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Subscription rates $1 a year, or three
years in advance $2.
1' E. Burgher, Publisher.
Entered as second-class mall matter.
Nov. 14, 1912.
For the convenience of our sub
scribers, we have arranged club rates
with the following papers at pricee
below mentioned :
The Times and
Courier-Journal $1.00
" Cincinnati Enquirer 1.10
44 Louisville Herald 90
4 Home and Farm 75
44 It land Farmer 1.00
44 American Farmer " 90
44 Southern Agriculturist 75
Here to stay.
The unexpected strength of the
Progressive party in the State
and nation has so stimulated the
leaders of the new party in Ken
tucky that at a meeting in Lexing
ton they made the announcement
that the Progressive party would
continue its fight alone the same
lines laid down in its platform;
that it would give place to none,
nor fuse with any other party or
organization in either State,
county or city contests in the fu
ture; that it would show no quar
ter to either Republicans or
The Progressives, polled more
votes than the Republicans, then
why should they take a back seat
in Kentucky. They made a much
better fight than was expected
with such limited time for the
campaign anil such an incom
plete organization ; but have
shown strength in such numbers
that it will not be necessary to
invoke aid or petition to get on
ballot and next year we expect
to have an active, compact, ag
gressive organization in every
city and county in the Stita and
go out to capture the various of-
fices for which candidates are to
be nominated and elected. It was
futher stated that steps would
be taken at an early date by the
Progressive leaders in Kentucky
to organize for next year's con
test in various counties and get
ready to wage an aggressive
Gov. McCreary has issued the
usual Thanksgiving proclamation
tor Thursday, November 28. This
is one year that the people have
really something to bo thankful
for. Such bountiful crops were
never before heard of in this
country and every item of busi-
nose is all aglow in prosperity.
Had the Kepublicuus of Powell
utniuty all have known how pop
ular leddy and his oartv were.
nihiiy more would have jumped
into the bnnd wagon than what
Teddy did iu sixty days what
mix million Democrats have been
trying to do for sixty years, de
mniibhed tho Republican party.
Great man indeed is he,
Strcinliats didn't get the votes
they expected and claimed they
would uet. Their demands are
wholly unfair and impractical.
Teddy says the Progressive par
ty i here to stay. Wo can stand
the partv better than we can it's
Well the country hasn't gone
t the Lad yet anil Wilson has
1 1 . i. v it.t'H'ii.
Trouble la New County.
They are having some trouble
over in the new county' of, Mc
Oreary. When the new county
was established Pine Knot was
designated temporarily as the
county seat and nil offices were
opened there. A vote was taken
iu the county todetermiuc a per
manent location for the county
capitol when by this vote Whit
ley city 'won over Pine Knot
when upon County Court Clerk
Joseph Myrick moved his office
to Whitley city. The county
Judge who favored the relation
of the county seat at Pine Knot
hrfd Myrick arrested for con
tempt of court and placed in
jail. Myrick has brought suit a
gainst Judge Henry Jones for
$25,000 damages for this action
toward him.
Railroad Abandoned.
The Licking Valley railroad,
which has been operated for
years from Salt Lick, Bath coun
ty, to Morgan county, will be
dismantled. The work will begin
shortly. The road is owned by
the Yale Lumber Company, an
Indiana concern, and has been
used mostly for the hauling of
timber form the company's prop,
erty, but lately has been hauling
passengers and goods. It is op
erated under the State railroad
law. Its owners say that it is not
paying. The discontinuance of
this road means a heavy loss to
the people and business interests
in that section.
with Vr. Mller
Your Bank Mvk
Be both willing and able at all times to extend you
such accommodations as your business justifies; -Ask
the experience of your friends who havevcarried
their accounts with the CLAY CITY NATION
AL BANK during the past twenty-three years.
Clay City National Bank,
We take this method of further extending an invitation to
the buying public to come to our store and get weir tup
plies. For several week we have been supplying' many
customers in this vicinity wkh what they need at-,a great
saving of money. . Now that we are stated, we want to
extend our trade s further. Our one great
appeal for your trade is
Low Prices
on what you must have
to eat and wear. We are going to give you. ,
our price on four ftaple articles to just show you how
we can save you money:
Beit Patent Flour Made, $3.10 per cwt.
Granulated Sugar, - - 6 cts. per ( lb. -
Meat and Lard, - -13- " " !"
Lard in 50 pound cans, $5.75.
These are only fair samples of other prices. Everything in
the house is sold at the same low price. Give us a, ins).
Five Judge from oh Precinct.
In the election of Judge O. O.
Tur.ier, of Mt. Sterling, to tho
Appellate bench, it is nbt only n
coincidental fact that tho last
live living Judges of the Court
of Appeals 'from this district
camo from the'same county, the
Banie city, but also from the
same voting'precinct of the city.
Judge Turner's 'majority over
Kirk is 1,095.
To.Flfkt HJsfi Prices.
The L. & N; Railroad employ
es stationed at Pa'riS are forming
a stock company to.be capitaliz
ed at $10,000, for the purpose of
n ... - - , T ... . B
iurnisning inenecessiriea ni me
at lower figures. So far $7,500
has been subscribed for the com
pany and it is possible that the
undertaking will he established
in a xhort time. Each employe
will take say tlOO worth of stock
and his credit wijl be good to
that amount. Upgn'his failure to
uhv his lull within a fixed date
his stork will befaken up.
1 Flagged. TMM With Shirt.
IVsring his shirt from his bm-k
an Ohio man flagged a train nud
paved it from a wreek, but H T
Alston, Raleigh, N. C , once pre
vented a wreck with Electric Bit
tern. ' I wait in a terrible plight
when I began to use them," h
writes. ,4inv stomach, head, bite'
and kidneys were all badly affected
and my liver was ichad condition,
out four bottlesof Electric Bitters
made me feel like a new man," A
trial will convince you of their
matchless merit' for any stoma"!',
liver or kidney trouble. Price 50
cents at all dealers.
Asa Todd visited relatives near
Winchester this week.
T. S. McKinney and Zeke Con
tier were in Irvine Monday on
Sir. and Mrs. Moses McKinney
visited relatives at Irvine a few
days last week.
The Rev. L. F. Mann will fill
the stand at the Methodist
church Sunday morning.
Elder P. N. Taylor failed to be
at the BapMst church to fill his
appointment Sunday morning.
There is more Catarrh in this
eaction of the country than all oth
er rtiseui-es put together, and until
the Itiot few years was considered
to he incurable. Fcr a great many
year in.clnrH pronounced it a local
dimtee hikI prescribed local reme
dies, and lv constantly failing to
cure with local treatment, pro
nounced it ineuraMe. Science has
prove ii catarrh to b. a constitution
Ask any lady about the making tf
clothes. She'll tell you the advantage
of having them well made. She'll
tell you, if she knows, that our Ladies'
garments are the most penect
ly tailored of any in the city.
They Have Fashion and Neatness.
See us for your wants in Ready-to-Wear
Skirts, Tailored Suits, Cloaks, Rain
. Coats, Millineiy,DressGoodsTSilks,and
a full line of Ladies' Furnishings.
MRS. J. W.
Made by J. ANDREW
mvv rh
11 VI u y
al dlseaso and thorefore requires
constitutional treatment. Hall's
Catarrh Cure, manufactured by
F. J. Cheney A Co., Toledo, Ohio,
Is the only (onstitutirinnl cure on
the market. It is taken internally
in doses from 10 drops to a lea
spoonful. It acts directly on the
blood and mucous surf aces of the
system. They offer one hundred
dollars for any case it fails to cure.
Send for circulars and testiinon'nle.
Address :
F J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for
constipation. Vdv.
A TraMn
School for Teachers
later dial mnd Ltns 8 lata Cef-
Ufleafta. TailJ la til FuMI
unmi ana airirn
OovrMi. TtiUtoFretaAp.
alatsjM. Twa tBlmOct dor.
uki w flaaaaal trail! Of buIMiBt. a
iSknt. d Tw .gr'JSS? -A".7 1
n. rnnk TrmfcUT, Hi" B1 ' " I
cwfr JOSJaa(rw,l4e.t.J
As Friend
To Friend
all other brands of flour with the
housewife who loves good home
made bread when she uses thu
l'KAKIi Hour. Its uniform quali
ty and excellence never disappoint
her. It is the best all around flour
on the market and givesyonrhrei.il
thai teuiptitig and delicious flavor
that always delights the 'over of
g(Ml bread when you use the
VKMlh Hour.
CAIN, Versailles, Ky.

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