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ter. These three famous prod
ucts Kentucky is noted for and
thoy are three products that pro
duce sensuality in our people.
Kentucky needs to turn her at
tention to education for its prog
ress. When you cease to grow
you commence to decay. He gave
the illustration of the parable of
the talents, that God has given
each of us a talent and he ex
pects an account of that talent
at the Day of Judgment. Hold
your arm in a certain position for
six months and it becomes use
less, muscles become ossified.
God expects you to grow and de
velop. If we would stay young
wo must keep the heart, beating
with sympathy and love and min
gle with life. Go, wipe the tears
away, cheer the life of those
around you, help brighten the
homes with sunshine of your per
sonality, read to the sick and help
make the world better if you
would get to heaven. Many a
man and woman who think they
are pious and religious will miss
heaven because they didn't min
ister to the world .and use the
talents God gave them. You can
educate a colt to that it will not
kick and bite and be of an ugly
disposition, but that it will love
and obey you. So God has given
you the children to take them
and train them and bring them
up for Him. If a man would be
great he must have a great moth
er. Show me a great man and I
will show you a great mother.
Elizabeth Winifred Stoner, that
marvelous girl who could read all
the languages at eight years ot
age, and who today at fourteen
years of age is teaching in the
Administratrix's Sale!
As Administratrix of the estate
of G. S. Spurlock, deceased, I will
sell at his late residence on Ked
Itiver, near Lombard,
Saturday, Aug. 19th, 1916
the following personal property :
1 hay rake, 1 corn planter,
1 cultivator plow, 1 mowing machine
2 turning plows, 2 double shovels,
I wagon, 1 harrow,
leartandharness Hay in barn
8 stands of bees, Oats in barn,
18 gal. roof paint 1 pair of scales,
II mules, black, bay and gray,
1 sorrel mare, 7 hogs,
2 yearling heifers 2 yearling steers,
1 grist mill, orn sheller and crush
er outlit,
1 pair scales at mill 1 shop and tools
1 tfrist mill at Filson, Ky., with
sheller and crusher.
All sums over $5.00 will be sold
on credit of six months evidenc
ed by note with approved securi
ty. All sums under $3 00 cash iu
Mrs. Louisa Spurlock,
Mr. John Stephens, of Stanton,
was down Saturday with a load of
the iirst tomatoes seen on the
market this season. Mr. Ste
phens raised them for the Stan
ton cannerv. but his c.rnn is mi-
euing in advance of the canning
reason, hence he is marketing
them here.
Will Sloan's Liniment Relievo Pain?
Try it and see one application will
prove more than a column of
claims. James S. Ferguson, Phila.,
l'u. writes: "I have had wonderful
relief since I useo Sloan's Liniment
on my knees. To think after all
these years of pain one application
gave me relief. Many thanks for
what your remedy has done for me.'
Don't keep on suffering, apply
Sloan's Liniment where your pain
is and notice how qtiiuk you get re
lief. 1'anetrates without rubbing.
U'jy it ut any drug stre. 2j5u.
great Carnegie Institute at Pitts
burg, was trained carefully by a
mother when the child was
babbling baby on her mother's
kneo. The beautv of the dia
mond was being formed for thou
sands of years in old mother
earth. You can take your child
and make of it what you want it
to bo. God gave it to you -and
expects you to watch over it,
guard it, educate it and train it
un for him and if that boy or
sirl crows un anything but a
splendid man or a splendid wo
man, you, father and mother, are
responsible and He will hold you
accountable. God did not in
tend that you would let it grow
up idle, pick up cigarette stubs,
learn foul language and grow up
uneducated, but God gave you
that angel to take it and train it
up and return it to Him. And
your training ot that cnnu,
mothers, God will 'hold you re
sponsible. You, mothers, are to
blame today because your boys
are idlers, cigarette fiends, dissi
pated young men. If you don't
educate him the devil will. And
the trouble is that you have let
the devil do the educating of
them and you have shirked your
responsibility. He mentioned
the influence books had had on
his life nnd told how his mother
always bought him books for
presents and always sat at the
bedside aud read beautiful sto.
ries to them and how he didn't
mind gettiug the malarial fever
twice a yaar because his mother
would sit for hours and read to
him fascinating and inspiring
stories. Fifty dollars of the
right kind of books will educate
you better aud you will know
more of the world than the mil
lionaires who only see the world
from the car windows. Presi
dent Barker then talked about
the human body. He said it was
the house of God. It was a splen
did and noble thing, marvclously
made. Anyone who debases and
degrades that body with whiskey
aud cigarettes makes it fit for the
scrap pile. If you want to be
the splendid man God intended
you to be you have got to pay the
price. The iron ore in the hills
is not worth much, but put it
through the furnaces and it comes
forth the pig iron, the railroad
steel, and the watch 6pring steel
worth its weight in gold. So
boys you can be the iron ore,
worth very little, or you can be
the pig iron worth more with a
little education, or you can be
the railroad steel worth more
through more education nnd
training, or you can be the, watch
spring steel of inestimable value
to your couutry but you have to
pay the price. The journey of
life is rough and dangerous, full
of treacherous pitfalls. The
cigarette is the worst pitfall of
all but tell a young man about it
and ho laughs at you. The ci
garette will laud you on the
scrap pile almost every time.
Judge Iiirker said he was on the
bench for over twenty years at
Louisville and of all the boys he
had to send to Lakeland Asylum
the cigarette was the cause. If
you aspiro to be an athlete you
can't smoke cigarettes. It pro
duces a cigarette heart. You may
hide the fnct from coach but he
can ditect it on you the first time
he puts you through a run- You
can't hide sin. It paints its au
tograph on the face. It paints it
there surely as God lives. Beau
ty is a matter of the mind and;
heart. Every woman can be
beautiful if she wills it. Beauty
of skin is nothing compared to
the beauty of a splendid life and
. sr thu av d us m a mm h
as you never thought
could be is yours to
command quick as
you buy some Prince
Albert and fire-up a
pipe or a home-made
Prince Albert gives
you every tobacco sat
isfaction your smoke
appetite ever hankered
for. That's because
it's made by a patented
orocess that cuts out
bite and parch! Prince Albert has always
been sold without coupons or premiums.
We prefer to give quality !
- Fringe Albert -
the national joy smoke
has a flavor as different as it is delightful.- You never tasted the like of it!
And that isn't strange, either.
Men who think they can't smoke a pipe or roll a ciga
rette can smoke and will smoke if they use Prince
Albert. And smokers who have not yet given P. A. a try
out certainly have a big surprise and a lot of enjoyment
coming their way as soon as they invest in a supply.
Prince Albert tobacco will tell its own story !
R. J. REYNOLDS TOBACCO CO., Winston-Salem, N. C.
On the revert side
of this tidy red tin
you will readi "Pro
cess Patented Julr
30th, 1907," which
hat made fnree men
moke pipes where
one smoked before 1
?m 5Ms) feaunr hi
Buy Prince Albert every
where tobacco it told in
toppy red bagt, Sc; tidy red
tint, 10c; handsome pound
and half-pound tin humi
dors and that corking fine
pound cryttat-glatt humi
dor with sponge-moittener
top that keeps the tobacco
in such clever trim a! way it
New Prices August 1, 1916
The following prices for Ford cars will be
effective on and after August 1st, 1916.
Chassis .
Touring Car
Town Car
f. o. b. Detroit
. .
These prices are positively guaranteed against any reduction before Aug.1 , Isjt;
1917. but there is no gutirnnteo against an advance in price at any timolV. . :
A. T. WH ITT, Agent,
character. Ho told the story of
the marvelous painting of Leon
ardo Vinci in one of the great
cathedrals of Kuropo. He paint-L-d
thu Christ from a man re
sembling him, and aB we see him
pictured on cunvJs. He hunted
all over Kuropo for a man to rep.
resent Judas. For twenty years
he hunted till one day ho found
un ugly, mi'pshapen, Bin-scarred,
degraded and debauched man. if
was the same man, whom liojiud
painted for ,tho Christ fwenjy.
vearB beforp, but sin had 'made
nun what he was. Sin will change
your form, your life, your char
acter, vour (lestihV. lint an nil.
ucation willipake youfu splendid
Ulan; and what Uod intetuUtJOU
t'pbe;t r: g . " ' '.vT" '-'. t

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