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J. L Burgher, Publisher. We are Here to Help Clay City, the Surrounding Country and Ourselves. PUBLISHED EVERY THUTJSDAt
Help Beautify Your School
Nothing is more conducive to
right living than beautiful sur
roundings. Every man woman
and child naturally responds to
cleanliness and artistic arranjre
menta whether in the Lome or
elsewhere. Next to the home no
place has greater influence on
the child's mind than the school.
Let us help the boys and girls
think clean .thoughts1 and live
clean lives by making our schools
attractive. Let us show them at
the very 6tart this year that we
are interested in that school of
theirs. So bring your rake and
broom andmme along with your
boyss and girls and help make
that old schoolhouse get an ap
pearance of gladness.
Circuit Court
Circuit Court convened a t
Stanton Monday with Judge
Shackelford on the bench and
Commonwealth's Attorney
Orutcher prosecuting. The court
house was filled to over flowing
to h e a r Judge Shackelford's
6trong charge to the gind jury,
in which he vigorously assailed
the 'shiners and Meggers of which
there is 6Uper abundance in Tow
ell as well as in the other coun
ties of the district.
A number of cases have beeu
tried iu the usual swiff, yet care
ful maiJ(n of our present court.
Sugar Prices Lower
Sugar has reached the lowest
level . in many years, selling at
less than 8 cents wheu sold in 100
pouud bags. But where are the
high-salaried chaps who are still
holding prices up? .Not longer
than two days ago some joints
were doing some unwise custom
ers to the tune of 17 cents for
cream and sodas in the city of
Louisville. War prices at only
one end of the barrel should be
rewarded by putting 6ome of the
dastardly culprits in jail until
their minds develop a little sense
of fairness to the other fellow.
Silver Dollars Again
There will be coined again sev
eral million silver dollars. Coin
age of dollars was suspended a
few years ago in order to let
England hive the silver to put
into oue of its possessions where
silver is the standard monetary
value, It was then anything to
wiu the war. Greenbacks will
still be accepted for subscriptions
to The Tines.
For County Clerk 1
Iu this issue of the Times will
be found the announcement of J.
B. liogers, of Xena for the Dem
ocratic nomination for Clerk of
the Powell Couuty Court. Mr.
Hogers is a lifelocg Democrat, a
very capable man who would
make a good clerical officer. He
solicit! the vote of Democrats
in all parts of the cwunty.
Francii Charles it carrying his
right hand in a fling which is
badly swolen from bad blood
caused by a small injury while
working on a chicken coop.
Baker Gets Him
It. C. Baker, one of Powell's
Democratic candidates for lief
resentative, figured quite promi
nently early Monday morning in
the capture of six gallon of boose
and the intended vender thereof.
He was up early Monday morn
ing and saw the legger with the
iroods. Later the legger aban
doned his boose and disappeared
whereupon Mr. Baker hide the
coveted beverage and call the
aid of Deputy Sheriff F. C. Wills
who tooK the liquor under ar
rest. Laer Alvin Louis, of Cane
Creek, was arrested, charged with
unlawfully having had such li
quor m his possession. Louis gave
bond and was released.
Faulkner Sentenced
Ova Faulkner was taken yes
terday from the Winchester jail
to Stauton where he was present
ed to Judge Shackelford for sen
tence to the pen for the killinp
of Kobt. Dun, an oil man. a few
years ago. Faulkner goes up for
lif?, and having acted as he has,
by breaking jail and evading his
sentence, it will be hard for him
to gain fovor for clemency. Sher-
itF Garrett and Depuy Wills took
him back to Winchester after
sentence was pronounced b y
Judge Shackelford.
Coming Down Still Further
Crude oil continues to drop in
price, thus paralysing the wild
cat projects and even depressing
the pumping of good wells, al
ready drilled and rigged u p
were it not necessary to pump
some of the wells in order to hold
them up, some of the oil compan
ies say they would cease to pump
a'together until prices for crude
get better.
On Furlough From Mexico
S. E. Johnsou returned Sunday
from Vera Cruz, Mexico, where
he has been the past twelve
months in the famous oil lields
there. Mr. Johnsou has steadily
grown iu favor with his compa
ny, and has recently been pro
moted as Held man and salary in
creased to $500 per month.
Stanton Ladies Serve Lunch
The ladies of the Christian
church supplied court day at
tendants with lunch, cake and
icecream Monday in the Court
house yard. These refreshments
and the agreeable way in which
they were served, was most high
ly appreciated by those present
who readily consumed all the
supplies the ladies had for 6ale.
Harvests Wheat In Clark County
Dr. A. Easter has returned
from (Mark county where he has
completed harvesting his crop of
Wheat grown ou hi farm in that
Quile a number from Clay City
attended the ball game at Ml.
Sterling Sunday between Mt.
Sterling and Ashland, iu which
the Mt. Sterling boys, re-inforced
by Clay City players, wen the
The Picnic
Ihere is to be county picnic
and Soldiers' parade at Stanton.
July 4tht in which all the World
war veterans are asked to take
part, and to come dressed in uni
The picnic will be held in the
Patrick woods near the College.
Every one who had a son, broth
er, father, sweetheart cr friend
in the army is asked to come and
help in this picnic and to bring a
basket of dinner.
This is not to be Stanton'9 pic
nic, but the county's, and we
want as mauy as can, come, and
let i9 all have a good time to
gether and make the day one to
be remembered. Ice cream and
lemonade will be sold, the pro
feeds going to buy a Hag and
banner for our soldiers.
All the candidates are urgent
ly requested to be there with a
well lillcd pocket book to buy
ice cream and red lemonade for
for the voters of the fair sex.
"The Hazard Leader"
Hazard ha9 one of the best
equipped printing plants in the
state, outside ofhe large cities,
and there is being issued from
this plant one of the best weekly
newspapers in the state, "The
Hazard Leader." It is highly ap
preciated on our exchange table
and has our best wishes for sue
cess, even though the Leader i
Republican in politics.
In the Race for County Clerk
J. W. Woolery has announced
his intention to run for County
Court Clerk through the medium
of the Democratic primary elec
tion August th., Jim is well
known to the pecple of Powell
county having served one term
as Assessor and one as County
Court Clerk.
Boy Hurt
Seibert Charles, little son of
Francis Charles was thrown from
his pony while assisting W. L.
Byrd with some cattle at the Mt.
Sterling court market Monday.
The child's head'was pretty bad
ly peeled up and had to have
medical attention.
New Ice Delivery
Hugh Bush has entered the ice
iield and makes delivery three
times weekly, Tuesdays, Thurs
days aud Saturdays. He handles
ice from the Mt. Sterling factory
and delivers early in the day.
ue is jooKing lo supply your
wants in ice at a living price.
Still we Are Dry.
The several light showers re
cently have not done much to
relieve the drouth, though they
have checked immediate damage
to crops. The river has not yet
been made muddy. Some sec
tions are 6utiering more than
Auction of General Merchandise
Beginning this afternoon, Mrs.
Williams will have auction sales
ef general merchandise each Any.
This is a rare opportunity to get
seasonable goods of the. rifbt
quality at your own price.
Personal Paragraphs.
Dr. .1. T. Nickell, our dentist,
is here for the week and h a very
busy man.
Miss Kuth M'iore, of Winches
ter, spent the week-end here with
home folks.
Tom Wells, the popular travel
er from Kichmond, was here
Wednesday night.
Miss Orpha Burgher is visiting
her mother, Mrs. Myrtle Burgher,
at Kavenna.
Miss Maud S. Bowen.of Slade,
was here Tuesday the guest of
Miss Beatrice Blount.
E. E. Tyra, of Campton, was
here Monday night w it li the fam
ily of Sherman Bobbins.
Simp Crabtree, of Fixer, was
here last week with his nephew,
11. G. Crabtrecand friends.
Thos. Edge, of Cresmont, was
here over Sunday and attended
court at Stanton Monday.
Austin Johnson, of Barbonrs
ville, visited his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. A. P. Johnson, the iirst of
the week.
Bernard, Louise and Ililph
Burton Conlee have returned
from an extended visit with rel
atives at Uosslyn.
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Smith
motored Wednesday from Mt.
Sterling to Paris, to Lexington
and then home.
Mrs. J. T. Potts and little
grand-daughter, of Dayton, Ohio,
arrived here Saturday night for a
visit to relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Morgan McKin
ney, Geo. Bush ami son, Clyde,
were here' and at Stanton Mon
day on business.
Tom Mountz left Monday for a
three weeks' tour of the Moun
tain counties as salesman for the
Gulf Kefining Company.
Mr! and Mrs. Chas. Douglas
aud Mr. and Mrs. Koydon Faulk
ner, of Lirvee, spent Sunday with
Mr. ano Mrs. F. (J. Conlee.
Mr. and Mrs. Win. Johnson and
Miss Lillie Burgher motored to
Kavenna and spent the week-end
with Mr. and Mrs. G. Hackworth
and folks. Miss Kuth Burgher,
who has been there with h e r
mother the past month, returned
with them.
J. F. Leach and Miss Dean
Leach, of Kilt's Hill, Ohm, re
turned tothtir home Saturday,
after spending sever! days with
tlieir mother, Mrs. Martha E
Leach, at the home of Geo. B,
Leach. Mrs. Leach is suffering
from a severe stroke of paralysis
sustained four weeks ago.
W. U. Drake, of Middletown,
Ohio, was here yesterday enroute
to Wolfe couuty to visit home
folks! Mr. Drake is a brother-in-law
to James Profit! at Stantou,
aud was goig to spend a day
with him before continuing hi
journey to Wolfe. Mr. Drake
drove through in an Oakland car.
Mrs. Ann French was taken vi
olently sick yesterday afternoon
aud.two physicians were called to
attend her.
Those Horrid Freight Rates
The freight on a barrel of coal
oil from Louisville to Clay City
is but 11.07 less than what this
barrel of oil costs in Louisville.
This is extortion and calls for
immediate atcion of authorities
whether it gets it or not. Of
course a portion of the cost of
the oil at Louisville represented
the transportation of the crude
oil which when added to the
freight on the refined product,
brings the total freight un to
more than the amount actually
realized for the coal oil.
The same conditions exists In
other lines of commerce We have
known the original cost of arti- r
cles to be SS.00 and the freight
$10.00 to Clay City. 'The lock
and dams on our water-ways may
yet come in for a saviug on trans
portation of the couutry's pro
ducts. Examination of Teachers
Friday and Saturday of last
week were examination days for
teachers' certificates, and nine
teen applicants took the exami
nation. Only two in the county
passed the May examination.
The papers are n o w 6ent to
Frankfort to be Graded. The
questions are not a real test of
applicants school book knowl
edge since so much of it is cur
rent topics matter. The bept
teachers are .quite likely to fail
to pass. The Legislature seems
determined to legislate us out of
teachers, and the state examin
ers seem equally determined tn
grade the res' of them out.
Tires You Cannot Puncture
We are now handling the fa-
mous Lee Puncture Proof tires,
We are doing this after a per
sonal acquaintance of their real
value and as certainly Puncture
Mr. S. J. Martin,-of Stanton,
is now using a set of these tires
on his machine that were put on
in BUS and have since I
use on this machine. Thre of .
these tires are ;ood for many
more miles, while only one has
been of!" the rim in the almost
three years of service.
The Company advertises $3 for
every puncture injf.'J inch cas
ing and $1 for a puncture in u JU
inch casing or larger.
Think of it. Starting now on a
trip with a dread of punctures
from the time you start until
you return; of having to make
t iie haunt s i i, thefc'e hot and
lus'y dffc on the pike and the
expense of tire patching and ma
terial to keep you going, and the
trouble and delay too.
Then think again of starting
out on a trip with a set of Lee
Puncture Proof tires, knowing
assuredly that you IJ have no
tire trouble for at least twelve
months or two years. Your trio
is a pleasure instead of a dread,
auu then it pays..
When you need a new casing
come 'round and lei u lit you up
with one of the L Punr..
Proofs. "
Clay City Motors Co. '
Mrs. Bill Baker, near the city,
s confined to her bed with a se
vere attack of rheumatism.

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