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II - " I!
Friday, May 10. 1912
Published every Friday by
Advertising rates made known on
we have not yet become awakened
and aroused to a sense of our
danger the most urgent appeal will
be of no avail.
We do not believe this is true.
We believe that our officials de
sire better things, a quiet decent
regard, for enforcement of law,
I for advancement in morals, and
education, for the improvement of
our citizenship in every respect and
favor every movement designed for
social impiovomeut. In a word
we trust tnat we are Degiunwg
to see and feci the necessity, of
setting our faces against the per-
ninmiii? V,oVife fViof fnirl rfctir hnuc
MEMBER OF u.w.u . iU .u.u w. .
I . . M.
KENTUCKY PRESS ASSOCIATION 'ami girls, tnat bring poverty
disease and shame to so many
homes. We need not point out
specifically what they are -anv one
b'ind to these evil temperances and
their results are hopelessly blind
and deaf to their own and the
welfare of humanity.
In conclusion, it should be said
that the inspection of our county
Wc are making, a feW Spec'all
.... 1
prices, as lollops:
- All 10 cts. calicoes 5 cts. per yd.
All 10 ct. ginghams 8)4 cts
All 4- shoes at $2.98
All 3. shoes $2 39
All $2 5o shoes- $1 98
$3.00 silk under skirts $2.19
75 cts dress goods 39 cts.
Good lard 11 cts
Coffee 23 cts
Sugar 6li cts.
All other tfoods in propoition,
Luther Manus,
Mt. Vernon.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature? of
Justice Eli Cherry, of Gillis
W ille-nPjann tirac i-1 o 1 1 1 1 ? rtTrrrio1
iiil revealed a condition creditable 1 . ' , '' ... . , , ,
its 1 .. j . , i a oaa sore on nis leg naa uameu
all remedies "I thought it was
a cancer," he wrote. "At last I
used Bucklen's Arnica Salve, and
was completely cured." Cures
burns, boils, ulcers, cuts, bruises
and piles. 25 cents at Chas. C.
Report of Grand Juiy April Term
Rockcastle Circuit Court
r. t t r 1,.J ..
ine jury uaving eun.yicicu .1 . .. A . t . nn. . . ." .!
- .rirt nn Wwlnesdav" . . . .. several doctors a d long
"--'"" --H" j gratulated on the ceeing sanitary
lav I conditions of the jail and premises
Tnat report is a matter of record I butsomeimprovemeut tQ the Jai,
but a general repoit not required , k and the dweliiu portion
by law we believe, might De of of would doubtiess add to the
interest to the public. comfort of the prisoners and the
In the first place it is gralifv.ng I jaUer and his fam-Iy
to ::na so many men representing mh frm
the best citizenship of the count,
anxious and willing to impart'ally
investigate all ccnuulaints of viola
tion of law brought to the notice
of the jury.
It would be more gratifying if
there had been no cause for find -ing
anyone guilty of lawlessness.
It will be found that a large'
majority of the cases in which in
dictments were found was due
lareely to improper use of
eating beverages,
The Woman's Club will meet
in regular session with Mis. An
nie Miller, Friday, May 10th, at
7:30 o'clock :
intoxi-' Parliamentary Drill,
We believe that Current Events, Mrs. J.W.Brown.
For soreness of the mucsles
whether induced by violent exer
cise or injury, Chamberlain's
Liniment is excellent. rl his lini
ment is also highly esteemed for
the relief it affords in cases of
rheumatism. Sold by Chas. C.
Silver Dare is 6 years old, 16
hands, saddle andharness-stallion.'
Will make the season of 1912 atj
my stable, one-fourth mile of
Hiatt post office, at $10. to insure
a living com season money ne
comes due when colt is foalded or
mare sold or parted with or bred
to other stock. Pedigree: Silver
Dare is by Diguity Dare 1982, he
by Chester Dare No. 10, he by
Black Squirrel 58, he by Black
Eagle 74, he by King William 67,
he by Washington Denmark 64.
he by Gaines! Denmark 61. Dig
nity's first aam by Liziemont, by
Welchmont No. 6367, he by Wil
liam Welch 361. Silver Dare's
first dam is by silver King, he y
Onlhne, he by Stonewall Jacksoi ,
he by Washington Denmark 64.
JACK. I will also stand a good
young Jack, full 15 hands high
and good heavy bone. Is black
with white points. Will stand
Jack at $8 to insure a living colt.
All rare will be taken to prevent
accidents but will not be respon
sible should any occur. Same
terms with Jack as with' horse.
R. L SMITH, Hiatt, Ky.
Phone in residence, BrodheadEx.
Fish's White Nu-Buck $3 50
shoes at $2 98 are goiug like hot
We are showing a splendid
line of Mattings,
Carpets & Rugs
M. Hewell. a popular drug
gist of Greensburg, Ky., says,
"We use Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy in our own ho.sehold
and know it is excellent." Eor
fale by Chas. C. Davis.
-it the unlawful sale and use ofiLiteiature Eresent Day Poets
alcoholic beverages had been
eliminated, there would have been
but little need for the grand jury
ot this session and certainly for a Walt Whitman,
tint rvrHin(r thrPO rlnvS J u ftl"1K A wa,I1
It is to be regretted nay deplor
and Humorists, in charge of
.Literature Committee, Miss
Kefauver Chairman.
Mrs Gentry
Mrs. Franklin
1 u raui jLKiwicuce luiiuui,
Mice IVn f enn
. a -, , I 1UIU MUtdUIJ
ea in suame auu sorrowr-inaiso jaraes.Whitcomb Hiley,
many or our neigiiDois, nrignt
young men, of amiable disposition
young men whom we like, should
allow themselves, for pleasure or
Kfleo Tlrwl cn i
e Eugene Field. .
Paper Landscape Gardening, I
Miss Oleo Brown
profit, to engage in the uulawful r An open meeting of the Wo-1
,use of liquor in any form. fvrnan's Club was held at the home '
Most of the. apparent violations of Mrs. W. J. Sparks on Friday j
are committed by irresponsible j evening. May 2nd. In addition,
men, from other places, unknown j to an enjoyable social hour during
to the general public, who go which ice cream and cake were.
from place to place to supply the delightf uly served, a program was
demand for liquor Again we de- presented and several matters of
plore the fact that some of our , business attended to.
lder men, who are willing to lend J The ten dollar prize so ganer
themselves and their influence, ously offered by Judge R. G. Wil
and aid, to assist in the "Blind ilia ms, of Covington, has been di
Tiger" business. j vided by the vote of the club into
While the laws remain as they two prizes to be awarded to the
are every man can '"order'' for j most attractive premises in Mt.
himself the drinks required, tor
his own use without resorting to
the practice of, becoming the
agent for the liquor sold or given
away in the county.
The saddest feature however of
the whole business is to see how
low some of our boys have per
mitted themselves to be led, by the
example and influence so glaring
and frequent in town, ont of town
at public gatherings for worship
or otherwise.
Another regrettable, and de
plorable fact, is the bitter preju
dices manifested, by religious
people and people of no religion,
church members, and citizeus, men
and women, who have no church
lelations against their neighbor..
and fellow citizens, because of
- r
We guarantee the quality and the
Driee sho ws for itself. I nspect our line
Delore you buy what 3?ou want in fur
niture. Come and see our line If
we do not have what you want, we
will get it
We are next door to Fish,
their different views of doctrine.
and mode of worship.
There is no religion nor
Christianity, in quarling and dis
puting with our neighbor, as to
his views of the teacnings of the
bible, or his mode of worship
Each of us claim for ourselves,
apply it in our every dav lives
accordingly or reject it iu to-to.
This writer rejoices in the fact
the liberty ot couscience, the free
dom of speech, and the right to
worship God, according to the"
dictates of our conscience,, is the
right of every individual, and of
every religious sect or 'denomina
tion, provided such speech, and
such worship does not overrule
tne laws intended lor tne best in
terest of humanity.
An appeal to voung men and
boys who have wilfully of their
own choice, engaged in violations
of law would seem to be of no
avail. An appeal to old or young
who are not conscious of violating
any law of nature, of God or of
man would be as futile as it is
If our sense of moral and re
ligious obligations, havte become
so blunted, and perverted, or if
Vernon, with special reference to
the greatest improvement made
during the summer. The club
gave a hearty vote of thanks for
the generosity and courtesy of
Judge Williams.
The program presented by the
club was especially appropriate
totheseason, being on the subject
of birds. A duet by Mrs Anna
Miller and Miss Oskamp, and a
solo by Mrs. Miller, added especi
ally to the pleasure oftheevening.
A pike from the Laurel countv
line to the Lincoln county line is
the next thing in order. Let us
all join hands and go to' work to
get it. We have a Fiscal court
composed of progressive men and
, men who are willing and"ready to
act and do for the county, but like
all other individuals they want to
DontDeny Yourself The Pleasure of 'Having
Goob Piano Music in Your Own Home
The piano is the greatest of all pleasure instruments for the home
and it is no longer necessary to be an accomplished musician in order
to play it. 7"
Human Ingenuity has made it possible for anyoneto play a piano
by means of perforated music rolls thus eliminating years ot tedious
practice--and placing the responsibility of correct. playing on the piano
rather than on the pianist. " J
Has every device necessary to make the piano "ljuman," but vou will
realize this only when you hear it played. That is why we want you to
let us demonstrate The Autopiano. It's just like going to hear some
great pianist play only there is no admission charge.
When you feci 7.azv,
Stretchy. :u sick,
Bluo rnd .Out ot Sorts,
look to tho Liver; It is
la the Remedy You JKeed.
It is an invleoratlnjr tonic for I
atorpia iivesu - ajys lirt dose i
brings Improvement, a few days
use put3 the liver in fine vigor
ous conmt.on. iicruinc also ex- '
tends its restorative influences I
to te stomach ar.l bowels. It !
.helps digestion asj food assimi
lation, purines the bowels and
brinjrs bac!: the habit of regu
lar daily bovrcl movements.
When the stomach, liver and
bowels are active, bilious im
purities no lansrer obstruct
functional processes, the result
of which is renewed energy.
mental activity and cheerful
Price 50c per Bottle.
I JamesF.Ballard.Prop. St.LouIs.Mo.
Use Stephens Cye Salve for
ore tyes. it uures.
H" V
3i "
Realty Co.
We do a general Real Estate
business; handle town and farm
property, do abstracting and
pass on titles.
If you want to sell list your prop-
with us; if you want to buy we
can save you money.
One Way to
Save $1,000
ff Give yourself a noAe
M for $1,000, due in
four years. Plan to
pay it off in monthly
installments -.-$'J0.
Deposit your payment's
in this bank, on sav
iue account.
tfc The deposits you
iP make and the inter
est they c.irn will give
you a nucleus of a
larsrer fortune: vour
next thousand will
come more quickly and
more easily.
& Save 1.000 at this
w bank. Begin to do
it NOW.
TJie People's Bank
U. G. BAKER, President.
J.I'.E. DUUM.MOXD, Vice.-1.
F.L.THOMPSOX.Jr.. Cashier.
CLAUDE C. COX.Ass't. Cash.
I English Squirrel is a combined stallion, 45yeara old, full 16 hands
j high, 3 white feet and star, a beautiful bay with higrHtyle and action, subject
to registration. This vouner stallion will make flie season of 1912 at mv barn
know that thev have the supoort. raile from Hiatt Post Office at JlO 00 0 insure ar living colt. Season money
accidents but not responsible should any occur. He has proven himself a good
breeder, his colts being large, well-formed saddle colts.
1-kdigree: bired by Kentucky Souirrel 2623.- bv Wood Sauirrel 2622, by
.. . . -. - .'. ' , - r - . -w -.
co operation and backing of the
people on matters where the
county finances are involved. .The
columns ot this paper are cpen to
those who desire to give express
ions. With a million dollar ce
ment plant starting in the county
and many other enterprises soon
to follow, it is up to the county to
wake up and do something. Lets
bestir ourselves and go to work
to get two pikes, one from Laurel
county line, to the Lincoln line and
one frbm the Big Hill to the Pu
laskiline. All govto Work to get
it, and just as sure as night fol
lows the day, victory will crown
our eiforts. We would like to
have an expression from every
man in the county, and bear in
mind that long windy articles are
not what we want, but simply
expressions from the people sig
nifying your desire or position
A "Good jtoads". campaign look
. ". , . .i ..... .1
mg forward to tne- ouiidmg .of
these roads is what we want and
need, so lets start such a cam-
paign and keep it going until our
eiforts are crowned.
Black Squirrel 5S. 1st dam Nellie Dnddern Reg. No. 8663, by Van Meter's
King 739, son of Silver King. English Squirrel's 1st aam sired by English
Hunter, he by Abdallah Messenger, ist dam of Englh Hunter the Wm. Lusk
saddle mare (the best saddle mare ever in Qarrard Co.) by Davy Crockett, son
of Denny's Drennon, by Imp. Drennon, 2nd dam ,by Highlander. Abdallah
Messenger sired by Messenger Chief (aire of Maud Messenger 2.16i Jake 2.30
and 7 others better than 2:30) 1st dam Susie by Sentinel.
I will also at the same time .and place stand 7-year-old Black Jack with,
white points, heavy boned, a good breeder, at $5.00 6 Ins'ure a living mule and
$6.00 to insure a living mare inule. v,
P C. LEAR, Hiatt, Ky.
&x&x$33& :$dic86dc&
- . ?'
B rod head Ky 1
.Coffins, Caskets and Kobes.
p. May? jTelekraph or Telej
phgtt frxlers Promptly
js- -r
pcexpJ$P?3LJ;j XCrDsC.JQS3ecge3cCi
' $e$acg$3es
EACH WEEK, where you wi
always find listed the beit of goods, which
are sold for a fair margain of profit Goods
bought right and soldjright are the kind of
' goods that it always pays to buy,
' Our Motro .has always been to give.
to our customers i the Jvery best goods
possible for the money.
Thanking my customers for thepat
, ronage in the past and asking a continu
ance in the future, I am
Yours very truly,
Mt Vernon, Ky
$&3S&$ '
fc Jr

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