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ubscrfpiion rates 81 a jerir or three
Wars in .advuncu 8.
.1. E. Hunjhcr, Publisher.
Entered a second-class mnil mntter.
Thursday, - - - Jan. 2!!, 1.01.1.
For the convenience of our sub
scribert), we have arranged cluu'rates
with the following papers at pricee
below mentioned :
The Times and
Courier-Journal $1.00
u Cincinnati Enquirer 1.10
" Louisville Herald DO
Home and Farm 75
" Inland Farmer 1.00
" American Farmer 90
' Southern Agriculturist 75
No one would think of em
ploying a laborer four years and
obligating himself to keep him
for that period of time regard
less of what he might'prove him
self to be worth after lie began
his services. That is what we do
though when wo elect a man to
oflice we must keep him for his
full term of oflice notwithstand
ing t.,-e fact his official acts after
he gets into ollico demonstrates
to us that he has sold out to the
"interests". They say you can-'
not prove this on them, and if
you can, impeach them. People
frequently know things they can
not prove. If we have a hand at
work in the field and we go out
and find him working hard every
time we see him, but still see he
isn't turning off any work hard
ly and is not doiug his work well
we conclude he is resting on u
when our back is turned and
brand him as a traitor and dis
miss him. That is the way we
shuld be able to do our public
officials. Officers are nothing
more than servants of the peo
pie and the people should have
the same right to discharge un
worthy employes as individua
have. Private hands perform
their duties honestly and wel
because they know if they fni
to do so they will be fired. Ofli
cers would also do better if they
knew the people could and would
turn them out for failure to do
their duty. Give us the recall
The first primary to select a
postmaster under Democratic ap
pointment was held at Marion,
Senator Ollie James' homo town.
There were eight candidates in
the field. The vote was by se
cret ballot and proved a most
satisfactory solution of the post
master selecting problem for the
new'adtninistratinii. It cortu in
ly does relieve the referee of n
great responsibility and a lot of
bitter enemies after he' makes
the selection.
Gov. Wilson sayshe would like
to( w,alk to the Capitol to be in
augurated, and wo know other
Gentlemen who would be wil
ling to crawl on their hands
for the sake of being President.
Whenever a court dissolve a
trust the trust seems to call a
meeting to determine what to do
with the resulting surplus.
It is against the law to send
booze by parcel post, as post
masters have all the temptations
they can withstand now.
Remember, unless you are un
usually strong, you are liable to
fall down in trying to help some
one else up.
We could have monev to spend
for better roads if we didn't
have to spend it for other things.
Under the Wilson administra
tion there will be no protection
for manufacturers of panics.
Talking good roads is one thing
and buildintr them is another
thing. Wo bavo a superfluity of
the former and a forlorn dearth
of the latter.
The reason some people have
so little is because they have
spent so much. 'Yo'u can't pull
both ends of tho" string all the
time.-' "
The roads between this place
and Olay City have become very
bad. ,
D. R. Daniel bought several
heifers in this community last
week at 5J cents per ppund.
Marion McKinriejr, of Lexing
ton, spent " Sunday with his
parents, Mr. aud ;,Mrs. T. S. Mc
Kinney. Henry Wiseman, of Clark coun
ty, was here a few days this week
visiting relativas and looking af
ter the purchase of some cattle.
Elder G. W. Mcintosh sold two
mules on the Mtv Sterling court
market Monday fdr three hun
dred dollars and one horse for
one hundred and forty dollars.
We offer One Hundred- Dollars
Reward for any-ase of Catarrh
that cannot be' cured by Hall's Ca
tarrh Cure. F. J.jCheney & Co.,
Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known
F. J. Cheney for , the last 15 years,
The uncalled-for advance in
gasoline by the oil trust is but
human. The demand for this com
modify has increased so rapidlv
since tue nuvent ot automobiles
that the oil trust is taking ad
vantage of the situation to make
many more millions. The policy
df all business is, increased trade
brings increased prices, while
decreasing trade in any business
will bring lower prices. If au
tomobiles should quit using gas
nline the price would drop ui
stantly to 8 and 0 cents, what it
used to be, against 18 and 20
cents tho wholesale prico at
Tho subcommittee in charge of
Kentucky publio buildings appro
priutions drew its final report grant
1425,000 for Kentucky projects.
Why not this amount of money for
good roads? If for good roads and
this amount should bo equally al
lotted among the counties of the
State Powell county would receive
about four thoueaud dollars or e
nough to build at least four miles of
good gravel road in the county.
And this would be of more value
to Powell county than all the Gov
ernment buildings in the State. i
You Will
save mmm
Loom End andGuf Price
Clothing, Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Suits and
Cloaks, Dry Goods, Notions, Shoes, Hats,
Carpets, Curtains, &c, at nearly half price.
Oldham Brothers $B Co.,
Mt. Sterling.
After you obtain money by the daily earning pro
cess, it is wise to obtain inteseit upon it .under our
Interest plan. Lay aside regularly during thisycar
part of your income. Make it productive through'
a sale . interest rate.
Clay City National Bank,
and believe him perfectly honora
ble in all business transactions and
financially ablo to carry out any
obligations made by his firm.
Walding, Kinnan & Marvin,
WholefaIo,DruggistB, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is token in
ternally, acting directly upon the
blood And mucous surfaces of the.
system. Testimonials sent free.
Price 75c. per bottle. Sold by all
Tako Hall's Family Pills for
nnstipatinn. Adv.
Frith, Reliable, :'ur
fluirinteitf to Pint
Krcry Otnlf ner nd
anarlar inrfltt nl Oaf
Northern Orownfcenl.
spieiai. orrcH
we will tend pottpalil our
ttt.MDTMU .... to.
t t. hrlf jrr.w.k..d f.1
tr. r.lUrUI lubl UtttM .
Im ! T"tUl CktlM TUmtr ttit
WrtU kxl.fl F.nd 19 mdU to 1lp fl !"(
paektnf tnd rlr Mm ttpor Tamoot VclWtUm,
tar with tr nd tmtictlr KtrUn QnlA '1
1JC3 lUua St. Itnckfunl.IIIlHutk
to Winchester
riONDAY, JAN. 27th,
We will allow you 10 per cent. - of any purchase
made of us, to cover railroad fare to Winchester
January 27th, County Court Day, if you will fill
out the coupon below and bring it to our.store.
We carry a full line of all kinds of
Harness, Saddles and Plow Gear,
in fact everything for the Horse.
Scott & Lowry,
27 Lexington Avenue, Winchester, Ky.
Syanuary Clearing Sale.
Twice a year we clean our stocks of everything that is classed
as "Season Goods". Twice a year you have an opportunity to
buy thoroughly good merchandise at prices much lower than
regular figures and when that opportunity is presented to you
at a time when you have 3 months use of these goods, you
owe it to yourself to take advantage of this great event.
Clay City, Ky.
See This Space Mt Week.
Baking Day is a Delight
to those who are proud of their
hread, cakes and rolls when they
are using the Pearl flour. No fail
ure to have deUuiously flavored
bread that is light and tempting
when yoi- use this superlative and
popular Uour. It is a favorite with
everyone who loves good home ninde
mchiv bate- ureau maue irom ruari uour.
Made by J. ANDREW iCAIN, Versailles, ' ;Ky.

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