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4 i T2i
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s r 1 lri I CHIEF AND
r r Qr t
J t a
> > > s1
> ir t VAmmonia In Morris
vXiVv < > > 7 afiatns
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a Mn right Agalnit Desperate Odds til
Subdue conftagratlohFlre Fight
ra4 ers Face Death to Rescue Bodies
I A Flre In Years
p i
Chicago Thirtyfour firemen In
t udlng Fire Chief James Horan were
iL = lUod while engaged in an onslaught
I against a tornado of flame that swept
I Into rnsMsh the new beef house of
t the packing plant of Morris Co at
b the Union stock yards
r Scores of firemen were Injured
a The property loss may reach more
w i han 3000000
I Tire Chief Horans body was re
a vered after repeated efforts to mon
a S the smoldering debris under which he
C Was burled and removed to the homo
of his brother Daniel J Horan Sixty
tint street and Prairie avenue
4 t >
ZLFiremen Were Powerless
The flames spread so rapidly that
S J the firemen were powerless to save
St the plant The entire stock yards dls
4 1 I fcdct was threatened
4 Huge tanks of tallow stood direct
7 1Ir t r c lyla the path ot the flames and threat
a i4L laeaed to explode
b A b 5 lThe flre was the most disastrous
A < that the department has had to con
tend with since the Iroquois fire and
i f the holocaust at the Seventyfirst
rLtr Jrtreet crib
I J cribBurled
4 Burled in Debris
h I a AU the VlcUma were In the base
f t eat of the new beet plant when an
t j ifWloiioa occurred tht wrecked the
0 f 5 k ip < ldlBg and buried them beneath tons
debris The explosion came with
e It warning The men elleved they
4 o S iKtte lames under Jroland wer r
c jZrln4 kthebund
a 0 Tl ej WMea the ipos2ono Iitfi tie
4 1 j1ttttohaTe been ammonia took
L ice A minute later companion
twere making a frantic bdttle to reach
ftM buried sufferers
< Wild excitement followed Extra
Ssails for help were sent In A major
lity M the i fire companies In the city
A were rushed to tie scene
I j 5The flame ctlrred by the strong
I wind spread rapidly and soon were
S j Mrr fc yoBd control
Fads Death From Explosion
I Sxploclon after explosion followed
L MII drove back the firemen The heat
S i4t became BO intense that the flames had
dtobe fought from a distance ot half a
r wock
Lt All the time great danger prevail
ied because of the tallow tanks being
close to the buralhg structure
g It was ko uri after the discovery of
l the Ire before the firemen were able
iM to get Bear the structure Then the
5 todr of Mbrwerski was found
S S 4kNewB of the fate of the firemen
1 < ¼ Pr4 rapidly throughout the city
S t Soon hundreds of Briefstricken moth
SrB < eons and daughters appeared on
jthe scene Their grief was pitiable
4 S Policemen had great difficulty in
keeping them from rushing into the
S company was almost overcome when
I S fee realized that so many lives had
f SI t5I been lostWatchman
S Watchman Discovers Fire
tA watehmaa trhe was making his
S s rouBds through the strUcture dlscov
1Ui fire He saw flames in what
i toown aa the hide storeroom in the
I P d aeesienL He at once telephoned an
t S atom and fled Jrom the building The
Ikmea read rapidly and with the
b < arrivyr Wthe finitiConiDaniea of Die
i If UIen ge era1arm was sounded
S S which brought over 15 companies of
oj j to S ftremen to the scene
5 The fire broke out at 4 a m and a
I f spectacular battle with the flames en
Y f t i sued until at a m a terrlfflc exp6
J 1 aton of ammoala iprjtb beet cold
I I 1 etorage aeeUopfthe < building sent
4 11 J s heavy canopy crafeln down on a
T w
V Real News In Past
< The grapes of the greatylnoof
i e Hampton court London this year to
tiled 2138 bunches worth 2000 An
1 3old newspaper man living Bear the
S old Tines says 1 have for 50 years
4 noted the regular crop of vriews para
z rr Y 1 graphs about the probable yield of I
io grapes on the old vInes and I now
s t 4B4out the newspapers a century ago
to 1ere printing the same thing It
1 1 o t ieota 1iIfth8 oldtimers had to UP1
I r v iyoung fellqws off on real aewL1
f e NeYorJt Press I
AtI t
y h < Ripen S Iow II
> S City Girl Ob the darling llttl I
f c eUsfeeas just oat of their shells I
A a jit what age are they ready for mar
5 T4 iJtet V
r S > t tXsmi AMtor9 up to eight
1 4r iI
f l T r
iI 1 c f
t ia J Un Character
t Ishy i ayery remarkable
tr i i1r t 11
qp1 l IJ t W Mf
jcJ1 I t 8ef aakea any facetious re
f wkeasMarts S J cre a
l r f I I 1
1 4 S
It vfo 10
fr t a <
0 r
7O fIHIjlt 1 O 1
I 1
f r I 1 r
i Jr4y <
> 0 S f
S t fJ rolo S
Ie a
t 11l < S
1 f S S 1
c I
Z 1jot r f
v it l1h > t <
l1 I
S 9J 1i 1 a
4 p
Jo J > f t
JI = j
lr1 Ji r t
t JrJJor > r r r r
or rG r <
t a y
I 1CIf if
Itlt Lli < i P Aa
J r1 t t w It t S
ti1r t 1 A +
I i4lt ri to
f i J r r a
1J + J it it c
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lfJ 5
r li
JH9 r SI
r t j
ri I 1 1 l lr I i r
7r 7 < e
squad of firemen who were directing
their opcratlohs from a loadlrg plat
form S
Send Many Calla for Help
Tho fatalities nil occurred In one
place on tho loading platform When
the blaze first was discovered and
an alarm turned in the first of the
fire department forces to arrive on
tho scene sent in a 411 call for help
Following this came special call utter
special call until 60 streams of water
were trained on tho blaze
A stubborn fight occurred between
the flames and tho firemen Tho fire
spread to many parts of tho building
despite the efforts of tho men who
sought to check it
Sharp Blast Then Death
Tho fight bad continued for an hour
when the crash came Away up in
tho roof of the structure near a point
directly over the loading platform on
which stood Fire Chief Horan Bur
roughs his second assistant Lieuten
ant Fitzgerald and nearly a score of
others there was a sudden sharp
loud report like the Instantaneous
Ending of a highpressure boiler
Portions of the masonry of the
Imildlng fell away like a chllds house
toy IjvAtdlng blocks A larg < part
r this fell on xi canopy ov the
loading platform tearing the latter
awa and bearing it to tho platform
Itself which was crushed like an egg
shell with Ita human Jfrelct of fire
fighting men f
Falling Brick Injure Many
There were scores of firemen stand
ing < jn the outskirts of where the
bricks fell Many of those were in
jured some of them painfully They
were taken to St Bernards hospital
and to their homes In ambulances
and police pairpls which were rush
ed to tho scene b y the score when the
explosion came and It was known
that there would be a list pf dead and
Injured x
Fumes of ammonia filled thebull
mg with rapidity It was seek at
once that ammonia pipes forming a
part of tho refrigerating machinery
that keeps tho south end of the build
ing chilled for the storage of beef
carcasses had exploded
At once fear became widespread
that many firemen and their officers
were in the building at the time and
that the ammonia fumes would
strike them to the floor leaving them
easy prey for flames and smoke or
killing them outright
Firemen Work In Danger
The rescuers worked under the
greatest danger to their own lives and
ignoring burns and hazard of falling
walls Despite the fact that they were
award of the fatality and knew that
the bodies of the victims were burled
under the brick pile firemen worked
about the pile directing streams of
water Into the burning building Many
of them went about with tears stream
ing down their cheeks overcome with
grief over the fate of the chief and
his subordinates
Begin Rescue Immediately
Almost as soon as the wall fell i
those of the fighters who had escaped i
S fter ocqAa rah4
at the ruins to bring to set those
whmlght still be alive Amid the
blaring Umbers the redhot bricks and
the lzzllng steel the 1r men worked
unmindful of the terrible burns they
were suffering
The work of rescue was extremely
difficult The terrific heat of the fire
combined with that of the fallen ma
terlal made It almost impossible for
the rescuers to work without being
overcome Even around the edges
the Injured could hardly be found
because the dust and grime with which
they were covered made them almost
Indistinguishable from the ruins
Walls Continue to Fall
The peril of the brave fire fighters
did not cease after the explosion and
tho falling of the wall on the score of
men on loadingplatform
Other and smaller secUo 1aof the
wall continued to fall and warning
calls from commanding officers to
men who were imperiled from time to
time by theso were heard continually
Finally an order was issued for no
man to venture near enough to the
building to be caught under any col
lapsing masonry
News of the fire and explosion
spread rapidly through the tock yards
district and friends and relatives of
the firemen gathered around the build
ing imploring the Pro fighters for
news of their friends Policemen from
a number of neighboring stations were
taxed to keep them from gunning Into
the burning building
Mjin Beefhoucs of Plant
The building that was destroyed for
its loss was practically a total one
was the principal boefhouse of the
Morris pl uLIt adjoined I on the
south the building i whlch are the
main onlclif ortnecbmpany ana was
the largest of the Morris group of
structures Jt was six stories hlgh
The structure consisted of n group
of four bullrings although they ap
pijred to be one being bum dpse to
gether and tho walls Joined sdas to
make them four units Joined Into one
They were Nos 4 5 6 and 7 of the
Morris Co group
Founder of OpenAir 2hooi
Miss Gardner of Indianapolis is said
to be directly responsible for the
openair school for delicate children
which has become an Institution in
that city She appeared before the
board of education and by her argu
ments prevailed on It to give such a
school a trial The children pay
three cents a day for hot milk soup
or cocoa which is supplied them by
the school Any deficit is made up
by the treasury department of the
A Plain Man
Do cope along with us major and
have some dinner i
Delighted Im sure But you must
let me go homo first and make myself
Oh dont bother come just u
you arelMerry Thought
A Costly Painting
I Bill How long was your mend the
artist working on that canvaV
W1llEight years TookJhb aboul
slxBftbnthsto paint Han sev33anf
a bait yearstrying to sell 1tI1
< > JI
> I if
i i P
2 4 u
iff 3 fUff S o >
T J i
rv 1O
r J t >
S 1 S
Beverldge And Frailer Do Not Sign
Committee Finding Which is Pre
sented to Senate and May File
Minority Reports Later j
Washington rtor r
vestlgation Tn
made In coif S
of Senator I r
nols was si
the commit S
tlonsthro T
Burrows S S
body adji p
com a 5
mlttee fol > v I
That l i S
I Mr Lorf
1 LoI1fus
1 A
1 unIIu
the use OJr employment vpf corrut
methods T practises
Charges that four members of the
Illinois legislature were bribed and
that three other members paid bribes
ire not lgiSored by the committee
The report ydeclares that those who
confessed tf ° receiving bribes shculd
not be bell r a and that the votes of
those who were charged with paying
bribes shod be counted s
In relationQ1e charges that there
was a cotruptlon < und used in toe Illi
nois legislature anbajJtas dig
bursed l > y oneRobCrtlE Wilson the
report says that there is no evidence
that It was used for the benefit of Mr
Lorlmor bo committee suggests
that spy investigation of the use of
such fund should bo made by nt
thorltlcrof the state of Illinois
The statement of views of Sendtor
Frailer waJ mad public later In
his statement Senator declares
that the fdur confessed bribetakers
Impllcatqd three other memberS of
the legislature who bribed them that
these three votes were also corrupt
which would make seven tainted
votes Eliminating these seven vote I
Senator F azler holds would maiir
the vote recfctvedlesa than a majority
The report as presentwas not
signed by members of tne contmlttee
although It dlHTMt P P Car that there
was any minority On the floor dthe
senate however Mr Beveridge made
the statement that he had not been
able to concur with or dissent from
I the findings because of the voluminous
character of the testimony He said
I that he would digest the proceedings
I of the Investigating committee during
the holidays >
uxr Mut jp Assemble
Tacoma Wash LThft first na
tional convention of women Vot
ers vlll be held here January 14 ac
cording to plans perfected The con
vention was called by Governor
Brady of Idaho Delegates from other
equal suftrtige statesUtah Wyo
ming Colorado and WashlngtoB ren
resenting about 270000 women vot
ers will participate
Machine Sells Red Cross Seajs
New York The best salesman of
Red Cross Christmas seaish tho
United States is a nlckellittheslot
machine In the Madison square post
office The machine has dlsosed of
more than 1000000 seals 1
Coy SetsaNew Butter ecord
Syracuse N Y Pontlae Clothilde
de Kol II a HolstelnFrlealan cow
owned by Stevens Bros of Liverpool
N T has broken the worlds seven
day butter record by producing 3728
Ship Ashore In Gale
Mprehead City N CA large four
wasted schooner wga stranded on the
west sldo of Cape Lookout shoals
I Wednesday and the heavy running
tide and strong wind drove the vessel
high on the sboajju
Woman Makes Long Flight
Etampes France Tlje longest sus
tained flight ever made Ibya woman
was negotiated bee iVednesday fay
1 W1p covered l03
t < t < 1
< S
S Ji t S
S t
4 w V
Father of Wife Slayer Confidant Or t
der for Soni Extradition Will
Be Set Aside t
Trento > S JNot urdi January 9 I
will pr pharlton irarn whether he
y red before United l
c Istab pale and bag 4
S Jg the effects of the
5 5 5 nflnement and the
5 whlnh i he is frequent
V Vs lawyer R FIoydI
> > r an adjournment on
S t he needed time forI
1 certain important I I
a pvidence will be used
S Ie Secretary of StateI
1at the young man beI
S vb allowed an order C
arecords in the case by I
4 proceeding before thee
> Mer following CharmS I
S the steamship pier i
from Europe Coun I
IL p IrFil a rdQt
1 Qlminnting ftoIl the r rhecort copy
1OL the com laht presented before
I JudteDlalr of the Hudson county
courts These are regarded an nota
ble gains for the accused man asS
his counsel has to conduct in his be
Judge Chart m la confident that the
ruling of Setf ary Knox In favor of
extradition ij be set aside He does
not think his Un in his present con
dition would survive the Journey to
Hornet Former U SShlp Clears
From New Oceans on Myi
sterlous voyage
Now Orleans The former United
States gunboat aSrnet reported to
have bew purchased by Honduras
revolutionists cleared from this port
for fape Graclas with a crew of
twenty men 200 tons ofcoal and
provisions for thirty days Included j
among the cfew are several men who I
ajfi said to have been connected with
previous filibustering expeditions dl
rected against Central American re
publics One of the rumors current was that
the Hornet would be turned bver to
Mexican revolutionists Captain John
son commanding the vessel says that
the Hornet will be used In the Cen
tral American trade
Rockefeller i7s Final Gift and Retires
tires Br All Conhectlon
I D Rockefeller has
frslty of Chicago an
o O Announcement of
flit inade at the university
CON Tuesday by Martin A
ny d1 chairman of the board of
I trusyfts The Standard OH magnate
raid in making the gift that he re
tired from all connection with tho
university and would give it nothing
more His total gifts in 21 years ag I
gregate 35000000
Dies Saving Little Ones
S Joliet lllTo protect several small
children wlowere playing
owere near a
live wire which had fallen to the
street Dominick Davis aged seven
teen an employe of the Santa Fe
railway picked up the wire believing
it1 insulated and was electrocuted In
Ccal City near here Thursday
Dies at Age of 106
Fond du Lac WisMrs Sophia I
Unferth died at the age of 106 years
Thursday She was born in Germany
in 1805 and has three children living
Taft Annuls Death Decree
Washington President Taft Tuest
day commuted to life imprisonment
the death sentence passed upon John
Wynne an oiler on the steamer Rosen
crans at Honolulu Hawaii for theI
murder of a man named McKInnon I
Senator Elkins Is Bettert
Washington In t
announcing In the
senate Tuesday that Senator Elklns
was detained at homo by serfous ill
ness Senator Scott of West irginiri
added I amglad to say he Is much i
better 1 i
S t
S 4
I ¼
7 t
Industries Are Reported Quiet But
Trade It as Good as That Re
ported Last Year
New V rkRG Dun Cos Week
ly Review of Trade said
In sharp contrast with the between
seasons dullness in jobbing trade is the
brisk holiday retail distribution which
in most of the cities Is reported to bo
equal or in excess of last year
Building operations in a number of
cities show declines as compared with
last year though the aggregate of now
projects is still large Diminished ac
tivity in iron and steel is to be ex
peeled as the year draws to a close
yet It is evident that dultnqss Is more
pronounced than is customary at this
Iron and Steel
Tho holiday period will naturally
cause a temporary cessatloh of opera
tlons at manufacturing plants and as
current buying is of small proportions
mills and furnaces are expected to still
further restrict their output Discus
sion as to the future course of prtces
is receiving most attention and con
sumers are believed tobe confident
the lower quotaU nBwlll shortly be
named with the result that orders are
being withheld Pipe iron has beer
quite freely taken and Inquiries for a
substantial tonago are still reported
Xl eastern territory but with this ex
ception extreme quietness prevails in
tho pig Iron division Construction
of new battleships will require con
siderable finished material and it is
estimated that 300000 tons of mate
rial will be needed for bridges and
buildings although on railroad work
further marked concessions are re
ported but contracts are coming for
ward in moderate volume and the out
look for ro1l i1 stock Is considered
somewhat better
Textile Walter
itTthe textile field the chief source
of complaint comes from the inability
of manufacturers th secure prices for
goods commensurate w Ith the costs of
production and curtailment is being
considered Tho merfs overcoating
season of 1911 has opened with cloth
ers disposed to order ample pieces
only S
Bradstreets weekly tetter said
IHolIday influences ruled this week
and active demand at retail contrasts
with prelnveotory quiet In wholesale
and Jobbing trade a further slowing
down In Industry over the end or tho
year period and stpsnant speculation
In securities and commodities Money
haa eased while riuppUos have in
creased Collections have been slight
ly quickened by inc cosed circulation I
of money In leading centers Weath
er conditions have impartcd activity
to the coal trade but no scarcity Is re
ported Foreign demAnd for American
wjt 1Jni apta iU rS t In strongly
t c aSt ndshWmem 0
longabsent customers such as Pranice
and Asia lave been the heaviest in
Business Failures
Business failures InI the tTnU d
St for the week ending December
22 were 271 against 290 last week 2C4
in the like week of 1909 196 in 1908
248 in 1907 and 101 In 1906
Wheat Including flour exports from
the United States and Canada for the
week ending December 22 aggregate
2789817 bushels against 2893597 test
week and 3769928 < this week last year
For the 25 weeks ending December
22 exports ore ES85G004 bushels
against 84040633 in tho corresponding
period last year Corn exports for the
week are 1038856 buhels against
482936 Jast week and 1546762 last
Cincinnati Grain Market
Flour Winref patents 420a45
do family 310a330 low grade J240a
JIGO spring patent 550a565 do fancy
S475a510 Wheat No 2 red 95a
98c No 3 red 93a9Gc No 4 86a93c
Corn No 2 white 47a47c No 3
white 4C > Ja47c No 2 yellow 48a
48c No 3 yellow 4Z4a4Sc No 2
mixed 47a4Zc No 3 mixed 46iSa47c
OatsNo 2 white 34a35c standard
white 34a34c No2 mixed 34a34c
Cincinnati Live Stock
Cattle Shippers 525a62T butcher
steers extra 585a6 good to choice
good to choice 4J > OaS15 cows extra
canners 2GOa375 Balls Bologna
385a450 extra 460a4G5 Calves
Extra 3a925 flair to good 7Zfte9
common and large UaS Hogs
Good to choice packers and butchers i
790a795 mixed packers J765a790
common to choice heavy fat BOWS
6a7CO pigs 110 lbs and less6a
795 SheepExtra J3S5a4S5 good to
choice 335n375 LambsExtra f G25
1640 yearlings 4a5
Cincinnati Miscellaneous
Poultry hens lOc lb spring chick
ens 10c Ib ducks 14c turkeys
19 ½ c geese SalOc Butter Cream
ery extra 32c firsts 31c fancy dairy
22c Eggs Prime firsts 38c t rsUf
CarrotsNoaOatOe O
SOalOc dozen Celery 30a40c bunch
Eggplants Homegrown J3a350 a
crate Grapes Malaga 550a7 a
JJal2 per bu Pineapples f27Ba323
a crate Potatoes Northern Ohio 40a
43c a bu Michigan arid homegrown
335a350 a bbl Turnips SOaSOc a bbL
Opening of Postal Savings Bank
Washington All ta reaay for start
tog the machinery of the postal sav
ings banks throughout the country on
January 2 Tho 48 postmcters each
representing a state who have been
In Washington acquiring Information
concerning the management of this
postal savings work have finished
their training at Postmaster General
Hitchcocks office All of them area
second class offices each office select
fid aa the most representative one of
its state for a try out in postal baaV
i I
i 1 j f
< to fi I
i Y
> >
S 5
S 5 r 5 5 tf S t F
p S r 1 1
I4iklL4Hli1 I4 + 4
+ + + 4 + Jttf + + + + if
City May Have a New Water Company
on Its Own Terms
Frankfort At a special meeting of
the city council a resolution was pass
ed proposing to rent the 131 fire
hydrants now In use from the water
company at 40 per fire hydrant a
year The city proposes to enter into
a contract for 25 years
The water company will reject the
proposal holding out for G2GO per
year per fire hydrant and may turn
oft water after December 31
The Reliance Engineering Co of
Cincinnati proposes to put In a new
water system for the city at 40 per
year per hydrant
Suit Filed By City Attorney for Col
lection of Delinquencies
Frankfort Alleging that the Ken
tucky Distilleries and Warehouse Co
of Louisville formerly of this city
owes Frankfort 1116000 in taxes on
6700000 worth of storage accounts
for tho years of 1905 to 1908 inclusive
a suit for the back taxes was med here
by City Attorney Frank Dalley
Sheriff Wants to Live Up to Law
Omitted Tax Raise
Frankfort In order to make come
arrangement with the state officials by
which he can renew his bond as sher
itt without being held to the strict let
ter of the law A M Emler sheriff of
Jefferson county was in Frankfort
with Scott Bullltt county attorney
Frank P James state auditor told Mr
Emler that the state officials would
work out some satisfactory solution of
the problem which U a novel one
The trouble Is caused by the actiOn
to prevent the raise in the nssesment
of the property in Jefferson county
This suit was brought by citizens of
Louisville and wa s hung up for some
time in the courts In the meantime
tho shei Iff Collected taxes without the
12 per cent increase
When the cLurts held that the raise
was legal It became n cessary for the
sheriff to colett the increase from all
the taxpayers He can not do this
now in time to get bis quietus and
give new bond as the law requires
The auditor l l lIt was an unusual
taou butrnaei 1c1l1
so that Mr Emler could gfve his bond
and go on with his duties
Mother Who Went to Rescue Fatally
CamoonThe 3yearold ohild of
John LTrent a farmer of H rams
Branch this county was burned to
death The child was left In the house
by itself while its mother went toa
spring nearby to get a bucket ot water
and as she was returning she heard
the llc1BC1eam The mother rah to
ward the little one only to find its
clothes enveloped in flames When
the mother reached the child It was
burned so badly that it only lived a
few moments In trying to extinguish
the flames on the childs clothing Mrs
Trent was burned so badly that she is
not expected to live
Annual Meeting of Kentucky Members
and Election of Officers
Louisville The annual meeting of
the Virginia Society in Kentucky was
held and officers for the ensuing year
are MaJ John H Leathers presi
dent Judge A E Richards first vice
president Charles E Hoge second
vice president George H Wilson see
retarY trea9Urer F J Walz record
ing secretary Preparations were
made for the celebration of George
Washingtons birthday Several well
known speakers have accepted invita
ions to be present
Mt Sterling The residence of Da
rid Saylor was burned to the ground
with all the contents The loss 2500
Is partly insured Fire also destroyed
the residence of Sonny Robinson In
the same neighborhood entailing a
loss of over 2000 Defective flues
caused both fires
IrvlneFor the second time Mrs
Amelia Belle Allen of Breathltt coun
ty was placed on trial on a charge of
murder Sho is alleged to have en
tered the home of Mrs Amelia Tutt
and shot the latter as she knelt at a
babys cradle On the first trial Mrs
Allen was convicted and sentenced to
life imprisonment She obtained a
new trial
Lexington The new armory was
opened with appropriate ceremonies
The building was remodeled from the
old city building
Frankfort Dr Ben L Bruner see
retary of state issued a call for a re
port on the condition of state banks
as of December 15 The call directs
that te banks publish the statement
in tV newspaper The last reports
ver notf published but it Is required
Wwrenceburg The turkey slaugh
tjflnet season hod tnded and It is > es
limat d that at least VtOOOO worth of
turkeys wete sold ouuqr Anderson
county tmis year the prlcv being the
best over v ived rs
I j J
r i 1
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Lexington Dr W E Gary repre
Beating the Louisville health depart 1 4i
ment and Prof IL M Allen heaa of 1
the food and dairy divisions of the ex j
periment staUon hers held a confer
ence at the experiment station at
which a complete canvass of the re
ports of the conditions of the dairies
tributary to Louisville was made with
a view to refusing a 1911 license to
sell milk In Louisville to all the dairy
men whose establishments were foundI
to be below the standard of require
ments fixed by the experiment station
Interesting Romance With Usual Hap
py Termination
Frankfort Reunited through the
efforts of Mrs J C C Mayo wife ot
the millionaire coal land owner 1ollJ
tlclan and clubman of Paintsvilie aft
er an estrangement said to have been
caused by a third person Miss Anna
Adams of Oatkttsburg Mrs Alayoa
cousin and Howard S Eatill a proral
neat coal operator of Lexington were
made man and wife at Cincinnati S
Como to Cincinnati at once You
shall no longer be denied the girl of
your heart road a message which
Mrs Mayo sent to Mr EatllL
That gentleman was endeavoring to
drown his sorrow In Intsinoss He
tore open the telegram In a buslnees f 1
like manner In less than five minutes
an answer was being clicked oft by i I F
the telegraph operator at Lexington 1
and In a few minutes later It was de j
llvered to Mrs Mayo <
J J C Mayo Gen Percy Haley and
Congressman C B Slemp were nastily
summoned and when they arrived in
Cincinnati were whirled to the Slates
where the bride and the bridegroom
Mrs Mayo and two men of the cloth
Rev Dr J R Savage pastor of the
Methodist Episcopal church South of
Covington and the Rev Dr Cyrus M
Yocum pastor of the Central Christian
church of Cincinnati awaited them I
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Brother One Deputy Marshal KllledJ j
In Kentucky Town
tit Sterling Clinton Allen deputy1
United States marshal and his broth
er Walter were shot to death In a
pistol fight here with James Tipton n
special policeman and Michael Glfc <
bons a saloonkeeper The battle took
place in front of Gibbonss saloon Jten
cording to witnesses Olinton Allen and
Tipton quarreled and when tne fed
oral officer drew a revolver too police
man took it away from him Walter r
Allen then drew 6 revolver and Glbii
bons went to Tlptons aid During thall >
battle the brothers were hilled Xlib I
bons and Tipton were arrested I
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T ulsvllle Announcement was
made here that William J Dickinson 11
of Yonkers N Y has been elected sec
onVl esdctUthe Lu1sville
NnkhvIti p
rii1irCe v tv
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W Morriss resigneoV rMr D1ckD60 t rv 1
was formerly third rice presioent and j1 f5
resigned in 1905 For J5 yearahe was s 11 s
connected with the mpany In the tj
capacity Of chief cleric of the traffic ffi
department asslstant auditor of reSI a
cedpts and auditor ptrecejpta ft >
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Maysvllla Word was received hers
that the government in building dams i
in the Ohdo river had decided to locate
dam 33 one and onenail miles jjelow tf
Maysyille while dam 34 will be 1
catedatW Usburg These dama will
cost nearly 1500000 each aid will sj 4s
give a twenty five mile pool ot water 1
nine feet deep at this point J j S
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Richmond D W4 ffiJoh hOf
accidentally shot his right K el
while hunting was brought ere < yi
where Itfa believed an amputation of
the limb will be necessary He mtfj 1 V >
fared six hours before medical aid wan
reached Tho discharge of the pun
was caused by the hammer catching1 ta <
a brush tji
S 1i
Frankfort rBecause the son of l
Scott Keton a convict from VhiUey <
county lost his legs In a railroad accl v
dent recently Gov Wlllson jpardoried P
Keeton who had but eighteen more s 113
days to serve out a flveyear sentence
for manslaughter Ke ton was a dep
uty sheriff and killed a man hom he i
was trying to arrest I p
Louisville Charles pbrst > a boiler i
maker had a narrow escape from
scalding to death Ke cradled into v
one of the huge spiraftubes1 and one
ot tho workmen at the engine who
did not know that he was czt t
ed on tho tot water Whenthofirntv
dash drenched Dorst ho hastily scrami
bled out just as the boiling flood rush v
ed In A delay of ten seconds would 1
have caused hlsdeath
Louisyille udgo Henry S Barker j
presidentelect ot Kentucky State unl
verslty will assume tho active duties i
of his office on January 2 and wUlboj 1
In the presidents chair at the reopen f
Ing of the school session after the1 <
Christmas holidays on January 3 j
TVhltesburg The ltot the lx j r
Ington Eastern Railroad Co agamst
James H Frazier a merchant of this
city for right of way through Frazlers
property near here was tried ait In t
court here resulting In a vcrdJct of l
25000 for daniaJet to Mr Frailer t ci
Marrowbone Judge J M Jackson j
baring resigned as Judge of the police r
court > f Tcmpklnsvllle F TJenham i
a young lawyer has betS appointed by t 5 i
Gov Wlilsoh to fill out the unexpired 1
term Judge Jackson also an ettor
ney resigned the office In order that V
he may devote his entire time to the 1
practice of law A
Barbourvllle A spoke and handle S
factory Is one of the pO3sbllltlesfor
this city representatives ot Eastern Ja
Kentucky capitalists being hcr > t < >
Icok over the situation 9
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