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Ktibscriptfim rates 81 a year or three
years m advance
. .1- E. Hunjhcr, Publisher.
Entered ns second-class mall matter.
Oct. 10, 1012.
For the convenience of our sub
soribors, we have arranged club rates
ith the following papers at prices
tielow mentioned:
The Times ami
Courier-Journal $1.00
" Cincinnati Enquirer 1.10
" Louisville Herald 90
11 Home and Farm 75
" Inland Farmer 1.00
" American Farmer 'JO
" Southern Agriculturist 75
Even if tliere was anv desire,
tlie Democrats don't have to
ling mud in this compaign. The
tlnrd termers and the Tuft fol
lowers secured a monopoly of it
Koosevelt, himself, says all sorts
of mean things of Taft whom he
made 1'resident, and of whom
less than two years ago, he said,
"he is able, upright anil distin
guished, and entitled to the
thanks of the American people
for the great work he is doing."
Hiram Johnson, Koosevelt's run
ning mate, says that Taft is "the
:uost humiliating character in all
American history."
The Taft speakers also engage
in vilification, and if Senator
Bradley and others omit to say
anything that is severe and de
rogatory of Teddy it is only be
cause they forget. Senator Brad
ley speaks of him as an "arrant
demagogue,' 'the greatest bos9in
the world, masquerading in ,the
clothes of Billy Bryau, which are
too big for hiin," andiu order to
win is "plunging the gleaming
dagger of hate and malice into
his political mother's breastj"
There is an old saying that when
thieves fall out honest men get
their dueB. While these political
pirates are clutching at each
other's throats in this way the
people will surely come into their
In 1890 when the goldbug wjng
of the Democratic party Hew a
way on a little jaunt, the Repub
licans patted them on the back
.iiid called them heroes and brave
boys, lending them aid and en
uuiragement on every hand.
Now that the g. o. p. has had a
split in their party, do Demo
crats lend aid to the rebels. No,
they are too fair minded and are
disposed to show duo sympathy
and respect- to even their bitter
est enemies. The Times has full
respect for all followers of the
great "I am'' but are inclined to
look upon him with the same dis
Mist and contempt that he evi
ently views the great common
I eople.
Prosperity in Powell county
i.ieans prosperity on the farm,
prosperity on the farm means the
raising of what we muBt consume
( u the farm, this means that in
( no instance at least, our farmers
are making u great mistake in
not raising more wheat. It is
i ot hard on the land, and if rais
ed in suflieient quantities as it
can bo raised, it means the sav
ing of thousands of dollars every
year that now leave the county
for Hour. Wheat sowing time is
now here, Mr. Farmer get busy.
Campaign speeches are not so
frequent in Clay City as usual
on Presfdeutiul years. But then
what's the use, it's all one way
this time. So much so, iu fact
that it is lacking in interest and
enthusiasm on all sides as com
pared with former campaigns.
Automobile riding may be a lit
tle risky means of travel but it is
some safer than horse and buggy
in Powell county. They don't
venture out over our bad roads,
and a contact of other machines
doesn't deter the nerves of their
motive power.
It is lots.tusier to show enthusi
asm when there is no need for it
than when tlti-rfr is work to do.
Before n Western aucience the
other day, Colonel Roosevelt in
dignantly refuted the charge that
ho desired to be king, convincing
even the few skeptics present,
by pointing out that kings don't
have much power.
The Colonel will be third iu
the race, which would seem quite
appropriate for a man who is
running for a third term at the
hoad of a third party.
Waman's sulFrago is on the
boom, and a Kansas Oity judge
has just ruled that a wife has a
right to he to her husband.
These efforts to ascertian the
precise location of Armageddon
are useless. The spot moves
with the Colonel.
Unlike most workers, the mos
quito presents his bill before he
does the job.
There is no silent partner in the
firm of Roosevelt and Johnson.
Why I Should Vote
1. He signed the Payno-Ald-rich
TarifT Bill and referred to it
as llio best tarilF law ever en
acted. 2. He vetoed the Farmers'
Free List Bill, the Woolens Bill,
and other bill reducing excessive
tariff duties.
8. He has failed to take any
steps to lessen the present high
cost of living.
4. lie supported Balliuger iu
his efforts to turn rich coal de
posits in Alaska over to the Gug
geuheims. 5. Hu has used federal patron
uge to maintain a political ma
chine manipulated iu his behalf.
, 0. He nbandaned his oilichl
duties to enter into an undigni
fied scramble with his predeces
sor for renomination.
7. He has lost. 'the confidence
of his party and of the people.
8. He failed to support Dr.
Wiley in his administration of
the Pure Food Law.
0. His trust policy has helped
the trusts and brought no relief
to the people.
10. His administration has re
sulted iu disappointment and
11 He is a reactionary.
12. Ex-President Roosevelt,
who knows him best, says of him :
"He has proved faithless to the
cause of the American people."
Buy experience if you want a
permanent investment.
Gives Good Service
And has ample facilities to care foe
-your business needs. Have,you,a f.
friend who does business with the '
"Clay City National"? Ask him.
Clay City National Bank,
IN 1
We take this method of further extending an invitation to
the buying public to come to our Store and get their, sup
plies. For several weeks we have been supplying many
customers in this vicinity with what they need at a great
saving of money. Now that We are Started, we want to
extend our trade Still further. Our one great
appeal for your trade is
Low Prices
on what you" jnust have
to eat and wear. We are going to give you
our piice on four Staple articles to just show you! how
we can save you money:
Besl Patent Flour Made, $3.00 per cwt.
Granulated Sugar, - - 6 cts. jper A).m ', .
Meat and Lard. - - 13
Lard in 50 pound cans, $5.75. ' "ktik
These are only fair samples of other prices.' Everylrungn- (v
the house is sold at the same low price. Give us a trial. . . ,
Deafness Cannot be Cured
by local npplientions, as they can
not rea'-h the diseased portion of
the ear. There is only one way to
cure deafness, and that is by con
stitutional remedies. Deafness in
caused by an inflamed condition of
the mucous lining of the Eustach
ian Tube. When this tube is in
flamed you hnvc 'n rumbling eoui d
of imperfect heuring, and when it
is entirely closed, Deafness is the
result, nrd unless the inllamation
can be tuken out and this tube re
stored to its normal condition, hear
ing will bo destroyed forever; nine
eases out of ten ore cuused by Ca
tarrh, which is nothing but nn in
flamed condition of the mucous
We will give One Hundred Dol
larl for any case of Deafness (eniM
ed by entarrh) that cs.nmu be cur
ed Hall's Oataorh Cure.
Send for circular, free.
P. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggist, cc.
Take Hnir8 Family Pills fnf
constipation. dv.
m m n m Kin
A Training
iSchool for Teachers
OonriM lc.dlat to KteroonUrr ,
I lotcnoodlito d M'o Ruto Or
tinetwe. vuid in an robirc
Sehoola of Xeotncftr. Speed
uoararf ..a -tTio.
OoarMf Tuition Feo to A p
bnlntrot. Too t Dltndld dor.
mlloriM.aew model lohool, now monu.l tralnloo talMlM.
protieoMlwol,fpmotrtoltro , w.rtoq.lnpod
Mmtxr 9, SMond Ten. Worraber 1 Third Tom J....rt
tl. Foorth Ton. April T. Sommor School .pool Jmo Id,
cuiortorm. j a 0BXDnK, Pre.Hen.,
BUY Athena Knit Underwear this
season get acquainted with its
perfect fit its daintiness its
wearing qualities the splendid way
it retains its shape and original
beauty after washing then you will
wear it always.
Women and Children
is the latest and best expression of
true underwear comfort. Its perfect
shaping brings it snug to the figure
without wrinkling under the corset.
The extra elasticity of the fabric pre
vents its becoming thick, coarse and
bulky in laundering. The yarns are
chosen with special reference to wear
ing qualities. Altogether no other
underwear will suit your personal
requirements quite so well. In union
suits and separate garments at the
price you usually pay.
For the Children ,
Athena insures a perfect fit the first
time you buy it. It is long wearing.
II ilrs. J. W. Williams, li
i .-. i
ull other brands of Hour with the
housewife who loves pood home
made bread when she uses the
1MSAUI. Hour. Its uniform quali
ty and excellence never dicuiipointg
her. It is the best all around Hour
on the market and yivt-syour breud
that tempting and deliojnu flavor
that nlwnvK delights the 'over of
good bread when you use the
PEAJU. Jl..ur,u
Made hy J. ANDREW CAIN, . Versailles, ;Ky,

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