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' t - r: "
Subceilpuon rates 81 a jwir or three
years in advance $2.
1- I!. ISurgher, l'ubllshcr. '
Entered aa second-class mail mutter.
Nov. 2L, 1913.
For the convenience of our sub
scribers, we have arranged club rates
nth the following papers at prices
below mentioned :
The Times and
Courier-Jourimi 1 00
Cincinnati Knquirer I 10
' Louisville Herald 90
Home and Farm "f
" It land Kurmer 1.00
" . American Farmer 90
Sniithern Agriculturist 75
'I he Parcels Post System,
which was established by an
Art of Congress of Aujiust 24.
1912, to be;:iii operation January
1, 1910, lms awakened great in-tere-t
all ovor tin country, es
leciullv in the rural districts und
union: the numerous mail order
houses. Other countries have,
fur Fonie years, enjojed the ben
eiits i.t this cheap and convenient
method of delivery for small
pnekaties; and our Government
has also, for some years, had
t tent les with several foreign
countries bv which it aarees to
deliver parcels sent in this man
tier troni such countries to per
sons in the United Stutes. There
(M-emx lo be no reason, therefore,
up Hut. country should not put
tiie system into operation to the
benefit of a large portion of its
The scheme as yet, however, is
will probably become a permun
em und valuable institution.
Gov. Wilson is saying very lit
tle, hut he has his nxr to the
ground, and is listening careful
ly to the pulse of the great Amer
ican heart. In other words he is
earnestly seeking after informa
tion and the wishes of the people
in rcsnril to the course he shall
pursue when he enters the White
It is said that elephants 'often
attain to an age gaeater than 100
years, but we presume that this
is not true of an elephant sub
jected to many and severe nerv
ous shocks.
The express companies com-
pluin that the new lower rates
will cost them $811,000,00011 year.
This is very encouraging to the
rest of us.
Why is it, that a human life
must de tuken every time a term
of the Circuit Court is cenvened
in i lus district? During the last
term of court here Alatt Thomas
killed Di I la id Crow. On the first
day of the last term at Richmond,
lintel; Maupin killed James
Kiiriis. On the Sunday thut fell
between the first und second
weeks of the Jessamine Court, a
white man killed a negro ut High
Bridge, in Jessamine county, and
now on the first day of the first
week of the present term in
Powell the news comes that Win.
r.owen, Jr., was shot und killed
by Henry Skidmore, and that
Reese Boweu, in turn, shot und
Killed Skidmore.
Will some one explain why
these fatulities come along with
each term of court?
How would h do for the juries
t'o take ajhand in the killing bus
iness? Winchester Sun.
' Mrs. Wilson will be tho first
Sniithern Lady, to occupy position
of the "First I.ndy of the Lund"
since Mrs. Andrew Johnson held
tlint honor from 18(15 to 1809. It
is believed that Mrs. Wilson will
provo to be u very churnniig hos
tess. Sho is very refined and of
high culture, and these qualities
hlul much to do with helping her
lAisbund to win the high ollico of
the President of the United
Thanksgiving turkey is going
to bo extremely lush this year,
but no good Democrat will feel
that in the circumstances any ex
pense should interfere with suit
able celeb utinn.
A great many seem to have
voted for Taft for ex-president.
Thus the Outlook is able to re
tain its coutribiitiua editor.
Furnace f
News is scarce.
Mr. John Lyle was in Irvine
Mips Julia Abner, of Wiseman
town, is visiting at this place.
Miss Jessie Wierman enter
tained several of her friends Sat
urday night.
"Daddy" Morrow, of Mt.
Sterling, spent last week with
George Lylo.
MisB Anna Broaddua, of Mill
er's creek, visited her sister,
Mrs R. 0. Newkirk Saturday
night and Sunday.
Vaughn's Mill.
The young people of Hard
wick's Creek enjoyed themselves
nicelv at tho home of Mr. A. r.
Bush's Monday evening.
Miss Nancy Bdsh who has been
visiting her sister, Mrs. Mary
Mary McKinney, of Winchester,
Born, Saturday, Nov. 10th, to
Mr. und Mrs. R. A. Kirby, a
Olias- and Tom Rupurd, of
Clark county, spent Saturday
and Sunduy with Asa Barnett.
Mr. and Mrs. Moses McKinney
gave a tacky party at their home
Saturday night. A large mini
her of young folk were present
and enjoyed the occasion very
much. Miss Fannie Mize carried
off the prize.
Flagged Train With Shirt.
rearing his shirt from his haek
an Ohio man flagged a train and
saved it from n wreck, but H T.
Alston, Raleigh, N. (5 , once pr
vented a wreck with Eleetric Bit
ter. ' 1 whs in a terrible p'igb
when I began to nee the'm," b
writes, "my stomaek h'-ut bl
and kidneys were all badly anVeUd
and my liver was in bad condition,
dui four bottles yf Electric Bitt r
made me feel like t new mm," A
trial will convince ou of theh
matchless merit for tiny eioniu'-1 ,
liver or kidnej trouble. Price f
cents at all dealers
came -home Saturday. Mrs. Mc
Kinney also camo with her on a
brief visit.
A local of tho Farmer's Edu-
catioual and Generative Union
was established at Vainrhn's
Mill, Wednesday, November 0th.
Several of tho nrocressive farm-
ers have taken an active Dart in
the work.
Bro. Mann, of Clay City, held
series of meetings at the Meth
odist churce from Sunday. No-
vember 01, to the 17th. Bro.
Munn ia u deep man and his ser
mons were much enjoyed by the
people of Hardwick's creek.
I here in more Catarrh in this
suction of the country than all oth
er diseases put together, and until
tin lant few years waf considered
to be incurabit. Fcr a great many
ar i- cni- pronounced it a local
disease and prescribed local reme
dies, and b constantly failing to
curt with local treatment, pro
IioiiiichI it inouruMe. Science has
priivvii catarrh tob'. a constitution
al diseaso and therefore requires
constitutional treatment. HbII'p
Catarrh Cure, manufactured by
P. J. Cheney & Co., Toledd, Ohio,
is the only constitutional cure on
the markci. It ia taken internally
in doses from 10 drops to a tea
spoonful. It acts directly on the
blood and mucous surfaces of the
system. They offer one hundred
dollars for any case it fads to cure.
Send for circulars and testimotrals.
Address :
F J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Take Hull's Family Pills for
constipation. dv.
School for Teachers
Coarv If -dirt to nhrrrttwr,
fatrnnwIiaUanJ Mtj Put IVr.
llflcmtfs. Y.U4 In all luMI
School of Kentucky. HrvvrJ
Our and RstIc
Conrwi. Tnltl-m Fr-o l Ar
trfttntitf. Two i-ten Ibid r
iraiulta. Wwtli Science. , In Tom '' H k
USX Term JJ"jT
T7. Fourth Tma April T, Bar School -em Jane i
OMtoiMrm. . G CRABnB, Pre-Ment,
Your Bank Muft
. .. Be,bothiwiug,anl able at all times to eiUjad.ycu. . rj
such accommodations as your business justifies.' '
Ask the experience of your friends who have carried
their accounts with the CLAY CITY NATION
AL BANK during the past twenty-three years.
Clay City National Bank,
As Friend
ro Friend
any la ' abouti
We take this method of further extending on invitation to
the buying public to come to our store and get their sup
plies. For several weeks wc have been supplying many
cuitomers in this vicinity with what they need at a great
saving of money. Now that we are flatted, we want lo
extend our trade still further. Our one great
appeal for your trade is
Low Prices
on what you must have
to eat and wear. We are going to give you
our price on four staple articles to just show you how
we can save you money:
BeSt Patent Flour Made, $3.10 per cwt.
Granulated Sugar, - - 6 cts. per lb.VM,
Meat and Lard, - - 13' "
Lard in 50 pound cans, $5.75.
These are only fair samples of other prices. Everything in
the house is sold at the same low price. Give us a trial.
of navirie: them well made?
ten vou, if she knows, that our Ladies'
garments are the most perfect
lv tailored of any in the city.
They Jlav Fashion and Neatness.
See us for your wants in Ready-to-Wear
Skins, Tailored Suits, Cloaks, Rain
Coats, Millinery, -Dress Goods, Silks, and
a full line of Ladies' Furnishings.
nil othur brunds of flour with tV
housewife who loves frood home
miido lireud when eh uses the
PKAUIi flour. Its unifonu.uuuli
ty und excellence nevpr disuppoints
her. It is the lt-t all uround Hour
on the market und gives your hreul
that temptlufr and delicious llavoj
that nlwny delights the 'over of
rood bread when you us-e the
PEARL lh'tir.
Made by J. ANDREW CAIN, Versailles; Ky,

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