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(Too Jate for last week.
Manny and J?m Foster are
home from 1'ittebiirg, Penn.
M'irs (iracc Carlton made a
business trip to Stanton Saturday.
Mrs. Artie Mcl'arisnn is visit
in relativesin Hazard tlti reK.
Mrs." Nannie Johnson and on
made a business trip to Stanton
Sunday School at Ml. Canaan i
ptoeressing nicely, and has C"M
Mr. and Mrs. Hen Hampton are
rejoicinir over the arrival of a
tine pi rl baby.
W. P. N'dand, from Bowline
Ureen, is visiting hine folks t!ns
Sunday School every Sunday
morning at 9 :30 o'clock. Kvery.
body invited to come.
Mr. and Mrs. James Noland
' have moved to the oil liehi near
the Furnace.
There will be a bibl contest at
Mt. Canaan tl):30l". 2 4th, hii1
Hrother Hollars is expected to be
James Perkins has zone to vh
it. his sick brother in the Jackson
Ilenrv Hooth is moving to hi
farm which he recently bought
from Spence.
There will be a Clitis'm i pros
jzram at Mt. Canaan at "2 o'clock
Sunday afternoon, December '21.
Kferybody invited.
Lower Cane Creek.
Ha King and HertlM Anderson
were in Bowen Tuesday.
Mrs. 11. A. Crowe was the guest
of Mary Powell Tuesday morning.
Cleveland Powell cut a bee tree
and got forty pounds of honey.
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac lYIfry, Miss
Nora Wilson and Mr. and Mrs.
Hare Pelf ry w ere guests of Mrs.
Clev. I::nd Powell Sunday.
Willie Wilson has just recover
ed from a very serious attack of
acute indigestion. We are lad to
know he isim proving :i lie is one
of the best citizensot Cane Creek.
Ddvid Cmwp killeil Imirs Tues
day. Hurrah for David, he killed
4 hogs each one weighing i5."0 to
400 pound". It will be good
mornini: to the good old sausage,
Miss Bertha Anderson i mak
ins preparation to g to Middle
town, Ohio, and ludianup'uis,
Ind., to spend Chris nias- Iler
hunt, Mrs. Mary Pwwe'l, will ac
company h 'T.
If it ?s Insurance We Write it
City; Farm property of every description. Automobiles.
Fire, Theft, Liabilities and property damage.
All kinds of Life Insurance.
( "lark County Farms, any size or price for Sale.
G. D. HOWELL, Sub. Agint,
Grubbs, Scobee & Bartlett
Undertakers, Embalmers
Efficient Ambulance Service Day
and Night
Day Phone 308 Night Phone 156
Hardware and Stoves
- - - ' - .
Hatcher's Creek.
Mr. Karl Martin shipped a poop of
nice turkey to Winchester market
Th irsday.
It. W. (.arrett and wife, Tlay City,
were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. (.
Tliomns Sat unlay and Sunday.
Mrs. Lizzie Pyrd and daughter, from
Cane, Creek, wore the quests of Mrs.
Henry Faulkner Friday night.
Mrs. Tom McCall and daughter, Eth
el, visited the former's father and
mother, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Johnson,
John T. Peed, Hardin county, was
t he guet of his sinter. Mrs. Matt John
son, Snturday and Sunday and visited
other relatives while here.
Mr. Sidney 1 fall and Mrs.Mnttie I hi IT
of Alvin, Wis. ; Mr. Perry Hall ami son
Sherman, m Hardin Co., were guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Johnson Wednei
day night.
Mrs. Matilda h. Uced dhd at the
home of her son. 10. C. Peed, Decem
ber Il'th, 1022. Mrs. Uced wns horn
March 31st, 1K51. She was the w ife of
(Jenrge M. Peed, deceased. She leaves
eleven children: W. 0. Keed, James
J. Peed, Isaac Keed. Mrr. Matt John
son, (ieerge Peed, Powell county ; lly
ram Ked, K. C. Keed, Mrs. Clarence
Seal. Estill county ;S. P. Keed, (icorge
town, Ky. ; John T. Peed, Hnrdin coun
ty ; W. C. Heed, Montgomery county.
All were present at the funeral except
Mrs. Neal, who was not aide to go.
Mrs. Heed was a t rue and lo ing tool h
er to her family. She joined the Chris
tian church about 50 years ago atid
held out faithful to the end She was
loved by all who knew her, and she
leaves a vncaney in our homes, but we
helieve she tilled a vacant seat in
A precious one from us is gone,
A voice we love is stilled,
A place it vacant in our home,
Which never can he tilled.
5o. dwar mother, to that home
On younder's peaceful shore.
We niiss you here hut soon we come,
Where you have gone before. .
Attention, Ex-Service Men
Special meeting of the A. N. Spencer
Post No. 1-7 American Legion. Stan
ton, Ky . Snturday. Iieccniher 2H, 1922,
a I Court. House 0::!' p. ni. for the pur
pose of electing officers for 192'. The
American I.egion is doing big things
for the ex-service man. You can do
your part by keeping your membership
paid up. Pay your dues for lK.'.'J. iet
your friends to join the Legion and he
sure to come, for we w ill have some
eat find something to smoke.
j Your due fur including the
! American Legion Weekly and Ken
tucky Legionnaire, is f:t.(K). Uring or
mail your fee to J. S. Hoone or Carl
Weli h. digued Floyd Caudill, Adjt.
I'.uy a series of Christinas presents by
suh-eribiiig for The Clay City limes.
T,l gifts 1.
S. B. TRACY, Agent,
Powell Man Making Good
The linnville Daily Messenger, com
menting on Ihe Messenger sen ice, has
the following to say of I. (1. Jackson
nl two sons. Mr. Jackson learned
the printing strade in The Times office
in 1898:
"Mr. I. O. Jackson Is superintendent
of the job printing depsrtment and un
der bin management for many tears
the Messenger has built up a large
business in' this line. In addition to
making prices on Job printing which
are always rig'it Mr. Jackson super
t ies the work. llei one of the best
Job printer in the State and won many
prizes at the last meeting of the Ken
tucky Tress Association for best exhib
its of job printing of various kind. If
you bring your job printing tothe Daily
Messenger, you may be assured of get
ting prompt service, the lowest price,
and. most Important of all. first-Mass
"Mr. Ja kson's son. Mr. Pobert .Tnck
son, is our advertising mnn. Robert
has been working in various depart
ments of the office nnd shop ever since
he w as lug enough to w ork even while
he w as in school and although a voung
mm, he thoroughly understands his
business, lie can do anvthing to he
done in the office, and in addition to
going nut and getting the ads. he fre
quently sets them up in type. Me is a
graduate of the Dunville High School
and is quite popular w ith all of the lo
cnl business men us they like his fine
dosposition and the manner in which
he serves them.
"(irant Jackson. who is in high school,
works on the Daily Messenger in the
nftcrnoons after s-hool hours. (Srnnt
hm been working on the paper for some
time, and helps make up the mail.
Commissioner's Sale
Powell Circuit Court, Kentucky.
K. L. Shimfessel and etc, Plaintiff,
Kd I.ohiniller, Defendant.
In Kqiiity.
I'.y virtue of n Judgment and Order
of Sale of t he Powell Circuit court,
rendered at the November term there
of, l9'J"i in the above "ituse for the sum
f fifty-one and fifty-one hundredths
($")1 TO) dollars with interest at the
rate of six per cent per annum from
the 3rd dny of April U22 until paid,
and ots herein I shall proced to of
fer for sale at the Court-house door in
Stanton, Kentucky t the highest bid
der, at Public Auction, on Monday the
first, day of January. 10:i, at 1 o'clock
P. !., or thereabout (being County
Court day), upon a credit of three
inoiths the following described prop
erty, to wit :
One Oil Well Drilling Machine, to
gether with nil equipment and tools
therewith, known us the Ed Lohmilvr
Drilling Machine. Or sufficient there
of to produce the sums of money so or
dered to be made. For the purchase
price the purchaser w ith approved sc
mrity or securities, must execute
I'.ond, bearing legal interest from the
day of sale until paid, and having the
for re and effect of a Judgment. Did
ders will he prepared to comply prompt
ly with these terms.
Are you nervous?
Do you become irritated
at trifles, start at sudden
noises, lie awake nights?
Your nerves are out of
If you neglect them you
may have nervous exhaus
tion, hystctia, nervous in
digestion or serious organic
Dr. Miles' Nervine
will help you. Try just
one bottle. We'll refund
your money if it doesn't
relieve you.
Your druggist sells it at
pre-war prices $1.00 a
bottle. ,
ONE WAY: Hold the Dollar and make the Ea
gle SQUEAL before spending it.
ANOTHER WAY: During your productive period of
life spend all you make and in old
age SQUEAL yourself.
A good Bank ACCOUNT is the best protection to
those that look ahead.
As a Special Inducement to Encourage Savings we
Powell County Bank,
feeds press's, etc., and like his father
and brother?! making good."
Care at Christmas Time
At Christmas time, many people are
jm engrossed with the idea of entertnin
ment and amusement for their chil
dren, thnt they are forgetful of ' the
dangers that necompany these enter
tninmeiits. Pii lure the Family Reunion. (lath
ered around the annual Christmas
tree Children, grandchildren, nieces,
nephews, cousins and all The tree with
its many decorations, its lighting ef
fects, its imitation snow, tinsel, the
presents for all and Santa Clans with
his white lo'ks and flowing heard
When suddenly a flash, and the Fiend
Fire appears. Someone has been care
less and the aeeident occurs. Some
lit tie fellow hopelessly scarred for life
or maybe the less of life. The happy1
scene is changed without warning to
one of sorrow, misery and despair.
There, is a Christmas, the horror of
which is forever burned into the mem
ory and hearts of those w ho hut a short
time before were no gay and carefree.
A family reunion that will never be
forgotten. Put always the darkness of
death or accident in the Ascendant.
Tne family with a home gone, a loxed
one burned. that scene that began so
happily, changed in a moment to one
of liorror and distress.
Lighted caudles, on trees in connec
tion with paner tinsel and celluloid
decorations, the panic on electric lights
Of uninterrupted servic' to the people of Winchester and Clark county
attest the quality of the assistance w hich we have rendered to our com
munity, and the unquestioned sufety whi-h we Inn e afforded ita funds.
This is the (Mdcht Punk in Winchester and the largest. Our Capital
and Surplus of $.")U),000 (K). our resources exceeding 1:2,100,000 00 and
to supply the kiikd of banking service you want.
We pay interest on time and Savings Deposits.
Your business will be appreciated.
R. P. TAYLOR, President,
A. H. HAMPTON, V. Pres't,
The Strongest Financial Institution on Earth:
The New York Life Insurance Co.
The Largest Fire Insurance Company in America:
The Home Insurance Company.
The Henry Clay Fire Insurance Company.
or light wires, dried holly or mistletoe
on gas light, or electric light fixtures,
and their wires, any of these might be
the cause of the above picture.
These Christmas time pleasures and
ptograins may be so arranged as to
preclude the possibility of any such
tragedy occurring in the home. Prop
er supervision of the children, and a
little care in preparing the decorations
will accomplish this result.
This Department requests that al!
people throughout the State of Ken
tucky hear these facts in mind 'pre
paring their Yuletide festivities. To
that end we extend heartiest greetings
and good cheer to all throughout the
State, praying that not n single calam
ity of the kind pictured above may be
the purt of nny resident of this great
State. To that extent we ask your co
operation. Department of Fire Prevention and
Rates, Auditor's Ollice
John J. Craig, Auditor,
J. Al. Steltenkamp,
Chief Deputy Auditor.
Frankfort, Kentucky.
Winter Gatherings Spread Disease
Sneezing and roughing: at in
door gatherings fpread disease.
The lirst symptoms of, of Ions:
Ktaiilin; coughs colds croup,
throat, chest and bronchial tron
Me arc quickly relieved with Fo
ley's Honey and Tar. Contain"
no opiates ingredients printed
on the wrapper. Sold everywhere
W. P. HAMPTON, Cashier,
E. L. UPHAM, A M't. "

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