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The Clay City times. (Clay City, Ky.) 1901-current, November 28, 1901, Image 4

Image and text provided by University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

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N ervine
The above portrait is that of
Countess Mogelstud of Chica
go Ill whose gratitude for the
benefit received from the use of
Dr Miles Nervine prompted
her to make this statement
It affords me feat pleasure to add
1 rlr excellent
my testimony to the very
merits of Dr Miles Nervine Although
I am past So years of ace I find it
soothes the tired brain quiets the irri
tated nerves and insures restful sleep
I never feel contented without a bottle
of it in the house Gratefully yours
Countess Mogelstud
I I Miles Dr
MilesNervine I
is a nerve tonic and strength
builder that starts right in re
storing health immediately
Sold by all Drucilst
Dr Miles Medical Co Elkhart Ind
anything yon Invent or improves also Ret
I I PROTECTION Send model COPYRIGHT sketch or or Retf
for free examination and advice h
FREE NoAttys
fee befOre patent
Patent Lawyers WASHINGTON DC
Wirichestei Bank
No H V iTiiEK8PooK Pres
Winchester Ky
Capital Stock 200000
Surplus 20030
We solicit the accounts of Individ
mils firms and corporations 542
j Wine of Cardui Is the guardian
i of a womans health and happI
H ncM froiu youth to old ago It
4 helps her safoly into womanhood
I It sustains her during tho trials
of pregnancy childbirth and
motherhood making labor easy
j and prcvoftting Hooding and mls
carriage It gently leads her
through the dangerous period
known as tim change of life
cures leucorrhooa falling of tho
t i womb and menstrual irregularity
in every form It is valuable in
every trying penml of a womans
life It reinforces the nervous
t system acts directly on the geni
tal organs and is tho finest tonic
for women known Aak your
druggist for a 100 bottle of
Wino of Cardui
lUteaTille Ala Jnly 11 WOO
1 I am Using Wino of Cardui and Thed
fordi BUckDrftucht and I feel like a
different woman already Several
dies hero keep the medicine In their
1 homes all the time I have three girls
and they are utng fwlth me
For adrlM ndjlterstnre addreu giving
1mptoms The Udlet Advisory iMpart
I r tie CTtanooas Hedtdne eoiepmy
Ch ltauoog Tenn
r t
a a a
Our readers will observe else
where that we charge 75 ctsper yen
for the TIMES when not paid in ad
vance We are compelled to do thi
on account of collecting up old ac
counts Wo pever wade any effor
to collect until since we have been
compelled to and we find that the
majority of those who have tin
paper sent on time are very slop
to pity and some deny the account
can find any kind of an excuse
to keep from paying it just debt
Some say they never subscribe
for the paper others say they never
got it while some say they ordered
it stopped some time ago So if
you want the paper on time yoi
will have to pay 75 cents per year
or you can get it for 50 cents earl
and we much prefer the latter Way
of payment We are astonishes
the way some of our delinquent
ignore our appeals Some of then
we knowore in much better cir
cumstances than we still the
will not pay n cent they justly owe
us We propose to astonish yoi
too by placing your name on the
delinquent list and expose it ti
the publib if you fail to send in
the amount you owe us soon W
never asked you for money unti
we were compelled to How cm
you ignore us in such a shuniefu
New Paper
Clay City is again to have a
newspaper after the absence of a
representative of the fourth es
tate for many months Edito
Burgher who has been responsi
hie for the destiny of the TIMES
which was published at the ex
cessively rural precinct of Spout
spring Estill county has moved
that paper to Clay City am
there the Clay City TIMES will
have its home in the future and
grow in usefulness and attract
iveness to the delectation of the
the Clay Cityites whosi
affections for newspapers are
as strong as Niagaras cur
rent Heroshoping that Brothe
Burgher mild accomplish in his
new field what no man was ever
known to accomplish and that is
make a fortune running a conn
newspaper Jackson Hustler I
An article going the rounds or
the papers in regard to the prevel
tion of pneumonia seemed too siii
pie to be noticed One who has tr
ed it claims to have been re
lieved by it To wit When a cull
is feltor pain In side or between
the shouldersor other signs of tul
Ingcfllddraw in a long breath
hold the breath as lung as possible
and repeat this until the symp
toms leave The theory is ttu
this exercise throws the settling
blood from the attracted organ
heartlungs ana brain to the smut
blood vesseland thus gives relief
Our informant liable previously
to pleurisy bus been invaribly re
The statistics of the growth of the
rural free delivery service show that
on December 2d next there will bi
6900 carriers throughout the coup
try traveling a total mile ge appro
abating 147220 miles dailyor
twentyfour and one half mileaeacl
on an averageThere have been 12
000 applications for routes or twice
the number of routes
A company has been organized ai
Lexington with a capital stock 6f
87000000 to build electric rail
roads from Lexington to surround
ing county seats It cost 7000 to
Some people seem to imagine
that because they arc the eons or
lIam they arejprivilegedito ranSacl
the smoke houses of nil sham pro
Rev Irl 1 Nicks Is Not Dead J
Notwithstanding a widely current
rent rumor plat the Rev Irl R
licks was dead he never was in
better health and never did a bord
er and more successf nil years work
than that just closing He has just
completed his large and epi ended
Almanac for 1902 and with his
taff of able helpers bus brought
his journal World And Works
justly forward into international
reputation For u quarter of a
century Mr Ilicks has grown in
reputation and usefulness nsthe
and forecaster
> e < > pleB astronomer
ofstorms and the character of the
coming seasons Never were his
weather forecasts so sought after
us now his timely warning of use
rious drouth this year having saved
the people from loss and suffering
Millions of bushels of wheat were
harvested through his advice to
plant crops that would mature
tarly The American people will
certainly stand by Prof hicks
when it costs them so little and
the benefits are BO great His fine
Alumnae of 200 pages is only 25c
anti his splendid family journal is
only one dollar a year Including
the Almanac Send to Word And
Works Pub Co2201 Locust St
St Louis Mo
One on Ky Republicans
Representative Boering accom
panied by K J Hampton our
Kenzie and Senator Mason of Ill
inois approached the President
about the same time Thursday
morningDo know what I am thinking
about doing asked the President
of Senator Mason looking toward
Mr Boering I think I will di
I vide the uiloirs of the Govemnien
in two parts one relating to the
affairs of Kentucky and the other
to the remainder of the Govern
ment The joke ions appreciated
For the lust two weeks most of the
Presidents time has been taken up
by the Kentucky olllceseekers the
President probably thought that
he should be permitted u little time
to look after the business of other
States Winchester Sentinel
H M Benton agent Bold Monday
to Georgo Gravett t Brother the
farm of T 1 Davis pn the Mt Ster
ling pike near the city containing
fortyfive acres with improvements
for8 6500 equivalent to cash Possession
session January L Winchester
According to tradition a snow
the 15th of November fsn sure
sign that there t vill be fourteei
other snows during the winter
Yesterdays snowwlll afford u
test df the tradition >
When a business rune down its
only natural that it should be
wound up
seeeeeetreeeeeI a
I e
s Modern Printing
Which woflo at
Modern Erices
Has an individuality
About ittlmt commands
I LsTalkitOver I
On that next order of
Printing you need
Wo can make it
Beneficial to youi
Try us once I
ayrimts M7
iJ I
iSpoutspringif Ky v
< o
PS 55555 55 Se 55 55 5555555 SZS 55 55
I + i I >
w r wf Qr
VJF I f3 B WLittlepap Son
Dealers In
Pure Drugs Patent
Medicines Paints Oils
and Etc
Prescriptions carefully comp6undednnd if we have rfot got what
you want will get it for you on short notice jjf
If you have sour stomach indigestion biliousness constipation bad
breath dizziness inactive liver heartburn kidney troubles bac Jche Ioi3
of appetite insomnia lack of cnerc bad blood blotched cr ruddy okin
or any lymptoms and dlsardcid Yolch toll the story or bad bowsls and un
impaired digestive syatsu Lnsnkola Will Cure You
It will clean out tho > ov ia rtimulatn the liver end Udncvs strength >
the mucous membranes of the ctomcch purify your LlocJ and put yo >
on your feet again Your appetlt will return your tiowclo movo regu
larly your liver and kidneys ccc to trouble you your chin will clear and
freshen and you will feel the old time cnercv and buoyency
Mothers seeking the proper nedlflno ti gvo tSclr 1tilt ono for ponnttpntlou
diarrhea colic Dud similar trouble will fcd Liafcula ui i Jpiit mctlicluofiir ciiiliircti
It keeps their bowel regular withOut list i or crlplnf nt aa OKnoraVtnu < vu < sUU
nature aids digestion rellovcs r etlegt Jacirf clears two coatciIJtiiiiTtHyriiinvoijIffyer
causes refreshing restful elec > nnl wakej them mlUliarrVnu ttrnli fY G CltUfrm
like it and ark for it rti
I For Safe by I
LaitkolaJ net only the most efficient of xmlly media rt i rHt rzw b citic It on >
Sinai twa modleilles rL tuuhe and tOllle and al no prier crtpc I rugu nf I rlre
sample to THE IJ XAKOLA CO in Nanau Siren N Ya l racu n llj no j OIir Crurdu
IT we will ciprefi to any sddea on receipt ell c It I Urn 3 ir put mfr a1 S preM3 t 1
vie Family tlio Ixifl j c f Lixihols rSrbrt1 I l TIJ 1 i BM
r t
Doctors find i
IA Good
Prescription I
for mankind
Ten 1010 emlat Dro < JH Groecn Rtttanranti
Saloon News Staeda General Stores and Ruben
Shop may banish pain Induce sleep and prolooj life
One gives relief I No tUlle whats the matter one will
do you food Ten Impland on thouuid teltl
menial lent by mall to any address 00 receipt of price
both Rlpana Chemical Co ioSprn St Ne York City
Subscribe for
> 11 r

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