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Subscription lutesSl u jtnr or three
ye.na in ndvviice
.1 11. liurijher, I'l.bllshcr.
Enlei-ed ns second-clus mail matter.
Jim. 10, 191?.
For the convenience of our sub
icriviets. we have arranged club lines
wiih the following papers at prices
below iiieiitinneu :
The Times and
Cooiiei-Journal 1.00
" Cincinunii Enquirer 1.10
" Louisville Heiald 90
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' Inthnd Fnmer 1.00
" Ameiican Farmer 00
" Southern Agriculturist 75
The automobile licenso went
into ell'ect in this state January
IS, 1910. Up to January 3912
the total collections amounted to
$uo,S25 50. This was for a little
over a year and a half. The to-
t-il tax for the year 1912 was
f,'07,2G0 CO innking a total of $S2,
6u CO now in the treasury to the
credit of a good roads fund.
There has been no law provided
for the expenditure of this fund,
but. it must be spent for the im
provement of the roads of the
stale. By the time the Legisla
ture meets next year this fund
will bo no less than $120,000 00
or at least 1,000 00 to each coun
ty in the state. This will be a
nucleus for a greater fund which
should be supplemented by taxa
tion and additional license, and
expended equitably among the
counties of the Bta te for the build
ing of model roads.
There is no further doubt a
bout the L. & N. owuing and op
erating the L. & E. The Times
has the necessary proof of this.
It is also a known fact that the
L. & E. is a strong competitor of
the L. & N. and the two should
not be allowed to make a final
merger. Will the commercial
bodies of Winchester and Lex
ington sit idly by and see these
roads combine when it is so
much to their interest that they
should not? If these cities more
interested than Clay City do this,
Clay City nnd Powell county
should see that suchan imposition
is not imposed upon them. The
Times is willing to aid in any
way possible. Let us hear from
The country is showing the ut
most coufidence'in the ability
and judgment of the Democrats
in revising the tariff downward
in accordance with the Demo
cratic pledges and the usual bus
iness check occasioned by tariff
legislation has not been noticed
this year and it does not seem
that there will be the slightest
check to our present prosperity
by reason of the democratic tar
ill' bill. On the other hand in
dustries are showing unusual ac
tivity in all lines, ami when the
bill becomes a luw all business
will be helped.
The thirteen electors, of Ken
tucky met on the 18th day of the
month of the 18th year of the
century at Frankfort and cast
the vote of the state for Wilson
and Marshal. It was u little
skeptical at first because the o
lector from the Ninth didn't
show up, but his successor was
speedily chosen and thus the
good work weut ou.
In our State thousandn of dol-
1 -.'b are spent to elect Legislators
every two years. The Legisla
ture meets and spends thousands
t.uvc in making bad laws and few
good o.ies. The Court of Appeals
tisi.it inz of seven men sit. and
:- e c.illed upon to review these
l-ws pesied, and thereby annul
.ost of the good work of the Leg
v ve and a little of the bad
v.otk. Thus are thousands of
tlo'hirs mis&pent in this state ov
0:7 other year.
In this nation it is far worse.
SJiilions are spent in our elec
tions and millions spent on our
Co;grese3 each year. Nearly
i 1! of the g8od laws that are pass
ed in favor of the real people are
set aside by four Federal Supremo
Judges nnd the laws for the best
interests of the classes and whis
key elements confirmed.
Such a 1 often and shameful
condition of our State and Feder
al governments is why the Times
is in favor of the Initiative and
Referendum and the recall of
Judges and all other public offi
cials. As it now is it is a rule by
the Judges and not a government
for the people and by the people.
We would like to try the latter
form of government just to see
how the people would like it.
With a bull dog under one arm
and a crate of eggs udder the
dier, the industrious postman is
not required to lift his cap in
salutation as the fair mostress of
the lfouse comes to get her morn
lim letters
- r..
The lawB of our land justly for
bid the practice of law or medi
cine without firstgetting a di
ploma from a good school of law
or medicine, but with farmers
they are allowed to go forth at
random, wearing and tearing tl.e
soil to shreds. This too in the
face of the faof that all the gen
erations to come must subsist up
on the soils whether they bo worn
out or replenished. No man has
a moral right tocomplotely wear
out a piece of land and ho should
not have the legal privilege.
Powell county is bettor than
we think. The trouble is her
people are slow to do things with
out someone to go before and
show them. They prefer to get
where the force of the habit of
their neighbors compels them to
forge forward.
If the law which prohibits the
sale or giving of liquor to minors
weie observed, the criminals of
this county would not be so
We prefer a good man advo
cating a bad thing to a bad man
pledged to support a -good thing.
Washington is now getting full
of men eager to help their coun
try by-holding down the offices.
We offer One Hundred Dollars
Reward for any case of Catarrh,
that cannot be cured by Hall's Ca
tarrh Cure. F. J. Cheney & Co.,
Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known
F. J. Cheney for the last 15 years,
You Will
Loom End and Cut Price
Clothing, Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Suits and
Cloaks, Dry Goods, Notions, Shoes, Hats,
Carpets, Curtains, &c, at nearly half price.
Oldham Brothers $B CoM
Mt. Sterling.
After you obtain money by the daily earning pro
cess, it is wise to obtain inteseA upon it under our
Interest plan. Lay aside regularly during thisyear
part of your income. Make it productive through
a safe interest rate.
Clay City National Bank,
nnd believe him perfectly honora
ble in all business transactions and
financially ablo to carry out any
obligations made by Ins firm.
Wnltling, Kinnan it Marvin,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is token in
ternally, acting directly upon the
blood and mucous surfaces of tho
system. Testimonials sent free.
Price-76c. per bottle. Sold by 'nil
Take Hall's Family Pills for
onstipation. Adv.
frali, Dibit, Curt
MrtntMd toPluie
XrerrOardentr tnj
rintertionlcl trit th
a si liar merlti of Our
Nortbernarown &.!.
ihiiil mrrtn
will Mad postpaid our
t lr. M D7 Ta.u . . . . to.
1 flf. FrlanM lUdhk . . .11).
I t(. MHrnlii OI-CT . . . IP.
1 k. KriArrw-fcM4 Ckktot. . . .lit
t faltertta UuM UtMM . . . Ida
WrlW todiyt Smi n cnU to Mp ft pwfar
Metlni and fMlv tb tbv. "ftmou ColttcUon.'
i tttwr with emr Jw n4 lnitretlv OftnUn OftM
1363 Jlose St. RocVfonl, Illinois
And if Sqare Dealing, backed with the best of
Goods will get it we are going to have it,
if you give us a Chance.
Call on or Write us for
Buggies. Storm Fronts, Buggy Robes,
Saddles, Horse Covers and
Plow Gear of all
Scott & Lowry ,
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attend our great
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Clay City, Ky.
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bread, cakes and rolls when they
nre using the Pearl flour. No fail
ure to have deMclously Ihvored
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Made by J. ANDREW CAIN, Versailles, Ky.

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