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- V
Customs Levy Would Supply Ship Sub
sidy Other Provisions For Uphold
ing America's Pride On Sevei Seas
Naval Reserve Is Provided.
Washington. Solution of the Amer
ican merchant marine problem wns put
squarely up to Congress by President
Harding, when he appeared heforc a
3oint session of tlie Senate and House
of Hepresentatlves -with a message set
ting forth In detail a concrete plan
tor the rehabilitation and maintenance
of an adequate merchant murine
through Government aid.
The Administration plan baset' upon
comprehensive Study of the subject by
members of the United States Shipping
Board and other maritime experts eon
oemed with the restoration of Ameri
can commercial supremacy on the
high seas, contemplates the return to
rrirate Interests of the gigantic fleet
of United States merchant ships built
iurlnit the World War under conditions
which will insure to them a reasonable
return ira their Investment In essen
tials It diners slightly. If any, from
forecasts of the last few days provid
ing both fur direct subsidies and Indi
rect aid to the owners and operators
of vessels flying the flag of the United
Direct subsidies are to be paid from
a fund to be established by diverting
10 per cent of all customs receipts, and
all tonnage charges, taxes and fees Ira
posed on vessels entering the ports of
continental United States, estimated to
yield approximately f.Ti.000.000 annual
ly. Indirect aid Is to !e provided by
appropriating one-half of all profits
above 10 per cent, establishing of a
construction fund of $125,000,000 from
the sale of the tonnage now hold by
the Shipping Hoard, to be loaned for
shipbuilding at 2 per cent, deductions
from income taxes of shippers equal
to per cent of freight paid on goods
Imported In American ships, a"d more
liberal depreciation allowances :i the
income tax returns on ships. Other
provisions of the plan contemplate
that not more than SO per cent of the
immigrants to the United States shall
be transported in foreign ships and the
Induction of Amrvican merchantmen
officers nnd sailors Into the naval re
terve vit'i allowance In pay.
TtAjnn. Muqg T7 In thA int,
Mountains of Pern lives a race that
M?i8 an n iimu auu Kilts ail who
reach the fateful mark, says Dr. Jos
eph Barcroft, British scientist and au
thor, who headed an expedition to
Pern to study the effect of high alti
tudes on the oxygen content of the
blood. The party passed practically
til of Its time at Cerro de Pasco, a
minUr: town of 10,000 Inhabitants
143) feet above the sea level. "In
each village." said Dr. Barcroft. who
is delfvering a series of lectures at
1rwell Institute, "an ofl-.cial Is ap
pointed to terminate the careers of
persons who live too long."
- 1 -The bodies of Henry.
Juingzi r. tr. yenrs old, and his wife
Catherine, jW wr found on the
kitchen floor of the'' home near here
by their two children, who awoke at
"the sound of shots. A rcvotvfr clutched
In Kllngzer't hand led poui to believe
the man shot his wife and then ended
bis own 11e. Grief over the recent
death of a babe caused the pair to
enter a death pact, police said.
Calcngo. Declaration that clvlliza
wt.Wi "n America was being held to
' wh( ' y the public schools against
Va i ttalaughts of millions of unedu
oteu' ".u European immigrants
was ,aJk," If G Clark, of Sioux
Cltj. ,. re the NatJcnal Edu
cation j'!o. lie said that pres
sure of prper.i. financial distress
should not lead American communities
Itfto the economic orrVjr of redsdng
teachers' salaries.
Chicago. Four armed robbers held
tip a broker's office in a down-town
building, bound and gagged two men
and a woman, and escaped with unset
diamonds valued at approximately
575,000. Tiie losers were Daniel D.
Coudich, a diamond broker; Edward
Eiscn, a Jewelry salesman, and Miss
Stacin Virvicz, stenographer for Cou-
Tokyo. The universal suffrage bill.
It n uced in the Diet by the opposl
ti' was defeated by a vote of 243 to
1 1? The final debate was not attend
ed the promised demonstration, a
tn torm, accompanied by a cold
vi' , Interfering.
Key West, Fla. The British Gov
ernment mcved to obtain custody of
members of the British sctooner Lew
is Brothers, held here In connection
with the death at sea of Captain H.
Chute, of the vessel, when British
Vice Consul Taylor forwarded to
Washington a request based upon In
ctructions from his Government that
the men be extradited to Nassau,
Six men are held here In connection
, with the case, one, V. Bracklehurst,
mate of the schooner, on a Coroner's
charre of murder.
Moscow. Confiscation of valuables
of Russian churches has been ordered
to begin within a week commencing
with the wealthiest churches. 1'roceeJs
from the sale of thes- articles are to
be used for famine relief. The question
as to what articles are absolutely no?.
eseary for religious and sacramental
purpose Is left to the pudgment of
the Central Committee, according to
Instructions pu)lisjcl today. Should
rtlcles of museum Interest be found
the&e will be banded to the museums.
Not until the drama had been estab
lished for more than BOO years was
the pantomime, one of the simplest
forms of dramatic art, originated. The
drama was the Invention of the Greeks,
bnt the pantomime was a purely
Roman Idea. Two aspiring actors,
Pyludes and Bathyllus, one of whom
was afflicted with, throat trouble, save
the first perform ce of this kind In
,tie year 22B.C V was only a make
Pawtucket Valley
A mob of striking textile workers In
taken shortly afier the strikers stormed
Reach Roumania Only To Be Pushed
Back Into Fire of Bolshevik), Sur
vivors. Declare Bodies Lie In Snow
On Bank of Dneister, Reports Fugi
tiva. IWIIn Refugees crossing the Dneis
ter from Russia lato Roumania ure
tMlng sent hack across the frozen river
by General Popovlch, Roumanian re
fugee controller, and then nre shot by
the Cheka as soon ns they set foot on
Russian soil, according to the story
told by Germans arriving from the
Volga district, who crossed into Rou
mania two weeks ago
'The only exceptions are persons
who can lay claim to a piece of ground
or a house In Roumania, or whose dip
lomatic representatives supply funds
for transportation through the coun
try," said Kriederlch Hartniann, a
forty-seven-year-old Russian, turn of
German parentage and formerly at
tached to the city administration In
Saratov, who has reached Berlin.
Hnrtmann declared that thousands
had been shot by the Bolshevik! and
now He in heaps under the snow on
the Russian side.
'I saw the bodies of 40 Russian Jews
whom the Cheka shot when on the
Russian shore, to which tttey had been
driven by Roumanian rifles after run
ning the Soviet guard," said Hartniann.
This took place shortly after a score
of Germans crossed in our party.
"Two men told me they had seen
the shooting, but, not believing this, I
went to tlie river and saw the bodies
lying in the snow where they had
fallen a few minutes before. They
were thrown Into n common grave, to
He frozen until spring.
'We were being held by Roumanians
While the German Minister was ar
ranging transportation to Germany.
Hartniann asserted that Bolshevik of
ficers and soldiers wire a law unto
themselves when on duty at Isolati-d
stations, or alone. Tlie orders of
Xlckolal Lenlne and lxen Trotzky
never were posted and never were
known, he said.
London. Premier David Lloyd-
George announced In the House of
Commons that the British protectorate
over Egypt had been terminated, and
that Egypt was free to' work out such
national Institutions as might be suit
ed to tlie aspirations of her citizens.
PUPILS SAVE $4,003,000
New York. American school chil
dren deposited in banks more than
$4,000,000 In the last school year. It
was announced by tlie American Bank
ers' Association. In the preceding
year the amount deposited was $2,800,-
000. The number of depositors in
creased from 402,000 to SO1.000 In
schools having a total enrollment In
the two years, respectively, of 1,015,
000 and l,S,O0O.
Washington. Taking Its first rati
fication roll -call on the series of in
ternational covenants negotiated dur
ing the arms conference the Senate
ratified without reservation or amend
ments the treaty with Japon confirm
ing American cable and radio rights
on the Island of Yap. The final vote
was C7 to 22, representing a margin
of seven over the necessary two thirds.
The 32 Democrats present divided, 13
for ratification and 10 against, while
only three Republicans voted in the
Arkansas City, Kan. Conveying a
casket from this city to Maple City,
20 miles east of here by airplane, and
there conducting a funeral service, was
performed by an undertaker and pilot
on account of Hie country roads being
Impassable from the. snow drifts.
Mexico City. Four persons were
killed and a number wounded when
police fired upon a crowd of striking'
chauffeurs who were conducting n de
monstration In front of the City Hall.
New York. Louis Fernandez, who
arrived here from South America on
the steamship Kulla, announced he
would ask Government officials to in
vestigate the death of William Young,
Phoenix, Arizona, who, he asserts,
was thrown Into u Venezuelan prison
and tortured and beaten to death by
police of that country- Young was Iti
Maracalbo, Venezuela, on business, ac
cording to Fernandez, when he was
charged with having conspired to
overthrow the Government.
shift on their part because of the ill
ness of one of the performers, but
their audience was so delighted that
they continued with the production of
the wordless drama.
Sinners Are Never Bores.
"'I never knew a woman who re
gretted marrying a rake,' said Mrs.
ThlrUton. 'I hare known women who
married good; straight men, and lived
Strikers Attack Drivers of Trucks
Pawtucket Vnlley. It I. gathered In the
the drUers of trnrt.s. retiring cotton to
i Substitute Plan Would Provide Insur-
anco And Postpone Levy Three
Washington. Republican members
of the House Ways and Means (Vim
tnittec agreed to eliminate the cash
payment plan from tlie flvo-wa bonus
to World War veterans and to substi
tute a senil-cusli insurance ecrtiliente
plan. The decision is tcntntho In that
this form of the bill will tint be inssted
upon rf fiscal experts pronounce It to
bo unfeasable. But virtually every
member of the committee is confident
it Is practicable and should Treasury
officials declare to the contrary It will
be a matter for public opinion to de
termine what will be done.
Tlie decision means that now taxes
will not have to be devised or present
ones increased for three years, and
that all bond-selling schemes, too, arc
leaders believe that within three
years business will hae Improved so
that this volume will mid more revenue
without increasing the tnx burden and
that a part of the interest on the
foreign debt will be available by then
that the succeeding Congress will
not have the nut to crack that con
fronts this one.
Railroads Killed Traffic On Ohio By
Rate Discrimination, Is Charge
Washington. I,onvc from the liook
of his experience as engineer in charge
of the Improvement work of the Cin
cinnati District of the Ohio River were
read before the National Rivers and
Harbors Congress by Major General
Itnslng H. Roach. Chief of Engineers,
United States Army, to support his
contention that the railroad companies
had succeeded virtually In driving
commerce from f'C inland mterwuys
of the nation.
Major General Ilea ' ! i! lm.
putatlou .at these wj.ii r i?re
"back tn 1 ers," and !.. . cl.-dzed
them as great economy u;ets
that tho ' rnment has cted
and atloweu , waste.
Major Genera' I ..-h sr ' ' ae
of the .greatest . 'i .;-h had
been imposed uj.m n i ,gation
was the attitude ' e ru .roads to
ward waterways.
"They won't prorate. They won't
Issue bills of lading. What has been
done tovyard tlie waterways by the rail
ronds!sImpJy Is the eliminating of a
competitor In business."
Syracuse, X. Y. Rev. Bernard C.
Clausen, pastor of the Ulrst Baptist
Church, announced that radio sets
would be established in the home of
every "shut-In" member of the church
at the expense of the cl.Btc'i, if a test
next Sunday night would prove to be
satisfactory. He plans to preach a
tlftcrn-tr.inute sermon which nny bs
picked up by all stations within a
forty-mile radius.
Beaumont, Texas. John Sullivan,
dairyman, was taken out by a group of
masked men and severely beaten. He
was released In front of a nowspaer
office here and commanded to report
the occurrence to the editor. "They told
me to tell you that they whipped me
because I whipped my inothor," he said
to the newspaper man.
BONDS TOTAL $700,000
Columbus, 0. Bonds totaling ?700,
000 were required by a Columbus
Magistrate when four alleged bunk
bandits were arraigned. They are ac
cused of having held tip the Citizens'
Trust and Savings Bank. A Frank
lin County special grand Jury has
been called to consider the case.
Iuporte, Ind. John MoIIIck, fifteen'
year-old orphan, was found to be gull
ty of murder in the second degree and
sentenced to life imprisonment at hard
labor in Porter County Circuit Court,
He was convicted of having slain Mrs.
Robert Stalz, who had adopted him.
Three hours -fler tlie Jury went out
It returned a verdict. Sentence was
pronounced immediately. MoIIIck will
be taken to Michigan City Peniten
tiary. Under a new ruling all life
prisoners are accepted there regard
less of age.
Lynn, Mass. Twenty-seven dice
players and twenty-seven barrels of
wine were locked up In the same Jai'
corridor. Whei the prisoners reeled
into the courtroom next day the court
told them severely that they should
have known 'otter than to drink
liquor In the law's custody and fined
them $1 each for gaming. Thuy paid,
a few of them rc-uarklng that the wine
was well worth It. Jail officials were
ordered to keep prisoners and liquid
seizures separa'.J bernftr .
with them for lift quite ,cces. y
but In their hera they kne'
loss of ndventure, tin. ihtr
not own to It. It's the sinners w.
never bore.'" 'I believe nil actors a. '
married ns soon as they are born. I
never met one who was a bachelor.
Not even ut n week-end.' "Oh, well,
they must say something In self-defense,
musn't they. 'I shnll be
very fond of hliti,' said Mnry. com
posedly. 'You will have to, to make
vpur married life endurable.' '1 think
the one thing a woman never forgives
railroad ynrds. This photograph was
the mills.
Immediate Cost To Government Would
Be Only $16,000,000 Scheme As
Outlined Would Not Make Necessary
New Taxes Quick Relief To Needy
Veteran Provided.
Washington. A compromise sol
diers' bonus plan, under which tho
ca!i feature would be eliminated
whore the former -ervlc men would
be entitled to more than adjust
ed seritv pay, wns agreed upon tenia
lively, but unanimously, by a special
sulicoininitlee of the Republican menu
hers of the House Ways anil Means
In the nature of a s'l'istitute for the
discarded cash feature there would no
added to the adjusted service certifi
cate title a provision w'.iich would en
able the men selecting the certificate
option to (btaln immediat-Myirom
batiks a loan equal to one half of the
adjusted service pay to which they
would be entitled on the basis of $1
a day for domestic service and $1.25
a day for overseas services.
In announcing the compromise agree
ment Chairman Joseph W. Fordney
said it probably would be a week1 be
fore all details of the loan provision
could be worked out and the original
bill nmonded to conform to It. He ex
pressed the opinion that the plan
would be so well received by House
members generally that It would not
be nece.-sary to submit tlie hillto a
party conference, thus speeding up the
time of Its submission to the He -
Chairman Fordney and othc
mitteemen said they believed tb i -'
plan would meet with general :
in and out of Congress, for time ' i
sons, which were summarized a a Hal
lows In a formal statement Issued b)r
Representative William It. Green, o
Iowa, ranking Republican on the com.
"1. T "Jv veteran can obta'
mon'- i- v . his certificate 1
issued . arer amount man Is
provided oy the cash plan of the origi
nal bill.
"2. No '. I'afts to be made on
the Tren:- - i .1 the expiration of
three ye.'r-
"3. No taxes required."
Members of the subcommittee esti
mated that the cash payments propos
ed In the case of service men entitled
to more than $50 would total $10,000,
Kankakee, 111. Four registered mall
pouches, each tilliyl to capacity nnd
believed to contain only registered
mall, were stolen from tlie Illinois
Central baggage room after they had
been taken from South Bound Train
tin. 5 from Chicago. Two pouches
wertj consigned to Kankakee, one to
Bloomington, III., and the fourth wns
to be transferred to a Big Four train
for the East.
Walnut Ridge. Ark. Henry Saffcll,
54 years old, and wife, 44, became the
parents of triplets, two girls weighing
eight pounds each and a boy weighing
nine pounds. The SafTells were married
a year ago.
New York. Five mourners around
the bier of four-year-old Angellne
Zarcare.-e were burned seriously
when the draperies of the little coffin
caught fire from lighted candles in
the Zarcarese home In Brooklyn. Af
ter a struggle firemen dragged to
safety the five adults who hail been
overcome and rescued the charred
body of the girl from the blazing cof
San Francisco, Cnl. Three miners
were entombed in a cavc-ln at the 1,-000-foot
level of the Idaho-Maryland
Mine In Grass Valley, Cnl., the com
pany reported to the State Industrial
Accident Commission. Tlie men ap
parently had room .o move. Tappings
on an air pipe Indented that at least.
one of the mer wns alive. An air
pipe and a water pipe leads to the sec
tion of the mine where the men were
entombed. The mine crew and volun
teers are working to reach the men.
Berlin. A provisional agreement
reached between the Allied Repara
tions Commission and the German
Government provides for the annual
payment by 'Germany of 720,000,000
gold marks in cash and 1,150,000.000
gold marks In kind. It was announced.
Should tho deliveries in kind not reach
the total fixed, the cash payments will
not be Increased, under this agree
ment. Thus, it Is pointed out, the
Entente should have considerable in
terest in seeing that the stipulated de
liveries of products were made.
Is having nothing to forgive,' returned
Mary." From "Wandering Fires." by
.slf Wyllnrde.
Longevity of Women.
Although on the average women live
longer than men. a woman of twenty
five hns fewer chances of living to fifty
than a man of the same age. On the
pther band, If n man Mid woman have
both reached the ng- f fifty, the
chances nre that the w in will out
Hjve the man. a fact i.ocfited for by
e dlfTc p In tempi r- uent
rom Kentucky
I'aducah. More than IKK) pupils in
the I'ailucah schools will Join in ob
servance of a "Week of Song."
Henderson. On refusal to enter n
plea, Kd K. Held was fined s-100 and
costs by Judge Hunt In Circuit Court
on tho charge of suffering gaming on
his promises. Three weeks ago lie was
fined on a similar charge.
Louisville. The State Bonn! of
Charities and Corrections paroled Sam
Searcy, of Jefferson (Vjunty, who serv
ed two years In the penitentiary for
voluntary manslaughter. He was sen
tenced at tlie December term, 1120, of
the Jefferson Circuit Court.
London Mr. and Mrs. .Matt Mor
gan, ages 75 and OS, respectively, were
victims of Influenza, their deaths be
ing only a few hours apart. Mr. Mor
gan was a well-to-do citizen and was
formerly active In politic. Two sons,
A. L. Morgan, lumber dealer, and Sam
Morgan, coal operator, are both crit
ically III with the "flu."
I'aducah. Dr. John U Wober, pastor
of tho Broadway Methodist Church of
this city, will be one of the two repre
sentatives from the United States to
speak at the reciprocity meeting to be
held In Montreal, Canada. The other
speaker will be Irvin S. Cobb, I'adu
cab's distinguished son. Dr. Weber
will deliver a series of popular lectures
in Texas before going to Canada.
Howling Green. Mrs. Ivy Kllison
Huffman, missing milliner, was found
underneath a neighbor's house, after
more than a week's .ibs-ince, where
she had hidden, without foul or w.i'cr.
Mrs. HufTman suffered a nervous
breakdown several months ago. At
the time she vanished she was scantily
clad. She was so weak when found that
she could not walk and could scarce
ly talk.
Louisville The I.ouIsvllle Tlaning
Mill Company, unless It appeals, will
hae to pay $1,014.47 to Anthony J.
Steffans, who sued the planing mill
concent for a sum In excess of $1W'',
alleged to he the balance due for In
stalling a dnst collecting system In tha
mill. The case-was tried by a Jury In
Judge Krieger's court, that body re
fusing to allow several counter-ch-Ims
that had been set up by the defendanr.
Louisville Automobile dealers, gar
age men nd accessory dealers from
all parts of the state met at the tem
porary headquarters of the Iuls
vllle Automobile Dealers' Association
In the Armory and formed the Ken
tucky Automotive Trade Association,
die first organization of Its kind ever
formed In the state. The object of
the organization Is to assist the auto
motive dealers thruout the state and
stimulate trade In all automotive lines.
Murray The contracts for the new
high school building have been let In
thr-e parts by he Murray School
T. ail 'J'" oi , f.-, the building wns
V-fe-. V1' ' -ns fc Ragsdale,
' - . Tho bulld-
ni to b. -.-i furyear brick.
lumb.ng .ntract was let to tlie
'lies Manufacturing Company, of
il tf -vllle, for $2,000. The heating
vas given to Ed Hanar.; of
w 'or $VW0. The building is
' o -.. eted In 125 working days
? v :x.uo contract Is signed.
.Uhland. The city council has con
; " d for "new fire equipment and a
- !l"e station In the city which will
o.i proximately $40,000. The advls
r' b. t J of the city council la working
on plai.s of occupational tax to take
care of the debt being created by the
conrcii to purchase this new equipment
f - :! fire departmenL When this Is
done. Ashland will be able to take care
of n. emergency. The new equipment
coi - Ma of pumpers, hose and a now
fire station; however this Is hinging
upon the placing of the occupational
tax. Decision will be made later on
wlvcier the tax will be tlie occupa
tional tax or manufacturing license
1 kfort Judgment of the Whit
le r .It Court In the case of O. S.
Bt i t the George M. Eady corn
pat .i Louisville, to test the valid
ity ji an ordinance and enforce a stat
utory lien for street Improvements on
certain pieces of property In Corbin
was sustained today by the Court of
Appeals, xhe question whether Cor
bin, Ijlug partly in three counties,
can legally be classified as a city of
the fourth class is not decided. The
court held, however, that the strcat
Improvements made by the Eady com
pany were done In good fnith and
were satisfactory and therefore should
be paid for.
Onenton. The business section of
Owentot, ,;'"7ed a $G0,000 loss oy
fire. The '"re originated in the base
ment of Klrschmer's fruit store
and was - 'ivered about 3 a. m. The
cause wni . known. The buildings de
stroyed wt - Walkers, Hartsough and
Arnold'b i ing, occupied by Daniel
clothing st ; Boyar's dry goods store.
Mrs. T. . Perry, millinery; Dave
Klrschmer, fruit store, and B. W. Red
ding, undetaklng establishment. Five
families wre left homeless. There
were nbout $30,000 insurance on the
entire properties.
Louisville Bankers throughout Ken
tucky will beenlisted In the campaign
of the livestock breoders of Kentucky
to Increase tie raising of pure bred
stock of all kiids In conformity with a
resolution endorsing the movement
passed at a seetlng of bankers at
luncheon given y the Louisville Stock
Exchange. It Isunderstood the whole
hearted backli? of the Kentucky
Fanners Assocition will be pledged
when the Kentuty Livestock Improve
ment Assoclatloi Is formally organized
under a plan reently adopted to In
clude all Interest involved.
Xhe lore of nutmyr.ip Moped by
tbr ancient Chaldei Ttomans
ar.d Jews vas lc; 1cted
with the pijeudo-sr
and express
puted result
of nature. Ir
have uppen'
divine qe
the f-'
iulslllc Mrs. Minnie Fecht, 51
ears old. whoe skull was fractured
poHi e say, by her son, Joseph. 21 years
old, who. It is alleged, beat her with
n hatchet while she lay asleep, died
after surviving the Injuries several
lioulsville In Judge Gordon's court
a Jury awarded Fred Relgel a verdict
of $25. He sued Samuel Stitz and
Will Sbeehan for $105.25. alleging that
Stltz's automobile, driven by Sheehan,
ran into and damaged his car on Oc
tober 31 on Portland avenue.
Hlrktnan News has been received
here of another tentative Increase In
tlie county's taxes, amounting to
$150,000. made by the state tax com-mis-Inn
at Frankfort. TliK commis
sion raises the taxes in this county
every ear. nuking a raise last year
of about $SOO.000.
I'xlnglon Dates for the state con
vention of the Travelers' Protective
Association which will be held here,
were announced by Charles F. Darna
by. head of Post F. The dates chosen
are .May 4 and 5. More than 300 del
egates, representing eighteen posts
thruout the state, will attend the con
ference. Frankfort A new trial was ordered
by the Appellate Court In the case of
Ben M. Osborne against Florence
Holtzclaw, appealed from the Scott
Circuit Court. In which Mrs. Holtz
claw bad obtained a Judgment for
$2,000 damages for personal injuries
following an auto collision on the
turnpike between Georgetown and
Ie'xington. Tlie court holds that er
roneous Instructions were given In
tills case.
Frankfort Adjt. Gen. Jackson Mor
ris was notified by the War Depart
ment that tho Kentucky National
Guard will attend training camp at
Ctunp Knox during August. The LTSth
Field Artillery. Louisville, will be In
camp from July 30th to August 13
nnd the ltnth Infantry. 3Sth Military
Police Company, 3Sth Tank Company,
137th Hospital Company and .V.rd
and 51th Machine Gun Squadrons
from August 13 to 27.
Louisville Fire destroyed a shed
of the plant of tho Continental Car
Company of America. Incorporated,
4721 Park boulevard. Highland Park,
causing damage estimated at $5,000.
The origin of the blaze could not be
determined. The destroyed shed, a
ne-story building of frame construc
tion. Is Isolated from the main plant
and contained miscellaneous equip
ment and a few automobile bodies
valued at $250 each. They were
Whltesburg. The Consolidation Coal
Company, operating In the Elkhorn
field of this country, recently acquired
more than 10,000 acres of coal lands
in Buchanan and Ruasell Counties, Vir
ginia, and 11,000 acres In Eastern Ken
tucky, comprising The Carter Com
pany's interests, it was learned here.
Development of much of the properties
are to be undertaken this year. It wns
announced. A part of the coal lands
In both States are already under de
veloimient, but extensions are prom
ised. Lor Chester : 2.", was
sho' Imost -.I'll kin-l by
Ji" .""50. in- i . er, in a re-
r ..vn of the c .nty. Smith
surrendered and was brought to jail
here. There were no witnesses to
the killing, but Smith states that
Jones came to his home and attacked
him without cause. Smith lived nh.he
In a small barn that he had convert, 1
into living quarters. Several years
ngo he was tried here on a lun.i'-y
charge and committed to the Lakeland
Asylum, but remained only a short
Madljonvllle W. W. Crick, former
county judge: J. V. Poole, former road
engineer, and eight former members
of the Fiscal Court were Indicted in
Circuit Court here on charges of ir
regularities In the expenditure of
county road funds. Poole also Is In
dicted for employing his sons and son-In-law
In county road work In viola
tion of the law. The members of the
Fiscal Court indicted are: I. J. Tuck
er. H. B. Gross. D. L. Lamb. B. L.
Gordon, B. K. Lafoone, M. L. Clayton,
Lonnie Morrow and S. H. Moseley.
Investigation of the receipts and ex.
pendltures of the State Board of
Health was asked In a joint resolution
offered by Senator Frank Daugherty,
Democrat. The investigating commit
tee is to be composed of senators and
representatives, and it will have the
power to investigate all records and
employ such as It .deems necessary.
Senator Daugherty, explaining the
resolution, said that no criticism of
the present State Board of Health was
implied, but that he merely thought
the senators and representatives would
like to know where the state board's
money was coming from and where it
was going.
Lexington. A voluntary petition In
bankruptcy was filed in United States
District Court by the Callahan Coal
Company and S. J. Callahan, of Elka
towa, Breathitt County, fixing assets
at $S3S and liabilities at $1,G30.41.
Lexington. A contract for an In
dustrial show here this spring and nn
Industrial, commercial and agricultur
al survey was signed by the Lexington
Board of Commerce with a Chicago
concern. The show is to be an exhibi
tion of the trade and Industrial pro
ducts of the city.
Murray. The Overland Garage hero
was closed by the Sheriff. The princi
pal creditor Is the Bank of Murray, to
which the garage is Indebted $8,000.
The assets will exceed $7,000 It Is be
lieved. Ixiulsville. I.OSS that may exceed
$75,000 was caused by fire of undeter
mined origin at the Continental Car
Company's plant. Highland Park. The
fire started In the drying room and
spread to the paint room. Three hun
dred truck bodies were consumed, ac
cording to an official of the firm.
powers. And It was, as Is believed,
thus that the superstition arose con
cerning the unlucky character of the
number 13, from astronomical proc
esses as i '.cted In the traditions of
the O r.-D Israel. New Tork
"-.! bune.
Lotty Bridge Towers.
two pr.ajipal towers of tit".
..I llll.l..TI l.'U. U..on..c.l.
sjlng New York wtt
"-be as high as tX
Prospect For An International Walk
Out Is Certain If Operators And Men
Fall To Agree, This Official De
clares. Calgary. Canada and tho United
States face an International strike of
coal miners, to begin April 1, n state
ment Issued by Robert LIvett. Interna
tional Board member for District No.
IS United Mine Workers of America,
declared. The announcement follow
ed the break up of the peace confer
ence between miners and operators.
Mr. IJvett said that ballots have
been sent out to all locals of the Unit
ed Mine Workers in both Canada and
tho United States and that members
are being asked If they desire to give
power to the Policy Committee ap
pointed at the Indianapolis convention
to call a general strike April if agree
ments are not consummated by that
Ballots are to be returned to district
headquarters by March 15. Mr. LIvett
would not express an opinion regard
ing the probable outcome of the vote.
3Ir. LIvett said the next move was
up to operators. They refused at a
meeting here to negotiate other than
on their own demands, he said.
"As soon as they are willing tn re
cede from their mandatory position we
will be only too willing to reach nn
agreement that will bo satisfactory to
both sides. The situation Is such that
In all probability there will be a cessa.
tion of operations April 1 unless oper
ators alter their attitude in the Inter
val," he said.
Indianapolis, Ind. Single state wago
agreements between union coal miners
and operators, such as proposed by
Illinois operators, are Impossible under
the policy adopted by the United Mine
Workers of America at their recent
convention. President John I Lewis
declared In a message advising Illinois
union officials to reject the operators
proposal for separate negotiations.
New York Central Express Hits Bus
At Crossing Victims Hurled
Many Feet Away
Cleveland. Thirteen persons were
killed and a dozen others injured
when a. New York Central express
train, east-bound, crashed into a crowd
ed motor bus at the St. Clair street
crossing In Palnesvllle, near Cleveland.
Dead and dying were hurled along
the railroad right of way for several
hundred feet and bodies of three of
the victims were on the locomotive
pilot when the train was brought from
its slxty-mile-an-hour pace to a halt
400 yards from the scene of the colli
sion. At A. H. Roger's morgue. Palnes
vllle: Miss Gladys Lasko, Falrport:
Mrs. John Bartsch, Falrport : Corwln
Sturn, Falrport: Ray O'lx-arv "aines-
vllle.; One un . . ' 1 g vo un
identified mer - III i mor
gue. ; Rlchfln: ad. Char. ... Cath
erine Hnrvau.. Palnesvllle-'J T. F.
Steam, airport. ; Sirs. Kolto, Palnes
vllle.; One unidentified man.; Two
others unaccounted for. believed to
have been taken to Falrport. The la
jured: At Luke County Hospital: Joe
Adams, Falrport, driver of the bus;
dying. George H. McGee, Medina,
Ohio; dying. Nick Nemo, Falrport;
dying. Ray Hamilton, Falrport. broken
legs, fractured shoulder; condition cri
tical. Mrs. Martin Stelnbach, Falrport;
Injured seriously. Carl Sullivan,
Palnesvllle; injured seriously.
New York. Alfred E. Lindsay, un
der Indictment for having swlnddled
wealthy women in fictitious stock
transactions, was about to launch a
Philadelphia campaign on the eve of
his arrest. This was disclosed by llich
ard C. Murphy, Assistant District At
torney, who said his informant was
Morris AVood, proprietor of the Green
Hill Farm Hotel at Overbrook, Tenn.
Wood lold hira Lindsay had engaged
the ho'els most luxurious sul., ap
parently to be In touch w ia poroa$
of means , nd social staa 1;3
Montreal. The Montreal Oty Hall
built 30 years ago at a cost of $1,000.
000, was destroyed by fire. The great
tower of the building collapsed, carry
ing with It the roof and leaving only
the walls of the tive-story building
erect Valuable documents stored in th
building. It Is thought, will be saved
owing to their being housed In a tire
proof vault,
Warsaw. The Cabinet of Premier
Ponlkowski has resigned after failure
of the negotiations with the Vilna dele
gation on the text of an Act of Annex
ation of the region of Vllna to 1'ohind.
New York. I'rincess Catherine Kad
zlwlll of Russia, who was arraigned as
an adventuress when she appeared in
Police Court last December, was exon
erated of a charge of having attempted
to evade payment of a $1,700 bill al
leged to be due to a leading hotel.
Ann Arbor, Mich. The Student Ad
visory Committee of the University of
Michigan, it was learned. Is investigat
ing an alleged attack upon (J. D. Eaton,
a junior In the literary department,
who In a magazine article criticized
certajn practices ot the faculty and
s,- 'i body. J. A. Bursley, Dean of
S t, commenting on the affair,
m,.' was out of sympathy with vlo
' -rference with free expression
oi . -'n.on. The attack is said to have
taken nlace one night recently.
"J Safety First
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nas ;n.
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remedy for consti
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ments of the sys
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greater favor as a family medicine
than in your grandmother's day.
The Best Way.
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less?" "Make some other person
spend more." Judge.
Truth Is so miglity that most of na
want It In small doses.
A young man who practiced medicine
In Pennsylvania became famous and
was called in consultation In many
towns and cities because of his suc
cess In the treatment of disease. This
was Dr. Pierce, who finally made up
his mind to place some of his medi
cines before the public, and moving to
Buffalo, jr. Y put up what he called
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It with the druggists In every state.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription has
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women testify that Dr. Pierce's Favor
ite PresiTlptlon has entirely eradicated
their distressing aliments.
More recently that wonderful discov
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kidneys and backache),-v 'been suc
cessfully used by many "Hfls who
write JJEJ ierr- oi
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: "

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