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J. E. Burgher, Publisher. - V.'e are Here to Help Clay City, the Surrounding Country and Ourselves. PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY
Clay City Man Gels Large Business
E. B. McGlone and J. B. Peers,
recently of Shrieveport, La., have
uurchased a large automobile
(tpnke plant at Tine lJluff. Ark.
The local paper published the
following report of the purchase :
The new owners have assumed
control of the plant, it was an
nonnced last night, and likewise J
have bought heavy tracts of hick
ory stumpage in this section, and
will immediately bring the mill
to full capacity, of more than 150
The olant will operate under
the linn name of Peers and Mc
Glone. J. 13. Peers and K. B
McGlone will make their resi
dence in Piue Hliiif.
Last year in nine months this
factory, turned out more than
$500,000 worth of spokes for au
tomobiles. Buick, Dort, Oak
land and other makers of auto,
mobiles, controlled by General
Motors, were almost exclusively
supplied from I'ine Bluff.
Peers and McGlone, it was an
nounced last night, have orders
for spokes from northern auto
manufacturers on their books
which will necessitate at once a
resumption to full capacity.
Buys Small Bunch of Cattle
Walter Ficklin, of Moutgom.
ery county, bought this week of
S. L. Wetherholt, Arch Snowden
and Corda Powell a small bunch
of yearling steers, averaging 650
pounds at 4 and 4 cents. Cattle
sales are very dull this year. It
does not pay to raise them. Far
mers should sell all their calves
for veal and handle only dairy
cattle if they expect any returns
for their labor.
Turkeys High t
The turkey crop is certainly
bringing satisfactory prices.
They are thirty cents per pound
on foot here. This is as high as
they have ever sold in years be
fore. The farmer who has raised
poultry and dairy products this
year and has had no hired help,
has gotten pay for his labor this
time, that labor has gone down,
but those that had live stock and
crops have lost.
June in Florida
A letter from our good friend,
W. II. Swango, at Miami, Fla.,
says it is Juno always in his sec
tion of tho Gtate where he moved
one year ago. Mr. Swango en
closed two post cards showing
Floral Park in Miami Dear his
home. The other card showed
some colored 'fellows tapping
prne trees for turpentine stills.
John Kimbrell hat made an ex
tension to his blacksmith and re
pair shop. Joe Mountz ii also
making an extention to his gar
Hurst Re-Elected
Latest returns show Sam Hurst
re-elected Circuit Judge in the
23rd district instead of Judge
Back as reported in our issue last
Jesse Eaton Improving
J. B. Katon and Mrs. J. P. Kin-
go returned Sunday night from
the bedside of their brother, Jes
se E iton, at Diyton, Ohio, who
was operated on-there last week
for Appendicitis. They say Mr
Eaton was getting along real nice
ly when they left him, with hopes
for his recovery. Mr." and Mrs
J. II. O'liear, of Winchester, the
latter Mr. Eaton's sister, also
went over to be with him a few
days, aud they, too, have return
McGuire's Majority
The Times, was not correctly
informed last week when it gave
McGuire's majority for Repre
sentative in this county at 111
votes. His correct majority in
Powell is 10 votes. Wolfe went
for McGuire by 185 votes which
when added to the 10 majority
in Powell elects the Democratic
nominee by 105 majority. The
majority of the other candidates
are unchanged from the reports
printed in the Times last week.
Next Thursday will be Thanks
giving Day, a day for years and
years that has been recognized a
legal holiday, so designed to give
all an opportunity to rest and
give thanks for t ha many bless
ings we all receive whether rr
not we can enumerate them or
appreciate them as we should.
This day is not always observed
by many in the true sentiment it
But Few Hunters
The hunting season opened
Tuesday, but the hunters are not
eo numerous as usual.- Just why
this is the case is not accountei
for unless the stringent times in
fluences the purchase of ammuni
tion. The lisure time is certainly
with the people in general. v
Christian Endeavor Social
Members of the Christian En
deavor gave a social Monday even
ing over the Clay City National
Bank. Quite a little bunch gath
ered and spent a very- enjoyable
Circuit Court Next Week
The Powell Circuit Court will
convene at Stanton next week.
There will be several killings for
the Grand Jury to Investigate be
sides the many moonshiners said
to be operating in the county.
Moves to Russell
Patrick Henry, who Jiag occu
pted the position of Secretary to
the V. M. O. A. for some time,
has moved from Heidelberg to
Russell, Ky., where lie will con
tinue in the work.
Ladies Aid Sale
The good ladies of the Metho
dist church will have a sale cf
cakes, pies, candy and ice cream
at the Hugh Bush store. Satur
day November 19, for benefit of
their church.
Goods Stolen and Damaged
J. T. Wright in moving from
Weisburg, lnd., to Clay City
chartered a cgr to ship his house
hold goods tnd stock of general
merchandise and paid the freight
on same. When they arrived
her to his astonishment,' the
goods had been transferred, part
of them stolen, show cases all
broken, together with range,
heiters, chairs etc. The loss will
amount to several hundred dob
lars, according to statements
made by Mr. Wright.
Tobacco Pool Perfected
Burley tobacco growers o f
Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio
have formed a pool of their 1021
crop to insure correct prices. In
the final report we see Powell
county has signed up for 00,000
pounds which is more tobaceo
than the Times thought was
grown in the county. It is hoped
to see the growers get a full price
for their tobacco for it is certain
they can not get a fair price for
their corn and other crops.
Church Dedication
The new Methodist church, re
cently built at Ilargett, will be
dedicated, Sunday, November 27.
The Key. Ollie G. Uagan, D. D.
will preach the dedicatory ser
mon, ine public far and near is
most respectfully invited to be
present and lend a helping hand
in dedicating one more much
needed church to the service of
the Master.
Disarmament Conference
The disaramament conference
now in session at Washington is
a step in the right direction. It
is the man with the gun that al
ways gets into trouble, and'so it
is with nations. The unprepar
ed escaped the World War. It is
better to prepare for peace than
for war.
A Nice Little Store
Mrs. Wm. Mountz, Jr., and
Miss Mary Nelson have a real
nice little store. They can please
you in your Thanksgiviug or
Christmas purchases. Call on
them, ladies, and see how easy it
is for you to make selections in
their line.
Much Lightning
An unusual amount of light
ning for November visited us
yesterday with the rain, aud just
before the raiu, It looked much
more like spring than fall of the
High Price For Eggs
Eggs are. fifty cents jer dozen
on the local market, the highest
price for quite a while. Well, it
is good that something favors the
farmer on the market.
Several hogs have been 'killed
during the recent cold weather.
The first snow of the.
fell here Thursday night.
T. B. Ware, Virden, was
Friday on business.
Mrs. Mollie Crawford and
daughter, Martell, are visiting
relatives ataLexington this week.
Charley Barnes, Indianapolis,
lnd., was here last week the
guest of Butler Barnes and other
Mrs. T. L. Lander has returned
to her home at Asheville, N. C.
after a visit with her father, Jno.
W. Williams.
The two small children of Mr.
and Mrs. Marion Strange, who
have been very ill with scarlet
fever are improving.
Mrs. II. (. Garrett, Winches
ter, was here Thursday the guest
of her mother, Mrs. Eliza Day,
and Mrs. Nannie Cres.cy.
Dr. YT. B. Triplet t and Mrs.
Triplet! are here from Canada to
visit the hitter's father, Mr. Jno.
W. Williams, and other relatives.
Miss 'Arminta Ewell, who h
attending Stanton College here
spent from Friday till Tuesday
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Mont Ewell, near Carlisle.
Mr. and Mrs. lioss Martin, Mrs.
Tom Pattoii, Mrs. Henry Paulk
ner and Mrs. Sarah Jackson vis
ited Mr. and Mrs. Jim French at
the Levee from Friday till Mon
day. Mrs. Jackson remained for
a two weeks' visit.
Sherman Townsend
Accidental! Shot
While on Hell Creek in Lee
county last week, Sherman Town
send, of this city, was accidental
ly shot in the hip and leg, by
Oscar Poe, of Lee county. Mr.
Townsend was immediately tak
en to the Clark County Hospital,
where an X-ray located thebullet
above the knee. The bullet was
split open when it 6truck the
Heavy Rains
The heavy rains falling last
night and this morning will prob
ably bring down a tide which
will do some damage to farmers
who have not got all their corn
and fodder oil' the river. Most
of the corn in this county has
wisely been housed from the
bottoms. "
Notice to County Claimants
All persons having claims of
any nature whatsoever against
Powell county are requested by
Judge Daniel to present same to
the Fscal court by filing them at
County Clerk's ollice immediate
ly. A meeting of the court will
be held in a couple of weeks
when it desires to pay all debts
against the county.
Pay Your City Taiea Now
All city taxes are now past due
and 0 per cent penalty will be
added December 1st. as provided
bylaw. Pay now and avoid the
penalty a little later.
W. F. McCollom, Collector.
Personal Paragraphs.
O. II. Mize was in Battyville
Green Klnser spent last week
in Lee county.
Kelson Holland, of Spout
Spring, left Monday for Hazard.
A. K. Sams, Jr., of Winchester,
spent Sunday with felativer here.
Mrs. Mary Edith Daniel, of
Jackson, is visiting her brother,
C. 11. Mize.
T. G. White, Jr., of Transylva
nia College, Lexington, spent
Sunday with home folks. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Daniel, of
Lexington, spent the week-end
with relatives in the city.
N. C. Walters, of Winchester,
was here Tuesday to open the
season on his old hunting grounds.
Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Snowden,
of Lee county, spent the week
end with Mr. and Mrs. John Kim-
Miss Georgia Howell, who i b
teaching school at Fixer, spent
the week-end with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. (1. I). Howell.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Eubank and
daughtere,Misses Vera and Erma,
of Winchester were week-end.
guests at the lied River Hotel.
George Hampton and folks, of
Boyne City, Mich., are at Rogers
for a few months' visit with
friends and to get a quiet rest.
Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Potter, of
Wetherford, Okla., and Mrs. Eliz
abeth Bonebrake and son, Bill, of
El lieuo, Okla., visited Mr. Pot
ter's and Mrs. Bonebrake's sister,
Mrs. T. G. White, from Friday
evening until Monday morning.
Mrs. Lize Williamson, of Fleas
ant county, W. Va., who is visit
ing her son, D. II. Williamson, at
Winchester, was here, together
with Mrs. Williamson, Tuesday to
visit Mrs. F. G. Powell. Mr. Mad
ison Williamson is also visiting v
his sun at Winchester.
Corn as Fuel
Secretary Wallace, of the De
partment of Agriculture, calls at
tention to the low price of corn
and states that in 6ome places it
is a cheaper fuel than coal. He
predicts that large quantities of
corn will undoubtedly be burned
on western farms this winter un.
less the price should materially
advance on corn or the price of
coal go down which it will not do.
Judge D. II Daniel purchased
one yoke of steers from Everett
Wilson. Weight 2.280 Dounda
Dr. Martin reports the follow-
ing births:
Tuesday, November 8th.. to Mr.
and Mrs. James Isaac Mize, this
city, a daughter.
Friday, November 11th., to Mr.
and Mrs. Otis Younjr, a daughter.
Tuesday, Noremder 15th., to
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ewen, this city,

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