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J. E. Burgher, Publisher. V.'e are Here to Help Clay City, the Surroundlnjj Country and Ourselves. PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDA
Clay City Loses to Winchester
Saturday's ball game with Win
chester was the fourth game for
Clay City, winning the two first
and losing the two last. We feel
pood by breaking even bo far and
do realize that we have been up
against some fast teams and hard
fought games. We were out class
ed in some parts of the game but
not in all, nevertheless we think
we still have some material that
is making good.
We go to Hell Point Sunday,
the 2!tth, with a little change in
the line up, where w e expect
to redeem what we have lost and
start out again with one game to
our credit. Hell Point has
strengthened their line up and
we are expecting a close game.
The management of Clay City
has taken an interest in the Mt.
Sterling team and expects to have
a winning team both at home
and at Mt. Sterling.
On Saturday the L'Srh we will
play the Bloomer Girls, of St.
Louis, at Mt. Sterling, which no
doubt .will be one of the features
of the season. We are going in
base ball to win from now on
and will furnish the fans with
pome real sport, so watch and
listen for the result of both of
these games and gvie us all the
support you can.
Advance Agents Here
The advance agents of Bryant
A: Johnson's show were here Fri
day billing the town and went
from here to Stanton in the af
ternoon ami advertised that town
for a performance there. Mr.
Uryaut senior member of the
firm is well known to the editor
of the Titnea, and is a native of
Jackson, Kv. He runs a job
printing establishment at Lex
ton under the firm name of the
Bryant Printing Company. The
chow will exhibit at Stanton on
Mon lay after the exhibition here
on Saturday.
Paper Shortage
Owing to the strikes in the paper
mills and labor troubles generally,
there is an impending paper famine
among the small papers. T h e
Times gave an order thirty days
ago for some newsprint. We then
could get no promise for the paper
before June. We have ordered
from another house and hope to be
out again next week on time.
Prominent Banker Dies Suddenly
N. Holly Witherspoon, presi
dent of the Winchester Bankdied
very suddenly Tuesnay evening
after a full days work at his
bank. The cause of his death
was heart failure.
Ford Sales
Joe Mounts, tie Ford agent,
delivered the following machines:
W. (i. (iravett, Joe Clark, Chas.
Bu6li, Win. Garrett each a our
ing car; Geo. Billings a roadster.
The Hottest May Weather
Tne weather bureau reports
the prevailing warm weather as
the hotteft ever recorded in the
month of May.
Republican Confab
Quite a number of Republican
voters met at Stanton Saturday
and made tentative nominations
for county officers to be voted for
this fall as follows :
County Judge, Norvel Wireman;
Sheriir, Marion Welch;
County Clerk, Sherman Kobbins ;
Circuit Clerk, CSuy Croe;
Jailor, Butler Barnes.
The line-up is a good one and
does credit for the party and
shows their good judgment in
their ell'ort to name the candi
dates in peace and harmony.
Road Work Continues
Work on the Bird Adams hill
continues with promises of com
pletion within a few days. This
hill is one of the worst in the
county and its cutting down
will be of untold benefit to the
public. Soon as this hill is com
pleted, another one is to be ta
ken hold of, and so on until the
road between Clay City and
Stanton is put in good condi
tion. This community aid is a
great thing for roads, and beats
state aid by far for all parts of
the county.
Slanton Ilems With us Again
Our Stanton letter is with us
again this week. This news
matter is a very attractive fea
ture of the paper. When it fails
to appear there is always a
number of inquiries about the
missing items. We are always
glad to print any news of im
portance from any portion of
the connty as well as from our
Stanton correspondent, So send
them in, but be sure it is news
and not altogether neighborhood
Fiscal Court Meets Friday
The Powell Fiscal Court will
meet at Stanton Friday in call
ed session to attend to impor
tant business and to consider
further road building i n the
county. Here's hoping that as
we can get no State nor Fcd?al
aid this year the court will ac
cept Community aid, and con
tinue the good work it has so
successfully begun.
When tlw cold north wind is lilowin'
And the mow ig on the ground,
Look up and Smile my brother.
For there' busine to be found.
When tlie world neenm dead against
And your toils all Kcem in vain,
A happy Smile my brother,
I like a gentle rain.
It kcepti the flower blooming
Around you day by day,
And given you a footing in better
Where your bushiest! ia sure to t tay .
Smile when you feel like cusmii',
When thingM ecm on the bum,
Smile and work witii all your might
And nieces is Mire to come.
Don't worry o'er past failures,
Hut let new hopes abound,
For "with the water that lias jiast
No mill has ever ground."
So come and ret in the Jolly crowd,
Where crump dont show his face,
Just uniile till future ;omes ulong
And land you in your jluce.
WiiK'hekter, Ky., May 21, 1921.
Sensible Thought
The Sun reporter interviewed
Mr. II. (J. (Jarrett, of thin city,
who has just returned frcm a ten
days' stay at Washington, I). C,
where he was looking after inter.
ests of Federal Aid for roads in
Kentucky and other matters. Mr.
(Jarrett is rather pessimistic on
the outlook for general business
throughout the country, his in
vestigation from many sources,
he states that the outluok for
the agricultural interests is gloo
my as there is an over-production,
a big surplus of old wheat
and a big crop on hand to har
vest, three years tobacco crop on
hand, and he states the produc
ers and manufacturers are back
ou the pre-war prices. It is now
up to the broker and retailer to
adjust their prices according to
the prices of producers. The Cen
tral Kentucky retail prices are
10 per cent higher on all mer
chandise, including groceries and
meat products, than they are
north of us. The farmers and
wage earners are going to have
to use the power of organization
to adjust these matters.
Mr. Garrett says that it is dis.
couraging to tax payers to be in
Washington and see the thou
sands of unnecessary oflice hold,
ers on the payroll of the Govern
ment and thousands of others
trying to get on. It just about
takes all the time of the Kepuh
lican Congressmen and U. S.
Senators to listen to this class of
their constituents.
The great unorganized public
in every instance, regardless of
politics should vote against
eveiy member of the Congress
and Senate that voted for a large
army and navy, the tax paying
public are groaning under the
burden of Federal taxes. 1 1
makes no difference which party
is in power they are soon won
over by these army and navy
officers lobbying for the army
and navy for large appropria
tions. They are a haughty class
and have the magnificient strut
of a peacock. Something must
be done to stop this propaganda.
Every time they want a big ap
propriation for the army and
navy we are on the verge of war
there is nothing in their claims.
Winchester Sun.
The Output of Caretaking
Mr. John M. Kennon, one of
Powell county's largest farmers
has been amply rewarded for the
proper care of at least one piece
of farm machinery. He has jut
finished planting his large corn
crop with the corn planter that
he first used seventeen years ago.
This has been made possible by
properly taking care of this ma
chine as he does with all his farm
machinery? Probsbly not more
than one-third of all the machin
ery on the farm is ever worn out.
It really rots or rusts out for
the want of proper care and
shelter, or else is allowed to
run without sufficient oil or tap
allowed to get loose and thus do
damage to the machine. Noth
ing is a greater source of accumu
lation of money on the farm than
by the proper care and protec
tion of the machinery and imple
ments employed ou the farm,
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Profit t were
in Winchester Tuesday.
Miss Mary Douglas is visiting
In Mt. Sterling this week
I. S. Hoone spent Sunday with
Lloyd Faulkner of Winchester.
Guy M. Crowe, of Furnace,
was here Saturday on business.
Omar Marsh, who has been
sick, is well again and able to be
Han ford White was here last
week visiting his mother, Mrs. E.
Miss Margaret I). Mansfield
was in Winchester Saturday and
Aunt I'eggie Prink, who has
been very sick, is better at this
Mrs. Sarah Hlackburn, of Lex
ington, was a visitor in our town
last week.
Miss Nina Tipton visited Miss
Alta Faulkner at Filson Saturday
and Sunday.
Mrs. John Mardis, of Coving
ton, is visiting her brother, Dr.
C. I). Mansfield.
Mr. ami Mrs. Allen Kose and
little Fon, of Kavenna, visited
Mrs. Henry Tipton last week.
Little Miss Vivian KoseThaek
er is visiting her grandmother,
Mrs. I. S. Hoone for a few days.
Miss Mabel Roone has return
ed home after a two weeks visit
with her sister, Mrs. W. H.
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Adams re
turned to their home here Tues
day after a visit with relatives
in Clark county.
Mr. and Mrs. John Xewkirk,
of Fun. ace, were the guests of
the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Luther Stephens Monday.
There was a splendid crowd
out to Sunday school at the
Christian church last Sunday and
we hope to have a larger crowd
this coming Sunday. All that
hasn't been coming, hitch up the
old horse, bring all the children
and come toSunday school. Don't
fail to come.
Saturday and Monday are
Circus Days for Powell County
Saturday U circus day in Clay
City and Monday is circus day in
Sta iton and everybody is prepar
ing to ntton'1 Th" Hryant Ar John
son Combined Shows. The chil
dren are in high glee over the
coming opportunity to see the
funny capers of the merry clowns.
The grown-ups are also glad of
the opportunity to get away from
business for a few hours in order
that they may be a child onse
more and take in the big 6how
and have a jolly good all-round
time at little cost to drink cir
cus lemonade and think of the
good old days past and gone when
they were children and "dad"
used to take them to the show,
Two performances afternoon
and night, on Saturday, May 2S,
in Clay City and Monday, May
SO, in Stanton.
Personal Paragraphs.
Fload Westlake, of Howling
Creen, waj here Saturday.
Mrs. T. G. White and Mrs. L.
P. Keith spent Friday in Lex
ington. J. A. Sewell made a brief bus
iness trip to Cincinnati the first
of the week.
Mrs. F. T. Tracy visited her
brother, S. C. Kingo, at Winches
ter last week.
Mrs. Fields, late of Cincinnati,
is spending a few days with Mrs.
II. (i. Crabtree.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Hash, of
Nada, spent Sunday with Mr. and
Mrs. A. T. Whitt.
Mrs. Marion SI range returned
Monday from a visit to her folks
at Ashland and Catletsburg.
Miss F.thel I). Johnson spent
the week-end with her sister, Mrs.
(. Hack worth, at Kavenna.
Mr. and Mrs. Lisle Fox aud
litttle son. Marcus Lisle, of Win
chester, spent Tuesday with rela
tives in the city.
Miss Olga Tracy is visiting her
brother, French Kingo, at Day
ton, Ohio, and will visit other
cities while there.
Dr. A. T. Knox and Henry
Skidmore, hvo prosperous ex
I'owell county citizens living in
Montgomery county, were here
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Smith
left Saturday for a week's visit
with Mrs. Smyth's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Win. Payne, near Mt.
Kverett Mofield, of Middle
town, Ohio, was here Tuesday
and Wednesday looking after his
farming interests and transact
ing other business.
Mrs. T. C. White and little
sons, Heverly and Hobby, left
yesterday for a ten days visit to
her father, J. G. Potter, and oth
er relatives in Clay county.
Miss Hazel Saunders, who has
been making her home with her
brother, T. II. Saunders, the past
several months, has returned to
her home at Frankfort to remain.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam T. Carr, Mr.
and Mrs. Carl Ewen motored
Sunday to Frankfort where they
visited the family of Price Con
gleton. Mrs. Kwen is a daugh
ter of Mr. Congleton.
Dr. and Mrs. Albert Easter re
cently visited some of Mrs. Eas
ter's relatives in Clark county.
Isaac Watts, a little grandson of
of Mrs. Easter returned home
with them for a visit.
Stanton Scouts Play Mt. Sterling
The Stanton Hoy Scout ball
team with Prof. L. O. Knox went
over Saturday to Mt. Sterling
and played a game of base bill
with the Mt. Sterling Scouts, re
sulting, in defeat for Stanton
scouts by a score 17 to 8. The
Mt. Sterling scouts will visit
Stanton and play them Saturday,
June 4. Here's wishing them
better success than they had at
Mt. Sterling last Saturday,

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