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J. E. Burgher, Publisher.
We are Here to Help Clay City, the Surrounding Country and Ourselves.
Primary Very Quiet In Powell
The primary election was a
very quiet afl'air hi Powell coun
ty Saturday. No disturbances in
Hiiy of the precincts. Everything
tioinsr very harmonious in all the
races. There are many disap
pointments, but none of the los
ing candidates arc disgruntled.
Following is the total vote in
the county.
For Representative
John A. Rogers IMS
W. T. McGuire 177 -".
It. C. linker '2711
For Commonwealth's Attorney
Win. J. Baxter 0S7 Hi
li. A. Crutcher 'ill
For County Judge
1). li. Daniel 31 J!)
Albert Easter 17
II. T. Derirkson T.s "''
Wm. Ashley R7
J. S. E-ven -'O.'i
For County Clerk
I. S. Boone 107 2I."
T. C. Martin I'H
J. W. Woolery H7
J. li. Rogers '22o
For Sheritl'
. W. Martin I7
F. (J. Powell 01 41
F. C. Wills
For Tax Commissioner
W. C. Rose 15-1
('oin liowen 1(, S"
Elbert Faulkner 2U1
For -I ailor
Luther Stephens 'l'2'
Wm. Howell 2M
(1. C. Palmer 271 11
liert Powell S(j
J. N. McRaniel V22
C. 15. Ilatton 112
(!. W. Coulee was nominated
for Magistrate in the Clay City
precinct; 11. B. Brashear from
the Hardwick's creek and Vir
den precincts; Jesse Swango
lroni the Stanton district; Rex
liowen, from liowen; Kd Ewen
from Slade.
The Republicans have nomi
nees in Slade, liowen and Stan
ton as follows, respectively: Kd
l'rolitt, lien Ilatton and Robt.
Meeting Progressing
The protracted meeting at the
Christian Church, conducted by
Kid. C. E. French, is progressing
nicely. Real good crowds attend
each evening and enjoy a splen
did sermon, which Pro. French
never fails to render. Much in
terest is manifested. Every one,
who has not been attending, is
cordially invited to come and
help make the meeting a contin
ued success.
Fiscal Court Meets
The Powell Fiscal Court had a
meeting at Stanton Friday and
went over the new road being
built across the river from Stan
ton up a mountain. 'I he work
was accepted with a few provis
ions and paid tor.
Ice Cream Supper
There will bean ice cream sup
per at Argyle school house on
Saturday night, August l.'ith, for
the benelit of the school. Every
body come and have a good time
and help a good cause.
Educational Facts on Shale
(Continued from last week.)
Probably the most outstanding
success of the shale industry at
present Is the one in Scotland.
This industry was started in
1817 and has continued success
fully down to the present day.
Now there are five large plants
in operation and they handle
about Three Million, Five Hun
(ired Thousand Tons of Shale an
nually and employ in the neigh
borhood of 12,000 men.
The work in Scotland operate
at great disadvantage when we
compare their deposits with those
here in Clay City.
The Scotch deposits lie deep in
the ground and must be mined
through shafts like coal, before
they can be brought to the sur
face to be treated. The mining
cost alone is far greater there
than the entire operation will be
here, as it costs them $1.20 per
ton to put their shale to the
The Pumpherston plant is one
of the largest there. This con
cern was organized in lSS.'j, and
in 1D1S paid a net profit of $000,
000.00 on it's capitalization of
Two Million Dollars, and paid
this profit after it had paid the
then heavy war and excess profit
taxes that Kngland was damag
ed at the time.
The Pumpherston plant works
live seams of shale, running eight
live, six, seven and four feet
thick respectively. It recovers
but an average of 10 gallons of
oil to the ton of shale, and about
."S pounds of Ammonium Sul
phate. So far, there has been no
Potash recovery from any of the
Scotch operations. These thin
seams are worked at a depth of
about 1100 feet. When you com
pare these conditions with the
heavy layer of Shale we have
here with it's consequent low
handling cost, it is easy to see
what the prolits of a well mau
aged local company can be.
This Scotch shale is identical
in quality with the shale here at
Clay City. In our article of last
week, we saw Dr. Alderson's
statement to that ellect, and the
same opinion has been expressed
by a great many peeple who are
familiar with both the shales.
This continued success of the
Scotch, eliminates entirely any
uncertainty regarding the hand
ling of our shales. We can use
their methods exactly, but we
can improve upon them mechan
ically, till we will handle three
times the quantity of shale in
the same period of time and han
dle it with one third of the heat
uecessary to treat it by Scotch
The Scotch method has been
as a proven basis of operations
by our American engineers and
the retort now beicg erected
across the river is simply a very
vastly improved Scotch retort.
It is patented in this and other
countries and has met the ap
proval of the widest minds in the
ludustry. It it not by any means
an experiment, as it lias been
thoroughly tested and it was se
lected for the handling of our lo
cal shale after every other type
had been considered very fully.
We have heard a lot about the
To the. Sunday School people of
Powell County :
We will hold our annual Conn
ty Convention at Stanton Chris
tian church Aug. 20 and '2. Kv
ery one cordially invited to at
tend. The following is a lit of the
schools as we have them: Any
one who read tin and attends
any Sunday school that is not
listed here, please write Mrs.
Bert Martin, U'sslyn, r Iinford
Estes, Vaughn's Mill, K, tell
ing us about your school. How
en, Rosslyn, Hatcher's ("reek,
Stanton I'reshvterian, Stanton
Christian, Ilatton Creek, Clay
City, M. E., Chy City, Christian,
Vaughn's Mill, Todd's Chapel,
Little Creek, Powell's Velley,
West Bend.
Iiuford E'tps, County Pres.
I Thank The Voters
I wish to thank the voters of
Powell and Wolfe counties for
their loyal support which ena
bled me to carry both counties
in the race for Representative in
the recent primary election. I
trust to be able to make good for
their ubiding confidence in me,
so manifested by their vote on
Saturday, and to be able to be of
value to the good people of the
whole district alike, whether
they chose to vote for me or ei
ther of my opponents.
W. T. McGuire.
Road Work Begins
Work on the Estill county road
at the l'owell county line began
Tuesday morning. A large force
of men and teams are at work
making the dirt lly. In a few
weeks, what has been lor all
times past, the worst road in these
whereabouts will be good. This
should be gratitying to all of us
who are lovers of good roads.
The road will most likely be ex
tended to Harg before the work
ceases this fall. We are for it.
The Race in Clark
R. P. Scobee was nominated
by the Democrats for County
Judge in Clark county Saturday;
II. V. Thompson, for Represen
tative; Dee Push, for Sheriff; I.
F. Hughes, for tax Commission
er ; Carrol Azbill, for Jailor;
Crutcher carried the county for
Common wealth's Attorney by l.'id
Kills Young Eagle
Otis Powell shot a young eagle
one day last eek. It w;u about
one-half grown, and was found
on the river. Old eagles have
often been seen up and down the
river, we learn, but this is the
first one to be killed hereabouts
for some tune.
Sells Town Property
C. li. Iiegley sold a house of
six rooms and three lots to J. M.
Jones, of Torrent, for 11,000.
wonderful shale deposits of the
West and because of this, we will
in our next article take up the
western shales and compare them
as commercial possibilities with
our own.
(To be continued.)
R. L. Stamper was here Wednes
day on business.
Miss Nannie Kelly, Jackson,
visited Mrs. Henry Daniel last
Miss Mary Douglas was the
week end guest of relatives in
Mt. Sterling,
Mrs. Kd Dennis and children,
Mt. Sterling, visited Mrs. Nannie
Creasy Monday.
Mrs. Sarah Jackson spent the
week end with her daughter, Mrs.
Henry Faulkner.
Miss Alma Hanks, Winchester,
was the guest of Miss Mabel
Boone Sunday.
Mrs. David Howell, Mt. Sterl
ing, i here this week the guest
of Mrs. S. 1). Hall.
Mis Florrie Faulkner, of Wy
oming, is here visiting relatives
in the county this week.
Henry Williams, Montgomery
county, visited his father, John
W. Williams, this week.
Messrs. Arbor Snnwden and
Herbert Holman were in Mt.
Sterling Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Stewart and
children left Wednesday morning
for Hazel Green to visit relatives.
James Profit t, I. S. Boone and
Mr and Mrs. C. A. Coulee were
in Winchester Wednesday on bus
Mrs. Mary Jane Knox, of Mont
gomery county, and Miss Mandy
Knox visited Mrs. Nick Hall last
Miss Virginia Hall, Mt. Ster
ling, was the guest of her grand
mother, Mrs. Sarah D. Hall last
Mr. George Furgerson and two
children and Mrs. James Welch
were the guests of Mrs. Lucy
Jackson Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Meyers and
Miss Pauline Davis, Lexington,
are the guests of Mrs. A. II. Nor
ton this week.
Mrs. Ellin Smith has movod
back to her home here, after a
long visit with her daughter, Mrs.
Louis Martin at Carlisle.
Mrs. Jno. I). Atkinson and
daughter, Miss Nancy Atkinson,
are visiting Mr. and Mrs. V. li.
Atkinson at Pine Grove.
Mr. and Mrs, Walter Beatty,
Covington are the guests of Mrs.
Beatty's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Wilson Chauey.
Mrs. Chaney, Mrs. Bertha
Chester, Mrs. Luna Beatty, Len
nie Crowe, little son and daugh
ter, motored to Winchester Sun
day. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hardwick
and Mr. and Mrs. George Derick
son motored to Lexington Sun
day and were th guests of Mr.
and Mrs. E. G. Cowgill.
Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Caudill
returned to their home at Slade
Saturday sfter a visit with the
former's parents, Mr. and Mrc
G. li. Caudil'.
Mr. and Mrs. (). L. Crawford
and daughter, Miss Mattel, re
turned to their home here Tues-
Personal Paragraphs.
Wm. Shimfessel is in Menefeo
county on business.
Elder L. F. Martin, of Old
Landing, was here Monday.
Miss Mary Belle Dnnuington
is visiting her friend, Miss Ethel
Oscar Woolery, of Lexington,
spent from Friday till Monday
with his family here.
A. It. Mauppin, of New Mexi
co, is here in automobile to visit
his father J. P. Mauppin.
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. (1. Easter, of
Flemming, spent the week end
with relatives near the city.
Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Easter, of
Lee county, spent the week end
with Elder and Mrs. Albert
Mrs. Thos. Edge, of Cresmont,
spent from Saturday until Wednes
day with her sister, Mrs. Renz
Everett Woolery and little son,
Tracy, of Winchester, spent Sat
ehester and Sunday with his
nephew, Oscar Woolery.
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Wright, Mr.
and Mrs. J. F. Shimfessel, of Fay
ette county, spent spveral davs
this week with relatives in the
Elder A. F. Hall, of Montgom
ery county, was here Monthly.
He drove here in a Ford touring
car which he sold to McKinley
Austin Johnson, of Barbour
ville, came home Saturday to vote
and remained over Sunday to be
with Lis parents, Judge and Mrs.
A. P. Johnson.
George King and family and
Ren King and family, of Lexing
ton, and Miss Stella King, of El
chester, spent Sunday with their
sister, Mrs. Oscar Woolery.
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Conn and
children, of Lexington, and Mr.
Wm. Conn, of Wilmore, spent
from Saturday until Tuesday with
their sister, Mrs. A. M. Holmes.
Dr. Martin reports births as fol
lows :
To Mr. and Mrs. Victor Knight
July 27, a daughter,
To Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Aines
Aug. ;, a girl,
To Mr. and Mrs. Sam Pasley
a daughter.
To Mr. and Mrs. David Adams
Aug. loth, a boy David Will,
To Daniel Scott and wife Aug.
11th a 60ii.
day after a visit with Mr. and
Mrs. Ben Sewell at Jackson.
State inspector, Dave Noble,
was here lait week inspecting the
automobile and soft drink rec
ords kept in the Cnunrv Plork
office, and found them in perfect
Mr. George Derickson and Mis
Lula Cunningham surprised their
friends here Friday by going to
Beattyville where they were
married. The young people have
the best wishes of a host of

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