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N .81.00 a Year In Advance. Wi arc here to help Clay City, the Snrronniing Coonlrr.aBJ Ourselves. .1. E. Burgher, Publisher.
Plenty of Water.
The present tide in Hed river
is the largest for the past two
year?, liking but about, three feet
of being :is high as it was four
.years ago in April when the
bridge ut Bowen was washed
down and the approaches to the
bridge, at Waltersville and Will
ter's Ferry were washed down.
The river is very wide where the
bottoms are low and spreading,
.lust back of the Times oflice for
.instance, we can look nut aud&ee
possibly a mile of water, while
the river straight across must be
about one-half mile wide. It is
beautiful scenery and pleasing to
behold at this season of the year
when the destruction is at the
minimum. Four yours ago we
saw the fiver almost this high
.1 uly 5th. It was distressing then
to see so much growing corn
drowned out.
The College Boys.
Messrs. J. O. Gannon, P. H.
Demaree, J. W. Nelson and K.
II. Rose, who are attending the
Kentucky Wesleyan College at
Winchester, gave some very im
pressive and forceful talks jat the
Presbyterian church in this city,
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
and Saturday nights, and Sunday
morning and Sundiyy night. The
young men were assisted Sunday
morning by Itev. I. T Spencer,
pastor of the Methodist church.
Loom End Sale.
Oldham Brothers & Co. the
well-known Mt. Sterling mer
chants are advertising in this is
sue their great annual Loom End
and Cut Price Sale. The many
Powell county customers who do
so much trading in our neighbor
city should call at the store of
this popular and money saving
emporium and make their pur
chase while they have opportu
nity to jave so much on staple
Young Pocple Greatest Criminals.
'Statistics show that !" per
cent, of all crimes committed by
the United States are by young
men under 2J years of age. The
cause for such a state of affairs
lies in the fact that the youth
who gets drunk, for instance, for
the first, time, often is carried
home and the man who sold him
the liquor is permitted to escape
punishment; that the pistol car
rier is allowed to go free when, if
the first offense was taken notice
of, a murder later might not
have resulted; that criminal na
ture did not develop all ut once,
but resulted from the indulgence
of the smaller vices until the
hardened nature was the out
growth of that careless course of
action in baubling smaller offenses.
Petroleum Production.
During 11)12 500,000 barrels of
oils were taken from the Ken
tucky fields as compared with
472,458 barrels in 1011. Ken
tucky however is a very poor oil
state when compared to the oth
er oil produciug states. Califor
nia led all other states with 82,
000,000 barrels, Oklahoma conies
second with 52,000,000 barsels
while Pennsylvania which for
merly stood at the top produced
only 8,000,000 barrels and is sur
passed in the oroer named by
Cali f orn ia, Ok I ahonyj IJ!i.nojsi
'Louisiana, West. Virginia, Texu
and Ohio.
Stands High on Bad Record.
Kentucky stands fourth on
comparative basis for the numb'
of homicides committed in tl
different States, while a few yea -ano
Lexington, Ky., stood secon
among the cities of tire Unite
States in the number of homi
cides, and Louisv.lle, Ky., fifth
W. D. Thacker, of Levee, isM
the city today.
We are showing an Elegant Line of
Cloaks and Wraps fZnn
Ladies' Suits, Millinery, and etc.
to (it you and your pocketbook.
When you want any kind of Merchandise, think of
and give us the opportunity to please you as we
have been doing for so many years pasl with
satisfaction both to you and ourselves.
Everything to Please the Customer
Powell County Premiums.
The annual session of Farmers'
Week at State University, Lex
ington has fTeen in session this
week. Many prizes were award
ed to farmers for the best show
of corn. It should bo giatifying
to Powell county people to know
that corn from this county, both
in the adnlt and boys' entries,
took premiums. J. E. Burgher
won first prize on best ten. ears
of white com from this division,
and firsY prize for the best single
ear of white corn. Eo also won
first prize on cow pea seed in
open competition with the State.
Edmon Burgher in the boys' de
partment won third premium on
best single ear and- best ten ears.
This corn was grown under mod
ern methods from the very best
seed obtainable, no expense be
ing spared to make these crops a
success. The best, of this corn
was grown on upland and made
an average yield of 73 bushels
per acre. ' The result shows that
premiums wexo-. awarded to all
of the five entries made from
this county, three of these carry
ing otf first premiums" with the
blue ribbons attached.
Louisville Paper Co. Secures Contract.
The Louisville Paper Company
has secured tfie contract to fur
nish the state with paper for the
ensuing two years. This contract-
are proud ttr see this contract
come to a stafte concern and es
pecially the Louisville Paper
Conipuiiy. The Times has been
gelling its supply of paper from
t Ins company for the past fifteen
years and during alt of this time
the business relations have been
perfectly satisfactory in every
particular. It is a pleasure to do
business with such firms. We
commend the Louisville Paper
Company to the newspaper fra
ternity of the 8ta:e.
Guard of Honor. '
Mrs. Silvia Russell, princidal
of the Graded School. at St. Hel
ens, was in the city one day last
week, the guest of Mrs. Dr.
Evans. She was on her way to
St. Helens from a visit to home
folks at Clay City. Her son who
is a cadet in tlje Military Acad
emy at Staunton, Va., was one
of the guard of honor who wel
comed president elect Wilson to
the home of his childhood.
Beattvville Enterprise.
Fish and dame Food Value.
J. Q. Ward, of the State Game
Commission said $100,000 food
value could be added to Ken
tucky by properly stockiug up
the streams of the Common
wealth with fish and restocking
the forests with pheasants, deer
and wild turkey and then the fish
and game properly protected.
We hope to see Mr. Wards plans
carried out. Fishing time will
come again by and by.
Ill of Pneumonia.
Mr. G. P. Douglas, of Levee, is
iu a very dangerous condition
with pneumonia. Mr. and Mrs.
G. W. Clark and Mrs. G. W.
Bu6h were summoned there to
his bedside. Mr. and Mra. Clark
have returned and reported his
condition as very critical. Mrs.
Bush will remain until there is
a change iu his condition. Mrs,
Clark is a sister to Mr. Douglas
and Mrs. Bush is his uoice.
Turn to The Bright Side.
When our farmers begin to
look at the dark side ot existing
conditions in Powell county let
them look back ten years ago
when there was not a bridge in
the county and one third the
travel was cut ofl" by high water.
In this length of time there has
been seven steel bridges built in
the county which facilitates
travel in modern stylo so far as
high water is concerned. We
like now but two more bridges
then we will jump into the turn
pike proposition with a vim and
never let up until we get a net
work of pikes radiating in all di
rections of the county. Let Pow
ell county citizens be hopeful,
enduring, persevering and pro
gressive and in a short end we
will do things to a queen's task.
To accomplish this, however, we
must unite iu this one common
effort and economize in all fiscal
J. O. Crawford, of this city,
and Miss Mollie Hordwick,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Will
iam Hardwick, of Stanton, were
united in matrimony at the home
of the brida's parents at Stanton,
on Christmas day. The wedding
waw a quiet atl'air. The bride
is one of Stanton's populrn young
ladies and quite well known
here before her marriage. The
groom is ijj son of our fellow
"t'oC rismari, SI J. CfaVfordr'aiid'
is a prominent young attorney of
the local bar who concluded that '
the law of the land was not thei
only '"law" unless he became I
somebody's son-in-law. We wish
them much happiness. Breath-1
itt County News. '
Dr. Wm. C. Martin has been
very sick the past, week, but is
now some better
McCryary Talked of.
Governor McCreary, it is claim
ed, will enter the race against
Beckham and Stanley for I. S.
Senator. Governor McCreary is
a great man and the Time- has
never failed to support him for
the nomination of any office ho
has ever asked for, but this time
from the point of fairness we
think the nomination is justly
due Governor Beckham. He was
nominated six years ago and was
defeated by tratorious Demo
crats in the Legislature and we
now think it. is justly due him
without opposition. But with
out or with opposition we look
upon him as a sure winner in
the primary nexe August.
Financing the Farmer.
It is singular that the United
Stales has been so long in awak
ening to the tremendous import
ance of farming as an industry,
and to our inadequate provisions
for financing the farmer. Agri
cultural credit societies are now
a leading topic of discussion, and
occupy page after page of the
newspapers and magazines. The
organizations ahroid are being
studied with a view to adapting
them to American conditions.
And the fact has been brought
forcefully home that each of the
agricultural credit societies
abroad is buttressed by a scien
tific banking system. Not one
could do extensive good without
such support. Before we can fi
nance the tanner as he deserves,
our unscientific banking system
must be reformed.
Fire in the State Journal plant
at Frankfort Monday morning
did $-10,000 damage Some val
uable state work was narrowly
saved from thellames.
Come to Our Store
And let us show you what a nice line of goods
we carry. Our stock of Dry Goods, Notion-,
Groceries, Hardware, Clothing, Shoes and etc. is
replete with
Variety, Style
and Quality.
. Low Prices
Make it to your interest to give us a good share of
your trade. We strive to please our customers be
cause we know satisfied customers are our best assets.
Yours to please,
Waltersville, Ky.

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