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The Clay City times. [volume] (Clay City, Ky.) 1901-current, April 22, 1909, Image 1

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t c < 4 y I
t i r 1 jSirmaJisgteaBtryaBdOarselves TE Burgher Publisher
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t i < tfftSDAYt APRIL 1J90P NO 16
rf JjOO Ji W j
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Msnyp bur readers will re
ineJiiber the Modern Wpodmen
1 meeting at the school house in
this ci6y some two 5Veek ago
and die iBplenftid speeches of Mr
it f TliQinjis H Duffy of Dufcu ue
r + 1 lowafand MrrJV Dehart of
ttt iduiWiHe NationalXecturer ahd
8tate Deputy respectiyoly and
r that itf was theh announced that
A lIbJ VV Womack of Winches
ter would organize branch of
that great benevolent society at
Clay Pity Mr Womack who
del J9a beginninpthe orkthen
bec seofpreyiou8 engagements
I Will takE tip the work on the 20th
instv and push it to acpndusion
wifhoitr delay From what we
h ve > lellrri d ab qKltbhr 1f ci ty
o we very frankly say that we be
lieve it is doing ft great work for
the common people Hence we
stand ready to welcome it in our
tifcyas will aftof oar citizens
who KnoV Anything of itBmerits
Miwt StaM Trial
teeach HargiHl the young pat
rioide must stand trial for the
murder of his father Judge Bar
gis at this term of the Estill Oir
cujt Court ThE defense asked
for a continuance because W
0 Bradley and WlllA > Young
I r jhief couusel for thedefense was
Jt tfotpresont W > assistlu the trial
tfl f udg vpamsoyerruled the mo
1I ti qfot i tinuR9 C an atbtri
PtC f JtJt olsOliLLn
iJI itejjitrpnlble 0 will 1 betfound
> r < < jii heattempt to get a jury in
T Eetillbecause most of the citi
T zens pfthe county have ornrted
and expressed an opinion in the
It will pay you to look at our
lIne of dens Boys and Youths
plothing before making your pur
chase HardwickyCo
dta ton
I s
I arewth of ilie K P Ord r
According tOjithi Insl I annual
r port just completed the K jot
P Order in Kentucky is in a most
flourishing qondition and growing
rapidly Ten new Lodges were
instituted during the year mak
ing now iiT2inali with a nifem
belrship oTi8825 This member
ship comprises One Past Sup eme
Cliancellory Past Grand Chan
cellor 28 21 Past Chancellors
10854 Knights 65 Esquirers 6nd
70 Pages During last year the
sum pf 2642413 was expended
by the Orders ii KentuQky for
the relief of sick members and
for funeral benefitSi The assets
of the Carious ubordinate lodges
inclt de ash 81631 60 real es
tate 5041107 paraphernalia
aria furn iture 45Y80i 71
Ht Sterling Court
There was a big crowd in town
for April Court the horsa chow
and stock ntarjcetf being the at
tractions Trade in tall lines Wail
brisk and merchants report good
business There Were about it
500 cattle on the market and the
qnality Was medium Ond thon
sand pound steers brought 5
cents yearlings 64 cents heifers
8j to 4 centSj old cows and bulls
i to 2 cents Trade was slow
There were a jiumber of mules
orl the market and the demand
good with prices about as at last
qpurti A number of 16 hand
mules sold reAdily at 200 per
head 1B4 hand mules brought
l l 1WW h irMd11t1WItt
140 to 170 smaller JD ule rang
ing from 00 to 180
There were a number of buy
ers on the market for fine horses
and a nnmber were sold Green
wade CoM sold tell head vat
prices ranging from 150 to 300
Good horses brought from 125
to i2oo medium horses from
100 to 185 with plugs glutting
the market at from 25 to60
some selling for as low as 10
perheadMt Sterling Gazette
J 1
7f e HJM FEeg E L J 0
> i
JDbie Old Reliable Place
JFor Everything You Need in
j General frctiandise
GOOveIlVir ij > to IlP rte pf the ty
niri io1Iu e h dS la 1
1 sf t J
J 1
J r I ljrl Share joif Your Satlonage 11
H d f 0 Solicited
ij fir > i
I > tV f
tt + YC J
tW I rI tit 1
I I j I > < I It
11 IJ no 1
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it I
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co II
i f 1 7
I X 7 cIol
J Iol
t J fI 1 1 14 n l t ItJ
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tI t1 J r rr t t p i w
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O ll If I
j 1Jr r
r ro > r iI >
J i riI >
w > > o L
12 i i vlclf
1 ir of
IQI 1 at weli 1bV 1
wrtt r E tni gives
B l11 e HcetQ persons in
t o Jfcf c ri wcountries
He J 5 t t at I s aUr ct
IngOfnua Qkythousnd9 or
her be t < llt Mwp1t Mr Edjar says
Irtoi t
NJy J 1 f toryor the State
has there ySlfto eh an epidemic of
j B 1 3
immlgrat thl Ume It ra
caJstn iHa tbe4gertt in my
boihOed t h se the rush
ets wer bythe game de
sire toPQ e 1tb from the soil
bu wbiJ Bor the 49ers real
lied tVeJpbltion by lucky
strlkesi tWjIjfe1 coming will
find gold fa wy aoreMhey buy
and treat wh gobd judgment
When ifiJrit lgration craze gets
started itbi oijicB more engrossing
a itgoefVJiiijlike a fever increas i
es in iattiHiM till it has run its
course wlwinjoio affected eilher
die from xW6tion or elowly re
cove th ff
It ia iiekMcult to understand
people liyi glftiioor State or coun
ry bein atti t dby the alluring
statement tta4ftby interested par
ties a oat a Jln new countries us
this State isksown the world over
for its unlitfiit rcsourccs and pos
ubilJi ii8I hat d a justify
surprise fetiold Betters in the
very rjch frfiw Jthie8t and best sec
tions pi the ffifei shoujdeell out
hjlro1d wJtiJQv 0 e81n
wel A i 4i M
godimar1re1M > kA Jew price per a
I crerthan they firta to pay for cac
tas covered land without timber or
water and far removed from mar
kets or any decent means of reach
ing them
I would just mfckeoriewi gestion
to intending immigrants and that
is before investing iu overboom
ed rough landi jmske inquiry at
any of the big Ipwnti in the older
settled sections dseejf cheaper
and better and rill jmproved land
cannot be had fIll wanted anew
home that is wha I would do
Born to Will Harmon and
wife April JO boy weighing
eight pounds To VVill Turley
and wife a boy Rei hing eight
ppunds To Tom Crow and wife
a boy weighingitwp nd one half
pounds Mr ali4 Mrs M L De
vary are the plud parents of a
ten pound bo pborn April 14
Three Democrats tand one Re
public all 4i J
oe Jti6tke
hnHawkj C milled Horace
Reynolds neavSefrerson ville
Montgomery cginty fourteen
yearsagp and in de his scape at
the timet Ltujfayeiii ife Vras ar
rested in W ytrginia and
brought Uaok ft rrtrial and at
fT1 f
Mt Sterling jiH week was tried
and sentenced if the penitentia
ry for two yearS1 l
Qol i baperton pf
ni hnlon io tle leading
State i after an iJl
nCH fjwiW X Qo1 ja er
to w > L Iand had
Qh t nlJncn of
natipnaln p
Automobile Runs Away
Three Alt Sterling girls had
a narrow escape in an automo
bile runaway near Kiddville
Sunday While the three young
men of the party were assisting
two ladies pant the machine
whose horse had become frigh
tened the car which they had
carefully stopped from some un
accountable rearson broke loose
and in the runaway two of the
occupants Misses Robertson
were thrown from the cir
high into the air and alighted in
a field uninjured Miss Green
the remaining passenger was
carried further down the hill un
til the machine smashed directly
into a farm house tearing out its
entire side and there stopped
Miss Green was also not hurt
Commercial Convention
A Commercial Convention will
be held at Louisville tomorrow
Delegates from 4ll Over the State
will be in attendance Good
roads wijl be discussed by Joseph
S Bosworth member of the Good
Roads Commission and Dr Ji
M Mathews President State
Board of health will speak of
health conditions
Too Large a Crop
The enormous acreage in the
white burley tobacco district is
causing uneasiness among the
leading growers who now fear
that all efforts to pool the crop
will fail and it will have to be
sold frt a great loss to the farm
rsSome are said tohavea
Bdoked f tbeir croprandi will
plant corn instead
Chasi J Bronston a leading
attorney of Lexington died very I
suddenly in that city
See our line of Walk Over
Shoes and Oxfords for Men in the
new Spring and Summer styles
Hardwick Co
Bee stings are now claimed to
be a sure cure for rheumatism
even in the worst cases when
systematically administered We
like heney bees to make honey
but are proud we dont need
their medicine
While on a visit to her daugh
ter Mrs Grant Elkin at Ford
Mrs Mary Hoskin took sick with
lung trouble and has since been
unable to be brought home Her
son Herman Hoskin is at her
Prof R N > Roark President
the Eastern Kentucky State Nor
mal School at Richmond died in
a Cincinnati hospital last week
Some corn has been planted
andit seems that there is noth
ing now to hinder it from coin
ing up
The United States National
Bank with 250000 capital has
been organized at Owensboro
The new f COOOO 00 Christian
Church at Winchester will be
dedicated Sunday May 2nd
Claude Alexander and Miss
Lizzie Bradley were married
Thursday April 8 at the resi
dence of J A Sewellat Walters
ville Elder Albert Easter offici
Liberty rnd Ilotw for Men
and Boys in all the new shapes and
shades Hardwick Co
r q S tonr i
37 Tons of No i Balled Hay
Clean of Weeds
Old Ky Phone
R P D No6
Chas B Mainline
Levee HainlineI
Beautiful Line
< t
Prieest Suit t eTimesr
Central Hotel Sample Room
r < t t ri
1ft j

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