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- -- v. v. .-
, S-L
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Mt. Vernon, Kym May 17, 1912
Coll up "No. 79" when
you -wan tto Communi
cate Willi SIGNAL
Looisvillc A. Nashvillc R. B. Co.
22 liC-rtn..
4.46 p m
24 north 3"-53 a m
23 south . 11:38 a m
2i South '. 12:19 am
Jas. Landrum, Agent.
Phone No. 58.
Entered at the Mt Vernon, Kj. Postoffice
asl second-class mail matter.
y ',
There is a Straw Hat-for you at
Fish's. v
H. McFerron was up from Pine
Hill Monday.
C. C. Williams was in London
during the week.
David Craig was visiting neai
Brodhead Friday until Monday.
Russel Proctor was in Cincin
anati and Paris during the week.
Earle Phillips and Donald Ed
wards of Berea, were in town Tues
day. R. A. Sparks is back after a two
weeks stay on theLewisburg Tenn.
S. L. Cummins, the Quail mer
chant, was here a lew hours
Gilbert Reynolds, a war yeteran
of Pine HiJL Js very lqwjvpd. . not,
expected to.,rjpver-!:.J;'.r.
Mrs. W. L. Richards has re
turned from the Norton Infirmary
and is feeling fine.
Miss Stella Arglin of Berea, is
the attractive guest of Miss Lenora
Parret, until Sunday. '-- - - .
Dr. D. B. Southard attended the
meeting of the railway suigeons
at Lexington Thursday ,
W. H. Jones was over from
Wildie Monday on veterinary
business here and at Maretburg. -
Dr. Webb was called from- Liv
ingston Tuesday to see Mrs.
Cam Mullins who is ill at this
place. ' '
lohn W. Mullius, L. G. Falin,
Joe Childress rnd John N. Clark
were all here from Livingston
during the week.
Dr. Lewis and pretty little daugh
ter. Miss Beulah, of Wildie, are
with relatives in the Doctor's hoine
town, Tazwell, Tenn.
Col Bob Cole, the popular Bar
bourville Banker and all around
good fellow, passed thru; Sunday,
enroute to Louisville.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Coffey of
Paris, have been withj Mr." and'
Mrs. W. H. Baker at The Mt. Ver
non Hotel for a week.
Mrs. R. B. Mullins and little son
Benjamin were with Dr. and Mrs.
R. W. Dycbe at London, from Sun
day until Wednesday.
Paris Sow8erbasJ'e:en "with his
parents at' Wab'd, "JoV a few days
while Mrs. Sowder and children
are visiting her parents in Tennes
see. Mr. and Mrs. Casper Adams
have returned to their home in
Harrisburg, III , after a pleasant
visit with friends and relatives here
and at Lebanon Junction.
Homer Proctor while as,sisti g
with the work on a building in
West end of town Wednesday fell
from second story and painfully
injured his hip and back.
George Owens. G. S. Hiatf, E.
B. Brown. H. T. Mullins of Mt.
Vernon and Dr. W. T. Amyx are
those summoned to London as
Federal Jurors for this week
A Baltimore party consisting of
E. M. Newton and wife and three
othffr interested stockholders paid
Pine Hill a flying visit yestetday.
They left for Louisville bn No.
22 that alternoon.
J. W- Brown has returned from
the Louisville Derby run. If be
has missed a derby since that in
stitution was inaugurated -away
back yonder no one here among
Ihe oldest inhabitant has any.je"-
tnemberance thereof.
Victor Tate arrived Wednesday
afternoon i-from Florida and is
suffering with a severe case of
malaria.: He L considerably cut
down bttt feels that in a short time
he wuVbe alright again: He
was met- at Knoxville by his
brother, Shirley,
jQhn, Robins, 'the popular vBrod
head post-master, was here Mon
day. Dr Green, dentist, of London,
wjll arrive at Mt.V-erno.n- -next
week to locate,
. J. M. AdamYand Charley Hurt
were here from Brodhead ye ster
diy between trains.
G. M, Ballard stirted-outTuesday
traveling for the hoe house
' of King & Co. Ni snville,
.Mis Rose McCord and- ttev
G. S. Watson are in Louisville;'
attending the meeting of Presby,
,SL.T.. Rroctor has finished his
rebuilding of the Whitehead prop
erty and moved thereto. He ha
made a neat residence of it.
Mrs. Mary Miller, while, sitting
in'an arm chair reached over to
pick, up an,artiole from the " flood
whenone of her ribs snapped" in
two., -- - -
J udge J. T. Adams was down to
Lebanon to see Dr.- McChord
again a few days since. His feet
are still giving htm - considerable
Mrs. Mary Miller was taken
seriously ill Tuesday abopt noon
and remained in a critical condition
for some- hours. She is much
better now.
W. M. Bullock, who is doing
the work preparing the fair
grounds, was called home to Hans
ford, Saturday to shake hands
with -his youngest offspring which
arrived that mornirg and will be
a voter in 1833
See the new Ladies Summer
Model shirtwaist at Fish's today.
Teachers- examination - -takes-place
here today and tomorrow.
I makegood any of my clothes
that don't make good themselves.
?.'?? v. J. Fish.
Some.on'is always sure to loose
in'a lawsuit', and it isn't the lawyer
Ldies and Misses white canvas
slippers, lor 50c a pair at Fish's
John Harper, aged 50, of the
Buffalo.neighborhood, died yester
day of. liver trouble.
Soloman Shell, died at his home
near Johnetta, Wednesday night,
ot-cancer, of the stomach.
Russel Howard aged 85 a prom
inent citizen, of the Eastern part
of the county died, last week.
Mt. Vernon is a mighty sober
old-town. A man under the in-
fluenceof .liquor is seldom seen
on her streets now-a-days or nights
??FcTtom "Boys
77 at 77;b
J)ottT &iy
J nk
1 "
Vs. I
I ' i
VVhen vc were boys, mother
would cut down dad's old suits
to fit us.
Today this is false economy,
for you can buy 02d?,
Suits so reasonable and so
good tliat it would not pay to
Dothcr making your boy's
clothes at home
Come in with your boy ana
see the Spring Clothes we
are showing.
Don't buy the unnamed kind
ask for crt,
Nor others just as good.
Some special values these
slays at:
$1 up to $750
We are proud of our assortment of men's
fashionable neckwear. Nowhere can you
find a greater variety of stylish shades and
designs, suitable for til occasions for busi
ness, dress and evening wear. And you
will find out Pikes equally satisfactory.
You may be attached to that underwear
you have worn all winter, but OLD
Replace it with a
the Suit with short 'sleeves, knee lengths -shirt alone
or drawers "to match at 25 and 50 cents.
Our Guaranteed
Negligee Shirts
We can hardly tell.you about them here' a whole
column would not describe them. Solid blue; All white;
Neat hair line stripes ; Stiff or sot attached cuffs; Soft
collars and ties to" match.
They will fit You; they are the New things
The quality, like all our merchandise speaks for itself
50c, S1.00 & $1.50
AYe always show the new things first
in the history of LOCAL MERCHANDISING have yon
seen such a rare offer in Made-to-Measure Clothes for men
$18.00 now going at
Every Suit made from TUllE "WOOL Falrics and car
vies our guarantee of satisfaction or money back.
This is not a sale of "BARGIN" Clothes made up
n..,.iHUv for the nnraose it is sronine REDUCTION
y j A t
of our Best Selling Fabrics.
Contractor'Uullock "has twelve
teams working on grading fair
Walter -Miller, assistant post
master, - has a nice pen of quails
from which he exp.ects to raise
quite a bunch this season. He
has alsptvehtered chicken raising
business, just now fiqished-up. his
hatching and brooder houses on
Old Main street.
Ladies fine soisette shirt waist
for $1 00 at Sutton & McBee.
Soft Shirt Collar and Tie to
match, all for a dollar at Eish's.
No man can be popular, with
married people, who calls a baby
W. J. Rider has a crew cleaning
off the Miller hotel lot.
$3.50 White Buckskin Pumps,
best in town, while they last $2.50
Sutton & McBee.
- AJl 'the .girls' are wearing it.
What? The new Summer Model
Shirt Waist Shirt, Fisfi is selling at
Laigest assortment in
Regular Services
Church,-Sunday May
Sunday "School at 10 a.
ing at 11 a. m. and
at Baptist
19th. I912,
m., Preach-
7 30 p. m.
a dollar.
.?: , . . i
in town 16 select'
Pertinent subjects discussed, in a
practical Way. Teachers meeting
at church, every Tuesday evening
at 7.30 interspersed with song prac
tice. Prayermeeting. every Thurs;.
day evening-at 7 30, consider this a
personal invitation, and come tc
all the above services.
"V .-'T.-0. Dnke,.
" Pastor.
The W. J. Sparks Co., will
soon have the plant in operation
and will begin to grind stone for
fertilizer. This will in time be one
of Rockcastle's greatest industries.
Gus Staverson- lost a-valuable
pony Tuesday. While it was in
pasture the ground gave way under
the animal until it sank several
feet. It was so badly injured that
it onlyr lived a she rt time.
The Home Economic Club wil
hold its regular meeting at Lang
'don Dormitory Saturday May 18,
at. 2: ir n. hi. The demonstration
- jj- c- - --- t - - -
will consist in the preparation and
serving of vegetables by Miss
Oskamp and her assistants. The
President request's tbatsthe 'hiem
bers return the government bulle
tinee," and. receive others-that. "she
has for distribution.
The new hotel is the warm
questicn now While it. has been
fully determined that the building
will i .be "erected, the lot on which
it is to be placed has not been
decide'd- upo&'-ou- account 6f-failure
of interested parties to agree on
prices; there being a difference'
of 00 onprice offered and asked
on lot where Miller House' was
burned. There are three lots under
1 ! k
-We' acknowledge feceipf oY the;
following aunouncenient received
Wedriesdscy:r- ' " ?" '
Mr. and Mrs. James Bastable
request the pleasure of ydurcom
panyatthe marriage oftlieir -dough'
ter Marjorie, to Mr. Jack Adams
on Wednesday evetnng, the fifth of
June One thousand, nine hundred
and twelve, at half after eig"ht
o'clock 229 Western Avenue Holly
wood, California.
Hook Worm: S. C. Franklin,
the watch inspector, has returned
from Bertha, where he met Dr. M.
Pennington from whom he secured
specimens of the much talked of
hook worm which the doctor had
battled in his big practice in this
particular disease. Mr. Franklin
talked with quite a numbei of
eecovered patients while at Bertha
who are loud in their praise ol Dr.
Pennington's skill. Mr. Frank
lin left a specimen battle at our
local telephone ex hange where
it can be seen by those interested.
The blackberry crop will not be
an entire failure this season but
that berry will be mighty "scarce"
London Ky.
Manufacturers of soda pops. Hop
ale and vinegar. Orders solicited
satU faction guaranteed. 5-10 4t
The big drill at Spajrjiaijs being
run day and night. This machine
cuts a six men hole ana is now
putting them down into the ledge
to a depth of 52 feet.
Miss McCord Principal, Brown
Memorial, expects to leave Mt.
Vernon, the last of June, to be
gone, most of the summer and those
who desire to enter, the sclioof
next year, are request to file ap
plication, at once.
New Teleph ones- G. T.
Johnson, residence No. 32. J. A.
Bryant residence No. 69 m. (near
New line, of Arrow collars and
monarch shirts lots of fine patterns
in shirts plain and fancy.
Sutton & McB ee.
A telephone line has been built
from Livingston upGauley branch.
More and up to-date machinery
is being added to the various stone
and sand crusher plants in Rockcastle.
Breeders take notice. J. S
Langford will give $loo.oo for the
best stallion colt sired by his
horse Rockett Peavine. See him
for particu ars.
The Deacons' Tribulations a
comedy will be prasented, at the
Graded school this evening. It
promises to be a very, enjoyable
Mrs. G. S. Griffin, of Buckeye,
is doing a land office business in
chicken raising Out of six
hundred incubator hatched, five
hundred chicks are living some of
them now large enough to fry.
Mrs. Gnffi'i is using two incubator.
The Mt. Vernon Fair managers
are contemplating putting on
automobi'e races for each day of
the exhibition.
Louisuille cemeteries, as shown
by a recent writer, contain 240,000
dead. The city's census shows
the living population to be of
about an equal number.
Arrangements will be made for
proper accommodations for visitors
to Mt. Vernon fair in way of hotel
and boarding houses Plenty of
room will be found for all.
The Welch Marrow School
nold its closing exercises, In the
Presbyteriarl church, on Tuesday,
evening "May 21st, at which time
Common School diplomas will be
publicly awcrded, to those stufents
of the school, who passed with
credit, before the county Board of
Examiners, the examination pre
scribed by the State for graduation.
It is the intention of Welch Mar
row School to admit to its high
school department, no student who
has not stood a like examination
before the County Board.
Our graduates who are to be
awarded these diplomas, on next
Wednesday evening are:
rMiss Katherine Price, Miss Agnes
Eberhart and Mr. Ralph Griffin.
The grades of all these are very
high, the lowest being far beyond
the grade" required, thrs calling
forth the praise of the examiners,
butrto MissPrice'belongslhe honor
of.the highest grade. The Public
is" cordially invited, to atlend the
closing exercises of the school.
Beside the class other students will
take part.
Ida Map A'tlnnis.
"T, - - "J
Round trip ticket to Louisville
for $3.99 May nth. limited to May
13th. Round trip to Louisville
$5.22 May 10 and 11 Minuted to
May 29th. Round trip to Louis
ville. $5.22 May 13-14-15-16-17-18
20-2i-22 23-24-25 27 and 28 limited
two days from date of sale.
Gull McClure is whittling out
wheelbarrow legs for use in mak
ing footstools which he will dis
tribute along the roadside between
home and town where he can take
"rests" on his way back and fourth
to see the trains go by. He pro
poses to organize a lodge of the
' 'sons of rest" at an early date,
says there is abundant material
right in i town and an institution
shall succeed with him as presiding
Owing to delay in shipment
of part of the machine the fertilizer
department of the Sparda stone
crushing plant has not been started
but will be in working order within
next ten days when the ground
limestone will be ready for ship
ment at $1.60 per ton f. o. b. at
plant. Thousands of tons of
this product will be used to en
rich the soil throughout the various
counties of Kentucky, made in
Mrs. Melvina Bussel of Rock
castle River section, widow of the
late Jim Bussel, died" Wednesday
morning. She was a sister to
Uncle John French of this place
and was about 80 years of age.
- ., . ifrV- . J...-.T- - - ' . ji i-., - -r rfinii i
W. J. gparks waterworks sys
tem is being extended ta Langdon
Dormitory. The pipe line will
be tapped by the Graded school
'Dr. A. G. Lovell, W. M. Mullins
C. O. Davis: H. C. Gentry and
others. The tank which has a ca
pacity of ten thousand gallons is
located on an elevation near the
Sparks residence, and,plaq,ed on a
concrete foundation fifteen feet
high, furnishes apressuesufficient
to force water over any of the
buildings mentioned above. The
source ol supply is the Buckeye
spring near town branch just
north ot-the railroad. The water
is raised-to tank"; py. teaar pump
under chargeof engineer Morse Jim
Rickels who usually keeps
tank guage hovering 'around
ten foot' mark.
To THE Tra.de:--1 will hav
a car ot ice next wees. Ice will
be delivered every morning. Place
orders on Saturday's for meat and
ice for Sunday. The ice trade
must be cash or paid for weekly
and those who do not pay at the
end of each week will not get ice
the next week. 5 and 10 cents
amounts' must be cash.
Very respt.
May 3 4t. W. A. Cox.
Our splendid foreman Mr. Tames
Pinkertoiv stole away Monday
evening accompanied by a minister
and two or three friends, to the
home of Mr. John Baker on the
east side where dwelt a modest
maid of 17 years and in the quite
of the evening surrounded by only
the family and these few friends,
Rev Tv C. Duke, said the word
which made him and .Miss Annie
Baker man and wife. Mr. Pinker-
ton has been at the- head of the
mechanical department of this
office since last. October, and. ,has
proven,himselC a' most .proficient
the and reliable man and although
a total sirariger- Has made many,
friends in the town.
The Derby: "Worth was
worth a bet Satuiday" said Sam.
"Trance must have been in one.
She ran last." Commented Felix,
the g. h.
"Feather duster scattered my
I coin , remarKea iodd.
'Pop Gun shot my wad all to
bits" chirped John Watson B.
So it appears the boys didn't
come home loaded down with
Every little town, and big ones
also, have their trfals and tribula
tions, generally on account of all
the citizens not seeing thru the
same spectacles. Mt. Vernon has
had its dose in way of a heavy
jolt to progress in last fifteen
months, now comes Brodhead to
the front with a "wow and wumpus"
over smewaiKS eic. ine muu
town mentioned should take warn
ing from others that have played
with the fire ot misunderstanding
and differences and to make some
kind of compromise which is much
better than the beginning and
continuing of a useless warefare.
Sick headaches results from a
disordered condition ot the
stomach, and can be cured by the
use ot Chamberlain's Stomach
and Liver Tablets. Try it. For
sale by Chas. C. Davis.
The old Welch dwelling on West
Main near railroad crossing is no
more. Workmen have removed it
and preparations are being made
for a new building of ten rooms
to replace the one removed.
The Miller House shade trees
were chopped down this week and
cut up into cord wood. They
were ruined by the late fire.
These trees were planted by M.
P. Newcomb nearly half a century
The CincinnatiTimes Star pays
the following tribute to Judge
R. G. Williams, for the splendid,
manner in which he has conducted
the office, of prosecuting attorney
of the Ronton district: "Common
wealth's Attorney Richard G.
Williams, since the session of the
recent grand jury, has set a rt3cord
for securing convictions in criminal
cases which has never been equaled
in Kenton county. In all, fift
cases from indictments returned
have been prosecuted by Mr. Wil
liams and in each case he has se
cured a conviction. The only
other case, that of George Wolten
betg. charged with robery, resulted
in a hung jury and a new trial will
be forthcoming. This record is
considered remarkable, as the State
makes no provision for securing evi
dence in these cases. The grand
jury report contained a recommend
tion that members of the Legis
lature from Kenton county do all
in their power to secure a State
appropriation f jr the employment
I of a detective to aid the Common
wealth's attorney, but no action
was ever taken in the matter".
The above was followed by a list
of 23 convictions secured in such
cases since Feb.
Absolutely Pure
The only Baking Powder made
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i .
v rnvrj rs
"?2-jt,i'5r'$ir V- V
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- '0ttJM-'-iig' &
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jjifr -jrjafe.

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