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Subscription rate8 81 a year or three
yours in advance 8'-!.
I- 15. lturrjhcr, Publisher.
Entered us second-class inuil matter.
Thursday, - Sept. !(!, 1912.
For the convenience of our sub
scribers', we have arranged club rates
with the following papers at prices
below mentioned:
The Times and
Courier-Journal $1.00
Cincinnati Enquirer 1.10
Louisville Herald 90
Home and Farm 75
" Ii.land Furiner 1.00
" American tanner !)0
" Southern Agriculturist 75
If our protective system is not
the "substantial" explanation of
the abnormal increase in the cost
of living in the United States,
how does it come that British
prices, under free trade, increas
ed but 7.7 per cent in 10 years,
while American prices, under
protection, increased 31.3 per
Here is a tablo which tells its
own story and ought to be con
sidered "Exhibit A" in any con
uressional or other investigation
into the increased cost of living:
Year English United States
prices. prices.
1890 100.0 100.0
1897 104.4 104.0
1898 109.0 112.0
1899 105.1 117.2
1900 107.2 124.2
1001 107.0 120.3
1902 109.0 132.8 -
1903 108.0 127.8
1904 108.7 127.9
1900 107.7 134.3
Increase 7.7 84 3
These figures are calculated
from oflicial statistics of the Brit
ish Board of Trade in the Elev
enth Abstract of Labor Statistics
and from figures in the Seventy
first Bulletin of the United States
Bureau of Labor.
The year 1890, which was the
year preceding the enforcement
of the highly protective Dingley
tariff, ir taken as the standard
year, the cost of food in each
country being taken as 100. The
meaning of the table is that food
which cost $1 in Great Britain in
1890 could not be duplicated for
Jess than $1,077 in 1900, and that
food for which the American
consumer paid $1 in 1890 cost
W.34J1 in 1900.
Coming nearer home, the dif
ference in the cost of living in
Dotroit and just across the river
in Windsor, Canada, supplies us
with a striking definition of the
real meaning of excessive tariff
rates. Trices of foodstuffs,
wearing apparel, and rents aver
ago from 20 to 23 per cent more
in Detroit than in Windsor.
And between the two cities there
are but 2,01 feet of water
and the Aldrieh-l'ayno tariff
The Detroit man is "protect
ed" and the Windsor man is not.
By not being ."protected", the
Windsor man pays $15 for a suit
of-clothes that the Detroit man
will find it difficult to duplicate
in quality for $25. What the
Windsor mun is escaping in this
instance is the Aldriuh-I'ayne
tax of 41 cents a pound on good
all-wool clothes, and the addi
tional tax of 00 per cent, of the
value of the goods.
The announcement is made
that the Secl Trust is backing
Colonel Boosevelt. Other trusts
are also contributing to his cam
paign, but the hulk of the trust
money goes to Taft who signed
the I'ayne-Aldrich robber Tariff
Bill, and vetoed every effort
tif the Democatic Congress to
mitigate in some degree its
'fliere are no trusts, corpora
tions or other doubtful concerns
behind Governor Wilson, who
has positively refuse.! to accept
any of their gifts. He ia de
pending alone on the people to
finance his campaign and he is
not reckoning in vain. When he
is elected I'residen, as he seems
sure to be and will if every Dem
ocrat does his dutv, he will take
the office free from any entan
glement and be the president of
the whole people. The prospect
of such a change should fire the
heart of every patriotic man to
help in the accomplishment of so
glorious an end.
Shows are said to be coming
more rare each year. How can
this be in the face of the fact
that the Big Bull Moose circus
has just organized and is pulling
off big shows daily. Its clown
and genaral spokesman to-wit;
Teddy, is the genius of all mod
ern day shows. A single per
formance is worth going miles to
The troubles that trouble the
most are the troubles that never
Gives Good Service
And has ample facilities to care: for
your business needs. Have you a
friend who. does business with the
"Clay City National"? Ask him.
Clay City National Bank,
We take this method of further extending an invitation to
the buying public to come to our' store and get their sup
plies. For several weeks we have been supplying many
customers in this vicinity with what they need at a"' great
saving of money. Now that we are started, we want to
extend our trade still further. Our one great
appeal for your trade is
Low Prices
on what you must have
to eat and wear. We are going to give you
our price on four staple articles to .just show youfhow
we can save you money:
Besl Patent Flour Made, $3.00 per cwt;fw
Granulated Sugar, - - 6 cts. per lb.&
Meat and Lard, - - 13 '
Lard in 50 pound cans, $5.75.
These are only fair samples of other prices. 'Everything ia
the house is sold at the same low price. Give us a trial.
When awonjan purchases $10
worth of wooign dress goods,
$4.87 of that 10 represents tlw
actual value of the goods and the
remaining $5il8 of the $10 the n
mount of the tariff. In other
words, should the same purchase
be made in England, where there
is no tariff on woolens, the wo
man would receive the same a
mount and quality of dress goods
for $4.87 that she pays $10 for in
this country.
Rockefeller advises everyone
to "be content with what you
have". It is the general opinion
that if the giver of this sage ad
vice had always felt the same
way himself the rest of tis would
have more to be contented with.
Why shouldn't a woman have
suffrage? We let men vote who
can't talk the English language
and refuse the ballot to women
who can talk enough for nil of
us :
It is reported that Thomas'A.
Edison worked 122 hours out of
124. Still an inventor of elec
tric lights and talking machines
should not expect much sleep.
An eastern girl has lost her
power of speech because of being
jilted by her sweetheart. He'll
probably want to many her
The Bull Moose candidate pro
ceeds on the theory that a "man
can solve great public prolenis
and at the same time be one him
Rod Eubank, of Hedges, was
here last week buying hog and
W. G. Patrick and Shelf Mc
Kinney attended
court Monday.
Elder J. T. Tnrpin held a few
duys meeting at Salem church
the last of tl.o week.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Morlin
Curtis, of Kimbrell, a five pound
s;irl, Tuesday the 17th.
Mrs. W. G. Patrick and son,
Luther, are visiting Mrs. Put-,
rick's sisters in and near Win
chester. Mr. and Moecs McKinney nnd
Mrs. Belle Burgher visited rela
tives in Clark county the (irst of
the week.
Mrs. Benny McKinney, of
Flanagan station, Clark county,
spent a few days with relatives
here the last of the Week.
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollar
Reward for a ly case of Catarrh
Dr. Miles' Laxative- Tablets tasio tilt
A morning dress
An afternoon gown
A smart coat
Of individual character
Simple or Luxurious
The Summer Butterick
Fashk Quarterly
Wee 25c, with any
MRS. J. W.
1 i
Made by J. ANDREW
1JLV1 U ft
that cannot be cured by Hall's Ca
tarrh Cure.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, 0.
ii nil nrct rrniwl. )invik nrU'n
F..J, Cheney for. the lust 15 year-',
and believe him nerfertlv bono n-
in all business transactions, ai !
financially nble to carry out nnv
obligations made by his firm.
Wulding, KinnHn & Murvin,
Wholesale Druggist, Toledo, O.
HhII'h Catarrh Cure is taken in
ternally, acting direct'y upon the
blood and mucous ,snrfaes of the
system. Testimnniulti sent free.
Price, 75c per bottle. SJd by nil
Take Hall's Family Jills for
tf a Training
School for Teachers
Course! leading tA Elementary,
latermcdlaU and Lift RUM Or
UAeatefl. Valid In all Fnhltr
School of Ktntuckj. SpncUt
Coarse. Tuition Pre U A p.
coarse ana biticw
BltoriM.new model tdtool, iM"il Iralala buHdlo.
Minicff. i woiDienaia aur-
rutiMHBSiL QfDtnmntii -
tVmlKit. BiilTenK.m'W-J"' Tm Juurr
17, roorta Term Apn I, siw ' -
cui.ri.rm. j Q aHMMmt PnMent
6Cc Quality at 50c
the yard
Black and colors
Popular Cloth
Colors and Black 25c.
Full line
Dress Goods
All colors
Popular prices.
all other-brand of flour with the,
'housewife who nven good home
made bread when she uses the
PEARL flour. Its uniform quali
ty and excellence never disappoints
her. It iH the best all around flour
on the market and gives your breul
that temptim; and delicious Ouvnr
that alwavs delights the 'over o
pood bread when you use the
VRAM flour.
CAIN, Versailles, Ky.

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