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Friday, May 24 19 12
Published every Friday by
Advertising rates made known on
Every school house and 'railroad
train and station in Kaunas.
Every school hoube and rail
road train and statioa iu Miss
Every school house and railroad
train and station in Oklahoma.
Every school house and ra 1
road train and station :n Massa
chusetts. Every school house and rail
road train and station iu lew a
Every school house in California.
The State Capitol at Harrods
burg, Pa.
Every public building: iu St.
Ik Force June 10, 191-.
The use of the common drink
ing cup on railroads trains, and in
railroad stat'Oiis, public hotels,
boarding honses, restaurants, cr
steamboats, in stores or other pub
licly frequented places in Kentucky
is hereby prohibited. No person
or corporation in charge of the
aforesaid place, and no person or
corporation shall permit on said
railroad train, in railroad stations,
public hotel., boarding houses,
Rock, Ark., Ithaca, N. Y.; Wheel-
i lg W. Va.; Fargo, N. D ; Rut
land, Vt.; Aberdeen, vWash.;
Georgetown, Penn.; Maryville,
Ind.; Colorado Springs, Colo:
Camden, 5. C; Elgin, 111
cuse, N. Y ; Childress,
New Kochella, N. Y.
Forty State Boards of Health
agree that the public cup should
be abolished.
introduced into California in t,re
early part of the Eighteenth cei.
tury by the old Franciscan fatbeis
who left so broad a mark upon that
region. The grapevines they im
ported came from Spiin. Oner of
these called "La Vina Grand."
and growing near Santa Barbara,
is the largest in the world so far
as is known. Its truuk is ten
j leet in circumference, many of
' its brauches are more thau four
1 feet in girth and the arbor over
winch the vine is trained covers
I 10,000 square feet. In ifs shade
more tnau 800 people have
gathered for picnic purposes, and
an equal number for casting their
to political dis
colossal vine is in
Mo.: E. St. Louis. Ill
Portland, Ore ; Boise, Idaho; Little, voles or listei8
its youth as yet, having been
planting by a Spanish woman in
1842 It has produced in a single
season as much as twelve tons of
i grapes It is already twice the
size of the famous Hampton Court
vine in England and is still growing
The English vine is 150 jears
old and ranks second in the world
lor size.
1 Near Los Aneeles is another.
Twelve of these boards expect called the ..Trinlly., because of
the cup in its three prjncjpal branches, which
-j though older than "La Graude",
Thirteen other boards need j covers only half as much ground .
authority from their Legislatures It was a very large vine as far
officially to abolish
the near future
1 back as 1S00. All the older grape
for such action
The Colorado and Nebiaska ' vines of California are of the
State Boards of Health will ask ; Mission and Rose of Peru variety
such authority at the next sesJon 'and appear to be immune to all
of their Legislatures. ordinary pests.
Jiducauonal campaigns to en
lighten the public regarding the
ic Vifmrtv itinnrnni! Ills nrrrrAl,
, . ... Tw,,c o,.o .'Hanowsnlnnhlin rlrinlnna vsp1q I" V' "M,""' ,,c -"'",S
,BU,u",m' "MU,W"8' aiuira' u r to Hugh Tallinan, of San Antonio.
any publicly irequented place in are being carried on by the au- "We find,' he writes, "that Dr.
Kentucky, the use of the drinking . thorities of thirty-two States. 'King's New Life Pills surely put
cup in common. There must also Sixteen railroads now give the new lite and energy into a person
be posted in a conspcuous place, o ition to passengers to purchase Wife I believe they are the best
by the individual or corporation, individual cups for one cent. '!?"?' .?:xcelleut fr stomach.
,,,,., - . I liver or kiduey troubles. 25 cts
by the drinking water contained. Twenty seven railroad presidents Cbas. C. Davis'.
would agree with the action of :
health authorities in abolishing iOR Sale: I nave decided to
public drinking cups. go to farming ajd will sell my saw
Municipal authorities in a dozen miH with band saw complete, 16 it.
Initio- riris nro .minrPmfii!1v go-U line snuit Wltn PUUeys 2 Ke-
corporation violating the provisions e,innnati common cups fronisaws with mandrels and will sell
schools, parks, public streets, ' 300,000 ft. of timber about 100,000
theaters and department stores. ft" cut in lhe woods and on the
1 .;n .,j :n i 11
mm yanA. vi III aiSU sell
in any of the places mentioned in
foregoing paragraph, a warning
cardboard with the above printed
thereon in large letters, so they
can be easily read. Any person o-
of this act. shall, upon conviction
be fined in any sum not less than
one dollar, and not more than ten
....... - Rhacc r1nfknrtc tirwin tli frt
dollars, and each day's violation ot 1 . f ;. 1 50lk of work oxen weih 1 000 lbs
. 1 ifYhtctimunr rt rno rtfimir rfloorninnr i "
,, j-:u: ana two log wa.ons. Will sell
From Collier's Weekly.
a large
the provisions of this act shall be
considered a seperate offense,
punishable by fine in the amount
named above.
All laws inconsistent with this
act are hereby repealed.
(Passed by Kentucky Legisla
ture, Session 1912; Governor'
signature, March 12, 1912.)
In the decade from i9or to 1910
the death rate from tuberculosis
in the United States declined from
196.9 for each 100, ooo persons
living to 160.3 a decrease ot
iS 7 'per cent., wnile the general
death rate, including all causes of
death, declined only one half as , literates in a total population
fast, or at the rate of 9.7 per
This encouraging statement is
made by the National Association
for the Study and Prevention of
Tuberculosis. It is gratifying, of
course, to the association as indi
active that the campaign against
tuberculosis which h.s been with
out effect. There are many con
tributing causes for the decline in
the death rate and the association
mentions among these the change
in the character of our urban
population, the improvements in
sanitation and the better housing
methods which now obtain in many
The census figures show that
illiteracy is decreasing in Ken
tucky. It is not vanishing at so
rapid a rate as the friends of edu
cation could wish but it is going,
nevertheless, and there is enough
evidence of educational advance
ment to give cause for general
In 1900 there was reported in
Kentucky a total number of
illiterates over 10 years of age
of 262.954 out f a population of
I.589.6S5. Iu I910 the census
enumerators found 208.044 il-
1,722,744. The percentage of
illiteracy which was 16.5 in 1900
had declined to 12.8 In 1910
The fact that there were fewer
illiterates by nearly 55,000 in 191 o
than were reported in 1900 shows (
that our illiterates are beinjj re-1
duced at the rate of more
5,000 a year, and is more
Tlie campaign
for a bargain to the right man i.
sold at once. The timber is on
what was part of the George
Ltvesay farm 3 miles from
Maretsburg and five miles from
Mr. Vernon.
Call on or write me at Wabd, Ky
Wm. Price.
J. M. Hewell. a popular drug
gist of Greensburg, Ky., ays,
"We use Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy in our own household
and know it is excellent." Eor
ale by Chas. C. Davis.
New York World: It is no long
er merely as a candidate that Mr.
Roosevelt appeals to his part':
He assumes the tone of a dictator.
A montn in advance, although 200
delegates are yet to be chosen, he
notifies the convention that he
will be nominated on the first
ballot, and that any other ac-
than tion wul be Plan fraud. "You'll
en. take me, not Taft, or I'll make
for trouble for the party,' is his latest
better education is having its effect ,inreat- ls tn,s terrible tighter
It may not be possible to wipe out bluffing? Dare he bolt?
our illiteracy entirely. Older Com-1
monwealths than ours are unable! g. BkWS 'W&SW&3"
to do so. but there is manifest hope j mm a m --- """'"
here in Keuluckv of cutting down Diis is the reason why women have " nerves." When thoughts begin to grew
.. , . c , . , cloudy ana uncertain, impulses iag ana uie warnings 01 pmu ami uunc mc
the per2entage to a, figure which Hke flying messages throughout limbs and frame, straightway, nine times in ten, a
It looks :is if Teddy would have
to get another hat.
The square deal is being over
worked. We don't kno v yet whether
u is irne mat ncoDie sKins masesi
women knock-kneed, but the sea
s'hore season will soon be open.
Taft men declare that their can
didate will be nominated on the
first ballot aud that hence thev 1
have no fear of a "Dark Horse". '
But a wild broncho is something
else again.
As yet no practicable method
has heen discovered ot bailing out
the Mississippi.
The New Jersey lady who, lived
to be I04 because she never w.'ried
probably hadn't heard of Colonel's
third term campaign.
It Taft L as bad as Roosevelt
J says, it would not be safe to trust
the Colonel to "pick out" any
more officials for us.
Problem from psychological en
gineers; Was the fainou.-; judical
teuiperment blown up from the
inside or the outside?.
T. R. must be content to be the
third Lincoln, it we take the "Col
onel s" own word lor it in 1908
that Mr. Taft is the second.
If you want to know if good
roads are a good thing, ask the
TheSweedish people have pre
sented King Gus with a warship
tor the royal navy, the other one
having been worn out.
Sir Robert W. Perkins M. P.
opines that the United States
wastes too much time on elections.
Now and then a Britisher can see
a joke.
The unknown gentlemen who
created so much excitement in
London by appearing at the
opera in a black dress skirt ra ay 1
have been a Pittsbunr millionaire!
trying to feel at home.
It now seems possible that Con-
crrfss will hf in sp;;inn nil uimmfr
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line of Mattings,
Carpets & Rugs
i i !
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niture. Come and see our line If
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bean g
looking for a little
the fall campaign.
respite before'
'S33 B Ji
For Infants and Children.
No remedy without merit
can long- hold a placo la
public lavor.
t of Time, b
' tlie great j
Hum Stood (he Tcs
sw Another proor or
t merit or this icincui
M tlnu.Uy
3 . ou't. w
The Kind You Wm Always Bought
fg Try it for cuts, li
2' V" 1 S? i cores, swellings,
CJrszjCrff-T&jtrjfas ' M chilblains, rhcumal
iHifyjrs J6lCt4iZ j t$ eia, sciatica or the
Bears the
Signature of
Lame Shoulders is nearly always
due to rhematism of the muscles,
and quickl yield to the free ap
plication of Chamberlain's Lini
ment. For sale by Chas C. Davis
ii oon-
iiiCrcati r of '
ho vi-.; it. . . :iu
cj'norary ailment . 2: ah. !
3 jut u.u a regular ia:nIv tcni.'ly. ;
1 1 It is a itaadaril that .lever laila
".lien useu ror tuc purposes lor j
wliicli it is KitcnUcd. i
burns, bruises, 1
irost Ditcs. '
rlicumatlsm. neural- !
manv exter
nal ailments of horseflesh. It
vill ilo its work so quickly anj
effectively you trill r.ot be with
out it.
Price 23c, 50c aa 51.00.
JamcsF.Ballard.Prop. St.Louis.Mo.
Use Stephens Eye Salve for
Sore Eyes. It Cures.
5oloAmo Recommended &
1 m
New York Post:
that be can't
Mr. Taft says
read what Roosevelt
said of him four years ago without
blushing. The Colonel wou'd like
to hear a compliment that could
make him blush.
Pittsburg Post:
vulgar, debasing politics
an exaggerated ego vies witn a (
weather- vane. The American '
people may well niemor ze Mer- j
cutio's words: "A plague on both '
your houses!" and utter them in1
the most effective way in November.
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IJlbusineds: handle town and farm
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bank. Beirin to do
it NOW.
TJie People's Bank
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CL.VUDE C. COX.Ass't. Cash.
Children Cry
of the American cities. Incident- wjji DUt Kentucky several notches woman will lay the cause of the trouble to some defect at the point where she first
ally it is noted that in certain
cities, such as New York, Boston,
Cleveland, and Chicago, the de
cline in the tuberculosis death rate
is much more marked than in the
country at large.
The anti-tuberculosis campaign
has been of value in bringing
V . . . , x
about better housing and better , for both races. This good record
sanitation in many cities. It does mi!St he maintained until there
not deserve all or even a major areffocd schools everv where there
is need for them and until the
f1. . T ?. I. J,. .(. knnl'rtnkn t runcnlinn fi n if kT "!" wifpnirl o and
higher on tile educational scale and uncontroiiable nervousness, something must be wrong with the head or back, a
enable her to OCC.ipy a position l woman naturally says, but nil the time the real trouble very often centers in the
womanly organs, in nine cases uui ui icn iuc scui ui uic uiuiuuny ncic, uuu a
woman should take rational treatment for its cure. The local disorder and inflam
mation of the delicate special organs of the sex should be treated steadily and
Dr. Pierce, during a long period of practice, found that a prescription made
from medicinal extracts of native roots, without the use of alcohol, relieved), over 90
per cent, ot such cases. After using this remedy for many years in his private prac
tice he put it up in form of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription, that would make it
easily procurable, and it can be had at any store where medicines are handled.
&C2$3ClyL$pJ jPtCXJS3C
among the most progressive States
of the union.
Illiteracy is decreasing .among
both whites and blacks, and in the
meantime there is constant im
provement in educational facilities
share of the credit for this, of
course, but it has been unquestion
ably a potent agency for better
conditions. The good showing
made seems fu'.ly to justify the
-prediction of the National Associa
tion that "when the effects cf the
present rapidly increasing pro
vision for the cure of tuberculosis
patients shall have become evident
the decline in the death rate
rom consumption in the coming
.decade will be even more marked
than that in the last one."
T,hb Public Drinking Cup Has
Been Abolished In
Every school bouse and railroad
train and station in Wisconsin
Every school bouse and rail
road train and station in Michigan.
percentage of illiteracy is brought
to an irreducible minimum.
For soreness of the mucsles
whether induced by violent exer
cise or injury, Chamberlain's
Liniment is excellent. This lini
ment isalso highly esteemed for
the relief it affords in cases of
rheumatism. Sold by Chas. C.
In all ages and in all lands the
grape tree has been famous for
longevity, Vines in Italy and France.
are certainly known to be three
and to some cases as much as four
centuries old. Pliny, the Romau
naturalist and a trustworthy writei
mentions a vine the age of which
was 606 years-
A great number of vines were
Mrs. Lila B. ILuvrnxs, of Zeus, Va., writes: " I had been failing In health
for two years mo t of t'..o tlnie was not able to attend to my household duties.
Female weakness was my trouble and I tvas getting very bad but, thanks to Doctor
Pierce's medicines, I am well and strong again. I took only three bottles of ' Favor
ite Prescription,' and jisc4 the ' Lotir ii Tablets.' I have nothing but praise for
Doctor Pierce's wonderful medicines."
XCX 3f&3C$33
Brodhead Ky
Coffins, Caskets and Robes.
AU Mail, Telegraph or Telej
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Our Motro has always been to givt
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y :tFhanking my customers for the pat-
upnage in the past and asking a continu
ance in the future, I am
-SPWf -fc - JiM W A. 4a -U I . t
i uuis very truiy,
' Mt. Vernon, Ky'
til airm
&? -
'-- fe-

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