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C.3 Crtt time in twenty
.0 r:;:r The Timea is printed
" 7 -J cn white pxper itock that
cic:a from out of the State. For
lo, these many years The Times
has believed in patronizing Ken
tucky firms and factories Th'us
we have ever bought our paper
from Louisville jobbers. It hap
pened that the Lonisville con
cern that has been supplying ns
with print paper was out when
we last ordered it. so we ordered
from another house in Louisville
which also has a warehouse in
Cincinnati. Our paper was ship
ped from Cincinnati, presumably
because the Louisville stock was
exhausted. '
We sincerely believe in Ken
tuckians patronizing Kentucky
concerns for the take of Ken
tucky development and religious
ly try to carry out our beliefs
along this line by persistent
"United we stand, divided we
Ftrmers up With Their Work
Most farmers of the county are
through planting corn and other-
wise well up with work. Crn is
coming up well. The warm
weather just suits it to make it
grow. Meadows and oats are
suffering from the dry weather
Nothing but short crops will save
the farmer and make prices high,
"if then. Altogether, the farmer
is harder pressed today than ev
er before known, and his condi
tion in this county is not so bad
as iu other places.
Old newspapers for spring
cleaning at Times office.
Tired Out?
Do you know that Unguidneti, that -"awful
tired feeling," heaviness, lame
or weak back, tore muiclei, tiff or
awollcn joints, rheumatic paint, lum
bago, in the great majority of catet,
indicate kidney trouble?
act promptly and effectively to restore
weak, overworked or diseased kidneys
nd bladder lo a healthy condition.
Mrs. Robert DUir, 1 S. 20th Slrt. Tr
Haul. IikI,, writcst "1 luflcrcd two years
with kidney and bladder trouble frequently get
ina backache. Mornings 1 would enae teeling
very tired and having headache, and float
ing specks before my eye. 1 saw Foley Kid
ny Pill advertised and dtade up my mind la
try them. After taking them a few weeks I iound
any trouble dispelled. The backache atopped aad
my kidneys were restored to healthy, normal
action. I am elae tree at tboea tired apell and
headechea and my vtiion ia na longer blurred,
air recovery ia entirely due to Foley Ktiatf
1'illa. which I gladly Mcommsnd
(Continued from first page.)
spent the week-end with Mrs.
Blackburn'a parents, Mr. and
Mrs. C. Shimfesel.
Clarence Burgher and family, i Y
. ' 1 t ; 1 . ..1 V
ana j;zan iuge miu minuj, i
Clark coanty, spent Saturday in
Clay City.
- S. 11. Curtis and family motor
ed Sunday to Winchester. Miss
Anna Burgher and Mrs. Walter
Kufhford aud three children re
turned homo with them.
' - Robert Burgher, twelve-year-old
ton of John Burgher, of Mid
dletown, Ohio, was. here this
week and went home with his
grandmother, Mrs. Bettie Bunch,
to Pilot View.
Esquirs Win. Davis wa down
from Vaughn's Mill today for a
visit to the old town for the first
time ia two years. Mr. Dvis is
looking better than w.-.s expect
ed to be seen after to long i
siege of illness.
Two more frnit agents came. in
Uhis week from Smithville, Tenn.
The county, in which Smithville
is located is sai l to be virtually
covered with nurseries and the
salesmen from this county alone
are canvassing Kentucky and the
entire South.
Cliir and It. L. Shimfessel
were summoned to I'ewee Valley
Tuesday account t h e serious
illness of their brother, BiM
Shimfessel. When they arrived
there they found their brother, in
nn worse ennnition thau when he
went there.
J. F. Shimfessel and family, of
(ieorgetnwn ; Mack Gravett and
family, of near Winchester; Mrs.
Lizzie Kupard and children, and
Win. Kupard, of Pilot View;
Miss Kllen Lyle, of North Middle
town; Grover Burnett and family
of Wade's Mill; Mr. and Mrs.
Bert Burnett; Margaret Howard,
Mrs. Ann E. Barnetr, were among
those who observed Decoration
Day at the Vaughn's Mill grave
yard. Troubled For Ten Years
J. T. Osburn, II F. D. No. 1,
Lu(!asville, (). : 4,I had kidney
trouble for fen years. I tried all
kinds of remedies but they did I Powell county, made more ar
me nn cood. I took Folev Kid-! rests and collected more fines
ney Pills and they helped me so
Our Spring Goods are arriving and it is not necessary to tell any one that on many
articles, fabrics and suits, that to-day's price in many instances is one half and on
some articles less than one half price they have been recently.
We have received new line Spring and Summer Woolen Suits in
Skeleton and full lined coats, ranging in price from $18, .$20. $22,
$25 and up to $35. Let us show them to you. , Union Suits, Hos
iery. Organdies, Serge, Percale, Madras and Ginghams. Ladies',
Misses' and children's ready to wear Dresses. Ladies' Misses' and
children's Hats. Men's, Ladies' and Children's-Shoes and Slippers.
New line Men's and Young Men's Hats and Caps. Fibre. Grass
and Matting 9x12 Rugs, $5.00 to n!oo. Small Rugs, Fibre Carpets
and Matting in the roll. Iron Beds, Springs, Mattresses. Harness,
Saddles, Bridles, Pads ect. Wire Fencing, Bard Wire, Nails, Sta
ples and other Hardware for farm use. Oliver Chilled Plows, Rid
ing Cultivators, Shovel Plows, Thornhill Wagons, Axles and Skeins.
Fresh supply of Fertilizer, Globe Blood, Bone Phosphate and Pot
ash for all grain and garden products '
Lots of articles we haven't space to mention, just come and ask for it and rf we
haven't got it, we will do our best to get it for you. ,
t e.W'-t'HHW
I Yours for service,
! Hardwick& Company
Tharp Beats Them All
11. M. Tharp, game warden for
the 0th district which embraces
much tint iii w I am well." Get
Foley Kidney Pills today. Get
rid of rbeunjatic pains, backache,
soreueris, stillness. S her m a u
Bobbins & Sous local agents.
A. P. JOHNSON, Agent
Standard Marble Company, .
Monumental Work of all Kinds.
than any of the wardens in the
state during the month of April.
Mr. .Tharp was very active in
Powell county during April,
where he made several arrest3
and collected considerable line?.
Reduced Prices on Used Cars
1 , : ' '' ; , , . .
Nash Touring Car-almost like new $1,095.
Hupmobile Model N. good condition. . . . , s 725.
Chalmers Six-well worth the price 375.
, This is your opportunity lo get a good car at a very
low price, and you will have to call or write at tnce if
Interested as they will move quickly at these prices'.
- .Ti:2 Tyler Motors Company
' lacorpoielej
Wir.c!:2rtsr Kentucky. v
Church Ladies Busy
Uoth the Methodist and Chris
tian church ladies svold ice cream
show day. Each did a spiendid
business and realized nice re
turns for their trouble. Tliey
supplied nice cakes and candies
with their ices whio'i ws eujoy
ed verv much bv the nublic. v
Crude Oil Drops Further
Another drop in crude oil fur
ther depresses opertions in the
oil iield, throwing many out of
employment, Refined oils and
gasoline do not drop in propor
tion. Hut this is an era of one.
sided operations altogether with
the rich getting the better end of
it. Well, Tabor and farmers
have held still" upper lips for sev
eral years, and we guess specu
lators think time about is fair
Why Papers Were Late
Last week all out of county pa
pers were several days late, but
this was unavoidable on our part.
We had only three hundred
sheets and we took the list as we
came to it, resulting in several
oilices in the eastern portion of
the county and all out of the
county lists being held up until
Monday when w e received a
shipment of paper stock and the
rest of the list printed and
More Bathers Than Fish
The river, since the warm days,
is. apparently fuller of bathers
than fish. The sport, is fine they
say and greatly helps to bring
down the temperature when div
ing in the shady stream.
Court Inspects Road
The Powell Fiscal Court went
over the new Powell-Clark road
Saturday and pronounced it O.
K. They also viewed the work
on the community aid road and
found it aUo very satisfactory.
In fact as much so as the State
aid road though it did not cost
near so much. This court is a
sure enough pood roads court
nd should be encouraged in their
plendid work.
Keop your eye on the Commu
nity Aid project.
D. Power., Darwin W. lolinaon. 1. 5mith Homan. L. G. Rusaell, raj
IWt. Secy. & 1 reai. Ast. Set'y & Actuary. Mgr. Indu.tral Uept M
The Commonwealth
1 Life Insurance Company
Home Office Commonwealth BIdg., 106-1 10 South 5th St.,
Louisville, Kentucky.
Oldest Old Line Kentucky Life Insurance
And its policy contracts are most liberal and
up to date in every respect. Policies issued
in amounts ranging from a five cent weekly
premium on children to $50,000. 00,
Full information can be obtained by address
ing or calling on
J. P. Hopkins, Agent,
McEldowney BIdg., Winchester, Ky.
I urall Ia in Dsif flf-.r nn.flV in VrV t WO WPpUfl.
j a wa.w ai vacjr i.jr ww vu ... vv - ' - p

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