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si. oo a Year in Advance. . Ve are here to help Clay City. Ibe SarroanJing Country aod Ourselves. .1. E. 'Burgher, Publisher.
Farming the Wrong; Way.
Iu traveling over the county
we see some land in corn that
will evidently not make three
barrels of corn to the acre. Such
crops are hound to hnve been
raised at a great loss. Had this
mime laud been allowed to grow
Japanese clover and the ones
who have vainly tried to make
a crop on it, worked enough for
wages in the spring when labor
was in great demaud, and hnve
taken the money they got for la
bor and bought sheep and calves
and put on this Japanese clover,
they could today sell this stock
for enough to buytwiee the a
mount of corn they have raised,
aud the land would be better for
the profit having been made.
How different it is after growing
the one-third corn crop. The
land is worse off as is the grower.
The land is also now iu shape to
yield uofurthur crops for at least
two years at which time it will
take again in the Jupanese clov
er aud be ready to graze and
make the owner more money for
him to lose again when he breaks
up his clover field to try another
crop of corn. , Brother farmer,
take lesson. Let your Japanese
clover grow on your thin land
and plow none for corn unless it
will grow good corn. Further,
laud that will not grow good
corn in such u favorable season
as we have had this year need
notibe' expected to-do any'better
in the future, until at least, it
has had a long rest in Japanese
clover. Besides, if you must
cultivate such poor land, plant it
in cow peas, some thing it will
grow well.
Dr. Richard Guerrant, who
died at his home in Uiuatilla,
Florida, last week, was a broth
er of Drt. E. O. Guerrant, Super
intendent of the Highland Or
phanage of this city.
New Spring Millinery
ijuft received from the
the newest styles
$500 worth of Shoes have been marked down to
' firit coft in order to get room for new goods
coming in. In this sale will also be included a lot of
Here's your opportunity to save some
money. First come, first served.
Killed In Jackson.
Wednesday night about ten
o'clock, two men, whose names
were ascertained to be Dave Un
amuker and Simpson Baugh both
of Quicksand, accused John Kel
ly Kobiusou of stealing a pistol.
Robinson denied the accusation
and backed down in the alley be
tween the Patton building and
the Enterprise Grocery store and
opened lire on the men.
One of the men, Baugh, from
what could be learned, was so se
riously shot that he was taken to
a Lexington hospital on theeurly
morning train Thursday. The
other man was not seriously shot,
and was ta ken to his home at
Robinson, for some reason or
another, it is said, has been very
handy with his gun of late, shoot
ing at or disarming perpotis who
should happen to pick a quarrel
with him.
Robinson was arrested aud
lodged in jail, awaiting the out
come of the shoot ing and pend
ing an exainuiug trial. It is said
that there are several shooting.
scraps to Robinson's credit, but
that none of them have resulted
fatally. Breathitt County News..
The remains were brought here
Friday for burial, funeral servi
ces first being conducted at the
Christian church by- the Rev.,
Charles E. Mann.
The Department of Education
made out warrants Tuesday for
for $407,500.56 the amount of
the amount of the first payment
to county school teachers. The
payment was .not due until the
last of the week, thus I lie funds
are on hand in due time. Supt.
Mrs. K. S. Bohanuon will receive
check for $1,511. J)o. There are
few counties in the State but
what receive more money from
the school fund than Powell.
city which combines
and lowest prices.
Free Cowrie in Road Building.
In order togive as much assist
ance as possible to prospective
County Itoad Engineers, the Col
lege of Oivil'and Highway Engi
neering, at" Hie State University
of Kentucky, .in conjunction with
the State Highway Department,
will give a short course to any
citizens of the State desiring to
avail themselves of the opportun
ity. The course will open Mon
day, OctoberlJ, and will include
Road Location, Construction and
Maintenance,' Field I'ractice iu
Leveling and Surveying, Making
Maps, Profiles and Estimates.
The University will have un
der way tlie reconstruction of a
bout one milejof Macadam road
during the period for which the
short course has been scheduled,
which will give an excellent, op
portunity for 'milieu attending the
short course to see some actual
construction. , The construction
of this road wij be under the su
pervision of State Road Commis
sioner R. O. Terrell.
Applicants $$111 be admitted to
this course without tuition or
fees of any nafcpre whatsoever or
reference to educational qualifi
cations. Theurse will contin
ue for ten we&ke.
" Teleph
V. O. Hal'
jthe Cumber-
ompany was in
pahy ha'tf jnCimde ; connections
with the local exchange whereby
loug distance service can be had
from the subscribers' own tele
phone. The Jinejs being extend
ed to Jackson ahd Bteatty ville.
This gives Glay'Gity the best
possible long distance service.
Fall Announcement.
We call attention to the fall
announcement of the reliable
nurserymen, H. F. Hillenmeyer
& Sons, Lexington, Ky. Send
for their catalogue and look
through it and see what you need
and send them your order. The
Times will guara'nteo them to
treat you right aud give to you
the very best stqck of trees ob
taiuable. Of the y.ilOO applications for
pensions under the act of the
last Kentucky Legislature many
are lacking in proper proof.
, , i. -- . , ...i.
of the
of The Clay City Times, publish-
e.d woekly ut Clay City, Ky., re
quired by the Act of August
4, 1012.
Name of Editor, J. E. Bur
gher, Post-oilice address, Clay
City, Ky., Managing Editor,
same, Business Managers, same,
Publisher, sumo.
Owuer: J. E. "Burgher, Clay
City, Ky.
Sworu to aud subscribed before
me this 28th day of Sopt. 1012.
A. T. Whitt, Notary Public.
My commission expires January
10th, 1014. '
We are making special and at
tractive prices on Boys' Clothing.
Mrs. J.'w. Williams.
Scores Pistol Toting.
Declaring that there are only
two States in the Union in which
the per cent ago of homicide is
greater than in Kentucky; al
though Kentucky was among the
first states to establish law aud is
one of the most enlightened; that
statistics show t hut 00 per cent,
of the homicides are traceable
direclly to the practice ofcarry
ing concealed a deadly weapon;
that the practice of carrying
politics into the trials of criminal
cases is the must abominable
curse that cati befall an enlight
ened people, Judge Charles Kerr
spent nearly an hour delivering
a siiiugeutr charge to the grand
jury empanelled on Moudry
morning for the October criminal
period of the Fayette Circuit
Death of Educator.
J. M. Myers, a former school
teacher of this county, died at
JefTersonville October 1st, after
a lingering illness. Mr. Mvers
was sixty-nine years of age and
is survived by his wife and six
Autos are Hying around over
our streets nearly every day of
late. With two in the county
and visitors from, the ..neighbor
ing towns motoring here on bus
iness and pleasure frequently,
."15 '
lug quite iamuiar,
' Mr. I. J. Chase, of Lovee, and
Miss Fronie Dale, of Virginia,
were married in Winchester,
Wednesday, October 2nd.
. Many boys to acquire good
habits will have to not follow in
his father's footsteps.
Waltersville, Ky. j
We carry a full line of General Merchandise and
are selling the goods to our large trade
. and they tell us thev are
Saving Money, i
You can do the same thing. If you are not
alreudy ono of our many pleased customers,
come round rome day und give our place a
look through and let us price you some of our
goods. They wlllopenyoiireyestoan opportunity.
Send Us Your Orders
over telephone, by messenger or otherwise and if you live
in Clny City or near our store wo will ' 'deliver the goods"
To Reforest Kentucky.
Correspondence received by
Slate Forester .1. K. Jim ton indi
cates that coal niiiiiuir companies
in Kestorn Kentucky w ill arrange
for reforest ration oftheir proper
ty and supervision of cutting oi
their land. The department a
grees to assume chari!, on con
dit kmi that, the companies pay
for preliminary surveys and the
expense of 'he liehl force. For
ester U.i it on siatl that the cor
servation of the timber would pa y
the companies anipjp returns a
bove the expense.
It may be that some of these
concerns will turn the land over
to the State for a forest reserve,
retaining the mineral rights. In
this way the State may acqui'o
immense reserves in the mom -tains,
far bevond what would 1 e
possible if limited by right of
purchase. It can spend only HO
an acre for land for a forest r -serve.
This limitation would pre
clude the acquisition of land with
valuable timber standing on it,
land underlaid with valuable coal
and mineral deposits.
J. J. Curry is home for a fev
days resting up. Mr. Curry will
shortly move to Lexington, and
account this he will have a sale
of his household goods at public
sale Saturday, Oct. 10th. See
handbills for particulars.
It' is Better to bo honest from
force of circuiustuncis than not at
Services 2nd and 4th Sabbath of
each month.
Prayer Meetings, Wednesday ewi
Chiis. E. Mann, Pustor.

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