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$1.00 a Ycur in Ailvanc;.
We are here to help ClafClly
She SnrroanJiog pantry as! Oarsclves.
1. E- Burgher, Publisher.
Clay City luis boon in the
throes ot great excitement, lor
the past wqek. Allot' the ne
groes, except one, directly inter
ested in the murder of Marshal
I'ettit have been caught and safe
ly jailed. The negro who wns
lirst, arrested, before the killing,
and who in the excitement was
allowed to get away from the jail
is now regarded as one of the in
stigators and accessory to the
murder before the act was perpe
trated. It is no longer doubted
that thetrouble and shooting was
all done to decoy Mr. I'ettit away
Commissioner Newman' Address.
The State Farmers' Institute is
in session at i'aduenh this week.
Commissioner of Agriculture'.!.
V. Newman tnadu the opening
speech in which he said in part :
"The children should be taught
agriculture in school, attend
county fairs and attend various
meetings for furthering agricul
tural interests. Institutes should
bo held every month instead of
once a year. It is only a matter
of time until a farm demonstrat
or practically will be in every
county in Kentucky.
"I do not approve of Kentucky
railroad companies urging cjti-
from town to get, to kill him, and zenR 0f this State to leave it and
go to other States where land is
not either better nor cheaper and
opportunities perhaps not really
so great, by advertising low rates,
1 hope this body will pass a reso
lution condemning these home
seekers' excursions. 1 hope the
railroad officials will awaken to
the fact that it is pennywise
and pound foolish', the course
they are pursuing in persuading
Kentuckians to become the foun
dation stock for sections of the
country where conditions are not
nearly as good as in Old Ken
Bert, the one that escaped, is said
to have gotten the whiskey to
apirit them up, and to have fur
ther in other ways provoked the
murder. Several persons saw
Bert leaving the county, and all
who 6aw him, from the gnit ho
was going, are Bure he will never
Bert Smothers, the negro who
escaped," while only charged with
a very small offense, in the opin
ion of the public now should be
brought back and tried for Ins
part of tho murder and there is
talk of getting up a reward fund
to have him brought back.
Spring Announcement.
H. F. Hillenmeyer & Sons, the
noted Lexington nurserymen,
.have their . spring announcement
in this issue. Every body who
owns laud needs some form of
trees or shrubs. Their stock is
the best and their prices much
lower than fruit agents. Send
them a nice order right now and
you will never have occasion to
regret it.
Married, at the residence of
Jessie Puckett, Feb. 20th, 1918,
Mr. Robert Potts and Miss Ada
Hunter, Elder A. Easter ofiici-
Fine of $6oo for Violating dame Law
The Phoenix Hotel at Lexing
ton has been .fined twenty dol
lars each on thirty counts or six
hundred dollars - nil told for
serving quail out of season,
though The birds were shipped
from an adj. lining state during
the open season of that sfate.
Kentucky Btm
Irn ir nf Ul
made publicl
cposlts Increase.
Murray, Comp-
ency, this week
report on all of
the nafionarV
as sno wn oy.
Costly Bootlegging.
J. 0. Hurst was lined $1,000 for
violating the local option laws of
Breathitt county. This was the
aggregate of lines in fifteen cas
es. Hurst, was required to sign
a $10,000 bond Tor his good be
havior for the next twelve
We are showing an Elegant Line of
Cloaks and Wraps Ed3Sffi5
Ladies' Suits, Millinery, and etc.
to fit you and your pocketbook.
When you want any kind of Merchandise, flunk of
and give us the opportunity to. please you as we
have been doing for so many years paft with
satisfaction both to you and ourselves.
Everything to Please theCustomer
nks of Kentucky,
ist call, Febru
ary 4. m$
A 8urprisin&fenturo of the re-
rmous growth in
)sits and total re-
jest indexes of a
jty is the amount
deposits in its
port is the sue
. . i ..V."?,
uiuiviuuai ,as
One of fill
State's pnitipe,
of individual:
The indiv deposits in the
national Ta9Jts of Kentucky
show a growllljof almost $-1,000,.
000 during'tlyst year. The act
ual increasftjtlfrorn $11,038,787.
52 a year. ag').o $15,013,092.18
under tho roport issued this week.
In the melarjfime, the total re
sources of th$wational banks of
Kentucky hawgiown from $78,
490,-150.00 (38,018,020,15 and
loans and disjfeunts from $12,
040,075 21 toJ,988,522,88. The
percentageVOwjegal reserves to
deposit is 10.2m;aR against 10.G5
u vear nun.
The repofWBls for all of the
national batikjsrin Kentucky, out
side of Louisville.
Attorney ueaftiral on the Primary.
Attorney,'theral Garnetf, in
answer to ateutnber of inquiries
concerning tMaf construction of
the State oriMarv law. decided
be written oh the ballots in the
primary. The voter in the pri
mary must indicate wth the X
the list of candidates for whom
he desires to vote.
This decision was made in an
swer to tne inquiry it uepuon
cans could vote for Democratic
candidates or Democrats vote for
Republican candidates bv writ
ting the names on the ballots.
The Attorney General also
held that in county races the
candidates were not required to
get a specilied number of signers
to the petition in any certain
Alountaln Man Fear Clark County
Attorney A. H. Patton, of
Jackson, aifd former editor of the
Breathitt County. News, has been
indicted upon the evidence of
half dozen Clark county citizens
for Subordination of perjury in
connection with the Callahan
conspiracy cases at Winchester.
His case was transferred to filer
cer couuty for trial. He strenu
ously objected to his case being
transferred to Clark county on
account of the strong Buntiment
in that county against him.
Blackburn Reappointed.
Fred 11. Blackburn, of Stan
ton, has been re-uppointed by
Governor McOreary as member
of tho State Board of Agricul
ture. Mr. Blackburn will hold
tor a term of fdur years. His
great interest in tho welfare of
the farmers of his district has
well merited his re-appoiutnicnt.
Judge Redwlne Dead.
Circuit Judgo D. B..Redwine,
of Jackson, died at Hot Springs,
Ark., yesterday front Bright's
di6oa80. His body wil 1 bo in
terred in tho Lexington ceme
Agricultural Insructors Employed.
There aro seven counties in
Kentucky that arc interested in
modern scientific farming, and
each of these counties have ar
ranged for the employment of
competent instructors in agricul
tural and farm demonstration
work. The counties taking these
forward steps are Jefferson, Hen
derson, Warren, Muhlenberg,
Metcalfe, Christian and Madison.
Only ono of these Madison is
up in this end of the State. What
these seven counties have done
every county in the State should
$350 Reward tor George Smothers.
Acting upon a request of Judgo
Benton, Gov. McOreary has of
fered a reward of $200 for the
capture of George Smothers, one
of tho negroes who took a hand
in the brutal murder of Marshal
A. T. Pettit. This together with
$150 reward offered by the citi
zens of Clay City makes the total
reward for the fugitive $850.
Estill Tribune Sold.
Editor Grant E. Lilly, of Rich
mond, has sold the Estill Tribune
to J. It. White. Mr. White was
the founder of the Estill Herald,
and for years published that pa
per. Ho is therefore a well-qualified
newspaper man and will
make a sure go of the Tribune a--he
did of the Herald. Mr. Lilly
assigns as his reasons for selling
the paper that living twenty-thref
miles away from tho office of pub
lication is too far to properly at
tend to the duties incumbent op
on an editor, nere's wishing
the Tribune and its new publish
er the success they each so richly
Good Law Enacted.
Kansas, being progressive in
every thing, has iust passed a bill
in their Legislature granting the
recall of all public officials, and
the Governor has said he will
sign the bill, making it a law. A
petition calling for the recall can
only be signed bv persons who
voted for such officer.
. - Two. Laborers Burned.
Ill a burning factory building
at Louisville two laborers after
safelv escaping the flames return
ed to get some trivial personal
beiongins and were consumed.
Wanted I
Tour butter, eggs and chickens.
Mrs J. W. Williams.
fl. F. Christopher is in Clark
county this week on a business
Manson Curtis is moving thin
week from L. & E. Junction to
this place.
Rufus Burton moved this week
to the farm he recently bought
of Mike King near Clay City,
C. M. Wood, who recently sold
his farm at Kimbrell to Ben
Stone has bought a place in Pow
ell county from 'Squire John D.
Snowden for $300 00
The Christopher farm adver
tised to sell here Tuesday at pub
lic sale was put up but not sold.
W. J. Christopher, Sr. R. S.
Christopher, T. S. Christopher
and W. J. Christopher Jr., all
of Clark county were here.
The offerings of cattle on the
Winchester market Monday were
light and sales slow, but what
sales were made were made at
good prices.
Come to Our Store
And let us show you what a nice line of goods
we carry. Our stock of Dry Goods, Notion1,
Groceries, Hardware, Clothing, Shoes and etc. ia
replete with
Variety, Style
and Quality.
Low Prices
Make It to your interest to give us a good share of
your trade. Wo strive to please our customers be
cause we knew satisfied customers are ourbest assets.
Yours to please,
Waltersville, Ky.

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