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Owingsville outlook. (Owingsville, Ky.) 1879-192?, January 04, 1900, Image 1

Image and text provided by University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

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t i J
7 1 ttt
t V r 1 J I 1 p
71 O fi i >
J + t 4
J 1 I if
f A c II Zatle s tu JiII
f > 4l yI tr
lx rlQa lJo 1r it 1wttV
f tMj I l
1t 4 J 01
1 tO4 wtia f r praC
1 t t r4 It t
r lirJ f l L J r
t t 1 r il 11
l 1Yt 1 i t J tT 1 i t I off fr yy1 j
+ sldf t7 isl ya
j b t IT 1v rl f ip
f t 5rtrJ S < + + w +
r 1ftJt Lr r q Iii
r7r yr
7r 7r it l t t4 CfI r
t 1 r 4 J
M O > LtI f
t T 31 Lr utw 4i r
xr Z le > H
r jA t > htttrJ
r oC f J 7iSJ
r f
1 J
r i trs l > i f R tJ
Iw si tr vfo 1 > r f4 tr = t1s
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1 1 Ifi 7 0 r 1
1qtf t It
< f t 1q tfJP r
l G4 f r e414p l I yy < I < 4 t
R <
< 1 ti t 1 f
+ 4 7t i iTOrt
lpI 4 of
to Y 1 J
f T > 4JJ I
r R 10 < I 4 t 1
14 I t
I II I j oij1 J
I r j J
s 1tJP
iC IrkYtt f
JA J < I k 1or > of bA
ti i
0 i
C J 4 fff 0 ent t
gO 1
1r g
Oki H v
l w imoney trust and discloses tbatilk
T f1 in all their deceitful iojq UIlr
1t r terdeclaring in their SUtLouis plat
e tt fcita that thpy favored aod would
lii ofs
r rtanr
V jt wT i I Tri t iT
1 1 1t iYpi ttdthedatllMcil fhey
> 04ej rc3nbine hare now come out jf in
lit he trae colors after hoodwinking
r r 4L > r teMiot thousands of aeaakraa bi
f + J Jf
OJ s j 1 f 7Jr 11 iMftic4JBeptibiciin8 to sore jcitb
> f toKeaa ln 1395 by false pretenses 1
f o ftteeakeg they never intended to
> lt rr JBke good ThisrhieaEnreJwbSch
f A + S l wiHBi rect the currency of tho
tt r ewmTry 1100000000 JIs for the
l < r 3 i brteEof tKe Biqriey trust thesoori
jd te Mcr nedKing ofalltbetrustg
4 t They will hear front then o le
r v = + Y y sext year The cannotVfbb M
itbetf 1 M brahain LincolfS Said
± + i I taveiBot liveB Hp Ohio Jby any
fitRtf T B I Jke tDemocrats made a
rW pU t it this year SOd2POUld
> p barewo bxtI riLtUiirdeleatent
r rir > isjeoted totfee caropaigB H time
Tf + ° d1 ontPeI1rtt11
f yo f jcl nJlr paesedJ t t
q r ft fooie cafl be averled ntil after the
tcapaigliehowito kaare
Z r tailtt1hiaitbeSeorelc ofrthe
z < V
i ik1i1 IlMMlrtri ito save W11
lreetepeoeiatorehatd snothing
oe h 1p the great ttaaee ofPeopler
tL r kt He f py Ib eecwely in
rw < < C1 i ae YI9 tAnd
MV wiMt s lMMTO i i yu JPhilipginy
t r V r itij teecorime of ftbe
> j t r orr ooi goi
> ir
9 K PI
i O4I
1 J tFh f = fttrP J L 4 1 J
t 1JtO
i if srkt tt tl1 i s
J jrff sr J al
t Xfjjtt c
A o
A y +
t kr 1 > aG rJ
I V rot I r r
Ii RI f
rir7 t r1pr
rh 1 v flJJ 7 11a J b
1 rv1 i > <
toM t
I I J i
baffeuy f
aS L Ibaff euy
l r WU 1 M r ta 1
I piea rOwingcviihe
c 10 if
r 8gt tie Cnnerrn hourr
iiagle Christmas day
tinoin 9mfvery cold I
11 k now
r t mpFOn pent
ti 111ednesday in
psof Indianapolis
Y pending the holidaye
her lIendersoD Pupp t
+ J
f 1
c ji Pai
pn th91aok r 1
iota probably tho kid neys a j
w wit Ohesl <
h ipwLuVv the lungs r If
Then probaoi rt < ULn
No matter where It is nr x6atI
kid you need havo it no lon t1
1It may be an hour a day or a
year old it most yield to
T Cherry
pkisler I
HieteJiaft applyfeg ltyoa
feel Itswothin w rmfayatrengtb
emng power
Irqwst coc Mtioa draft oat
taIietlaatioa t 1
1tis a new plaster
Ii kJew iwmlii2lstioa of w
< r remedtea Made after cew
> gethed EoUreljr omUke < sf
do Gtkripleeter r
1IieJt iphottlodcrn Hedipat
ieafe a
ti 7q1t e fede tctbfjta l
atk tToiL
1 PltMilprer the chest it fa a
poiarfal aid to Ayef CKcrrr Jeer
ten i Ia 1he treatmeatotalttliioat
MeeA6 H LiBg over the
showers It eoptiBIicrampe and egtic
fileIiirre sW a iageities from ae
Uup ha i
r FMttratr9gI
f 1J ti 1
J CAysx yar
1 L
ySSy r
c fcY
t r
tY S ter
weather 5
Ttilov 1n sick
for several weeks is some better
Miss Lucy Crouch of Odtswi isi
visiting Lersibter Mrs TJ Bailey
James Cracraftand wife of Pres
ton visited Jliley Bailey one day
last week
F M Crouch of White Oak
spent Cbritmas with his Eoninlaw
lo J Bailey
Sherman Markwell and lamlly
of Upper Prickley Ash are visiting
his brother inlaw Tj Bailey
Mrs Malissa Anderson left Mon
day to vitdt her daughter Mrs
Lulie Hawkins in Indianapolis
Mrs J S Bailey has been visit
ing her daughter Addie Stone ot
Upper Prickley Ash The latter
has been sick for sometime and is
no better at this writing
MraAG V Cook is confined to
hr bed with a severe attack of
rjitumatism 1
thu young folks a nice little dance
tin the 29th tilt a
Mils Maggie Rynn paid her par
cnuiunl irienda at Side View a
visit last week
The Christmas holidays passed
off quietly and the little ones were
made happy Cries Kringle being
Jail Iludsell colored entertain
ed hits many colored friends + villi a
dance 24 hours in length on the
28Lh ult
Jlolraan Rice son of W U Rice
who has lien at home spending the
holidays with his parents returned
to Cincinnati Ohio on tne 1st iust
where he is attending tcliool
Henry Williams and Eleaner
Herrin of Buffalo ml who have
been here looking after stock and
visiting the family of J E AVil
HamtcEfq returned home after the
Christmas holidays
f Miss Frankie Lewis is the guest
of her cousin Miss Lena Robbins
Mrs Young of Rockcastle visit
cd Mrs Emery Caldwell last week
t Mrs Jennie Shrout was the guest
of her eister Mra Richard Rice 1
laet week
Miss Fanny Helton of Mt Stet
ling was the fosse oi Mre Prerfsley
JacKBon last week < I
Miss Johnson and Miss Pearl 1
Logan of Morehead are guests otl
MIPS Kona liuley 1
r3ia > td d illa TBS 9hlV e
p a
tifJctS t i i s
> r
i Ioo = > 7
4 f U 0 Joo C
7 t
of I
1 j
Tile sick lito nil better exceF I
MfBiAnn JulnonB
Joe Enmons hasR6neltpy4era
ing umity to visit liis fattier
Aft r several weeks f kkness 1
will try to seribhle a few items for
Robert Clillps dud nib pave the
vming folks a party lait Thursday
Mia Pearl Lane closed her school
Fridaywith much satisfaction to
the pupils
L M Cannon and wife pent
Monday with the formerd sitter
Ors Kate Vice at Sherburnet
Daniel Emmons of Reynolds
ville is visiting the familhs oI
This A mat David Crouch autf C
R Can nonIrom hero he will Sao
to visit his daughter Mrs Lizzie
Boyd at Sherburne
Athlon Thomas visited at Ewing
ton lest week
Will Fleming and Joe tVilliam S
arc visiting relatives inOhio
J W McGlpfson of Olympia
visited relatives here hid week
J F Johiifon bought of DS
Nixon 7 hbgsat o cents per p und1
II M Hoovermalo and Claude
Hart visited relatives at French
burg last week 1
Ditzler DUI haml of Nicholas i
countyvii it d his cousin Mr5G i
It Arnutrong last week 1
Charey Clayton and wife oli
Farmerc visucd Will HuuBton and I
wile several days last week r
Married last niqnth Art Hbj
ad ud Miss Be ti6 G6odpafcter
These are worthy young people and
may their voyage through liflbe
prosperous and happy
Died January 1st 1000 of croup
Mr nnd Mrs George lhoIDIltI The
tamily have the sympathy ofthe
community in their ead bereave
ment Thy gentle voice now is hushed
Thy warm true heart in Mill
And on thy young and innocent brow
Is rating dcatlie cold chill i s + 4
Thy hands arc clapped upori thy breast
Wo have kifse lthy lovely brow
And in our aching hearts we know
We have no littlo Mary now
f µ
Ed Collins has gone to Ohio j
S M Johnsonwas in Mt Ster
ling Saturday
James wfliianis qfr Flat Sreepi
was here Saturday 7
Miss Llllft obiinisvisi irg i
1V1Lchf ttr tlti < week
i rr t i y
< l trJ i r ff Y
ClldayU l
DIeIraftrltcevi ffl 1It 4 7 +
hoflOQ fit egfOy < 1 hr
i ourSuttx ake them irinne rolyounganc1olJr y f r <
r The IIIthcllsdalJlnrg 01 our ri co
1d I t at1east 50 a lea tQ se t fc o t j Hja ciT C I 1
rI TimeIelL are 9e leClttilY ith canjatlest I se1fr c 1i ritili 1 w i
Don buY a H5 t or 20SUlt 0sldetbI8 hots e t riX e b LV the b nettothtng on r < earth iI I7
d aLi1ItHJ n
i y tall Isad ezatnineCorks iltfor tmentsl r < 1 J > rt1u > i
at bbe9ir prices 1 rYO jlJit fi I c f
tt f if
g < mw C1 iJIItt 1 f J 4r n n7db iIlifi toIut t J < >
< v I
f Ifiii
ne f t Buudayuntll April ci I
Cole Jackson and wifebf Olyoa
pia li sieI tjere Mondajv >
QP Adams hasgone to Marion
Ohio tospend eli 9aYF Ij
1 att4imfitga oSalt Lick vis
ited hiabiotlerhere > Mohday
iji jc
9D4S Rld visited biaparertts > it
CajaarflO Saturda and Sundajy I
Alfried Ingiain and wife are visit
ing relatives at Chestuut Grove
Mrs MiHartfatateaond children
ars = visit ° ngieltttiivesatFOge ill
QWJ iApjnpson and wife of
MudVick are visiting relatives here
1MarriedtDec25th 1 tonn > itJ t
fon t 1 011 I I
Mrs Press Darnes1Yps u 11 Mfc
Sterling one day Jaat week shop
ping t4I t
11o wish theEdiL9runtltbe cit r
repmiriiaititnerrYEliristma liU
IiitcJi t
nn i1 IIa
Ilifff Fitcn atdhwJfeffQ11m
pill were g uets uJAo WiWafiifS
and wile Christmas day tJL
Misses ll and Nora Gilbert p rl
near Sherburuoarp J visjungt4wi
grandJrtpt4 br ixuu sucdtwife i
ToVti Sattejfiejd and tiwifeMrs
nearSharp biirguruYr il rs
S tte fi ldtfwrdii t 14 tiers
and wife > J J r V
Mr8 GdV uiisirongMrs D
Turley Charley Cracrati Iud iltiff
Mrs Jas Clark and Mite JerVa
Jphnsoawerl is Alt6ttrltngf late
yeek shopping f
d00REl31 RBJyr
Cold weather teems to hold on
since ii set in
f vHappyj Hew Tear to tbe leaders
afcthu DsuopwtT
We had a white Christmas the
faretJor several years
Mis Cintha At Shtout has not
been well f rtbepast week
> J i t s + T t i T 4 j J t
t1JA ice AtOpisqn ofSieiburne is
visiting her kin folks at this t time
Marshall Velte of near this place
IS no betteranti cant lastnuau
a rz
LfMGnhbmii r
Nit W tl1
r Ci
r <
< t
I r k Jj
1 Jflf
lz z4i i 4 rx t
S r
I Ments1Joots 8Ji S1 i 91
II V i t > llVTr 1110 Ii > T
v r vrr rilt H v 91
I Sweeping reduotionjr Vnte r iit att nality hat wnio i e 1I ot7r eye 1 u
I Boys Bootaaaloir as 9SiitVi f Jj rf > brha
r iv I
10 w
I iT o ro
fli II J
Mersa Bootsegoodq qunIityaslfiW 8 Il t i 2 J t r 1 I
Died a eztik lio tit1iloots wIaoleat ° ckhigh fqttteto 1 t Nt t
t Ui
jJ urt i
IMeI1t dSki iSr I la t t 1 + ticnJ1 t U t J t tlJ
tfne e 8c
Mens nne S noes fairs c t tI lu 1110 l 1 t111I t arItL rtC i
4 it 1 t f
I Merizi high toFhoes L25 7 iiPt 1 iQ + lnw lttbq
1u I 1
b tt II 011
Me g1Hgl = toi She s jjin and wide 1 lOetI9 4 It i JlvliJ
Il S iit Jj u
i Diadqsh f i d pncesoyttrua el011lt I 1 i tuentionrA I 1 l look H Jlll
ah 111 1
LJyy ilt tJ Hii
I i
Mrs r O Po Sbrputha3betb I on
the ficlt likt for the past wIU I t
t 1 >
Yf 11 1ir
i BVrtHayof Mason con QI1 has
mired tJ E John tear here fqr
jjieeheuihg yeary c II r r1
< There waaa great dealfofvf itinc
ytzqugh Christdtaf tUt iv0Mi
tvtr ihNripytllti op tqitwi r 1
Jahn Otis itfJ1ioiiT y wht1eft
lit t ite 1iorrtiin it tinoie sireeipct t
i d t1t1rII = Fk llereWedne s < t
fan Oth Notfausfiod ea4c se
° Ttbcircomingbaek t
Prof EC Kioibrell end wifiQf
l iuonville Moht onier3 cdutiiy
5d visiti6 hisfatertn lYiA
rroatl thiarpce 11 Froft
sbV ejxpejjts toviaehi penaaaushi
here ifiiMJ sun get adal3S t r Y f1 taft r
l ear 1 lSlaty P init
R1Wan C ucii111ristnT eVeni 1j4
lr Jorseli lihtlyshb sad
klledFr hlI 1let a IAg 1 man
eahuut2ij itfi
happeMdattlae uewealooh kUplra
thaV place by Jdss abn Xhbinp
soit f t to 4 vtf J 11
8011g 4 ser BRIGHT M
vIANI HOBo + I 983e P
1JduifaI ManaRV i ijtjs adiclbse1iy
rntlnlit tj rwiw 11TIandT ex
pea Otitrai tp4M inoIlt1ae6l1
Cf8 alartrJoel D tmap tv l
f <
+ f T +
ilr I > > iI
c r 4
tTf Jl1f r1r ro
n zA > r O F i
i f P JiZf t4 I
4iU aKc i
fo < fji f I c
r r ira r
e J
iltSe ti t s
> 1
t t J il lit 1
to1t i2l i n 1
ra < 1
t I1
I fiir wa 1 ta 7
tl Gt fSt7
t7 ot i
11 ni h yjfiFttl i
< J 1ftJI
sJt l Iaih1
UrJih lJw
UrJ r
I V JU 4
blIdI1 ttUP t1a r
iG1 nlttlI > lidii7 r J
iG1t t I Ji nt ttur JIi UI 1 t
1f jfJ 1
M = 1 t iluh at 1tJt1o sii
Me s wn j mJiIidIU h 1 itt il
r r sc c j VC Vila ati atII9r
1IiIl P thhhA 3tqm p a
i l the ittl f
t r Wfft noituY tji f orf
wartftobPtiuCyoq + ttn a I
I t fag the Qt bP manS pPShr atreatl adtpt S1riWi11rb99 1nJ 3
± t h J e Lek1lfl aSmniSU g g1 Jtncl dF +
ake r D n0Vr J
i 7 Y sls f tt l I l 1l 1
1 IOt t
L irai9S
Ii > w rIa
I too tu i i
J + t 11110 F 3tGrlto l VJ Jt rv 11
I 1 11 < v <
JJl 10 ht Ut
I 4 fII LA 0 t 1 <
j I rr Itt10 r I
ilt fl ao
f r i xfua < lT I
ld M iafs =
e to nli i43r 113711trr tll > 4 gi t ZT
a fti1l UY U Ir tr14
ld 1
1tt Y It ttw r3 N 1 1
w t t gu t d t > a4 r r p
f Irt II d 1 1 i
OM fithJat 3 fiti i l k P1J iQ ir
I if 1iTf UXtH t ne
t11RJl Y1Atl i l I t 11TakH va JijTft e
1 p firstcl fFi aaG1 Lx t t
hin p t2t t YtJP1 r J f t
f tll1ll iflf ac iiio H YtJP1I iJ1rllu s i l1 1v n1
LP lILolt f rIwbtlt ne mere iwlire Joti v
1t 1Thr IJ1ib 1 f Irt1SSY l
tvo < tAht Ul
i 11411 hfif l r
t 1 J
II a i 1 ri llf JtfnJ n
t Y rf11
r t t w IY T L lt 2rr i
4ti U t IVi rt 3lifUCI rC ltgt 1
It 1 4i 1lA J ti r > > 1 llilht ii
it inO11 lIE BH s t ulr 4
Ifl n inI E 1oit r tL I4t4 bra
TO i <
V > t hJ t rat4 iioOI
s azS f t t ro o f llnlt I t litit b u A s
r t 1 I
f r
< t l wi 1 r 7
o 4lft
v J
f ist rjf gr o PPJs
I IUt or
i 1
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< w =
01 i
if t T o
r a ybr dO s4
e i o re
< < T
1 1i s
4 < = o >
yr 4t r
fJo J < i
r t l
ti 0
jy s
R 7r < t i
t t
J t
+ f r L C H 10 >

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