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We carry a complete line of Men's and Boys'
also the biggest and best line of
of any store in Rockcastle County.
Walk-Over Shoe for Men
The Selby Shoe for Women
fT I Uiiw m '" ' ' IJ. fe3)
V;- w ;$
Spring and
As usual we are
showing the New
MER HATS first.
Don't fail to drop in
and see what the boys
will be wearing this
John B. Stetson
Leading Clothing Store
one end of the sack and I'll cat ry
it too. My children are no better
than I am and I have made out
w th these roads aud so can they.
But listen your children are not
going to make out with such roads
They will have goods roads and if
you live long enough you may get
to travel over them. I'm glad to
see any article on good roads. I
know peopl- are still becoming
interested more and Rockcastle
will in the near future not be
ashamed to have strangers pass
over her roads. I am spending
the winter in Florida where they
have fine roads. One horse can
more than do the work of two on
bad roads. The climate here is
fine and the people are lovely.
The country level, people have a
good easy time in general. Plenty
of oranges cheap, winter gardens
all green with mustard, lettuce,
onions, beets, turnips, cabbages
and kale. Farmers are plowing
and getting ready to plant vege
tables for early marketing. We
have no mud at any time, all sand.
You would say and lots ot negroes.
Yes there are a good many but
are the real ones. No mulatoe and
they certainlv do know their place.
They are like I use to know' them
when I was a child. A 'servant
in a servants place. They are a
real necessity here. They are
honest. People tell me I need
never lock a door at night or on
leaving home. They all work and
earn their living and they know
they must do the right thing,
otherwise they know the cor se
quence. I like Florida and
especially the people I have mot.
We live within two miles of the
largest orange grove in the world.
The lumber and turpentine busi
nesses are good here and truck
gardening s carried on extensively
aU over he. state, giving is pretty
high- Board from 18 to 25 and 30
dollars per month. Strange to say
no one Ukes to 'keep boarders.
Every thing is higher here than
at home. Any one can do their
own work and live as cheap here
as anywhere. Very truly,
S. M.
yf. 'MJty.jffi.ftf!
More Bargains
More Business
Bane Carson, Assistant Cashier
of the TellicoGBank & Trust Co ,
Tellico Plains, Tenaeaeee, is with
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. A.
Carson, this week. Misses Lena.
McCall, Jewel Francisco, B. R
Wilni'ott and Frank Ward were ir
Maretburg last Sunday. Attor
ney E. R. Gentry, of Mt. Vernon,
Essential Oil C, of Louisville, space in your pape- I will injin this nick of the woods would
They exoect to have their machiu
ery here this week. New? reached
us Wednesday that Mj$s Willie
Benton, formerly of this place, an d
Shirley Tate, formerly of Mt.
Vernon, were marrjed at the home
of the bride in Millersburgonthat
day. The contracting parties are
f well and favorably known in these
parts, and have a host of frjends
who wish them much success in
, their married life. J. H. Bar-
is in
was in town Monday and Tuesday
-Mrs. J. W. Proctor, who has fc f fc. Ottawa section.
been sick for the past several Tjnusv:ilG this Wrtk. me under-
weeks, was much worse the firtStaa that a CoipmercW Cub will
of the week, but is some better at be organized bere in the near fu
present. Miss Jimma Sutton is
behalf of a number of Progressives'
of this place make public reply to
a letter in your paper a short time
ago addretged o the Progressives
of Rockcastle county by p. H.
Shutts, of Bromo, asking all Pro
gressives to let him know their
feelings or the proposition of
Greating a permanent county
organisation of th,e new party.
AU the Progressives of thjs part
of the county, which is several in
like to see occupy the County
Judge's bench of this county a
he is a saje m$n.
For fear of getting my letter-so
long thqt it wil reach the waste
basket instead of the press I will
close by asking a.11 voters to come
over an,d be progressives, in politics
as wejl as other oth.ing that you
rriay bqth live a.nd die with a clear
Yours a Progressive,
Weeks more f o rake in the
Mosf Wonderful Bargrainsfhaf
have been offered in Mf . Vernon
We Sell It for Less
We are getting ready for the greatest
Spring business in our history, andt as
a result of these preparations, we must
clean out all winter goods It is our
rule not to permit goods to remain
from season to season. At the. close
of the season the goods must go. . Prices
we are making now will quickly reduce
our stock. You cannot afford to miss
this sale
ture, the boosting of the Boone
Way being the chief object that
will hurry the organization. We
want it understood that Brodhead
people are strictly in favor of the
plan,, and will do all in their power
to help secure national aid to build
the ninety-eight miles of pike be
tween Crab Orchard and Cumber
land Gap, W. P. Rigsb and John
Robins were in Lincoln the latter
part of last week on business.
Born to the wives of Arch Albright
T v . '
Durham has accepted a position
visiting her sister, Mrs. Walter
Boyd, in Corbin this week. Jesse
Fish was in town Saturday and
Sunday. Mrs. 0. A. Frith is with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. Pen
ninjjton, in Livingston, this week.
S. T. Proctor, of Mt .Vernon,
was here to see his mother Sun
day, who is very ill. Mrs. L. B.
Hilton, of Stanford, is visiting her
aunt, Mrs. E. G. Ashcraft in
Louisville, this week. R. E. Al
bright, J. B. Ward and C. H. Frith ! m p a girl .Brack
were in Mt Vernon, Monday on 1.llBtl t,n nn0ntaA nnaunn
business. 0. A. Frith was in
Livingston, Saturday and Sunday.
A. J. and W. b. Haggard sold a
smajl farm of thirtv-pnree acres, to
flM J. V Kjncer foj; (jjOfidg.
IfjU mpve hjs family tq t. D,r.
W. E. Gravely began moving the
rubbjsh from the norfh-east corner
of tftg ruins Wenesav iu orcjer
fohj-yfhe foundjon. fop ajjotlje'f:
sftore frouse wftepe tfye old p,ng
s$oq& fbat was yecent y deoye4
by gre. Tbe optor wil jjave
rented a njc tvo-story bui4inr
pf ahput (be same injensio as
je one gestFoye. -Wfi ftndef
tand tjat B.. G. 4ndbfsjri n'l
Jye a two-.stojy dqubl.e stgre
feujldjng erected where hi -store
Wg burpgd, wjeb. wjddgely
to that part of town. -dfomer
Cbcfitmrt u assisting A. . Hiatt
at tbe Citiaen Bank at present.
B, li. -IBbivli is building a room
tttrtj br J&Ti fact, witk i townr
- . A-.t - - v"- -i" . -w'J? tJ ?
number heartily endorse the W D. CrawiNs,.
organisation of our party in Rock- Advertisement. Quail, Iy.
castle -for this part must live l 1 y w
the common neoDle of our nntinn ' Wildwood
ever have any voice In their own Editor of Sionai.:
government. It was once a gov-! Having lived in Rockcastle
ernment by the whole people and COUntv over 4 years with the
for the people but, alas no more, exCePtJon of two years in Laurel
it is a government by the Bosses c0110. KY-i inah thee years have
for their servants. Our only hope liad to P'od over the rouSh r0ads
is through the new party as it is WDenever 1 went tobunday bchool
the only party that advocates and church or to see a sick neigh
principles that will ever return Dor or to tlje Rail Road station; and
freedom to the whole American ,havin2 raised a large family "1jh
people and we are sure to gain' inconvenience of trying 'to educate
by local applicatipQs as they can
not reach, be diseased portion
of th,e ear. There is only one way
to cure deafness, and that is by
constitutional remedies. -IJea.fn.ess
is. caused by an inamed condition
p.f tbe mucpus liniAg of the
Eustachian, Tubf. When this
tuhe is inflame you have a
runibling sound or imperfect hear
ipg, and when it is entirely closed
Deafness is thereault. and unless
e inflammation can be taken
out and this tube restored to its
uormal condition, hearing will be
destroyed forever; nine oases out
of ten caused by Catarrh, which
is nothing but an inflamed condi
tion of the mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred
Dollars for any case of Deafness
(caused by Catarrh) that cannot be
cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure
Send for circnlars, free.
T. F. Cheney & Co.,
Toleco, O.
Sold by all Druggists, 75c.
Take Hall's Family filJS; foj
TO THE MEN: It you don't
know Bargains when you see them, send
your wife. She is smarter than you are
anyway. If you don't believe it, ask her.
3 weeks of daring
weeks of Crash in Prices
that victory in the near future.
It is high time that we organize
my children, because of the
miserable roads was a gre&t foard-
with the Queen & Crescent as' tele-
graph operator af McKihney, and
Teffthursday to take charge.
tit 11 1 : r; . r-
eY- XW-A: fefr ?ilacax'.
Minn , writes; "Cbarncerlain's
Coueh' Rernedy has been a deeded
ancj 'wejeqine. guests in otjr home
fqr fflany years'. highly racom
mena 11 iq my rejiows as nemg a
meaicine wtqf thy'qrrial'io ' cSes
ot golds, cough m$ cfoup'f
give 0 pmb.pflain! pouf em
edy and w are cqndqtyou will
nd jt very eectual and continue
pu.ee tas occasion requires or
yfarstqeome." as mn others
haxe ong. Fo.r ae by 11 IJgl-
There are three distinct classess T,p "."V1 1 enou8h to
of officers to be voted, for by the tave m and enter Board-nS
people County, State a'ndNation-! b Xo PrePa.re tPV
al. r' Qw'the1 ouer nearest" and:-r 1$ "H in Mftwhere
nar ii"IV Tr!. i.i. ,. . -be they could earn a liviner. Ona
ge elected this coming Nov. I tyon.e lhe? ai11 enA W only
want our organization perfected vir W y0n aw left at home
and a full ticket nut in the MA A? t0Q ung to go yet awhile.
this falltomaks wf VM the'W"." and Hving in
leWionanes or stand-natterV jmes of their own, others are
teaching schools and the gteatest
VA,nft W.h.en Jklilah cut Sam
so baiv be became mild as a
fcmb, Can you understand it?"
ask the Sunday School teachej,
'Weli", said little Tomsftv, e--flectively,
it does mae you feel
jshalmed wheri. a woman cuts your
300 MS
Reactionaries or stand-patters.
"N,ow in conclusion I -have a sug
gestion. yVehavea man on this
side of the county that would,
make an idealeader tor oir ticket
afhe net ile'cta.'
es us compeeno hold the
place as an. tnan I know in the
county nisw. very progress-
difficulty they have in coming back
ome ijo see vs, the bad roads.
Weeks and, even, months go bv
wUhou,1j their coming, can't get
Jhtre on account of the roads in
winter. ,
Is there ;no remedv& Yes these
ijoads cn M mao;e good but the
Quail, Ky.,
" f Feb. ir, i9i3
lr. Editor Mt.Vkenon Signal:-.
Dear Sir:-r- r
e farmer bs been a leading question isJbo wiVinake- them.
tocher of thq county s a flesg Ecb. year tells the story twiner
cJP SraYe-5 an understands that some method oiv means ha-
Uwh.ar Uisfqr ppcu; reople to,
mae anything above a common
Hying in this county under our
present condition. And he no
other'-'tban Mr. p. H. Shutts.
The .man that not only the Pro-
to be used other than has been in
the. Rast. Some of the best people
ia tbe county are really interested
in having good loads but as was
demonstrated last' Oct. the majority-
was like the old Proverb
M. I' ' itiM4m 4 t
W SmvmsEym f
M' Notliinr is more lmpqa m W
W the' home than, lear teadjr. IfziiL
Instire thiby.t&z. the'oll Uva( I
ttnv ac. and 'clean viUtoat I
I fclce dowa "to 'the last drop a
m Penniylrania crude oil refined to
I perfection.
I Costa no tnore than the tank-
I wasroa kind aavea MONBY saves I AR TP
! WORK avea eyes. I II I
I Tour dealer has SOT4TB OH. ia I I I
L barrels direct from, our works. R W I
2,500 Pairs of SHOES 1 Sale
If you eat or wear anything- come, to this.
Bargain Pic-Nfc
I LoumvUI, Ky. I
Refinery at Warren, fa. M,
We scU Uw celebrated "N
g Carb" Aate Ofl. . ' J
t (
Vmji: ' .w -vwm- wos 1
'Ifyoa wttl
V 4
r 1 - - " "jec" " w '
spjody'who carried the rock in
in ...'.
.' x
,Ai55fcSii'i mm tihMMiNanr u
t handled of others

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