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51.00 a Year in Aitvanc:
Wf are here to help Claj City, the SnrronaJing Coaatry and Ourselves.
I. R. ISurnher, Publisher.
vol. xrar.
NO. 8
By Band of Drunken Negroes Last
Nlclit. Two"Arrcsts Made so Far.
This city was startled tliis
morning to learn that Marshal
A. T. Pettit had been murdeicd
the night past by a bunch of
drunken negroes acro69the river.
It seems that some of the men
Lad been to one of our sister sa
loon licensed, rum-soaked cities,
tanked up, and brought home a
lot of liquor. They tired several
shots in this city on their way
home. Dick Smothers and three
of his boys are charged with the
murder. The authorities, having
a knowledge of their disorderly
conduct, dispatched Marshal Pet
tit, aided by Jesse Eaton and O
lis Mackey to gO over the river
nd make the arrest. Upon their
coming upon the crowd a pitched
battle ensued, resulting in Pettit
bring killed and Dick Smothers
being wounded in the shoulder.
Eaton and 'Mackey returned to
the city for re-enforcements,
went back and arrested Dick
Smothers and one of the boys and
placed them in jail. The other
negroes made their escape. Pet
tit was found with his head
mashed to an unrecognizable de-
three shots fired into
up as at present, and it. is prulm
bio that justice will bo meted out
before the law will get an oppor
tunity to do so. Great, precau
tions are being taken by the of
ficers, however, to protect the
To Establish Game Preserve.
A big game preserve in the
Kentucky Mountains will be es
tablished this year. The Game
and Fish Commission has bought
twenty white-tail deer, the breed
native to 'Kentucky hills, and
will set them free in Jackson,
Leslie and Wayne counties ns
soon as the roads are in condition
to permit travel by wagon back
from the railroads.
Executive Agent J. Q. Ward
said it is probable that the deer
will be branded, as there is no
law now to protect, deer in Ken
tucky, excepting one preventing
the killing of "marked der."
He thought the rand will protect
the new herd until legislation can
be secured. It will be necessary
to prohibit, deer hunting until
the mountains are well stocked.
There are fifteen doeB and five
bucks in the herd, which are to
be shiped form the Lake Suppe
rior preserves.
for burial. Blood hound? titve nud repair Shop, of this city, and
Buys Interest In Winchester Business.
Mr. Nelson Walters, of Irvine,
Jty.j'.hasjpnrcuHeed Jf.hall; inter-
. . gree and
Been brought frotrT'Lexington to
trail up the fugitives and it ib
likely that all that had a hand in
the murder will" be behind the
bars by nightfall.
It is 6aid Pettit did uot do any
of the shooting, but endeavored
to make a peaceful arrest. The
men, however, were on the war
path alid made quick work of
their murderous intentions The
community was never so wrought
the firm will be in the future be
known as Hagan and Walters.
Mr. Walters will take over his
interest at once, the invoicing
having been done Monday.
Mr. Walters has been connect
ed with the Swan-Day Lumber
Company for 17 years and is a
capable machinist. He has a wife
and family of threo children, anil
will move here in a few days-
Winchester Sun.
We are showing an Elegant Line of
Cloaks and Wraps ZhSSESl
Ladies' Suits, Millinery, and etc.
to (it you and your pocketbook.
When you want any kind of Merchandise, think of
and give us the opportunity to please you as we
have been doing for so many years paft with
satisfaction both- to you and ourselves.
Everything to Please the Customer
Death Rate Decreasing.
According-, to figures supplied
by the Department of Commerce
and Labor, -Kentucky is growing
more healthful. It will also be
glad to see that the birth rate
more than doubles the death rate
in this State. These statistics
The birth returns for 1011 num
bered C0,782vand for 1912, 01,199.
These will Jbe increased by some
delayed reports. The deaths for
1911 numdered 80,583 and for
1912, 29,(1491 The deaths from
cousumptioh? (tuberculosis) for
1011 were 5181 , and for 1912, 4728,
a substantiifrldecrease. Typhoid
fever, likewise, showed a reduc
tion in prevalence and fatality,
being 1035'fin 1911 and 758 in
1912. j.
The following shows the num
ber of deathlafrom other prevent
able diseased:
Scarlet Fev.dr
Pneumonaatsnd Bron
chn.PnenjRionia 2580 2447
Summer O oWpl aint of
childran 1124
MeningifiBi&ll forms) G80
La grippe
Other D
oeal Diseases
wa an.increaso: yu
InigiaF.rT2f,tol012.. Abul-
1eU iThhMtu'amSleont'hls
disease, which is free from tech
nical language, may be obtained
by request to the State Board of
Health, Bowling Green.
Violence showed in 1911, 1520
deaths, and in 1912, 1719.
A remarkable fact of all these
deaths is that in 1911, 41 of every
one hundred deaths were caused
by diseases practically preventa
ble. 1912 showed 89 per hun
dred deud of diseases that can
and ought to be prevented.
The Federal Government ac
cepts these certificates from Ken
tucky us complete, though the
doctors in many cases can im
prove their quality by giving ex
act and scientific causes of
Buy the Winchester Only.
11. D. Ramsey and son,Charles,
proprietors of the Winchester o
verall factory are ip the city
taking orders for their famous
product, "The Winchester Over
all". May they sell stacks of
them hero and elsewhere is the
wish of thoir friend Tho Times.
Mr. Ramsey a few years ago
owned a farm near Spout Spring.
At that time thoro was no bridge
across the river at Walters' Fer
ry. Mr. Ramsey 'gavo $100 to
help build tho bridge there. Tho
Times will for this reason always
have a warm spot in its heart
for Mr. Ilani6oy and hope some
day to see no other overalls sold
or worn in Powell county but
"tho Winchester". Wo owe it
to him. When vou want over
alls call for the Winchester, and
tuko no other.
Mrs. Julia Mansfield, of Boyle
county, is visiting her father,
Wesloy Garrett, and other rela
tives this week.
Your butter, eggs and chicken.
Mrs. J. W. Williams.
Good Roads Per Cent. Increasing.
How far this country has to go
in the matter of good roads build
ing is strongly shown in the lat
est government report, which
shows that the percentage of
roads in the United States which
are now improved is between 9
and 10 per cent. This percentage
must be exactly double before a
high degree of eflicioncv in high
way transportation will have
been reached.
Improved roads have shown a
commendable growth in this
country. At the close of 1909
only 8 00 per cent of the roads in
the United States were improv-
ed. This represented in turn a
gain of 1.52 per cent in the five
year period from 1901 to 1909.
Since the latter date the percen
tage has crept up to almost 10
per cent.
If all the roads in this country
were improved it is figured that
millions of dollars would be saved
annually in the transportation of
crops.the wear and tear on horses
and vehicles, and in the minimiz
ing of the waste in truck farm
ing. Where roads are bad, the
farmers frequently find it impos
sible to get their products to the
shipping points, and thus perish
able products and washed, per
ceptibly increasing the cost of
In .the .five years preceding
March 1912, the office of public
roads of the Department of Ag
riculture 1ms built 215 ofject les
son roads; in all, about 800 miles
of roads 15 feet wide, and by ex
pert advice aided in the formula
tion of more than 050 model
country systems, resulting in
most instances in beneficial re
forms. It has also assisted 20
States in effecting equitable
State aid plans. The secretary
looks forward to the coming year
as promising better results than
at any time in tho history of tho
movement for improved high
ways. Lexington Leader.
Another Fine Statement.
The Clay City National Bank
has one of their splendid state
ments in this issue. Head it and
be convinced ot its safety as a
depository for your surplus cash.
Remember theso statements aro
published at the instance of tho
Government and are aiways call
ed for unexpectedly to the bank.
Thus they must be ready at all
times. There is no show for tho
officers of a National bank to
prepare for their reports because
they do not know when they are
going to be called upon for one.
The Clay City National is man
aged so it is always ready to
make a most satisfactory report
to the iroverninent.
Hoves Back to Powell.
Jas. II. Howell and family,
have moved from Hillsdale, Ind.,
back to this county to reside.
We extend tho glad hand of wel
come to Mr. Hewell and hope
that he, like many ot lifer Powell
folk, will learn that by trying
here as hard as they do out west,
they can make as good a living.
Presideut John H. Patterson,
of the National Cash Register
Co., of Dayton, Ohio, was fined
$5,009 00 and sentenced to one
year in jail tor violatni": the
Sherman anti-trust law. Twenty-eight
other officials and em
ployes of tho company received
jail sentences for the same of
I ' 4
Come to Our Store
And let us show you what h nice line of goods
we carry. Our stock of Dry Goods, Notion,
Groceries, Hardware, Clothing, Shoes and etc. is
replete with
I Variety, Style
and Quality.
Low Prices
Make it to your interest to give us a good share of
your trude. We strive to please our customers be
cause we know satisfied customers art-ourbest assets.
Yours to please,
Waltersville, Ky.

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