith us Sunday = Miss Vira
DeBord 111 teach at Freedom Miss
May Brown at Level GeeD Miss
Nannie Thomas at Walnut Grove
and Thorn Brown operates in Sin =
egletou Valley while Nathaniel
Daniel Bullock will run the Niceley
district This makes the atatogue
of Level Green teachers that will
be in the harness this season
erVhere are alLthose others that re
sided at and near this point only a
few years since and actively en
gaged in teaching Look to the ai
four winds D R Gentry Sara ei
Brown Minerva Brown and Mrs Sl
Sally French nee Brown in Indian s
Territory L H Lynn railroading u
at Somerset A J Cress gone to
Monticello Jack Towery travel J
ing R Lan lt W J Bfoxvn praci
ticinglawin Somerset Wade Joe tt
Brown J B Cummins and Buckt
Varnonon the retired list selling I 8
goods farming c Louisa Dea
Borland Miss Sally Thomas nI
gaged in other pursuits while °
Miss May Sowder is visiting in
the West among friends and see
ingthe Big Show at St Louis and j
J F Burdine is doing a thriving s
business in insurance at Somerset a
There are many others pfwhom
wed like to make mention but
time and space forbids that started
out from LevelGreen only a Jew t
short years ago Death has claim
ied and taken buttiyo from among I c
our pupilS who became teachers i 1
Misses Nannis Ham and earth
DeBord j t
6iveorit Q and A column a rP
xcoas < la cuotisPlatei > i 1o1Jtp Pe rJif i
> 1 ffSf < <
1 1n4 t
t t Everyl
rather scace1 Institute closed
here last Friday and nothing but
general satisfaction could be felt
as it wasconducted by the jolly I
and proficient Prof Dinsmore of
1 Berea Mrs Dinsmore conducte
the music
S f or Jan was down from Lan
caster the first of the week
The teachers of this section are
attendingyihe Institute iriMt Ver
M G Dowell is at home from a
trip in the picture business j
Oat harvest is now on and a
good crop is being harvested Corn
crops are looking fairly well gar
dens are extra good and there will
bentore potatoesraisedthts season
in this section than in years
J L Davis fille Jiis appoint
ment at Providence last Saturday
and Sunday A protracted meeting
will be held there in next month
and will be conducted by Revs
Davis aud Clingrcau
The familyof Wm Miller is irn
proving slowly
Dr Walker Owens went down
on Rockcastle river Sunday to
locate for the practice of medicine
his chcn profession
Mr Logan Hasty went to Crab
Orchard Monday to see his sister
who is in bad health She accom
panied him home Tuesday
Most of the schools in this com
muuity will v begin next Monday
I the rSth v
I The Salvation Army will estab
lish a permament post at Jackson
acksonIBre i
II Straw Hats and Fur Hats
of all lands Overalls Gloves andany old thing yo u
want to wear
WE also have the greatest line of Tailoring in the United States with prices that will sur
t prise you Ladies Skirts Waists and Slippers all nice firstclass and cfieap
+ A A Complete Line of DRY GOODS and 5 NOTIONS l4 <
f We want your trade Come and see us
f rtne
r The leaders in their line v i t
r f4 tS > j Y JiQCKEH Q w Ji
rr v tJ1 If t c
1 i I J1 NGS
l o
> ii n
f IL
y I Uj
= Jil
IComin EvelC Daxl
ND we still continue to Lead with
20 per oentj i
20 per cent 1
ALL CLOTHING at Manufacturers Cost >
Best Flour per Sack 75 cents
Cuton all Shoes I
Cut on all Hats I
kinds best STAPLE and FANCY GROCERIES Rock Bottom Prices Don i
fail to make nor store headquarters when in Livingston and get our vrices hafts
Yours for bargains
LH DAVISLivingston
Livingston Ky
you can Yes any ony should
have a right to put in either Qs or
or As and I suppose does have
Will Mr Martin and others to
whom assignments weret n jnade
come forward with answers Let
all put questions that feel so dis
posed just as they do in the C J
and other papers one two or
more at a time giving the editor
ot utseatjghtto reject any thing1
improper Come now fellow sub
scribers add a little work to Jour
jirell wishes and hurrahboys
while wenpokon Take courage
from C O correspondent and go
work One or two cant do all
that is necesSary to make this col
umn a success
The following are the dates fixed
for holding the Kentucky fairs for
1904 as far as reported
Kim Ksville July 152 days
Crab Orchard July 273 days
Danville August 33 days
Harrodsburg Aug 93 days
Lavvrenceburg Aug r64 days
Brodhend Augi 17 IS 19
Shepherdsvile Aug 234 days
Shelbyville Aug 234 days
Springfield Aug 24 4days
Somerset Aug 304 days 1
Nicholastille Aug 30 3 days
Florence Aug 314 days
Glasgow Aug 314 days
EHzabethtown Sept 64 days
Georgetown Aug 9I2days
London Aug 243 days
Barbourville Aug 3t3 days
Berea July 42 days
are caused by indigestion If you
earn little too much or if you are
subject to attacks of indigestion the
stomach expandsswells and puffs
up against the heart This crowds
the heart and shortens the breath
Rapid heart beats and heart disease
is the final result Kodol Dyspep
sin Cure digests what you eat takes
the strain off the heart Jcures indi
gestion dyspepsia sour stomach
and contributes nourishment
strengthand health to every organ
of the body Sold byChasC1
Davis she druggist I
John Hanlpn the largest man in
Louisville died yesterday asare
suIt of a fall He was seven feet tall
and weighed 300 founds
Thebusfest and mighties little
thing that ever was made is Dr
King New Life Pills These pills
change weakness into strength
listlessnessj into energy brainfag
ainto mentalpower Theyre wor
Iderf f in building uP the health
Only 250 per box Sold and guar
tFrnteeilb Uc1rut t > t
Jjc i rt j
oaTsEnrnx4Aes WAT DAVIS
Democratic = t tor VicePresictent
The blackberry crop was never
better Any one who fails tq get a
full share this time its their own
Oats are ripening and the crop is
very good
Mrs D G Martain is visiting
relatives in Madison this week
Mrs U S Berry has just returned
from a weeks visit to relatives and
friends in Berea
The public school begins here
July 18 with Miss Fannie McClure
of Mt Vernon teacher q
Bees werefoever known to make
more honey from the honey dews
than they have for the past ten
Mr EV Morris who is travel
ing for Kellogg Co of Rich
mond was here this week accom
panied by his wife who will visit
relatives in this county
Tom Soard and G T Hurst left
here Sunday for Illinois where
they expect to make their future
Miss MattJe Owens hasjieen
visitir g hom folks > at Barbourvillen
this week
IMfs ML kclton visited her
v soar Will and family at Ricfimbud
I this week i
ItI 1 Yar
Water from the big well is bei ig1
shipped to various cities and ton us
oi the country
CHAS C Dot hour local
druggist asks the readers of tl is
paper who are suffering with inH
gestion or dyspepsia to call on him
at once and get a bottle of Kocol
Dyspepsia Qure IfYOl1 knew the
value of this remedy as we know it
you would not suffer another day
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure is a thr
ough digestant and tissuebuildiag
tonic as well It is endorsed per
sonally by hundreds of peo le
whom it has cured of indigestion
dyspepsia palpitation of the heart
and stomach troubles generally
Kodol Dyspepsia Curedigests what
you eat It is pleasant palatable
and strengthening
Oh mamma exclamed little
Bessie look what big ears that
man bas
Hush dear said her moth r
the gentlemen might hear yon
SSrelli continued Bessie if ha
cant he ought to take down his
signs J
xSt r
remarked that George Washington
I was never licked until he got on a
Postage stamp and thenonly whea
Il his hack was turned r r i

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