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Matcher's Creek.
' Ir it is Insurance We Write it
City, Farm property of every description. Automobiles.
Fire, Theft, Liabilities and property damage.
; All kinds of Life Insurance.
rlark County Farms, any size or. price for Sale.
G. D. HOWELL, Sub. Ag snt,
S. B. TRACY, Agent,
Mrs. Hugh Johneon is very ill
at this writing. .
lion 9 Martin took a load of tur
key to Mt. Sterling Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Fmilkner
visited Mr. and Mrs. Tom Tatton
Mrs. Juli i,Kstes, K-till enmity,
!tnr 1 i t week with Mrs. Mill
ard Kste.
Grubbs, Scobee & Bartlett
Undertakers, Embalmers
Efficient Ambulance Service Day
and Night
Day Phone 30S Night Phone 156
Hardware and Stoves
i r
Mrs. To tn Tit ton, Stanton,
spent the holidays with relatives
.it this place.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Johnson
were the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
I'lovd McCall Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Holit. Kwen and
children, North rrl. were the
quests of Mrs. Millard Kstes S.un
day. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Willonghl.y
went to Cincinnati Friday to vis
it I heir nous, llohert and How
ard, and other relatives.
Your -Money
Deposited in a Bank is just as safe as the
notes and securities which that Bank owns.
That you may know who looks after the mon
ey deposited in this Bank we give a list of our
Directors: H. C Baker, T. C. Hall, J. H. Hard
wick, H. G. Garrett, Thos. L. Gabbard, Dr. I.
W. Jphnson, J. H. Williams.
These men examine and approve each loan or
security accepted by this Bank. Result, Eight
Hundred and Forty satisfied Depositors.
The Powell County Bank
j rtu Uil'l
SPOUT SPRING "Back to the Bible"
i '
Commissioner's Sale
Viruil Dawson lias moved hack
into our inid.-t from I.og I.i.-k.
of Torrent,
SLADE. in the new church here Sood.-tv
j ncre w ere not as many present
a; slmtd 1 have le.en mi such an
occasion luit the sermon was en-
Willie ! j "Jed hy. those present and we
j ure certainly glud to have a rn:n
j ft 'ft ;i hie. house in which to wor
ship, and the entire cuiniiuinit v
j is under obligations to hro her
j Willie llrever ft r a-istanee he
I has rendered jn erecting this
j bunding, having woihel d.iy aurt
night for the cause.
j X mas passed ell ipiietly here,
' very little if any di iaking, mid
was celebrated in way that the
i writer recalled dys long iim
(when the people had some ies
j pect for (iml of course every day
should le held sacred and epcc
lially Xmas tla v. t'oe uniiiver?arv
of the hirth of our Savior, hut it
is usually spent in a very disre
spectful inanrif r. It seems tlut
the world is goiti"; so fast that
every hotly hot!) young and old
are on the rush, parents do not
take time to instruct their chil
dren or pray and therefore the
young generation is losing all
reverence, it is a rare tiling to
see or hear any youngster res
pect an (del person or lady, or
show the old time t ruiui n r, then
fore our penitentiaries are lilling
up and souls rushing into eterni
ty unprepared to meet (Jnd and
who is to hlame? Parents more
than any others, and us IIL'2 in
soon to he a closed page, forever
we e-tn liever change one item
hut we trust the readers of the
Times w ill ea( h one reo!ute to
make the most useful year
of our lives ty using each ami
every moment in way that when
ilhe pages, are-opened strain that
we can read it. without a pan::,
and retnetnher we reirp what we
sow and at a time perhaps when
the least ahle to'hear our heavy
burdens we will have to sutfer
for mistaken. So let ua all make
the world better and brighter by
having lived in if. Miy (Jod'
richest blessings shower down up
on the Times and all its family.
Morgan Koger
w as here Sunday.
Horn, to the wife
Trolitt, Decemliei I'uth. a hoy.
Millard Townsend and Newt
Dennis, of 1'ixer, attended church
here Sunday.
Miss Margaret Adams of Fen
wick, Fayette county, i visiting
relatives here,
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Hi ft h vis
ited Mr. ami Mrs. Jerry Uirch ut
Nadu Sat unlay and Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse IJrown vis
i'ed the hitter's sistpr, Mrs. K. ('.
.Mays, of Lombard Monday.
Mrs. Martin Fonl, Misses Mary
Miller and Kosa Ford were shop
ping in Winchester Saturday.
Tipton Oldlield, of Cincinnati,
is home to spend the holidays
with Mrs. (Mdliehl and baby,
Mr. and Mrs. Dewy Folks and
baby are viiting the former's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kelly
Fulks, of Winchester.
Clarence Scott, of State I'ni
versity, of Lexington, is spend
itig the holidays wilh his uncle,
Fred Scott, at lletinery.
Mr. and Mrs. Kli.jah lioyd, of
Barker, visited Mr. and Mrs. An
sil Centers nd attended church
here Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Tipton and
children, of Nada, spent Xmas
here with Mrs. Tipton's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Brewer.
Mrs. Carrie ('lark and little
son, Denil, of Fixer, is spend
ing thrt holidays with Mrs.
(.'lark's father, Mr. John Brewer.
Burn, to Robert McNabb Sr.
and wife, December SJnl, a girl,
also on the 'g.'Jrd a daughter ar
rived' at the home Of lr. and
Mrs. Courtney Camr belt.'
Mr. and Mrs. K. T. Lwen were
called before the medical pen-dun
board of -doctors at Lexington
last Tin s lay. Mrs. Lwenjiavinu
served as a nurse iu Fsance dur
ing the w or hi war and lout the
drum of her ear which still gives
her considerable troublj.
ltev. W. Triplet!, of Howard's
Mill, delivered the firet eermoH
Powtdl Circuit Court, Kent 'icky.
U I.. Sliimfcssel and etc, Pluintiii,
VA I.tihinilh r, I r--ml :i i) t .
In lenity.
P.j' virtue ef a .Tutlgiie-nt and Order
of Sale of the Powell Cir-uit coiot,
rentleretl at the November term there
of. IS'JC in the aliove ?Miise for the sum
of fifty-one and lifty-onc hundredths
-v) mniiirs won nnert-M 10 Vin
tit six per cent per ionium Irtmi i
j Mrs. F. C. Hanks and family
jare tpend ing the holidays with
j her folks at Campton.
' Miss Orpha Flkin anil Luther
j Patrick, who are attending the
j Alvin Drew school at Fine Kidge,
I Wolfe coun'y, are home lor the
holi.'a vs.
Miss Mary and Master Kodger
Chri-fop!ier went Friday to spend
with the family of the r
There seems to be a natural
turning to the hi hie as a cure for
the fast living, unrestftil epirit
existing, and all forms of vice;
and immorality all over tlu
country. Readers of the bible
and observers of the teachings of
Jesus Christ will moralize and
christianize any country howev
er wicked it is. "Back to the
Bib4eT' is a slog i n that is serious
ly timely. Let us all join in th
the 3rd dnv .,f Anril l! until oaid. ! 11 '"''H T. S. Christopher, lie a rj during ail engagement in France.
and !cils herein I shull proo-rd to of
fer for sale ai the Curt-hoiise door in
! above
Stanton, Kentucky tathe h ij;n-t bid
der, nt Public Auction, on Monday the
tiit day of January. IOl'.S, at 1 o'clock
P. M., or thereabout (being County
Court day), upon n credit of three
months the following described prop
erty, to wit :
One nil Well Prilling Machine, to
gether with all equipment anil tools
therewith, known a the Ed l.ohiniller
1 trilling Machine. Or sullicient there
of to produce the sums of money o or
dered to be mailt'. For the juircjiae
price the purchaser with approved re
.urity or securities, mutl r.vellte
I'.ond, bearing legal interest from the
da) ofsiih' until paid , anil having the
for.'e and rllVct of a J utlgiueiil. llij
ilers will be prepared to comply prompt
ly W itll thee tel lli-i.
1.1 TllKl: .-TKPIIKNS.
Winchester. lie was also gased and was so at-
The school here had a ChrUt- ft'ct"1 t,,i,T ,,e rr,l,,d 1,ar(ll-V sl v"k
mas tree entertainment Thursday
w Inch wa enjoyed by all present.
Prof. Bvrd lett Fri I ay morning j Winter Gatherings Spread Disease
to spend Christmas with home
Sneezing and coughing at in
door gatherings spread disen.-.
Mt-rhia Judd died Monday 'The lifst symptoms of, or h i.g
morning ami was buried Tuesday j standing coughs, colds, r t 1 1 ; .
at the L irison graveyard, lie is j throat, chest and hronchi.il tn. i
survived by wi low nidone small ble are quickly relieved with
child. Mr. Judd was a limit 'JTih'.v's Honey ami Tar. Coi'tai-;;
years old and wa.s a worhl afVi no opiates ingredients print-1
veteran. He was badly woundT! oh the w -rapper. Sold everywhere.
Old Papers for Sale at The
imes Office.
iV " .1 ' vs,
. .1.- '".v :
OoicIe Relief
Only Two Thousand Divorced
lotmville is growing better.
There were only two thousand
per ns dirorced in that city lat
All the sufTering in
the world won't cure
disease. Pain makes
most diseases worse
and sometimes brings
on still further dis
orders. '
Stop the pain and
give nature a chance to
'work a cure.
Aritf Pain Pills
One or two will bring
relief. '
Your drujsist sells them
at pre-war prices 25 doses
25 centa. Economy pack
age, 125 doses $J.CO.
Of nn interrupted sei ice to t be people of Wi nelies ter a ml ('lark count y
at t est t lie 1 1 1 u I it y of t he a-sit a nee which we have rentleretl to our com -nionity,
ami the iiiniitl ioneil sab-ty w hi -li w e hn.ve alfordi it its funds.
This i the (tltlest Haiik in Winehester anil the I.aie-t. Our ('apital
anil Surplus of fMiti i(i do, our rei-oiirees exceeding '.lou,00 ) 0 and
our MKMr-KKSllIP in the 1 1 : 1 1 ! I: A I. P KSKKV K SVs-TKM enable n
to s-upply the kiiui of banking serviee Jon want.
Wo pay interest on time and Savings Deposits.
Your business will be appreciated.
P. TAYLOR, Pre.idt,
II. HAMPTON, V. Pre.'t,
W. P. HAMPTON, Ca.hier,
E. L. UPHAM, A.t't.
The Strongest Financial Institution on Earth:
The New York Life Insurance Co.
The Largest Fire Insurance Company in America:
The Home Insurance Company.
The Henry Clay Fire Insurance Company. !

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