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OwingsTillo Outlook.
'" ' ' " ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '--
T "J i. i -
Local Matters.
Plnckbnrn Tucidny.
Corn knives at Kttinec'.
County court next Monday.
Come to lirttr Blnckhurno Tuesday.
Court of Claim the third Monday
in this tno.ith.
The Hob White .cnaoii will open the
' 20th of this hionth.
Flux is very pcrvalont in tho cnst
era purt of tho county.
Mr. David Jackson, of Winchester,
is visiting in tho ooutny.
8ee Ramsey's now stock of hard ware,
queflimware and ahinuwnrc.
Thompson's & Kamsy's stahlo is
rapidly approaching om plot ion.
Died: At 1'eejod Oak on Thursday
Oot., 2d, Ran Moore, aged 28 jenjs.
Sportsmen mil have un abundance
of fun this fall, as game is very plentiful.
Adie O. Robertson, of tho Fnl
mouth Democrat, was in town last
M. D. Faris has bought the J. V.
Boyd property on Slate Avenue for
The recent rains have improved the
fall pastures somewhat, but more is
Rev. D. S. C. M. Potter opened his
school at Flat Creek on Mondny of
this week.
If you like to hear a good thing
woll told, como Tuesday and hear Jo.
Ewiug Morris was taken to the asylum
at Lexington Thursdrty being adjudged
A large lot of second hand ecu ing
machines, priced at from (5 to J 15 at
John A. Ramsey's.
J Miss Kannio Young left for Mis-
aouri last week on a via it to her sister,
Mrs. Thos.
- "
h The weathrr bureau Fays a cold
i ware is said to ta coming. Wo would
like to see the wave.
1 Miss Nannie Reed, who has been
I visiting Miss Jo. Ewing for a week or
o, returned homo Mondny.
H Died: On Friday, Oct., 3d. the lit-
4 tie child of Isaac SIiouso, at Salt Lick
5 aged two and a half yearn.
Any of our subscribers desiring the
tend weekly Lonisvillc Post, cau get
club rates by applying soon-
Married: At the residence of Elder
1 Zimmerman, on Thursday, Oct., 2d,
Tadg Gilbert and Miss Lucy Bailoy.
The creek was full of "bluo wing"
ducks Monday and sportsmen from
town ueccded in killing about fifty.
Haas Hog Remedy, sure euro for
bog cholera. V. H. Downey,
agent for Bath county. -16
Married: At the residence of Mrs.
3 fianford on Oct. 7th, by Elder Crouch
,' Mr. Dick Costigan ioMis Kate Mar
There will be a fair supply of win-
ter apples, but owing to the continued
hot and dry weather they will be
Sarah, aged six years, daughter of
Jas. D. Atchison, died from a n attack
ot Flux at Wyoming on Monday
v morning.
I - Mih Annie Lee, o Owingsvillf , was
I visiting at Mr. J. F. Trurnbo'a in this
I city several days the put week. Sen
, Hon. John P. Salyer, of Wet Lib
J erty has resigned the office of Elector
of the 10th district on account of con
turned ill heath. v
Hon. J. 8. C. Blackburno spoaks
1 at the Court House next Tuesday uf
tarnoon at one o'clock. Let there bo
a good atUndauoe.
Butler Donaldson, of this county,
bought' the widow Turner's farm, near
?' Winchester, containing 110 ncroe,
! Tuesday, for 160 per acre.
j Mr. D. 8. Wood, (nee Mollic Con- i
,v car,) who has been viiiliug hnr parents
3 at this place for several usckH, re
turned home last Tburslar.
Don't forget to call on Stein when '
you come to Mt, Sterling. Ho will '
be pleased to see you and sell mi any- '
thing in his lino at lowest price.". '
went to Dajrton last week in a
rod car, slnppod at a red hotel, c:il in (
a red chair and heard (lenurnl Logan
iWe things red for tho Democrats.
The now celubrated steel imilx, which I
1mm mly beun in the market rixty i
days, a41avt given such mlifactoiy i
1 ruaults, arc tube found at J. A. Rum I
'4 Ly't hitrdwurr ,t.re. i
1 i
, ,
A Trip To Dayton.
Accepting nn invitation from Mr. J.
Al. Mitchell, ngnnt for tho Dayton
Hedge Company, wo boarded the early
train at Mt. Sterling lust Friday
morning and woio soon speeding on
our join noy. Anivingnt Cincinnati,
wo took dinnor, and at 2:30 boarded
a Hoo Line train for that beautiful
city on the Miiinm.
It wiu our first trip through this
portion of Ohio and so wero very
much impressed with tho evidences of
enterprise and thrift evident on every
side. Tho Valley of tho Minimi is thu
richest nnd moat fertile flection of tho
State. Tho farms, all clean, well
fenced and wellj cultivated are very
models of tho industrious, frugal husbandman's
nrt, in sinking contrast
with many of our own, so much i ichor
by nature, yet from a lock of good
mnnajfoment, ho"t yielding one half
the dividends. Thcro nothing is wasted.
What is taken fiom the ground
in the way of cereals, is ret in nod again
that fall and wiHtcr or tho next spring,
as manure.' Thus, tho Inud is constantly
growing richer. Tho fauns
arc all small and dommnud n in noli
higher price, per ncrc, than those in
tho faniouB blue gnus section of our
own ptate. Tho hotiees nro generally
small, tho most imposing structures
boing the barns in which the grain is
housed and tho stock sheltered from
tho chilling blasts of winter. The distance
from Cincinnati to Dayton, by
tho route wo traveled, is sixty miles
and wo were just two hours in making
tho run. '
rni: cu.Y
is built immediately on tho Miama
river and has a population of about
fifty thousand. Here manufacturing,
in nil of its branches, is carried on"
giving employment to thousands of
men. Tho streets nro broad, smooth
clean and well shaded. Tho attractions
of the place are many, too many in
fact, to attempt an enumeration in
the limited space wo havo at command,
but this sketch would bi incomplete
were we to fail to notice the pride of
all Datonians and iho greatest of nil
her attractions. We refer to tho
This institution was incorporated by
Act of Congress. March 3, 1885, ii
fitunted just three miles from tho city,
and can he reached cither by mil or
carriage, over one of the most beautiful
drivis in the whole country. Aa
one outers the grounds a scene of
lovliuess burets upon the
viii jii. Broad lakes, shaded drives,
green lawns, flower gardens more exquisitely
beautiful than anything we
ever behold, cool, leaf embowered grottoes,
through which ripplj niiuiiturc
brooks, filltd with gol 1 fish, fountains
throwing foith fep.trkling jets of water,
deer paik?, imposing brick structures,
together with tho long iowh of
and btoad nvonues, all form a
scene of Arcadian beauty imposiihlo
to describe, but onco seen always to
form a pleasant remembrance. It
seems that ono could live on and on
hero, oblivious to all that is pasiing in
tho bus world outside, but wo were
told that tho inmates become restless
and discontented with the indolent life
they havo to lead. They are fed,
clothed and quartered at tho expense
of tho Government, and remunerative
employment furnisnod all those who
desire to labor. Tho Home has at
present about four thousand inmates.
No one goes to Dayton without paying
a vitit to tho Soldiers' Home. In 1882
there wero 159,03d visitors and the
number has been increasing every
year since. Time pressing, our visit
was circumscribed, in consequence of
which we did not get to inspect half
the beauties of the placo. Wo hope
at somo day in tho near future, to pay
a morn protracted visit to tho Homo,
which is well worth a pilgrimago to
But the primary object of our visit
was to inspect the fences which had been
planted by the
and to g ve our impressions of tho
same. Mr. F. A. Goodpaster, acknowledged
to bo ouo of tho neatest
farmers in tho county, was our companion
on thu trip, and tho certificate
wo gave the company, published elsewhere,
speaks for itself. Wo inspect
rid a number of fences in tho vicinity
ot Dayton and from this inspection we
:ire more than convinced that the Day
Ion Hedge I'Vnco is, by overwhelming
xlds, lotli the cJwipttt and the bat
lc co for tho farmers of Bath county.
Why? IJftcnu&o it will Inst for ages, ;
ho only repairing iiHuded being to i
eep it pruned, twice a )car, a labor i
ivliioli a man can porfoim at tho rate
f a mile n day; the Jcttinl cost poj rod
h Ion than any other fence; the
are k arranged that the farmer
loes not feel thorn, being in
payments, or while the fan on is
growing; thu incroabo of the uluo of
farm, in dollars per acre; the '
ng of about ouu iicru of ground per
nilti, and other nitons too numerous
;o mention. Water will not wath it i
i'cny nir wind blow it do in. It dcs i
not sprout from tho root. The ground
enn be cultivated within eighteen inches
of thu fence. It h so strong that no
unimal can break it nor ti amp climb
over it. The company's plan of operation
is briefly, as follows: Tho plants
ate not out eight inches apart. When
thin is done n payment t 25e pel rod
is duo. The second year men nro sent
to icsot any plaiiti that may have died;
25c. inoio per lod is duo this year.
Tho thiid year 20c. inoio per rod in
due. Tho fourth year tho plants nro
ready for what is termed plashing.
Tho plashing is dono by removing the
ditt, cutting tho roots on each sido and
bending the cano at an nnglo of 45
degrees, cut of ut the hcighth desired,
and four lines of bathed wire nttached,
fastened to every cano by a staple.
Now you have a complotc, stock proof,
growing fence, and you mnko tho last
payment of fifty cent? per rod, making
in nil $1 25 per rod. By tho process
of cutting the rooU the plant is
dwarfed, nnd is constantly patting out
shoots from the topof the stem, filling
every, particle of spaco loft by transplanting
and plashing, so that not a
single hole, largo enough for tho
of a small pig is left.
Our rich soil is peculiarly adapted
to the growth of this fence nnd when
it is introduced, will speedily como
into general use. The Dayton Hedge
company has been doinir business for
twenty years and is financially very
In Tcnnesseo the compnny has
its fences in twenty-eight counties.
Here is what the Clarksvillo (Tcnn.)
Tobacco Leaf has to 6ay. "Thcro is
no estimating on tho ndvantnges ef
such a fence. It will certainly increase
the value of a farm fifty if not
one hundred percent., for it is everlasting
and needs no repaiiing docs
its own lepaiiing continually growing
and thickening up, and will not
destroy or damnge tho land like the
old way of hedging, as porno suppose,
becatiscd dwarfed by cuttiug tho roots
when plashed nnd no sprouts put up
to injuie the hind."
We ate grcivod to announco the
death of our esteemed and
fellow townsman, Tilford Moores,
which occurcd on Wednesday night of
last week at about 11 o'clock. Deceased
had been confined, to lu'3 bed
by an attack of fistula, from which
blood posioniug ensued, for two weeks.
It is hard for us to realizo that one,
who a few bhoit weeks iigo was so full
of life, so jovial, so companionable and
wiih every, pi.ospu.ct of a long life, has
passed over the dark river. But tho
wnya, of Providence arc inscrutable and
ulthough the heart swells to bursting
with poiguinut grief, it is said that wo
must bow to the rod that smites us nnd
oxclaim, "Thy will bo done." We
all sorrow with the bereaved, devoted
wife and her orphaned children.
Wo were surprised on calling in at
John A. Knmieys hardware Mure to
see the line of biccch nnd muzzle
loading single and double Guns he bus
on hands. They compriso :i lino of
the cclebra'ed Colt? Club Brooch loads,
Parker, Manters, llollis tto itc. also
the Davis and other single barrel and
barrel breech loader, in fact a
lino varying in price from 3,50 to
$75,00. He also has leggings, gun
casce, crimpers, loaders, fillers, field
wipen, cleaners, 11 fine line of empty
and loaded shells, with full lino of
amunition. His stock is a credit to the
town, nnd wo would adviso parties
wanting such goods, to give him a
call befoie buying.
We call attention this week to the
liberal offer inuclo by that excellent
Daily Journal, Tho National Democrat,
Washington, D. C. Our subscribers
would do well to avail themselves
of tho same. Every good
Democrat is called upn to aid tho
circulation of tho abovo mentioned
A correspondent is desired in
this section. Sen advertisement.
Mcssors. Thompson and Ramsey,
our enterprising livery men, will havo
their stables on Slate Avonuo completed
by county court day, and will be
prepared, to accommodate nil who
may favor them with their patronaco.
There is plenty of room, and
is in iipplo pio order. Give
them a call, and havo your
horics well taken euro of.
All my Bath and Rowan county
friondn nro invited to call on mo ut the
popular clothing, and boot and shoo
hourn nfT. F. Rogois, ut Mt. Sterling,
Ify., to inspect our immenso
itoek, just received, and marked at
I ho vory loweH Eastern prices.
Youia Respectfully,
K. SrniNbCiiNUimnt,
Formerly with L. R. Slesscr, Owing
villo, Ky.
Tuesday will ha a "Rod Letter" day
br the Doinncrauy of Hath, becaueo
Dlhckbmn, thu cloqnuiil exponent of
lite rvjhl, will upak to them.
See line of coal and wood
nod beating stoves, and get
hie rr.ee before buying.
- -- - ...
- r f
Eye Opcnor.
2b fAc citizens 0 Jhtli and surivundiwj
I tnko pleasuro in" iufonning the
penplo of this section thdt 1 havo just
openod tho largest assortment of fall
and winter goods over placed on this
market Tho latest styles of dress
goods, in all tho fashionablo shades,
and at prices lower than ever before
known. Tho dry goods department
is complete, whilo in boots and shoes
I can neat tho world. My stock of
ready mado clothing compiles everything
that is new nnd nobby, nnd I
can suit you both in stylo and price.
Tho goods nra nil fresh and new,
and will bo sold nt tho lowest figures
for cash. An inspection of tho stock,
h solicited whether you want to buy
or not. Thanking tho people for their
liberal pntronago in the past, and
hoping to merit n continunncc of the
hamc, I am, very respectfully.
. Si.usaiut.
At tho Bolicitation of. Mr. J. Al.
Mitchell, agent of the Dayton (O.)
Hedge Compmy, We visited that city
last week, and carefully examined a
number of fences they had planted in
that vicinity. After a thorough examination
of the merits of these several
fences, we feel no hesitancy in Buying
to tho farmers of Bath county that
we bclieye this company havo successfully
solved tho vexed "ftneo question,''
and that their hedge fence will
bo tha fence of the. future for thi locality.
Its cheapness first commends
it, while the liberal nnd fair terms of
the company, it seems to us, is 11 sufii
cient guarantee of, thir bonc3ty of
purpose and implicit confidence in tho
virtue of the goods thoy offer for sale.
Iuquiiy also developed the fact that
the Company is thoroughly responsible
for any and nil of hi engagements.
Tnon. J. Youno,
FrtANK. A. Goodpasti:u.
Mr. C. II. Hoon, our popular and
enterprising furniture dcalor, has just
purchased a large stoqk, preparing for
the fall trade. He keeps the best and
tho cheapest, and can furnish complete
outfit for house furnishing at city prices.
In addition to his furniture department
he has the finest stock of undertaking
goods ever brought to this
section. Tho well known reputation
of Mr. II0011 for honesty and fair dealing,
has gained him a reputation second
to none in Eastern Kentucky, mid
the low prices at which he is selling
his goods, make it an object for any
ono desiring to purebnso to call on
him. Ho is foremast in clinritaWa
enterprises, nnd we nre glad to learn
that ho is meeting with tho succe.'s be
so richly deserves.
Letter Lint.
List of lotlcrs remaining in the Pott
OfiiccatOingivilledCy., Oct. 9th,
Henry C. Cnnn, MjsaJnno Cauddl,
Wm. Hunt, Davied Mitchell, R. A.
Richardson (2)
Persons calling for any of tho above
will plea;c say "advertise ."
A. S. Thomas, P. M.
Now nnd Into designs in coal vases
nnd coal hods at John A. Ramsey's.
Mr. Geo. P. Stephens wishes us to
announce that he will have on exhibition
here Monday A Tew colts, tho
get of his horco Lo Grand jr. This
he docs thinking it ,wjll be to the interest
of broedore throughout tho county
as showing tho tnoritofhia hoiso.
Do not fail to sco tho colia.
Wo call tho attention of ojir citizens
to tho professional card of Dr. W. E.
Phillips. Tho Dr. conns highly
not only as a good citize.n,
but as a good physician, and wo solicit
for him a liberal hare of tho publiu
Our young friond .W. S. Gudgull
has accepted tho position of U. S.
Ganger nnd will enter upon thu discharge
of his duties ii a fuw days.
Wo congratulato him on his good fortune.
Undo Sam is u mighty good
Como Tuesday and, bring your
neighbor to bear Blackburn speak.
h will sell coal at either Preiton or
Salt Lick fetation by hu car load or
delivered to tho consumers in
by tho wagon load, at the vury
lowest prices.
J. M. Colliveh.
Wn made a littln mWtuku last week
in paying that John A. Ruinsuy bnd
$75,000 gun?. Our banker tells iih
wo can't buy any of that kind. Instead
of 875,000 read 75 00.
You can find al J6hn A. Ramsey's
hurdwnro Mom h full lino of wagon
spokch, buggy nud spring wagon spokes,
nnd fe)loj, touguc, shaft Aa,, Ac.
J. S. C Blackburn, United States
fwk.Lri" Tutidsy.
Now o To Work.
Below wo give tho Democrntic
committics foretell precinct in
this, county nnd uigo upon them, m
good and true members of thu par
ty, to go to work with 11 will und uirucl
such oignuizntloiis in their several
precinct as were never known before.
This is a year big with events. The
prospects of our party wore never so
bright before. Tho Democrats everywhere
are bold nnd aggressive and
pushing the fight, whilo their opponents
aro cowering and whipped. Let
old Bath bo up nnd at thrni. This u
no time for pulling luck nor throwing
cold water. If you arc a Democrat,
bo one, bold and manly. Assort it in
public and in private, on the highway
nud by ways, in the field nnd in the
You nre thrico armed,
because you havo your quarrel just.
You are battling for n great principle
and ngaiust tl party whoso leaders
have, systematically robbed and plundered
tho people for years. Lend not
your' countenance to fraud and dishonesty
by supporting the least of- them
but do your duty in November by
voting thu whole- ticket nnd receive
tho reward of. an approving conscience.
When the smoko of buttle baa then
elenred nwny nnd wo sco tho foe,
and discornfitod, fleeing on every
side, you can bet your bottom dollar
wo will have a big time. But, here
nro your committees:
OwiNCiHVii.i.K. O. W. Ilonakcr, T.
J. Young, F, A. Goodpaster, B. F.
Poiry, V. B. Young, J. M. Brnthor,
Isaac D. Shrout, T. C. Owings, II. II.
Ewing, John F. Johnson, L. A.
NY. II. Williams.
White Sulphur. Jumps Alloy,
Tom Pergram, W. T. Razor, Jack
Williams, John Daniel, Thomas Rag-land
Jock Crouch, Daniel Downs.
P01.K8VH.LE. J. C. Cnmbell, Geo.
Clayton, Geo. W. McDonald, Isaac
Garner, ,P. O. Collins, Geo. Jacksou,
T. W. Crouch.
Wyoming. J. B. Ilonakcr, W. N.
Smoot, J. T. Atchison, Lee Rice, Jas.
W. Grain, John W. Darnell, Dr. Mahal
Wells M. P. Collins.
Betukl. J.J. Smoot, John Rogers,
Abb Anderson, S. P. Baird. Daniel
Palmer, John Gudgell, James Fletcher,
D. 3- Trumbo, Wm.McCray.
SnAitpJinuna. Waller Sharp, L. S.
Rogers, Jas. K. Denton, J. R. Bascom,
Newton Ratlifl', F. M. Berry, W. T.
Pp.estok. Jas. T- Crooks, Perry
Oakley, Wm. Anderson, John Jackson,
Wm. Rcid, Piesa Barnes, Richard
Gaructt, Cad Iugruimm, James
For fine custom-made
boots and shoes, nt rock bottom
prices, call on Steinschneider, with
T. F. Rogers, Mt. Sterling, Ky.
To the Farmers of Bath County.
Tho fence questiou has become- an
item of interest to farmers all over the
State throughout Kentucky, and more
especially throughout the blue grass
region of tho State. We frcvuently
hear tho question asked: "What shall
we do for fences?" Timber becoming
so scarce and high that fencing
in that way costs moro than the
product of our farms; wiro fencing
is not a success, as our stock is in danger
of being killed or crippled by it.
Now, the Dayton Hedge Co. como to
you with twenty odd years of experience
in hedge fencing nud offer to
build for you a living fence, ono that
will last for age'.and at but little more
than half tho cost ot wood fenco, 011
such easy tonus that n farmer can pay
for it and never feel tho cost, as our
fenco is paid for in four payments. You
pay as you seo tho work progressing,
holding two fifths ot thu nionoy in your
hands until tho fenco is completed.
Wo guaranteo you 11 stock proof fenco.
Wo already have miles of completed
fence in your State, which a number
of farmuM of neighboring counties
havo seen. You will eco by tho testimony
of somo of your best citlzous
that wo have what we ropresont and
that our fence is all wu claim for it.
Wo have established an agency in
your county, with J. A. Mitchell as
mnnagcr, who will tnko your or lor for
fencing, and answer all iuquirioj you
wish to innkc regarding our fenco.
Hoping to receive the liberal patronage
of the farmers of Bath that we
havo received from your neighboring
counties, wo aro,
Yours Truly,
Dayton Hkuok Co.
All porsons indebted to the under,
rigwd hh trustee of L. R. Sliwu, will
plcaso pay or wet tie thu sumo by tho
latday of September, and if not
paid nrMtttlod by that time I idiall bo
compelled tonne.
Thu mooting at Geo. L. Coylca on
Sunday IkhI , well nttondod Elders
P.irkor, Ziiumuniino and Crotich
held norvico.
Tuk your hem puper.
The Bayton Hedge Fence I
. 'Phu OhoupoHt, .- . m
rJThe Strongest., : m
rJTho IVIost JLura.i?lo?. P
And the Prettiest Fence in thu World t 1
Wu dcflru ty announco ,0 the farmeis of tilth county that we hayo itblihed nn . u
flKoncv in Hjtliont. th. Mr. J. A. Mitchell aa Managor, for tlm ptrpoae if beau f
tifylug and eneIuS,i!l',Br farms with our Combined Vfkrv Hctlgo Fence .
which Jh concedcdV" " lSe tlio hst and most durabla fenco in tho world
being a livhiR f?ncP'tn,ld .Vltli proper catc will lat a lite time. We comnlete thja
fence to tho flatifntf,ion f jiiirchfuent, and at abour one-half the coat of post and rail ,
fence. It will outliHt "..lozcn post and rail fences, and will cost lca to kef p In per-
feet order tho onlyBpcjarr attention to the hedge fenco aftor its completion btiijg Ig
an occasional pruniBwhich can be done at a verv oninll outlay per rod. Bag
P DAYTON 1IKDGK CO., Dayton, Ohio. K
Mwauww in. Mil iiii ...... J.. '
Old Reliable Drug Store ! I
Owiiift'ville, - - JKeiituclcy. 1
Best Brands of Cigars and Tobaccos and Puro Liquor I
WM. SUA W, the celebrated Paris Miller, has recently at the enormous K
MofJuy of 528,000 in cash, rcmodM hit Mills by aiding the fined and completed W,
ROLLER PROCESS, and it is as needless to say thai I
Qictc 'are The 33ost TVXills in Iventucky, as U w to tdy m
tftut Billy Shaiv is die bat miller. W
He dtae this occupation nearly forty yean ago, and has pursued it steadily ft
to the present time. The leautisxd qualities of his Flour bear ample tcdimony Iff wt
he fact that he tparcs wither pride nor ezpe:ue in his businea. W
Staple and Fancy Emeries, i
In tho Wm. Richards Honso, next iloor to J. T. Kirubrougha nnd opposite
tho Court House, m
Will keep on liuinU ut nil time it full and fresh lino of
Sugars, Coftee, Bacon, Lard, Eloar, Tea,
Spices and Flavoting Extructs. Tho largest und cheapest line of ft
M Goofls ii Ton, id Fancy Goods ii all Varieties I
The Fluent Line ol Clours antl Tobuoco.
Special attention is called to the FRANKFORT FLOUR, 1
are the sole agents a) this place, ue handle all grades of this Flour. ' If
ileadquurlers for I'orcigu and Domestic Fruits. I
Our stock of French Candies nnd Cukes you will nlwnys find compltU B
Wu wim t it distinctly understood that n will not be undersold. W
Wo return thnnks for putt fuvou, und nsk a continuiuico of the eaino. S
Largest in Eastern Kentucky, and the Best Companies 1
in tho World, I.
LOSSES PAID - - $26,968 I
Contested Claims, None.. ' I
Head tho Jiist of Companies, And Take i Volicy E
In No Other:
Hoyul, London nnd Lnncafthiiu, K
North Hritihli und Moreuntilo. ' K
liiHiiruiiCii Company of North Amnrici. H
I'liuoiii, of London. B
FiruinuuV Fund Coinpnny. H
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