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Published Every
Good Shoe
To Girdle the Globe
The people of all civilized na
tions have come to know such a
Shoe by name The Walk-Over
Call to day and see the new styles
I Prices J t ij
Selby SB8IS
For Women
Because Selby have the style,
quantity and comfort that women
of today demand in Shoes.
S4by are style leaders in all
fashion centers.
fcO50 J VO
$350 c
All Wool in Clothcraft Proved by Test
JUST remember this when you want to make sure of get
ting all-wool clothes: Cotton mixtures are so skillfully
made now-a-days that even an expert eye cannot distinguish
them from all-wool cloth ' The cotton is so cleverly woven
with the wool that the only absolutely sure way of detecting
its presence its presence is by a chemical test
This test consists of dipping a piece of getting all-wool clothes if they bear
cloth into a boilinc: solution of caustic the Clothcraft label.
potash, which completely dissolves the
wool and leaves the cotton intact, if present.
Every Clothcraft suit or overcoat
i ii t nil
is guaranteed all wool, llns
Every piece of cloth used in Clothcraft
Clothes must be able to withstand this
searching chemical tet. Therefore, you
antee found in the inside pocket of
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with his cousin Henry Anderson
Mrs. J. J. Albright, Misses
Grace and Lena McCall spent
Sunday with their parents at
' Maretbutg.
Mrs. John Robins and little
'daughter, Mildred, are visiting
relatives at Pineville. Mrs. N.
J. Reynolds returned to her home. ls
in St. Louis, after spending the at
summer with her daughter, Mrs.
J. F. Watson. A. M. Hiatt, W.
E. Graveley, Julian Btrdes, W.
H. Anderson, R L. Smith- and
John Robins, are attending the
Grand Lodge of Masons in Louis
ville this week. John Evans was
at home the first of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Hiatt .John
and Walter Robins spent Sunday
afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. R.
L. Smith in the Hiatt section.
C. C. Howell was down from
Livingston the first part of week.
Joe Riddle of Walnut Grove
was in town Monday. A. E.
Albright and daughters, Misses
Lena and Nina are in Cincinnati
this week. Joe Carter has re
turned home sftar visiting rela
tives in Shelby ville. He returned
home, by himself this time. P.
A. Shelton and little son. Reece,
was dowu from Williamsburg
first of the week. Mrs. Frank
Brooks, of Harlan, is with home
folks for a few days. Mr. and
Mrs. J. B. Farris spent a few
days with relatives atWaynesburg
last week. Misses Minnie Gentry
and Clyde Watson and Profs.
Likins and Teuton attended the
Teachers Meeting at ' Crab
Orchard Friday of last week
Wednesday .--J. W. Tate is in the farmer and the welfare of the
Louisville this week. Mrs. G. C. nation, in general, depend, to
Brooks is visiting in Crab Orch
ard hist week.
Rev. John Ware, of Science Hill
conducting a series of meeting
Friendship Vic Price who is
teaching school at Mullms Station
is at home for a few days' sck.
Miss Zelina Brown who is intend
ing School at Mt. Vernon spent
from Friday till Monday with
homefolks -here Mrs. Sallie A.
Loug, of Quail, is spending a few
days with her brother, W. F. De
Bord here. Most of the farmers
of this community are done sowing
wheat. The j,d road lectme
that was given last Tuesday night
was larglv attended. Mr. and
Mrs, Eugene McWilHam, of Bee
Lick were with relatives here last
week. Mr. B. F. Catron, of
Puiaski, "generaJ horse trader"
was in this part a few days last
week Mrs. G. E. Price and little
son Clyde spent from Thursday
till Sunday with Mrs. J. L.
Thompson. F. E. Gentry who is
teaching at Wildie was a pleasant
visitot in this part last Sunday.
Misses Viola DeBord and Ora
Brown were in Mt. Vernon last
Saturday attending teachers as
sociation. Rev. Chas. Carintcal filled his
regular appointment at Mt. Pleas
ant Saturday and Sunday. Dr.
H. H. Isaacs pu. chased of O. J.
Mullins a nice young horse for
$120. A. F. Lawrence was in
Misses Mary Proctor and Mattye'j Science Hill last Friday. Miss
visiting her sister
Powers' Congressional
Owens were in Mt. Vernon with
relatives Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. Granville Owens attended
the Teachers meeting at Mt.
Vernon Saturday. Mrs. J. H.
Francisco, of Lafolleue, Tenn.,
is spending a few days with her
sister, Miss Jewel Francisco.
Mr." and Mrs. J. E. Sumner have
returned to their home in Ashe
ville, N. C. after spending the
summer with their daughter,
i Mrs. J. M. Clark. The Basket
Ball team of this place played
against the team at Mb. Vernon
Saturday. They returned hon?
with a fad look, Do you kno ..
why? Misses Gertrude Martin,
Martha Jones 1:
Mrs. W. B. Spivey at Covington.
- C. E. Mullins the drummer was
through th s part last week. Miss
Lucy Mink who has been attending
I cli-rtl of AT I TTarnAM Ti? Vanttia1
home. Mr. and Mrs. Mordecia
Cummins, of Walnut Groue have
moved in the house with M. M.
Brown as the latter is not able
great extent, upon the condition
of the roads, and this being the
case, we should all be interested:
in this great movement.
The farmer should be interested
because good roads would increase
the value of his land, would en
able him to market his crops wilh
less expense, would enable his '
children to be more punctual in
attendance to their respective
schools, and would enable those
who live within any reasonable
distance of a high school oe graded
school to send their children to
them without being burdened
with a board bill. It would, also,
help both young and old relig
iously by placing churches within
reach of all.
Of course goed r .ads would bo
a greater blessing to the farmer
than to any other class of people,
but I wish to say that good roads,
would be encouraging to the dot:
tors and to the ministers in their
great work. But roads often de
lav them on their missions an. I
thus cause them much sorrow and
If we had good roads it wouid
encourage commerce by bringing
the farmer and merchant in closer
contact and I am sure it would
prove beneficial to both.
I wish to appeal to all of my
friends and voters to support the
issuing ot bonds for the purpose
of building good roads in our
county, and in my opinion, all who
do not support this cause are vot
iug against the welfare of the peo
pie in ourjeounty in general. ZZ.
Yours for better roads,
C. L. Riddell,
s t Cove, Ky.
Out of Total Vote of 249 He Was
Absent 150 Times
E. J, Hamm has returned to
his homo in New Hope, after
spending the past week with
homefolks. Willie Yadon was
down from Livingston last Friday
Mrs. Katie Owens is visiting
look afier his farm. Johu
Bloomer who has been sick for
some time is improving. Clay
Thompson was in Mt. Vernon last
Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. W. F.
DeBord attended the sale of Mrs.
Minnie Catron, deceased, last
Saturday.- Mirion Meece, of
of the fast express means serious
trouble ahead if not removed, so
does loss of appetite. It means
lack of vitality, loss ot strength
iand nerve weakness. If aroetite
to fails, take Electric Bitters quickly
to overcome the cause by toning
up the stomach and curing the
indigestion. Michael Hessheimer
of Lincoln, Neb., had been sick
over three j ears, but six bottles
of Electric Bitters pat him right
on his Xeet again. They have
helped thousands. They give
pure blood, strong nerves, good
rivio vr.tcnn nnri VTJnnio Hontnv .keggs croeic section nas mov
were in Mt. Vernon between !tto our neighborhood. George
. . digestion,
zed H
N. Bray, of Wabd, spent Saturday
night and Sunday with his cousin,
Edd Brown.
Present and Voted
omv yj limes in
Months Session
Four and One-Half
Your House Needs
Step off and take a look at
your house. Doesn't it need
Painting? Now is the time
to have it done. Paint before
ill "fho uinfot wiin oni crk.r irk
. - - .v ifiUlUl t til tll-kVl OllVM KJ
Tuesday night, the good old county of Rockcastle, (ins to. ttv. Hanna's Green
Only 50 cents at
Chas. C. Davis
Below is found a copy of Congressional record as to the number of times Caleb Powers was
present and voting, and number of times absent, which shows that
out of the total number of 249 votes taken he was present and voted!
enly 99 times, rnd was absent 150 times
V, hy was he not present and voting on matters in which the people o'" the El 'vvnth District are
i tc;ested? Why was he absent when he is receiving such a princely sum to work for 1 1n- people?
Whether you be Democrat or Republican you want someone in Congress for tho llth District who
win auenu to ms ciuties. rower uus. jjol uouf it. i lis i.ungit;ssionai recoru proves mat.
Vote for-BEN V SMITH, who will look after your interests
trains Saturday. Miss Nancy
Vaughan and Roy Renner were
married in Mt. Vernon on Fri
day of last week, their many
her son Jas . Owens a few days ' friends, wish them a loug . life To Chas. C. Davis :
this week. Lela Albright was of happiness. Miss Hazel Rey- Having read a great deal in our
down from Mt. Vernon, where nolds was down from Mt Ver county paper, The Signal, in re
sile is attending school. Mrs. non from Friday until Monday. gard to good roads and, also, be-
H. H. Hutcheson is spending a Tames Pike entertained a number cause I was born and reared
t. - i
few days with her husband at of young
. 1 11 t -mm TT a 1 C I " 4.4... ,1 n 4. I 1 -T 4-. ,.!? i -T t T 1
Miaaiesooro. MISS Jliva Al- in nonor 01 uis pretty aim ut- i nave oeou e-xtrei;njiy nueresteu oefll. The. matte - to Weal
bright begun her school at Pongo. tractive cousiu, Miss Roberta ( in this subject and feel that it is Puiivts are. the riht kind to
Miss Tempest Ward wks up Pike, of Oklahoma. Misses my duty to say something hi re-'use. Formula on every pack-
from Tunnel Hill wi h hcmefolks Pearl and Captola Tyree were in'gard'to this matter. 'aQ. For sale by
- . A -. . , i.i i. . . . . -
a lew days last w
Anderson, of Pari ,
f Aff-.lmv Orah Orchard last week. Miss We all know tint thfi. eAncatinn
jwQt uuday Doll Owens vn,s n Mt- Vernon of or children, the prosperity of L B InOE
Present and not voting
Present and not voting
Absent aud not voting
. if .i (
.. (i it .i
i i.
Special Tcni., April 4th to August 21st, 1911.
. Apr. 4, 5, 13, 14. 21 aud 27th, Total 0
..May 8, 16 and 30th, . 3
..June 9tb, ' ' 1
..May 23rd, - " 1-
May 8 and 12. ' . 2
June 6. In, 20 and 2 1st, - 4
July 20, 28, 29 and 31st, " 4
Aug. 1.8, 4, 5, 7. 8, 12, 14, 15,17,48, 21." . 12
- 1
Roll Calls. 63 Present 18 Absent 45.
Regular Term, December 4th, 1911. to August 2lst, 1912.
Present and voting Dec. 12 and 13th.
Jan: 11, 15, 20, 24, 25, 27. 29. 30, 31st,
.Feb, 2, 3, 5, 5, 6, 6, 9, 16. 21 and 23rd,
,.Mar. 8, 8, 12, -Is,-19, 21 and 28th,
.Apr. 1, 18 and 29th,
II I. !
(I II .
l l CI
l (I i(
( I. , (I
(I (I I
bsent and not
i ii ii
ii , ' tt
(i . i
ti ii 'it
II il II
- l
May 2. 4, 7, 8,10.13,14,15, 20,22, 23.25. 28,.29, )' 14
June 1 and 5th,
'Absent and not voting .... . Dec. 4, 6 and 16th, ?
Jan. If th and 25th, 'jr ' " i
Feb12, 13, 14, 15, 2223, 24 amL28th;, , &-"
, " "i
A-" ' v
Mar. 6tb,
.Apr. 2. 10, il, 15, 25 and 25th :
"" May 3, 10, 11, 24, 31, . '. ,
June 10, 13 and 18th, i
July 2, 8, lo, 11, 12. 16, 17, 18, 19, .22. 27, i30th,
.Aug. 1, 2, 3. 6, 8, 12, 13I.141516I 17, 20,' .21,
Roll Calls, 186. Voted 81 and Absent 105.
TotarVos, 249. Voted 99 and Absent 150,
' ii
. 3
The above picture stiw, t.ie Pi u family reunion held at Brodhead, on Sunday, September 2Qth, showing one hundred and one
members of that large family pr ent and there were eighty-five who were not present. It was the effort of Rev. A. J. Pike in bringing
all the members of his family t-gdther aud at his home in Brodhead the reunion was held The members here represented are decendents
of the late Jacob B. Pike, who came to this, county in 1862 from the state of Tennessee a.rd, who until his death not so many years since,
was an honored citizen ofj.the county. He was the father of a large family of children, all qE whom are still living, viz : Rev.A. J. Pike,
of Brodhead, Ky ; W. C.Pike, Pulaski, Ky ; B. M. Pike, Frederick, Oklahoma Mrs.. Mary Jane Brannamon. Uupp.Tenn.; Mrs. Sarah E.
Releford, Pine Hill, Ky.; M. J. PikeJ Livingston, Ky.; J. B. Pike, Pine HiU, Ky 5 R;. P. Pike, Blanch, Ky.; Rev. E. K. Pike, Taylorsville.
Ky; Mrs. Margaret Coo"ke, Los Angeles. California; Jqcob E. Pike, Livingston, Ky.and G. W. Pike, Lebanon Junction. All the above
named brothers and sisters, with their wives, an.d chttd.ren, and grand children, were present, making the total of the one hundred and one
shown in the group. From eyery part tftey came to attend this reunion and for several days before hand, nearly every train arriving at
Brodhead brought from one tc ten members of the family to enjoy that blessing and happiness which had not been experienced for many
years, and which will never be again, as it was'upon' this occasion, as one of the number shown in this picture has since passed to his
reward. On Sunday was the reunion proper which was held at the Brodhead fair grounds, consisting of a basket dinner, music art1
preaching, whicn was enjoyed by hundreds of people. No one was ever happier than the Rev. A. J. Pike, who cansed the coming togethe1"
and it is the sincere hope of his many admiring friends in this and other counties, that the life of this useful and ardent advocate of the
owly Nazarene may be, spared for many years to come and. that in his declining years he may be the recipient of mHy such., jkasa
i occasions. ,

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