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81.00 a Year in Advance.
W't are here !o help Clay Citythc SorronnJing Country anJ Ourselves.
.1. I',. Hurnhcr. I'n hlishcr .
NO. 'J2
Straw Vote.
Tliu Cincinnati Enquirer is ink
ing ii straw vote on the I'residen
t in I nice in the States of Indiana,
Kentucky. Ohio and West Vir
ginia, iiutl publishing tin: result
laily. In all four of these States
Wilson leads, according to the
straw vote taken. From a recent
issue of the Enquirer wo give the
following result in Kentucky:
Wilson 4,(127, TnftJ,522, Roose
velt2,5S7, Debs 211, Chalin J5.
Changes are noted as follows:
Democrat to Republican SIB, Re
publican to Democrat 410,- Dem
ocrat to Progressive 15MJ, Repub
lican to Progressive 1,187, Sociul
is"t to Democrat 1, Socialist to
Progressive 1.
Bull Moose Candidates.
John D. White, of Manchester,
will be on the ballot as the Bull
Moose candidate for Appellate
Judge in this district while John
E. Jones, of Beattyville, will be
tlio Bull Moose candidate for
Congress te oppose J. Cumjibell
Cautrill, the Democratic nomi
nee. The Republican party will I place where farms are so fort u-
Rocsevelt Slid.
An attempt was inane upon
the life of former President
Roosevelt at Milwaukee Monday
niglit at 8 o'clock bv a man who
uavo Ins name as Jofrn Schrenk,
of New York. Col. Roosevelt
had entered his automobile when
the shot was fired. It was after
the former President was on his
way to the Auditorium, where
he wus to make a speech, that it
was discovered that he had real
ly been shot. After concluding
his speech he was taken to a
hospital where an X-ray photo
graph showed that the bullet had
embedded itself in the muscles of
the right, breast. Col. Roosevelt
left for Chicago at midnight de
claring he would continue on his
Dry Weather.
The dryesf weather this year
is now with us. In sonic places
drinking and stock water is get
ting scarce and grass is drying.
Japanese clover is about gone,
but blucgrass is supplying its
put forth no candidate for the
latter oflice. Mr. Jones failed to
get on the Bull Moose ticket for
Congress as his petition had
but about 108 signatures while
the law required 400.
Prosperity Outlook.
We see more small grain being
sown in the county this fall than;
,ijr..--r--' r- --
i'Lv-TJI3 t .?lt ... I
uie oiu i urge iiour mm was clos
ed down. This is encouraging
as good farming always is attend
ed by growing small grain in ro
tation with other crops. We
hope to see the day when the
county will raise wheat enough
for home consumption as it did
twenty-live years-ngo when we tuwa, BreatlnU county, moved in
had two Hour nitllsas stimulus to tin; Methodist parsonage lues
raise it. Let us now raise the day. We extend to Judge Mnnn
wheat ns as timulus for flour mills la most hearty welcome in our
to operate in our midst. city.
nato as to have a set of it. There
should be more blue grass in this
county than what there is and
could be more of it if our farm
ere would try hard enough. All
that is required is to sow it on
good land and not pasture it
very heavy until it. gets a set.
Very sandy is not suited to blue
grass, but any other kind of'good-
1jn d &rf ILOfgtoivi ME-'.jw Wh ' .and 1
given the proper opportunity.
PMrs. Joseph Carrott, of Ft.
Garrett, Woodford countv, was
here lust week superintending
the gathering and shipping of the
apples from her huge orchard at
! Old Furnace.
.Indue L. F. Mann, of Elka-
New Spring Millinery
Just received from the city which combines
the newest styles and lowest prices.
$500 worth of Shoes have been marked down to
firs! coil in order to get room for new goods
coming in. In this sale will also be included a lot of
Here's your opportunity
money. First come,
to save some
first served.
Arbor Day.
(lov. McCrpnry by proclama-j
tion has designated the dav on i
which the cQUiities of Kcntuck v ! i,-N'i"i' '" haimng produce to
. a? . . i ... ,
What Good Roads Mean to a
First, thev mean a decreased
will plant trees on the Capitol I market
grounds, November RJ.
The proclamation follows:
in gettim: goods
home from town. A fanner in
Sullivan, Tennessee, in I'.IOS had
To Standardize Rural Schools.
Efforts are ht-inir made by ihn
Department of I'M ti rat ion to
standardize the ruin I schooti
tlirouuh the agency of comity
purvisors. A sy-tem of trading
lias been devised, based on tint
"I, JamesS. McCreary, Cov
entor of the Commonwealth, do
issue this proclamation designat
ing Wednesday, November 151,
1012, as Arborjdny for the Crnn
mouweulth oMKentueky, and re
quest its otjservanee by the
planting of tres and snch other
appropriate exercises as may be
deemed proper. The attention of
all the minil8(and estieciallv the
. i v ---- ,
t(ailnrs nf usll tin. iiiIIi'(ib Mint !1X miliars
schools is calll to the importance j "nally mmle ond the strip ofna
of planting -rees. A priceless over wll,uh 1,0 1,iul Imtiletl tl
to haul barbeil wire from Kings- course of Mudy. school manage
tnnllt mntluiil I tiinilni'n i.ni.t .
i ) i -
He found , nient and environinent.
port to Iirutol, a distance of
j twenty-live miles.
'that with a two-horse team the! State .Supervisor J.T. Ooatc: n
largest load he could draw was' endim: out a communication to
oOO pounds, and that three days ! PC.mol men all over the county in
were necessary to make the trip, (order to get a svmnnsium of i-
6 j-1-"
heritage has ben wasted in Ken-
tuekv, and wfc should fry to do
our duty by niaking even' effort
for a renewalsof our forests. Oth-
er States aresgiving much utten-
tion to Arbotuhiy.
"In one Shite over 1,000,000
trees were pMnted on one Arbor
day, and
other States
wu groat.
be given to ti
ot Arbor daj
has been gii
planted on
will add tc
and welfari
supply the
ffjenefit derived in
by planting trees
e attention should
f proper observance
111 1VCIII 11111, I 11.111
n heretofore. Trees
e next Arbor day
he beautv of the
ind to the wealth
6f the future and
creasing need in.
States School-
house yardsjf home yards and
public roads should be beautified
with trees'.
"Our national forests are di
minishing, and we must not only
save what is lett ot the toresrs,
hut we must reforest the cut over
and burnt-ovor mid the unforest
cd districts of the Stute."
Sweet Clover vs. Tobacco.
Charlie and Garnett Hall, two
hustling young sons of Larkin
Hall, who resides east id" town,
made a splendid record this sea
son in gathering sweet clover
seed. They gathered !f:JS.7(l worth
of seed in seven hours, and in ten
days gathered and sold $2H0
worth. They uvoraged $11.50
each per day, which is pretty
good wages for two boys". This
beats raising 7 cent tobacco to a
frazzlo. There are thousands of
ways of making money on the
farm without raising so much to
bacco, but it is hard to make the
people believe it. There are many
crops, of tobacco in I'endlcton
county that will not bring $25)0
after they are stripped and ready
for the market, und it takes ten
days to strip these crops. Ful-
mouth Outlrtcil?.
To haul one ton, therefore, took
twelve days, which, reckoned at
three dollars a day for man und
team, was an expense of thirty-
A bond issue was
wire was improved so that the
same team can haul a ton to the
load und make the round trip in
two dayr, at a cost of six dollars.
In Madison County, Tennessee,
before the roads were improved
a bale of cotton was a load for a
team. Now the same team can
haul ten bales to the load in less
time. Figure it out.
Second, good roads improve
farm values. A farther in Lee
County, Virginia, owned a tract
of one hundred acres which he
offered for $1,800. In 100S the
road past his farm was improved,
and thoimh he fought the im
provement, he has since refused
$3,000 for this place. On this
sjyiie .roaiLA tract increased from
fl,000 to $9,000 in value after the
improvement of the highway.
Third, road improvement means
better access to school und better
schools. It means the facilitation
of the rural mail service, which
is now hampered in many pluces
y the condition of the roads. It
deas on the development of rural
'I he Department of Education
of Kentucky is trying to work
out standards for the rural
schools. It is trying to discover
the ideal toward which eil.irt
should be directed.
also means a better and more at
tractive country and a consequent
lessenim: of the cityward drift of
rural population. Let us have
more good roads. They aro
worth while. Southern Agricul
turist. -
There seems to ho a diversity of
opinion as to what corn will bo
worth this full. Some say $2 00
per barrel while others say if:! CO.
A conservative estimate mig'.t
therefore be fixed at -1:2 ."0 for
good corn. So far we have heard
of hut very little beimrsold.
The Grand Lodge of Masoni
is in session at Louisville this
Services tincl and 4th Sabbaths of
each month.
Prayer Meetings, Wednodny even
ings. Chas. E. Mann, I'astor.
Eldor M. V. Eowry, the pastor,
vill conduct ft protracted meet
ing.' with his "flhurc.h on Hard
wick's creok next week.
, . .
Dr. Martin reports I he arrival
of a new Democrat lit the homo
of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Eaton yes
terday morning.
Tlio dedication of the new
church on Cune creek will take j
place on Sunday, October 27th.
We are waking special anil at
tractive prices on Boys' Clothing.
Mrs, J. W. Williams,
Waltersville, Ky.
We carry a full line of General Merchandise and
art; selling the goods to our large trade
and they tell us they are
Saving Money.
You can do the same thing. If you arr not
already ono of our many pleased customers,
coino round -ome da)' and give oar place a
look through and let us price you some of our
goods.Thcywillopunyonreyestoan opportunity.
Send Us Your Orders
over telephone, by messenger or otherwise and if you live
in Cliy City or near our store we will "deliver thegoodi-''
n7 t
I '

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