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, -
FUDAY, Oct. II, 1912
Published every Friday by
Advertising rates made known on
Published weekly at Mt. Vernon,
llockcastle County, Ky. Editor,
Husinoss Manager, Publisher and
sole owner, It. S. Albright. Mt.
Veri.on. Ky.
E. S. Albright.
Subscribed and sworn to berore
me tliis UioHOrh day of Sept., 1912.
Anna E. Millek,
Notary Public.
Mj commission expires
Jan 11, 191G
To day there are 12.500.Of10 tele
fones in the world. The United
States has 67 per cent of that
number. Thirty million miles of
wire are in use; enough to girdle
the earth 1200 times. Two billion
dollars represents the amount
invested. Direct communication
by telefone was lately establish t
between New York and Denver a
distance of 2160 miles, and it is
predicted that Nev York and
Sm Francisco will soon be talking
Talk o. your Irish bulls. The
Louisville Times evidently has a
native of the old sod in charge 0 f
its astronomical department as
witness the following in n rnrpnt
issue of tnat excellent paper, in I Rood schools and larger churches
tratmfTffi S&xi
&b&D Rt3Ai)S.
One of tlie greatest needs ff oyr I
Slate is good roads. Eeiy'
dollar wisely laid out for prnianei.t
roads will return to the taxpay, r
five fold or even ten fold. Tin:
Lnd of the farpiers will increase in
value more than thr cost of thr:
road. In fact good roads will
cost less moner than the present
I knew a man, who held one
thousand bushels of wheat in his
bin, waiting for a good Drice. He
was offered one dollar per bushel
in March, but it must be delivered
at once. As the loads were so
bad he could not deliver it. When
he finally got the wheat to market
it brought sixty cents per bu&bel.
In this case the bad roads iost
him four hundred dollars. Now
he is for good roads; before this
he opposed them. Even it you
don't have a similar case to this
one, you can't haul as much over
the roads. You will have lo pay
more for hauling and you can't
get it hauled when you want it
done. So you see it is a money
proposition to you farmers.
Good ro ds will benefit the
farmers nrre than anyone else
They will connect him with the
towns so he can put his produce
on the market and get market
prices for it. They will save him
many dollars for repair? from
breakdowns. They will save
many accidents and even lives as
most runaways are caused by
breakage. When we have good
roads our wives, daughters and
children can safely go by them
selves to market, leaving the men
at home to do the needed work.
In this way hired help can be
Good roads will not only bring
money to the farmers, but will
also give social advantages Under
present conditions it is often im
possible for his children to go to
school regularly, for his family to
go to church except when the!
roads are dried out, for his doctor
to ieach him in titne to be of
most help, or his mail to be de-li-ered
regularly. With better
roads this can all be changed, and
. ,-. -
-,:. . -er
--"'-- -. . vs
,. 1 . .
I ..nil I. '
COURT Sept. Term Sept. 23, lgi2
Whefes on the o'tti dav of
Sept. 1912 a petition was filed in
the office of the County Court
Clerk of Rockcastle County signed
by 2-) lepal voters of the voting
prezinct of RoJccaslle Count
asking a submission of the question
whether cattle or any tpecic: thereof
shall be psrmitted to run at large
in said 4th voting precinct of said
county. It is now ordered by the
court that a poll be opened in
the voting precinct at the general
election to be held in said precinct
on the 5th day of Jov. 19I2 for
he purpose of ascertaining the
will of the roters of said precinct
upon the question whether or not
cattle or any specie thereof shall
be permitted to run at large in
baid precinct.
L. IV. Bethurum, J. R. C. C.
Copy Att
S. F. Bowman, C. R. C. C.
Sept 28 4t.
Sept. Term Sept. 23rd. 1912.
Whereas on the 26th day of
Aug. I912 a petition was filed in
the office of the County Court
of Rockcastle County signed by 20
legal voters of the 4th Magisterial
Dis. of said County asking a sub
mission of the question whether
cattle or any specie thereof shall
be permitted to Jun at large in
said Magisterial District of sid
County. It is now ordered by
he Court that a poll be opened at
each of the voting precincts in said
Magisterial District on the 5th.
day of Nov. 19 12 for the purpose
of ascertaining the will of the
voters of said District upo n the
question whether or not cattle or
any specie thereof shall be per
mitted to run at large iu said
L. W. Bethurum, y. R. C. C.
Copy Att.
4t. S. F. BOWMAN, C. R. C.C.
Elisha Bullock traveling Sales-
"H'st-" v? 'vwjyj-Arvft fST "JSsaeif .:.
fgrv,- r.jaiMiighjfaaysar-ffj
l.mr r.l rnn.lirl'itAn ti..-j. ! iVitoMWflQ
- .. ... , .. i.() IJ..F.-. U I ..V
( field at work for the piano gWcu
;awrty by B. k. Anderson & Son. 1
. -.ifi
there shuule be one hundred
or more by next week. The list
is as follow-.
...i-i." . . "
.vwvj1a 'ysefvvjv ' s;
1 1 p 1 11 pi 11 1 1 mm mnt 1 1 11 i im mnj. " '
inference to the eclipse of the
sun which occurred yesteiday the
10th: "At points within this
narrow strip only the sun will
be seen completely hidden." The
explanation or diagram showing
how it could be "seen" completely
.hidden is not in evidence.
alwajs follow these improvements.
y. S. IlivirfE.
Dou't trifle with a cold is
good advice for prudent men and
It may be vi'al it$"case of a child.
There is nothing better than
Ubamberlain's (3$ugh Remedy for
coughs and clds in children.
It is safe and sure. F01 sale bv
Chas. C. Davis:'
If the adherents of any of the
political parties in this county
have contributed very largely
this year to any of the campaign I
funds we have not heard of the
incident. The Democrats are so
sure that they will win that they
feel that it is not necessary to
put up any cash, while the bther
parties are so suie that they will
lose they do not want to invest.
Eyes Tested and Glasses Fitted Free
All kinks of Jewelry Repaired.
All work guaranteed.
Candidate from 11th Dsstrict
For Congress
.0 n
be well again. M'ss Mamie John-
PR OGRES SIVE PARTY: son, the teacher of GfcU ey Branch,
J? or Bond Issue
Thr prje&ident of the American
Road Congress declares that "more
hns been accomplished in road im
provement during the past two
decades that has been done for
2.000 previous." But there are
still a few rough places left and
we always hit them.
Build Turnpikes
Hiail onnrl rrae ..t-to )a nA . 11
" wwv vtvJ QWJ 3 CkllU ci iUll
fledged Bull Moose was here Sat
urday. Dr. W. T. Atny'x and son,
w -.' "'n onnaay. tfame of Contestant
T.-o . ., .. A 1 !... I
o. .i ArKeuurigiu ana r,iHie Hmlt
children are visiting relatives in JatlIe Wiln,tt
Corbm.R. B. Sams will move Midred Rohins
his family to Paris in a few days Uzzie Gemry "
--I W. Ketron was visiting home- 8eSsie Hamm
oiks at Lebanon Saturday and Saie Revnolds
Sunday: Lee Chandler was wUh NIarv Prnclor
homefolks at Brodhead from Fri Ftta Qahie
day until Sunday. . Hiau
George Hellard, section foreman c, de w
at H-ivol Pofnt. itt.. .....u u:
-. MM. .au.u a3 Wl,u u. Uome johnson
parents Mr. and Mrs. S. E Hellard Rva Alhf. ht
Sunday. Russell Proctor, of Mt Katie Price
Vernon, was in our city Sunday. Lela All-right
Capt. A. N. Bentley, ot Mt. Ver Lena Aldr,Kht
non was in our town Sunday. -T. Gerlrude Marlin
M. Dees last Friday caught the Susifi Cabel
largest fish of the season an 8 Mary
l.salmon.-W A. Rice ha, re Rgca
turned iron, a few days visit to) Bessfc shive,
Louisville.- E Gray will RIIda Chandler
leave in a few days for Cincinnati, Katje pri
New York and Canada.-Mrs. R. Ethd pae
W Shrcader is visiting relatives pear, PurceII
in Mt. Vernon this week Mrs A . ,r - c
m T . . Annie Mae Sargent
T.J. Penningto. and children h e Mallie 0wenS
returned from Oklahoma where Benha BusUe
they have been for the past two D K . r
, ... . . , . Roberta Brown
weeks visiting relatives. Rev. A. Dl .
t r. 1 r o 1, j r, t Blaneh Howell
J. Pike, of Brodhead and Ben Puce .. - .
. , , , ,Orhe Ponder
of Oklahoma were here between A , ,,r ,
, . , I Ada Ward
trains Friday enroute to Corbin. . &..
... hilla Harp
Ky Miss Alice Ward is visiting t,
n -.i , r . , ,. ,. Rosa Brown
Miss Clyde Lair, of Mt. Vernon. n .. 'n n
... ' Dortha Owens
this week. .
tt ,,r t, . Annie (Jass
H. W Bowman who is making ,T ... A ,
, . , . & Iattie Adams
his home at Cruse, Ky.. was here ., , e ..
o j m r c. t rI Kuiily Sutton
Sunday. Mrs. J. S. Davis, of . D .. , ,, , , 0 . t
. J , . ' ' Brodhead Graded School
Covington has returned home t Belle Kincer
after a few days visit with her 0. ,. T ,
4 -r, -r . .. Birdie Johnson
sister, Mrs. E. L. Cockerell of C1 .
, . , , ,, TT Florence Harris
this place. Atty. C. C. Williams, . n , ,
t ... ,7 " . ' Delora Bovd
ot Mt. Vernon, was in our town -. D ,
a j T3 .... , 01e Brock
Mouday. R. A. Pike is verv low .. D
...... c rr, ;. Bertha Brown
with typhoid fever. Two cfLe -
, ,, . , , Bessie Brown
Arnold's children have tvphoid ., .. ou
T .' . Myrtle Shumate
fever. Mrs J H. Browning is T .,
... , . lT 6, . . Lena McCall
with rela ives at Mt. Vernon this
1 w rx . j 1 x'.very new suoscnoer
wcc.- , o. marun aua i. d. vMGNAi. gets 1000 votes and everv
Rice left today with "a wagon i renewal 500
load of grub to spend a few dr.vs -ZrrZr:ZZZm:
fishing at the Darham whirl up a tttvac lummro
ou the river. Mr. R. L. Thomas The'Texas Wonder cures kidne
01 Winchester, ihe lumbtr Ling, (and bladder troubles, removing
has been in our town fur a few I gravel, cures diabets, weak and
days-Mrs. J. E.Owens, o; Cm !ame .ba?Hs- rhtumatism and all I
.. f. f , ... , l.irregulanties ol the kidneys and
cmnati after a few 0..ys with rela Hn bcty men and women. Regu
tives here has returned to her I lares bladder trnnh! in M,ihrr, 5
1 -- T
Inrae John PresMin,
wood. Ohio, is with relati
-Mr. J. D. Hall who has been M-f' Une ?maU m m
!ni, oil a . ;e Hi.i.. :.. m.onths treatment, and seldom
-.- . . .. o.u., "-" tails to perfect a cure. Send for,-:
proving and we dope he will soon teswmo;ais frnm n;c nA !,,
states. Dr. E W. Hall, 2Q26.
Olive street Louis, Mo. Sold by
47 19 U
1 1 17
1 2 -'5
1 175
1 65
1 2369
174 1
I I 'O
to the
1 W A h INS s
u u 1? ii m
v s li
North Main Street
Dislike to enter the
doors of a Bank.
Because they feel
that their. small busi
ness is too trifling
for the banker to
bother about.
We invite such peo
ple to come in and
use this bank.
We are in business
purposely to be both
ered. Every man, wo
man and child should
have an account of
some size.
TJ. G. BAKER. President.
J,P.E. DRUM.MOND, Vice.-Pres.
F.L.THOMPSON.Jr., Cashier.
CLAUDE C. COX.Ass't. Cash
Mt. Verxox, Ky.
of Elem Ifnotsoldhy vour druggist, will J
lives here. heseut hy miil o-i receiot of'
Rockcastle County Court. August TermAugust 26, 1912
On Tuesday last Woodrow Wil
son was telling the people ot Kan
sas what Democracy stands for,
Teddy vt; in Michigan adding
new mem r to his Ananias club;
William T. vas up in Vermont
where be visited the grave ot his
Coi.. Roosevelt s)oke to large
crowds, in theSouth, bjt, what
is more to the point. Gov. Wilson
will have the large crowds jn this
part of the country voting for him.
The Moosites of the nth. dis
trict are still bold, high antie-ed
and strenuously after Tart, and
they will surely scalp him on
November 5
The Bull Moose people don't
seem to be doing mnch "whoopin
up things" in the nth as was
promised earlier' in the campaign.
Your Uncle Cull hasn't forgot
ten how to hatch up an excuse.
He came in home a little before
daylight, a few mornings since
somewhat disfigured. Said he
had been out hunting and treed
nine possoms up a 'sitamon treeN
on the Licesay farm and wishing
to capture them all sat down by
the tree to await daylight; fell
asleep and he claims ..the possoms
took undue advantage of him by
slipping down and attacking him
while he slppt. He was 'badly
possom bit; at least Cull says he
It appearing that a petition, signed by more than 150 legal voters
who are free holders of Rockcastle County, was filed in the office of the
Clerk of the Rockcastle County Court and with the Judg- thereof ou
the 24th day of August, i9i2, asking that an election be held in said
county, October 26th, 1912, for the purpose of submitting to the legal
voters of said county the question of whether the Fiscal Court of said
county shall issue and sell the bonds of said county in an amount not
to exceed the limit allowed under the Constitution and the Laws of the
State of Kentucky, and under no circumstances'for an amount greater
than $i 100,000.00, said bonds to be sold and the proceeds arising there-
irom.to be used 111 building and constructing turnpikes throughout
Rockcastle County and through territory to be hereafter designated by
the said Fiscal Court, and the Court being sufficiently advised, orders
that said ele-tion be held at the time and for the purposes stated in said
petition, and that T. J. Nicely, Sheriff of Rockcastle County, be and he
is hereby directed to cause a poll to be opened and an election to be
held in the County of Rockcastle on the 26th dav of October, 19 12,
whict is more than 6- days after the filing of said petition in said office
as aforesaid, and he will cause the poll to be opened in each and all of
he voting precincts in said county; and he is directed to advertise said
election and the object thereof at least 30 days next before the day thereof
in some newspaper having the largest circulation in the county and also
by printed hand bills posted up at not less than four public places in
each voting precinct in the county and at the court house door Al
legal voters of said co nty shall be privileged to vote at said election
It is ordered that court adjourn
L. W. Bethurum,
Judge Rockcastle County Court.
A true copy attest:
S. F. Bowman, C. R. C. C.
Notice is hereby given that in obedience to the above order of the
County Court of Rockcastle County, I will cause an election to be held
at the time and place indicated, from six o'clock a. m. until four o'clock
p. m , for the purposes set out in said order ; to-wit, for the purpose of
submitting to the legal voteis of said county the question of whether
the Fiscal Court of said county shall issue and sell honds of said county
in an amount not to exceed the limit allowed under the Constitution
and the Laws of the State of Kentucky, rnd under no circumstances for
an amount greater than $100,000.00 ; said bonds to be sold and the
proceeds arising therefrom to be used in the building and construction
of turnpikes throughout Rockcastle Countv and through territory to be
hereafter designated by said Fiscal Court.
All legal voters of said county shall be privileged to vote at said
This Sept. 19th, 1912. T J. Niceusy,
Sheriff Rockcastle County.
was with home folks Saturday
and Sunday. There has been
some improvements in the Gauley
Branch addition of our town, Mr
J. Hanson has treated his house
to a coat of paint, Mri Stanley
has also painted her house and
they now have two stores and
ate talking side walks. Mrs. A.
Taylor is visiting relatives it:
Louisville. Mr. E. J. Anderson
reports his mother, Mrs. W. F.
Anderson, very low with fever.
Egbert Mullins, ot Mt. Vernon,
was with our merchauts Tuesday, j
C. C Howell was with home
folks at Brodhead Tuesday.
Died, Monday 7th., Robert Pikel
after an illness of only a few days J
ot typhoid lever. tie was 3L'
years old, married Miss Bette
Pennington Jan 7, 1910. He
leaves a wife and littlo daughter,
and a host of friends and relatives
to niouru his loss. He was la d
to rest in the family hurrying
ground at Pine Hill Wednesday,
the Qth to await the summons of
his master. Perry Waddle living I
a few miles out ot town died last i
Monday and was burried Tuesday.
He was a memher of the Juivor
Order and was burried by that
Order. We have been asked
several times why we did not say
something about the bond issue
or pike question. Our answer is
this, for the last six months we
have begged for a bridge over
Rockcastle river and not a blessed
word could we get from others,
so we thought we would remain
neutral on this subject and if it
passed then at some future time
we might sail in again and win
besides we at present have other
troubles that are vexiug us that
never to be foreotten stock law
which we hope. will be voted
pcapc8eooe& & xagaeSeac
Nn.aiwn 1 r MAr-ivifA 1
Brodhead Ky
and -ft -
t,,e $ MfeiAJLi t
who $ jfjfe ,'flIW3i5!S!JSlP'
and & WfePli
A man that's clean insida
out; who neither looks up to
rich nor down to the poor;
1 can lose without squaling
' vho can win without . .bragging;
who is considerate of women,
children and old people; who is
no brave to lie, too generous to
-heat, and who takes his share
of the world and lets oher people I x&3e&0 3C5ferfccdI$3 $
iifve theirs.
Coffins, Caskets and Robes,
Mail. Telegraph or Tele- w
phone orders Promptly It
dbvn so low tfiarHt will never be
resurrected again or even thought
of by future generations. Voters,
think well before you cast your
vote and dont go' bliodly at this
and forge vour own chainsuybinaV
your own hands. - IjH&p'jf
Cost the hog raiser millions of dollars last yene and nothing short of vaccination
seemed to offer the slightest, promise o fac lire.
Prevention, however, is the logical solution of the question. Dr. Hess. (I.n . D.V.S.)
has always maintained that by giving Dr. Hess Stock Tonic to tone up and strengthen every
organ in the system, to regulate tin bowels, liver and kidneys, expel worms ; and also thoroughly
disinfect the premises, sleeping quarter and runs with Dr. Hess Dip and Disinfectant, would
prevent an outbreak of this disease.
Read what one of the big hog raisers in the country says :
During 1911 our country was visited by one of the worst hog plagues ever known.
We fed Dr Hess Stock ".'onic, and only lost two head out of a herd of two hundred and
ten." Alex. Nevius, Modesta, 111.
Also note what bulletin No. 182 of the Kansas State College says
about preventing Hog Cholera:
"When we recall the conditions which favor the disease and the manner in which its infection
takes place, it will be set i that feeding and earing of hog has much to do with the prevention of the
Cholera. Premises shont be cleaned and disuifected regularly. The hogs themselves should be dipped
every few weeks. Maintaining these conditions helps to keep np the vitality of the hog and in this way
troublss of all kinds are warded off. To aid digestion and circulation and to prevent worms, the bulletin
reeommeuds a formula of "Wood charcoal, Sulphur, Salt, Sodium Bicarhonate Sodium Sulphate, Sodium
Hyposulphate and Black Antim
This formula given in tablespoonful doses would undoubtedly be benefical but would cost the hog raiser about
10c per pound. Now compare this with the formula for Dr. Hess Stock Tonic which is vastly superior and has stood
the test of 20 years.
NUX VOMICA. Digestive and Nerve Tonic. QUASslA. Digestive & General Tonic. Expels Worms.
SULPHATE OF IRON, Blood Builder & Expels Worai3 SULPHATE OP sODA,Laxative& actsupontheLiver.
COMMON SALT, Appetizer. Expels Worms. EPSOM SALTS, Laxative,
NITRATE OP POTASH, Acts upon the Kidueys. CHARCOAL. Prevents I. oxious Gases.
FENUGREEK, Tonic and Aromatic.
This preparation is compounded by Dr. Hess, (M.D., D.V.S.) and sold to you on a written
guarantee and only costs 3c per month for the average hog. The definition of the ingredients
are taken from the United -States Dispensatory and noted medical authorities.
Feed your hogs
Dr. Hess Stock Tonic
to prevont disease and expel worms. - Sprinkle the runs and sleeping quarters with a solution of
Dr. Hess Dip and Disinfectant
Alo dip your hogswijh this solution
lbs ,$5.00
!." .. .,...-..,-. x TmmiTAM 7 '
s&&ft-hF'f Ke foremost coal tar, creosote disinfectants known.
s&.Wmi "the weather will permit, and you will have no loss from dis
j$fr'.'VK es ife Pall... I....I1. Co. loo
?'. ii&3ff&l&

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