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Are always welcomed
for moA large accounts
Whatever the nature 01 the volume of cur banking
business, when you bring it here you are assured of .
uniformly courteous and helpful service.
Clay City National Bank
Clay City, Ky.
CAPITAL, $25,000.00 SURPLUS, $35,000.00
Sanitary Inspector
Public health workers in Ken
tucky prion will be augmented by
(he addition of fire Military in
ppectors who will be graduated
from the. School of Public Health,
operated jointly by the State
Hoard of Health and the Univer
sity of Louisville, in January.
These men all will be gent to
counties out in the State, and
the Hoard of Health now is pros
ecuted inquiries to learn where
they are most needed and where
they can be used most effectively.
Kh of thee men. in addition
to having pursued technical and
thcretical studies in the School
of Public Health, last summer
was fiiven practical work under
the supervision of the health of
licT in one of the full time
health department
In connection with it present
investigation of the pbces where
tbee men a're the most badly
tieeded, theState Hoard of Health
altM'is conducting an investiga
tion to see what is the general
need for sanitary inspectors, in
order that, if it is found desira
ble, the facilities offered thin
class of public Fie a 1 1 It workers in
the School of Public Health may
be expanded.
Gat Consumption Increasing
"A few years ato ess compan
ies thought they had reached the
limit of the extent of their busi
neM when they sold annually
l.OCiO cubic feet per capita of pop
ulation. The demand hug grown
until today it is 'between 0 000
and 10,(00 cubic feet per capita."
Grandchild had Croupy Cough
1 "My grandchild could get no
relief whatever from a very bad
croupy cough," writes Peter Lan
di, Meyersdale, Pa., "until I
r,He him Foley's Honey afrd far.
Otiughs, colds, croup, throat, chest
and bronchial irritations quickly
relieved with Foley' Honey and
Tar. Sold Everywhere.
X '
In fact. Everything for Orchard. Lawn and Garden. Our il
lustrated catalog thU year it the most complete nursery book ever
issued in the South. It is free for the asking.
H. F. Hillenmeyer & Sons,
Blue Grsss Nurseries, LEXINGTON, KY
I 1
I ;
here no le than larger ones Jj
were small ones once. J
Electric Service
Even the initiated in the mys
teries of electricity know that
lurking in or about the wiring to
which they unconcernedly attach
lamps, plmr In the suction clean
er, connect up the iron or wash
ing machine, or any of the nu
merous present day electrical
household essential, is a supply
of energy ready at all times to
rt-nder service. Few, however,
realize the magnitude' of the en
ergy awaitim: utilization day or
uiiilit in Clay City. It is equiva
lent to abou 1J horsepower in the
ordinary residence installation.
This means a Etore of energy suf
ficient to lift, h ton, 2,000 feet in
an hour, to elevate the tempera
ture of 0 gallons of water 1X0 de
grees in the same time, or to boil
away over 2J quarts.
The uninitiated would scarcely
cure to lift a ten even a foot in an
hour and certainly would hesitate
to take' liberties with the amouut
of heat required for either of the
two simple heating operations
let we will unconcernedly use
and not infrequently abuse this
supply of electrical energy.
It is indeed one of the wonders
of the age that 40 pr cent of the
residences in this country h;ve
harnessed within them l1 hort-e
power to aid with light, heat and
power in. the performance of
household task", and with a ile
gree of safety quite unparalleled
lu the history of the world.
Troubled With Weak Kidneys
"Have been troubled with weak
kidneys since childhood," writes
Airs. G. Hvde, Henzouia, Michi
i:au. "Now past forty and have
had. terrible backache and that
tired out feelipg, hardly nble to
do my work. Hy using roley
Kidney Pills accompanied with
Foley Cathartic Tablets I soon
felt like a new person." Sold
A Gift for On Enjoyed by all !'
week in a year. Tlmt'a the Clay City
Timet. One dollar per year only. .
i Sifii Your Name
1 VVe of left get Rood correapon
aence wrni no ntme sineu. mis
j . i mi:.
1 ... n . . . I
we cannon m intra to prim unieM
wt know the writer, thus always
sign your name to articles for
publication. We nerer print
names to lie item. Our read
ers do not care to know who wrote
the items, but we do. It is a ref
erence in case, of error. We can
not uiJord to assume the respon
sibility for the reports of others
and thej nhould not expect it.
And about the New Year reso
olutions, don't forget to include
at least one new one that you
didn't make and hrrak last year!
Coughs and Colds in Winter
Indoor sedentary life in Winter
has a direct bearing on the pre
valence of cousrhs and colds. Keep
the bowels active and overcame
constipation with Foley Cathartic
Tablets. Colds, coughs, croup,
throat, chest and bronchi! trou
ble quickly relieved with Foley's
Honey and Tar. Sold everywhere.
Corn Cob Value
Hesides the wood alcohol con
tent in corn cobs, there are niti
other valuable products to be
made from this Insignificant ofr
cast. Agricultural college pro
fessors claim that the day will
come soon when the value of the
cob will contend for an almost
equal value of cru that grow
around it.
Commissioner's Sale
Powell Circuit Court, Kentucky.
John 1. Atkinson, Plaint ifT,
John K. Creech & Etc., Defendant.
In Eqaity.
P.y virtue of n Judgment and Order of
saleof the Powell Circuit court, render
edatthe November term thereof, 1022,
in the above cause for the mini of Tw o
Hundred ($200 00) dollars with interest
at the mte of six per cent per annum
from the 15th day of January 1922, un
til paid, and costs herein, I shall pro
ceed to offer for utile at the Courthouse
door in Stanton, Kentucky, to the high
est bidder, at Public Auction, on Mon
diiy, the lt day of January, 1923, at 1
o'clock p. m., or thereabout (being
county court day) upon a credit of fix
months, the following described prop
erty, to-w it :
A certain tract or parcel of land sit
uated in Powell county,Kentucky, on
the atem of the South Fork of lied
River, and bounded on the north by the
lands of Arthur Pu;kett, on the eat I y
the lands of Hybrid Powell's heirs, on
the south by the lands of James Rogers
and on the wet by the lands of Jim
Huck UoRers, and Jontaining 100 acres,
more or lens.
Orsnflieiont thereof to produce the
sums of money so ordered tobe made.
For the purchase price the purchaser,
with approved security or securities,
must execute Hond, bearing legal in
terest from the day of sale until paid,
and having the force and effect of a
Judgment. Bidders w ill be prepared
to comply promptly with these terms.
Harris Magazine Agency
Your subscription for any newspaper
or magazine respectfully solicited.
E. F. HARRIS, Notary Public,
Clay City, Kentucky.
Notary Public, Powall County, Ky.
Red River Hotel
First class Hotel Accommoda
tions at Reasonable Rates.
Mrt. M. E. ADAMS,
Hsiirdwick Sfc Co,
'1 9i
Appropriate gifts for Ladies, Misses, Men, and
Boys, such as in Jewelry. Rings, Lavaflieres. Brace
lets, Brooches, Chains. Charms. Knives, Cuff Links
Tie Pins, Gold and Silver Pencils, Fountain Pens,
Handkerchiefs, Ties, Gloves. Silk and Wool Hosiery
Sweaters for Men, Ladies, Boys and Misses.
Fireworks, Fruits, Cakes, Candies, and all
the Ingredients to make your Christmas
Cake. Call and see the many things we
can't tell you about.
I: clay 'city, ky. :
A. Wish
HAVE TAKEN Cardui for run-down, worn-out
condition, nervousness and sleeplessness, and I was
weak too," says Mrs. Silvie Estes, of Jennings, Okla.
"Cardui did me just lots of good so much that I gave
it to my daughter. She complained of a soreness in her
sides and back. She took three bottles of Cardui and
her condition was much better.
MWe have lived here, near Jennings, for 26 years, and
now we have our own home in town. I have had to
work pretty hard, as this country wasn't built up, and it
made it hard on us.
"1 WISH I could tell weak women of Cardui the
medicine that helped give me the strength to go on and
do my work." This card fulfils her wish.
The Woman's Tonic
Santa Claus is
Coming Our
Loaded with Toys of va
rious kinds for the little
ones. Dolls, most all
sizes, Doll Beds, Buggies,
Mechanical Toys of sev
eral kinds, Kiddy Kars,
Sleighs, Wagons, Velocipedes.
, Fruits J:
Cakes :
Candies ::
Fancy Groceries

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