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Apples Pay WeU
A most interesting article on
the "eglected Orchard Indua
try" by Mr. William II. Stites,
president of the Kenturky State
Horticultural Society, has just
arPeared in the November 1st.
isue of the Southern Agricultur
ist. The whole article cannot be
reprinted ; but the County Agent
has run his scissors around the
two strong paragraphs which aie
given below :
"While the fnrm orchard has
ceased to be a factor in the pro
dtiction of high grade fruit, any
land owner, according toMr. Nis.
wonger's figures, can very well
airord to put ont two or more
acres of orchards, purchase the
necessary equipment to properly
care for and handle it in connec
tion with other farm operations
just as he would one of his oth.
or crops. The mm who will put
out an orchard of desirable vari
eties and give it proper care can
reasonably expect far more
agreeable work with better finan.
cial returns thau he would get
from tobacco or any of our ordi
nary farm crops. No section of
the country produces apples of
better quality than are grown in
Kentucky, and it has been a
great loss to the state that this
attractive industry has been eo
long nezlected, especially as we
have in this state thousands of
acres of practically waste land
which would be suitable for
growing the best grade of fruit.
"The average farmer does not
look with favor on a proposition
to plant today and wait six or
eight years before he may begin
to harvest, consequently, the
orchard ' business all over the
country has largely gone into the
hands of the specialist who
makes it strictly a commercial
proposition, but where the grow
er has suitable markets availa
ble he can make his orchard pay
its way by' intercroping with
berries or vegetables."
Cut This Out-It is Worth Money
Cut out this slip, enclose with
Tc to Foley & Co., 2835 Sheffied
Ave., Chicago, III., writing vour
name and address clearly. You
will receive in return a trial pack
age containing Foley's Honey and
Tar Compound, for coughs colds
and croup. Foley Kidney 1'ills
and-Foley Cathartic Tablets.
Sherman Robbins & Sona local
"Red Eye Holler"
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Storie have
moved to Leeco.
The first snow fell here No
vember the lllh.
0. D. Snowden is with his fam
ily for a few days.
Henry Clark is moving some of
his drilling machine to Johnson
county. .
Everett Utterback and family
wr re visitors a, Kruest Brewer's
Mrs. Amos Wells and Mrs.
James Hanea attended Sunday
school at Fixer Sunday.
Terry and Tramel, Upchurch
from the Wentworth camp, were
at A. P. Bertram's Sunday.
Mrs. Virgil I) veil and little
daughter, Mabel, were guests of
Mrs. A. P. Bertram Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Berrv, of the
Mollie Lynns lease, went to their
home at West Bend for election.
Vernon Ware will leave for
Johnson eountv this week. Mr.
Ware is employed by II. W.
Clark to do some drilling.
Little Norvio Wells, who his
been yisitiog his gaandparents,
Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Wells at Can
nel City, returned home Monday.
Elmer Bertram made another
trip to Cannel City Saturday. We
don't know why he makes so ma
ny trips but we csn make a pret
ty good guess.
Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Easter ir
rived home from Clay City
Wednesday. Thomas Curtis, Mrs.
Easter's brother left for Clay
City Thursday.
Mrs. (Jother Martin anJ little
daughter, Gertrude, after spend
ing a week with friends and rel
atives ai Rosslyn, returned to
their home at "Bobby's llidge"
Jackson Bush, L. O. Lovell, A.
P. Bertram and "Wood row Wil
son" attended Masonic Lodge at.
Torrent. Saturday uight. It wasn't
our ex-president but however our
old frieud Woodrow.
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Carl, of
Battle Creek, Mich., are rejoic
ing oer the arrival of a baby
girl that, came to their home Oc
tober 11 1021. Her name is Ber
na Mae. Mrs. Carl is the daugh
ter of B. F. Curtis, of Clay City.
Mrs. Jones, cf "Bobby's Itidge,"
was taken seriously ill at her
home Frilay morning and wns at
once removed to hospital, one
died Friday evening at o o'clock,
after her arrival at hospital. Mr.
Jones and the family have our
tenderest sympathy in their sad
Growing Children Need
; Plenty of Red Cells
in Blood
When the young body is grow
ing, children frepuently experi
ence weakness. Girls and boys
sometimes play too hard and over
tax their Systems. They tecome
pale, and sickly. They
lose their appetite, become Ian
guid, and are not able to make
progress in school work. "Grow.
ing too fast" is often true. It is
most important to keep the bleod
of growing girls and boys in a
healthy state.
Pepto-Mangan keeps the blood
pure, ine red cens in me oioon
are increased. They carry life-
giving oxygen to all parts of the
body, and wholesome youthful
ness bloom again in clejir com
plexions, bright eyes and buoy
ant rpirits. Sold both in liquid
and tablet form by druggists ev
ery where. The name "Gude's
PeptoMangan" is on the pack
age. Advertisement.
"After the birth of my
baby I had a back-set,"
writes Mrs. Mattie Cross
white, of Glade Spring,
Va. "I was very ill;
thought I was going to
die. I was so weak I
couldn't raise my head to
get a drink of water. I
took . . . medicine, yet I
didn't get any better. I
was constipated and very
weak, getting worse and
worse. I sent for Cardui.'
The Woman's Tonic
"I found after one bot
tle of Cardul I was im
proving," adds Mrs.
Cross white. "Six bot
tles of Cardul and ... I
was cured, yes, I can say
they were a God-send to
me. I believe I would
have died, had it not been
for Cardul." Cardul has
been found beneficial in
many thousands of other
cases of womanly trou
bles. If you feel the need
of a good, strengthen
ing tonic, why not try
Cardul? It may be just
what you need.
Wood getting and hog killing
'seems to be the order of the day
. Mr. and Mrs. Leander Mendows
visited Hubert Rogers Friday
uight. j
. Morris Knox, Slade, was cuKing
on an old pal of this town Sat
urday afternoon.
Miss Nannie Bruce Rogers and
Mrs. Climmie Abney were shoo
ijing in Xena Saturday.
Mrs. Rebecca Pitts, of Knowl
ton, is spending a few days with
her daughter, Mrs. Hill ie Wood
ard. Cain Reed and his young wife
were the week end geuest of Mr.
and Mrs. Isaac Reed and Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Heed.
Uncle George Friend has just
finished clearing off a twenty acre
tield for J. A. Rogers. Uncle
George certaiuly had a job.
15 111 ie Woodard and family are
moving irom here ft nts larm n
Montgomery county. We regret
to give up this good family.
Mrs. Climmie Abney and two
daughters, Lovenia and Estill, are
visiting Mrs. Abney'a parents,
Mr. and Mrs. John A. R gers.
Key Lewis and family, Herbert
Profitt, Miss Ida McCoy and
James Rogers were the dinner
guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. A.
Rogers Sunday.
Simon Rogers and wife Mr. and
Mrs. Albeit Rogers, of Peck's
creek, spent the week-end with
their brother, Hubert Rogers, of
this city.
Fieldeo Powell, Rece Rgers
For three generations
mothers have successfully used
Foley's Honey and Tar
as a safe remedy for the relief of
cold, cough, croup and whooping couth.
It it pure, wbolcfome, and children liL)
It. Contain! no opiate, Ktpccial!
good lor croup and whooping coub
the two terrors of childhood.
Ufa. W. n. Tborataa. Uttl. Kwk, Ark.,
vnlM thitt "Mr IitU ojr bad. at
tsok f Wnt t 4mm af raUy't Uaf
4 Tar raliav4 klm. aa4 ft wast back to
laa aa4 vaa trankUa man, I waiU4 M
( lUvat it at aajr dac'
Sherman Robbint 6 Sons,
CUyCity, Kr.
and Lonso Spinser, of Montgom
ery county, came up Saturday to
move Bilhe Woodard, and while
here attended the meeting at
Roger's Chapel.
Bv by, must hang up and walk
on an appetite for Thanksgiving.
"Sister Rosa."
(Too Jatc for last week.)
Corn gathering seems so be the
order just now.
Willie Boyd and Millard Hall
were guests here Sunday.
Mrs. (jay McCoy was the week
end guest of Mrs. James McCoy.
Misses Uola at d Ablie Rogers
visited Miss Edith Drake Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ira O. Profitt vis
ited their daughter at Leeco over
The new mail carrier between
Rowen and Patsey is Dewey
Leonard and Leela Morton vis
ited Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Hatton
over Saturday.
Master Elmer Morton, of Bow
en, is visiting his uncle, Albert
Morton, this week.
1 'Frisky Jim."
Attention, Legionaires!
On the night of Tuesday, No
vember 22nd., 7 o'clock, at Stan
ton Court House a meeting of A.
N. Spencer Post No. 127 Ameri
can Legion will be held for the
purpose of electing ollicers for
the coming year. All members
are requested to p.ttend. Come!
Carl Welch, (Tost Com.)
Underwear, Corduroy
C CL I u
tJUll5. bJIlUCS uuu uuuu.
Hanes Underwear for Men, Wo
men and Children at less than mail
order houses are asking.
Did you know a Corduroy is
the most economical suit you
can buy fof your boy? It will
stand the strain, turn the rain
and outlast three of any other.
Father, mother, sister, brother
see my line of Shoes before buy
ing. I can outfit the family at'
a saving. I have the exclusive
agency for the famous "Witch
Elk" Hunting Boots. This boot
is as Water-proof as a Leather
Boot can be made, and will keep
your feet dry and comfortable.
Ask the man who has worn a
George Kirk,
Clay City, Ky.
Advice for Women Who Suffer
"I advise every woman who
sofl'ers with kidney trouble to
try Foley Kidney Pills," writes
Mrs. Bessie Brawner, 2522 Sco
ville Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 4I
could not do any housework, but
fince taking Foley Kidney Pills I
fetl like a new woman and am
Bble to do my work." They'll
help you too. Sherman Robbius
& Sons local agents.
Ten Bushels of Coal Absolutely
To any one buying a Heating Stove from me
between now and October the First 1921. I
will give
Ten Bushels Of Coal
And with a Range, Box or Kentucky Step
Stove I will give
Twenty Bushels Of Coal.
Bear in mind the prices are marked down on
all Stoves and are as cheap as ycu can buy
anywhere. The Free Coal feature is for Sept
ember Buyers. The prices and makes of this
beautiful assortment of Stoves will compare
with any line, even in a larger town. Then,
why not get busy. Buy your Stoves now and
accept the Gift of the
The Strongest Financial Institution on Earth:
New York Life Insurance Co:
The Strongest Fire, Hail, Tornado and
Windstorm Insurance Co. in ' America:
The Home Insurance Co.

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