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J. E. Burgher, Publisher. V.'e are Here to Help Clay City, the Surrounding Country and Ourselves. PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY
Smilh-Payne Wedding
Mr. Franklin Smith, of this
city, and Miss Lucille Payne, of
near Mt. Sterling, mi r prised their
many friend lat Thursday even-1
i ii i; by eloping to Jellieo, Tenn., 1
whore they wore married, j
Mr. Smith is ttit FJ year old
sun of Mr. and Mrs. C. L Smith, j
who are highly respected oiti-j
.e ns, Mr. Smith being a leading ,
school teacher of the county. j
Franklin taught two terms and I
at the close entered the Fu.gay.zi
business school at Lexington,
graduating hut a short time ago.
Miss Payne is the IS year -old
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Win.
Panye. Slie came here in Sep
temher lat and was one of the
teachers in the city school w here j
she rave general satisfaction to
the many patrons. She i a most
attractive anil lovable girl.
They returned to Clay City
Saturday evening a n d afteri
spending t wo days with Mr.
Smith's parents, went to the
home of her parents for a visit.
They are receiving congratula
tions fro m a larne circle ot
Former Local Man Honored
The Cincinnati Times-Star con
taining a likeness of F. d. Nor
cross, of Norma, Tenn., President
c f the Apnalaih -i in Logging Con
gress, which held its recent meet
ing at the Sinton Hotel. Mr. Nor
cross formerly was associated
with his father in Winchester,
conducting a lumber yard here,
w ith mills at ('lay ('it y.
He is a native of Huston, both
his grandfathers having been
chief state executives, one of
Maine the other of Massachusetts.
Friends of Mr. Norcross are much
interested in his rapid rise in the
business world, and are proud of
his honored position anion; the
lumber dealers. W i n c h e s t e r
"The Cold May Rains"
This year is no exception, "the
Cold May Rains'' a r e here.
Farmers are getting behind with
their work on this account, and
garden truck is being greatly
stunted. I t is fortunate that
these usual rains are comintr S(
early in the month. The first
days of May have so far been
colder than the average March
Stanton College Commencement
The Commencement exercises
of Stanton College are being
I irgely attended and appreciated.
The programs and rendition of
thesimo are replete w ith inter
est and delight to the large crowds
attending. This school is closing
one of its most successful years,
ami all Howell county people are
justly proud of this splendid
school, and its excellent corps of
teachers and wflicers.
The State's Assessed Wealth
The total assessment of all
property in Kentucky amounts
to ifl.H.")!, I.'jS (Ht. Thi i more
than double the State's assess
ment ten years ago.
"Kentucky Clean-up Week"
The State Hoard of Health Ins
proclaimed the second week in
May which is next week as
"Kentucky Clemiup Week.''
The Hoard of Health claims that
ollicial reports show that On out
of every 100 cases of sickness and
17 out of every 0) deaths which
occurred in Kentucky last year
making a total of 1 li),JS0 cases
of such sickness and 1-,'JSO
deaths, were due topreventall'
diseases and to a large extent to
diseases caused, or greatly ag
gravated and made more fatal by
the pollution of the soil, water
an 1 air 1 v human and animal
discharges and other tilth in and
around t he homes in cities
towns and country districts, not
actuaMy connected with ell'ective
R. S. Christopher Undergoes
Operation at Winchester
K. S. Chritophcr merchant and
po-t master at Spout Sprint was
taken to the Clark County IIos
pital Sunday where he was oper
ated on for ahrvss of the skull.
Mr. Christopher has suffered con
siderahly of late with his head
which would n o t respond to
treatment. He is getting along
real nicely and soon should be
out again.
Work on Bungalow Progressing
The carpenter work on Judge
L. F. Mann's bungalow is pro
gressing very rapidly and elite
iently under the direct supervis
ion of Mr. John Kirk, the con
tractor. When completed this
will be a most beautiful home
and the Judge and Mrs. Mann
will be just a welcome back to
Clay City as is their' splendid
home to the improvement of Clay
City's best resilience buildings.
Mountain Christian League
To Hold Meeting
The Mountain Christian League
of the Church of Christ, will hold
a meeting at St. Helens May '21
i n 1 22. Programs of the meet
ing are being printed find will
shortly bo mailed to all the speak
ers and others interested. The
Hev. L. F. Martin, formerly of
this city, is one of the promoters
of this League which is destined
to do a great work in the moun
tains. Gasoline Down
(lusoline has taken a drop on
the local market. It is now sell
in r at 17 cents. One year ago it
was selling here for '.12 cents.
This live cent decline however
does not compensate the users
for the much greater decline in
their products.
Substitute Crops
Owing to the shortage of the
fruit crop, farmers should plant
many substitute crops. No crop
is so popular the watermelon.
The bit; juicy apple muff surely
come up mitiing but a luscious
watermelon is a fine substitute if
served cold on a hot August dy.
Printers Want Less Time
We see where thousands of
punters nre on strike contending
for only II hours work a week at
c ntinued high prices. We wish
we could get oil' with twice 11
hours per week in printing The
Times. Some people just cannot
get enough to pacify them and it
seems that our fellow printers
are atl'ccted with this trouble.
They should be thankful that
they have something to do, for
there are thousands of laborers
without anything at all to do.
New Orchard Selling Plan
K. L. hove Secretary of the Mt.
Olive Nursery, Smithfield, Tenn.
is hero promoting a new plan for
the setting and oaruig for a
young orchard. See his adver
tisement setting forth this plan
in this issue of the Times. More
orchards are needed in this coun
ty, and bettor care of them is
also needed. This i what Mr.
Iive proposes to do for the young
orchards he wishes to sell.
An Important Day
Saturday will be quite an im
portant day from at least the fact
that school trustees will be oleet
ed in all the country districts,
and the Democrats will select
county committeemen. The wo
men will have equal represent;-,
tion with the men as will be seen
by the notice in another column
of t his paper.
Remains Buried Here
The remains of W. II. Smitsou,
of Virden, whose death notice
appeared in the Times last weik,
Aere biought to this city Thurs
day and laid to rest in the local
cemetery by the I. .. F. fra
ternity. Funeral services were
conducted at the home by the
Hev. Nelson of this city.
Roads Should be Put in Order
There is considerable sentiment
among the people of this county
to put the roads in condition this
Spring. Here's wishing them the
success they so richly deserve,
F.very body wants good roads but
it is not every one that is willing
to help build them.
Pursuant to the requirements
of the party law, notice is hereby
given that an election ill be
held in each of the precincts of
Powell county on Saturday, May
7th, ld-Jl, at 2 o'clock p. in. for
the purpose of electing one male
and one female Democratic com
mitteemen from each precinct
for a term of four years. All
Democrats are earnestly rcqnept
ed to be present at their voting
place at that time and take part
in said election.
That there may be no misun
derstanding, will say that our
party law provides for the elec
tion of one male and one female
member from each precinct, each
of whom shall be vested with
eqiul powers, duties and privi
lege and whose terms of nllico
shall be concurrent.
J. 11. O'Kear,
l'uwell Co. Detn. Cum,
Personal Paragraphs.
K. P. Hose, of Clark county,
was here yesterday.
J. II. O'Rear, of Winchester,
was hero yesterday on business.
J. II. Dellart, of Fixer, spent
the week end with friends here.
Mrs. Harry Daniels, of Jack
son, is visiting her brother, C. K.
Mi .p.
John P. (Jaybird, of Winches
ter, was hero Monday visit ing his
old homo town.
Mr. and Mrs. (Jrant Frazier, of
Dayton, Ohio, and visiting rela
tives and friends here.
Miss Margaret Ilackley was in
Lexington Saturday combining
business and pleasure.
Mr. and Mrs. J. II. O'Kear and
family, of Winchester, visited
relatives hero Sunday.
F.dwin and W. C. Hose took a
drove of nice two year-old cattle
to their Clark ehunty farm Mon
day to put on grass.
John A. Neal has moved from
the oil fields to Sam Carr's place
just, out side the city limits on
the Hard wick's creek road.
Price Toler, while returning
from Mt. Sterling on a mule last
week was thrown and sustained
a very serious dislocation in his
left shoulder.
T. Ci. White is at Xada this
week to help invoice the Prod
head.tJarrott stock of general
merchandise sold to Martin Ford,
the Slade merchant.
Mrs. Fannie Williams and Mrs.
Cm-rip (Jroves were m Richmond
Sunday to see their relative, Mrs.
Jennie Russell, who is in the hos
pital there. Mrs. Kussell is slow
ly improving.
Mr. and Mrs. (Jeo. A. Zuern,
and children arrived here yester
day from Texas for a visit to Mrs.
Znern's parents. Mr. snd Mrs.
W. S. McKinney. They drove
through in their handsome Buiek
Rayard C. Rogers, who about
thirty days ago went to Indian
apolis, Iud. to engage in carpen
try work, has returned to his
h 'ine at Snout Spring. He re
p uis nothing doing in Indiana's
s' ate capital at this time.
Mr. ieo. P. Hurke, of Kosslye,
h is gone to Richmon 1 to be un
der the treatment of Dr. Coomer.
Dr. Coomer is a son-in-law of
Mr. H'trke. Mr. Hurke has not
bt'Pn feeling well for some time.
His many friends in Powell trust
that he may soon regain his usu
al health
The (tpening of the Clay City
l....,.l.,ll u-.ll ,.lu,.
'Sunday, May S'h, begun. Ing with
j a double header, Helle Point vs.
Clay City Sunday morning at
jClay City, a. in. (May City vs.
j Mt. Sterling at Mt. Sterling Sun
iday afternoon at 'I'M') p. in. This
will be the first chance of the
season for the home fans and we
hope they will come out and gee
the opening game.
Wm. Rishaw, Mgr.
Shelby Martin, Sec'y.
Writer in Nicholasville New
Pays Tribute to Youn g Can
didate and Urges Support
Folks coming over from Jessa
minp are telling of the remarka
ble loyalty with which his home
county is going to support Will
iam J. Haxter, of Jessamine, in
his race for the Democratic nom
ination for Commonwealth At
torney. They are saying that out
in the country sections of his
county, he will show up with a
vote that will prove how close he
is to the democrats of his home
county and prove to the demo
crats of the other counties of the
district, just how regarded he is
by his home folks and they are
the ones who know a man best.
An indication of how the good,
old country folks are rallying to
Haxter is evidenced in a recent
issue of the Nichnlasville News.
"Sandy RlutI'" correspondent of
the News down on iheShun pike,
who is said to be perhaps the
best posted political prophet in
all his section, said this the oth
er day :
Wm. J. Haxter has thrown his
hat in the ring for Common
wealth Attorney in the v'oth Ju
dicial district. Mr. Haxter is i
rising young attorney and is now
County Attorney of Jessamine,
and has made one of the best,
who has ever served the people
of this county in the responsible
position. His opponent is an able
and honorable man of whose po
litical career of long service is an
everlasting monument to him
and whose ollicial acts stands
above reproach. Surely the time
must come when men cannot mo
nopolize elective ollices. The
fundamental principles of genu
ine Democracy teaches and ad
vocates a square deal to all men
and when the voters of Madison,
Powell, Clark and Jessamine re
alize that it is unjust aiitl utter
ly preposterous to keep one man
in i llice a life time why then our
energetic, able and deserving
young attorney, W. .1. Haxter,
will have a glorious opportunity
to prove his capabilities and tin n
reach higher for a sweeter polit
ical plum and thus give some
other ambitious aspirant an op
portunity to fall in line with that
admiruhle principle of ''rotation
in (. llice." Very intimately hc
quainted with Mr. Haxter we
feel that there could be no bet
ter or more capable nun in the
judit i il district than he for this
responsible and important ollice.
His dt inocracy cannot be criti
cised, his integrity iinquest jona
hie and his morals above par.
Fellow citizens when you vote
for Haxter for Commonwealth's
Attorney you are casting your
vote for a man w ho is no politic
al coward and will perform his
duties regardless of fear or fa
vor. We sincerely entreat the
voters oi Jessamine especially to
give Hilly Rixter their support
because he digs into perplexities,
overcomes difficulties and never
whines i n defeat. Richmond

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