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Breathitt County news. [volume] (Jackson, Ky.) 190?-19??, May 29, 1903, Image 1

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J WIlli RAGIIf8 Editor and P heJo 4CiIoc t A fEWI AJtu DXVOTIID T TI 0 hIJTJlD JIL nllJouar1 I 4Ta
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VOLVMEII JA lSONKY IDAY rAY291 oa lfujIBjDn84 > 1
The htrelt wns hlocklll b1 caq1II1 fillcd wIth chIlJrendrcl etl I
lln 1 n 111 L
I TIIuJed hit way I
I Mar Urandmotlor
mt thm In the hull
u I uu lIuy rnll
now IJUt n relllU Ilt II tho IIIIfhty I 11111 t thnt nUC
iimrclivil mvay to inakc Jilntory and numerous brgun
1attiiiiB In double rankv v
JcrUV vtraliu of thjSll r fjininglcd IJiinner min
fjlisl with the sound of the JUt uml driinu lloatcd out
on tfll morning air The notes of Mhrclifnjr Through
Georgia were oniipht echoed mid answered hf tColum
bin Oeni lit the ceRn from the niljaceut treets
while the KpnnltbAincrlciin war M > Vdfcrx < contributed
wlndowe A Hot TIniCi Kings and bannem i > rcarapd from all I
Tor It was Ilc 30th of Mny > 4 >
JloVllamlel a younr Kniitlierner eiiJJ > yliijr lila first
gllmpup of life Inline norlheni i atlitelll tbrended Klu
MJIX tbroiigli the urrTwilcd ulrcptt which KCPiued to him
mcnt Thfii JaIl lynrt lipiifTinnr julvfth1 At tfie end
of I he block lie > aw ttflJJ eeIJII wc I t nndt17
i 11ItI but very recently hucs
Tocelynf J
1 il f I 11
f loyud H closed r
i rlulI 4 <
I And nlin In tb only member of jur family I lime not nirt vifwill
4 go with 0111TfJ
4 Vo Hob nnl ttjlay TbU Ui fvnys n Kail day for poor jrrandma
jo Oh YOllr gTAndtutJltr nnll d1IJ III the lhlI wuriJ lrclulnlt be added
frtlliiRlV 7 tof
In nrtloi jr ltlirr You can rill 10 ihp home MlUi nujjijiil I will tell you
nlxiut It Iurlyn th WAr tI1fJirnnMIthrr Willi tnk n lilt 1111 quortcra
llefurn Jii > vaii well 111 regliii7iit rpcolved ordorH to move iiff nud com
nipr1fpItbctr march ut ufffhti Grandpa delirloiu with fever vVha placed In
them iilniice I t
9 T4ic next iiKirnlnp wlien mine of liln coinnulcM anxious an to his
iindliin cape to tbo ulubulnni I hey found It empty and my frrniul
Clthr1 n ltl1ollllr lLtnr h nnhlllllllrJ prnrctlullnvnhlng Ills Irle1I1
ehmp to the conclusion fhul In bin ilrllrhun he hud sllpppd nn en1 from h
nmlmloiuv iiider covp fuf tho night nnd that probably lie bod hcenjdtwlj
hy l u hwlmflier Of coursi rtho timixfi could not II dcUyrdijfWH Tlils1
rrgilnent liad tll purrua their way leaving him to hl unkiioM Cfnf
ln Wai never jfgiilii hcnrd from nnd they IIny tly luffilmng would
111r XlHyil roy grpidmoilipr but she frt that tlio mirtsflivo to linvo re
rnnJ frol Ltf mll er roll th rrn1 wor1 dt1fttt
tur raMl lfo WCIlt ltlnllnlllly to UI djw to llll1I Illr 111m > tli
1111 nr In l n III o jll iI hIrn H h
brnrt l cat wjh cviKcl nty tjV6lki7c1v Umt wliativtr
liailiXx11 hl iitc lie dM ngUnirTIt tbpcrupl clmrR tf
OCMI llont jfPT he WOK h JTrnrTdohd liravQ man
I v She jvilrkpd incronlriRly lo ctt the flmrifp n
nlittrd And vrari Viftrr tbo wnr tiippceded In doing so
Tliaf llttrtl iiff sorrow kllghtly lint thit Dccnrnllon
ilny Ift drpadrd one to her rihp jrlpvcs ao 11 think
ibnt the cnnnot rare for hU crn p and I1l1t nivl < s nil
tbnrr vnmrii bearing flowers lo thplc lend In the
111 It tllrlIlttJy ellrn1 11m 11 I ri1 m
rrcltnl of thil IItIlI rn 11 If
1 rrt lJ1lli i1 trP ti 1 t
Jr t1a jl
10 JII
4 will bate to lin H < Ie mo jl1nfil
< hls U my grnniliitth Id 10U t1IlI 1 10
cldpnl i my grandmother llfo during HIP war siI
WIIK HIP wife of a jonfedpratc ofllicr nnd llvpd nn ITioI
outskirts of Atlanta Karly onn morning a serviint
camp into tlip house and told ber tbat ho bad found nI
Irk Yankee In the IIlnhllI
Mr Koypo Hlnrtcd and nn pagpr look of Interest I
brightened hur wan face Joiplyns eyes grew ex
Ob Hob l Mie fald kiiftly
My grandmother resumed tho young innn nc
coin pa ii I ril HIP KPrvant to tin titnlilo niul found thn
report to l > c correct From the clothing and appear
IIIHP of tbo ulik innn sh tuv lying on tlio lloor IIhe
knew him to lw more than n odiinnon uldlcr
He wan delirious and npcpiind in ho very 111 Sho
nt onco had him carried to the liouto and nursed him
with the care anil tcnileniobs who would have given
to her own lie lived but a week
ltlh paused
Oh Is that all
r II Ine nil nalntcll cn
Xo Mild Koh gently Slip found hi Ids lIdUIt n 11110rnlltll1m book
I1n Ihl fi1tlIl 01 which hllli h11 11111111 II 11111110 ntHl 1II1I1IcII III pencll
1111 the JUline Rpll trll 1I0JCt trllIIl1luml
IU5t lnKltuyeetlle nllmB
tho 11111111
The Itril lInme WUI IIIlgllllc
etlth Hlale Willi Ohio
IIf tll luwlI lIIM cOl11plettI
Oh It IIIl1ltt hl1o bC11I IflY hllshaml f 1 cllll111 onl he sure IIha
fried bp said lloli My grundmotliPr WMS un nrlW Sim
I tldnk vou can
thnJbbf i vlf mother or Mvcothcart who would mourn
tlie nlurnt or
hIm al mining and IIho sketched the soldier nil ho lay ill A very nceuratc
lnrrlnll BP
ifficyousPcnu Can you tell me bow he looker he Implored
the cpresl6n Mll Hoi U Joceljn 1 noticed the renemlilunco
tin soon 1I4 I recalled tbo sketch
Ad ll1rel U the Imnge of her Bnindfitherl
i Will wrlto to iw irrniidniiillier toililV and tell lier of ynll 1 will
the lull partlclliartinnl fIIl1cl
uk II1 r tu wrlle to tl1l
She 1lIt It 1I11111mrllt or tho aM II
Jonie bof SVeUoil Tnpers at the tlmP but ncvvc re
celvpd ft dew to tho Identity of the soldier
And wlicrei was he hurledV
In otirgruiindiinl flfstF Ialpr the govprnmpnt
rpmoved Ms body and It now4 lies In the Nntlonul cem
ptcrv nt Marlottii Oai i
There folowd u long conversat on In w hlllI lob
had to repent many times n1lilhr could rciill of Ids
grandmothers oflrcpcatpd iJUlp
iJUlpIlow 011 lur JrullIll
thank yoiror
Ilow pan I evcr relo tf v
mc the grentest happiness ofmy llfo since the Will
oxchilnipd JncrlynH grandmother
1 can tell you how he said frankly Hy giving
me loeclnt
With all nyhrartTihc rpspondpil
locclyn was In the < lopth of ponirllion
Will you forgive mPIlobVSilio nslud wistfully
Forgive you JoielynTJhe asked wonderlngly
For vvbnt 7 n Ii
Never mind for wbat he laughed
IInlII I t
I nm going lit with you IIP announced In delert
Illlnrd totiPt > 8h torn d a prttty I
Oh 1111 iroli she rppllpd hurriedly The fnot Iaurprhe UeiohU i
1 havent I old grandma of our engagement You fo you imut expect her
to be prrjiitltrcil nt first iM muf you are II wmthornor and J
Hie would miliiriilly fpcl that way for I presume she Imagines thiit 1
your grandfnthrr WIIK killed l > y jonfwlernlr
Yen nnd tndiiy of nil duys bpr fcillngs wxnild hp more keen So <
vou intuit wilt lloli and moot her under other condition i
Xo I am going In now be nald renolulely ns ho nircndcd the steps a
lucplvnH grnudmothpr met them In the hall Slip looked like a picture
grandmother with her mft white purlsnnd gowu of xllver groy I
locelvnd liptart rclpnted when slip nw how tenderly her young lover
Issixd the hand extended In acknowledgiiiRnt of tho lntr < Mliictlon ays
Hie Chlragn Tout Slip luulpied lo explain that Mr JInndol WIIH n friend
t f llrothcr DIcky and that IIP nnd como the nlgbt Itpforc to pny them a >
Where IH your IIOIUP Mr Miindil ton kCl Uic old lady polltply
locclyn fac him n bciccehlug look hut ho rcjillcir iinlllnclilngly
AUwnfn Jcorgln I
lopelynn grandmother tnrnwl her face MAiird the window nml iccljn
crew rclipllloiiM
Mrs Itovce sold lloli enniMtly Jovoljn has lieen telling mo thisI
jioriiing of your a1I1 liprpavpinent
l < Kflyn lluslipd rrlnuon Hod he not then ono spark of dclleacy I 1
cne grain tif tact I
lloli rill p and rrossrd llic room icatlng hlmwolfvljcMde hrr v <
t 1 1ft IAI1n n nnu In nil Int trl nI n In
Skttlng lilmtetf b < I
id her
The young maid nnd her lovrr In their paradise Q love wnre t MB
hnpwy 811 Jocelynii grandmother in her newctound Joy tho Joy of 101l1 IIII
that her love of long ago though f r way1 slept pcuceCully beneath a
rut > pillow among the honored dead
Thouikrids of Indiana From lh iM r
vatlon Called on the PrttldenVr
Seattle Wftsk May 26 Sdjfwti
spent quietly by President Roosevelt
In view of tHc fact that be president
always observes the Sabbath aa be II e
fit the citizens of Seattle gave hltn
full range to follow bis own Incllna
tlonB aud Secretary Loeb said the
president appreciated this deference
more than any public attention Bat
urdfty waa one or the hardest thn prer
Went 1111 badelnco he parted on his
tour He visited the navy yard at
Bremerton Seattle Everett nd re
turned to Seattle again In tbe evenlnc
Taaco Vtjuh May 26 President
Itposcvelt glided down the charming
Yakima valley Monday on the North
pm Pacific railroad He left Seattle
at midnight and his first speech was
at Clollum In the Cascade mountains
Ajjthousand coal miners bad come
down from Roslyn At North Yakima
the president spoke on Irrigation to an
Widlchce of 12000 Ho dwelt on the
Importance of Irrigation and of tho ap
proval tit tho acts of the last session
jof congress A feature of tho crowd
was tho presence of thousands of In
lilacs from tho YaMma reservation
At Kllensburs the president spoke 1C
mlnjiles on good citizenship to 5000
persons h
Spokane Whabr May 27 President
Roosevelt doubled back Into Washing
ton Tuesday from tiic oeur dAlene
mining campp cnVNorthernldaho The
patty encountered Inclement weather
In tho mining toWnsTbe greatest
crowds over gathered In Spokane
erected the president Jn tula city
After a Ions drive over the city the
president upoko to the people of Spo
kane andjurreundlnR country The
prcrde Plcft n llttlo after C oclock
for > toritann City Secretary Moody
fade a somewhat extended speech at
Wallace Ida
Four Men Killed and Two O dly
ti Burned In Coal Mine
Pltt burg Pn May 27lour men
were killed and two badly bin tied by
nn explosion of gas In thp pines of
the CRartlera Coal and CdfeifOo at
Vlllo on the Plttsbtint fcnar urs
Youghlogheny railroad Tuesday tI <
mlhc Is but slightly Injured >
Sixty men were at work In the nilwc
nt tho time of the explosion but pe
RII f e Cart th t rdel
bar not been used cmi daYIt
nil escaped except tho six The early
reports were that many men were still j
confined In the mine and would cer l
tnlnly bo burned to death The rescuo J
parties however Hiiccccded In getting
all of the uninjured to tho surface
The cause of the accident was the f
explosion of gas brought about by a
blast on the tunnel where a dip In tho
coal roadway was being removed The
tunnel had not been used for several
days and gas had accumulated In such v
quantity that when the blast was set c
off to break down a facing In order to
fill the dip the explosion resulted
The Condition of Booth Tarklngton Is
Slightly Improved
Indianapolis Ind May 27Tho con
dition of Ilooth Tarklngton tho novel
list who has been very HI at bin fath
ers home at NOt 1100 North Pennsyl
vania street Is fillghtly Improved He
has been regarded as In a very dan
geroug condition and It was necessary
10 haul sand around the home and on
tho street In order to deaden the noiso
of pasidng vehicles and every precau
tion has been taken to4nsuro absolute
quiet Mrs John S Tarklngton his
mother said Tuesday t iMr Tarklug
ton Is much better we think His fe I
ver stilt remains vciy high but we be
lieve that tho danger Is past
Henry S Renard Alias H L Moody
oltd In Pueblo Col
Ptioblo Col May 27 Henry S
lletmrd alias H U Moody who was
under arrest hero on a charge of ob
talnliiB money by false pretenses died
Tuesday of pneumonia aged 70 He
was one of the most noted forgers in
this country and had served sentences
In Illinois and Ohio After conviction
on a charge of forgery In Chicago he
WBH pardoned by President Harrison
In consideration of his honorable rec
ord as an army surgeon during the
civil war
Assistant Secretary of the Treasury
Washington May 25 The appoint
ment of Charles Hallam Keep as as
tlstnnt secretary of the the treasury
to succeed Dillon B Alles who IP
cently resigned to accept the vice
presidency of tho Illggs Notional banl
was announced Sunday at the treasury
department Mr Keep la a resident
of Buffalo N Yt and was graduated
by Harvard University In the collegiate
and law courses He Is 40 years old
Since graduating from Harvard Mr
Keep has been practicing law In the
city of Buffalo y
Pronounced Not Guilty
Camden N J May 27 nobert
Washington the Negro constable
charged with tho murder of Joe God
danl the pugilist vas pronounced not
guilty by n jury Ooddard was shot
by Washington during aflght at a pri
mary election
A Series of Storms
Omaha Neb May 27 Eastern Ne
braska was visited by another series
of storms Monday night and Tuesday
several of which developed Into small
tornadoes One visited Hastings and
blew eeveral buildings to splinter
Attorney Mill r of the IosfUr
I flee Depart icnt Arresletli
A Bribe la Alltel ttf Have Been Ac
cepted In Cwfiectlon with UU
Case of JehJ Ryan Cdi
atjn lnnatl
Washington t 26tosln1astet
General PayneM aday summarily dls
missed Dah iU Miller asslalant at
torney In theJofflJ of the assistant at
torney jseneraljfi tho post offlcd de >
partment for ae flUng abrlbe In con
ncctlpn wtth thlaie of John J Ityah
COol chafgtjxth fraudulent use of
the maIlClA wupnt has been Issued
for Mlllc i tiir
Another warrtv has been Issued for
the arrest of aktan who Is charged
with being the pineror a gobetween
In the tranaactfts1 A post office In
spector has s Jjfcst from Cincinnati
to effect the artwwhleh was expected
to occur arrihICI1Wa Tuesday
Tho bribe is d to have been ac
cepted at Clnft last December
Miller caTqel pom Terre Haute
fnd about twv ft ago He wu
appointed byif Attorney General
James N Typ < he charge against
Miller hwJcJ tJ Investigation
for three mony BJwRyan company
Wall a tnrffTn rij concern which
While the department can not guar
antee Ran dcparltl1lent will put hl
service In turning slales evidence In
the best light before the court Mil
ler had charge of fhe Investigation of
tho Ryan case and prepared the letter
which Acting Assistant Attorney Gen
eral Chrlstlancy stoned This letter
which constituted the decision of tin
department allowed the concern tfr
use the malls and was signed Decem
ber 10 The dccUlon In the Arnold
case which served as a precedent and
whose language It followed was sign
ed by Assistant Attorney General Ty
ner December 4
Indianapolis Ind May 27 Joseph
Johns was arrested Tuesday mornln
In connection with the Ryan bribery
case at Uockylllo and taken at onro
to Terre Haute accompanied by citi
zens who will go on his bond
Barbers Threaten to Strike
Chicago May 2Ilghl thousand
barbers of Chicago will go on strike
If their demands aro refused They
ask that I2 a week and half of all
they make over 18 be paid them that
shop open at 7 a m the year round
and close at 8 p m except on Satur
day when they shall remain open un
til 10 p m and on Sunday when they
close at noon
House Demollshed lhmates Hurt
Wellington KmTT May 27 A torna
do struck the farm of 8 P Itoriim
seven miles from hero Tuesday night
demolishing the house and seriously
Injuring the Inmates Mrs Dorum and
two grown daughter wore carried sev
eral rods by tho wlsd and left uncon
scious on tho ground One of th9
young women Is fatally Injured
Legacy For King Alfonso
Madrid May 274Klng Alfonso haa
Inherited 700000 under the will of his
grandfather King Vranoi The wlI
was opened about a month aco In ar
cordancu with the desire of King Krnn
els that It should not bo read until 12
months after his dcaili
To Investigate Our System
Vienna May 27 The minister of
commerce Is aendl p to tho United
States expertsand o ndals of tae Ails
trian post offlDqHp Ir rrstlgate the Am
erlcan tejczrarbb at 1 telepjoiie sya
lam >
t I i j
inh Id tbf ln < rrn liinnl lulu
tot Mat all lOOIl The I Ue
tlltlillt 5111tll
nomani 8114
1 flier Is therefore no cbnderfmatlun
toihuti which are in Christ Jesui who
Spirit hQilk
i Kortlielawofth SplrltofllfelnaiHt
Jesus hath made the tree ffotn < the law of
sin anil deal h
t For what the law cnull not do Ih that
Jit was weak through lie tlh UodeMdlMg
IIU biVn Sonln the llk ntxS Ot tnM llnh I
and for sin condemned sin Irt tlitifleili
4 That Ilic rlgbteaucnesi of the Iftw tnlllhtI
so fulfilled In Us who talk not utter tho 1
fltsh but Mltr ihRSplHt t
B For thry that wo aflcf live fuh Jo
mind the thlnRx of ihn fiend but they tha
are after the Spirit the things of ile Bplrit 1
fI For Id be carnally minded IA drl1lh 1
but to te iplrltually mlndtd II life lInG
peace t
7 Bccauf the carnal tnlnil la fhmU
asalnit nod lorII la not iiitijrct to the
law of God nellhrr Indtetl cnn be >
t fio then they that arc in the lleth con t
not ol ate Odd J 1 <
9 Dut ye are not In IJiV fifth but in ilic
Spirit If fco lie than ttie Spirit of Uo < l dwell I
in you NOW If any man have notlhe i
Splrlj > f Chrl i bebfnonoof lls J
10 And If Chrl lbe in fou the body U
dead bccatueof lnr but the SpltH IlurllI
bcaUReot rlchtcoulneu I
U Hut If the BfKt of Himltiat nilnxd I
up Jeu from the dead dwell In you He I
that pulsed up Christ from ltie dead hall
alto quicken youM mortal bodies by His
Spirit that dwelleth tnjrou 4
U Therefore brethren we nrc debtor i
not tq heflesh to live after the IltlhI
II Ior If ye llv nfter thelljli ye shall i
die but It ye through thctSpirlt do monlly 1
the deed qt the body ye Khnll live
II For ns raany tatarf led by the Bplrit I
of God they are ihcjapn or Cod
iOUHX Tt xr Par IU inre 1
Ird tiVili l111J or < > inl lirr nr < > che
n of Unit ohlNd I
UomSliyIn I
In the nesh obllrltllom SJ1 I
Hom3ilM6The I
The Spirit of our Helper ttulTI 8l7
TIMKSprlnjrofA D S
PLACK Corfnli
Jaul wag now nbDtitto tlnii fot
Home nnil In ourlesscn we kee wlia
doctrine lie had vritttn to the Uo I
mans uhllc he WDIi Jn Corinth Note
also how well It sets forth the differ
ence between himself and those before
whom he bad been liroftfelittm related I
in the last TIn
The elfjhtb chnptenof JlomniiR Is one I
of the grcnt chnptersof tlipNewfesin
ment and vhlfe ma It perhapsscems 1 j I
technical ubd uilorunfainlirar Terms
it war not KQ at nil to the peopleJt9
vhoni It vaa written nnd tous Pauls
tliouRht is perfectly plain r awl fm
t 1 f I pt kill or tII Inl1l1ene r
lilliJLPt t I
the hrjjTrfr nnluri1
Xo condnnnntlon Such na we of
course desrrvtd ietort the l > fgihainK
of ihp Christian lifp Tlieii Snt are
In Christ Jesus Who liuviaocepted
Hi as their Savlnnr and nrr honestly
trying1 to do as He untild liavc hem
do Law of lie Spirit of life
Iof Rln Say control Inslend of
law The control of the Spirit of
Chrixt lnr ns many tinilerKtnnd it the
Christspirit ulileh Is tin source of
nil Hint is wdrthy the nnnic of life
released me from Hie control of the
lower sinful nature tvliUIi had ruled
before the Christian life bfgnn
What tin Ihw of Moxtt could not
ilo That la lo ave 1IIt1I from Kinn
tins God did do through Jesus Christ
Till law venk llirough the
llesh LmVthe Knoxvlcdjre or n
fitatemrnt of what we nuglit to do Is
poxvrrlepK to nial < cn ilo U It h Iji
efllcltnt wtnk 1 lie cause we are weal
Condemned tin Deposed It
Vincent That the ordinance re
quirement H V inirjrln of tlie law
inl ht be fiilfill < 1 The aim of the
Inw was rlfbl hilt It wns InplTpclunl
to accomplish It It wnll unable to
make mens Hfe rifjht without tourb
Ing their liejirjs while ClirUt mnkpf
mens lives rJcht 1y fii t milking tbrlr
hearts and vtSHls right TVhon that U
done the rifjlit life follows iinturally
Flrsb The lower nature Spirit
Thp hlRlur and bettor nature inspired I
and streiigihened lijr the Spirit of
Tluv that arc after the flwli The
kind of people Jn whom the lower na
ture controls The mind of the flesh
The low sinful life Fnul lias been
spenkinprof Is denth Tlmt ran lie
the only end of Mich n life A life that I
IB constantly Kolnp iloxrn bill moral I
ly and splritunlly as writ as plivshal
lv must soiiictinie reach tlie bottom
the Spirit of Christ lieiii none of Ills
It Is not membership In any church or
belief In any creed nor the performing
of any pnrlirular meritorious act thai
decides whether op not one IK Christ
but pimply whether he fs so filled with
the ClirUtspirit tbat lie js lioidininir
really like Christ TIle hOII isdend
The body IsstilldcathJtnltlen been tise
of sins Uosworlh It wnK Jn ills be
lief tlinl nil phvfileal death wns the di
rect result of the rln of the IInCI tr
of HIP b iimn n rner Spirit is life
llhteouRnps nnillhc vigor nrcl life
r tilt foul po tojVother
Ve are delilnrm Hntbrr wcnre
tnnlfr obllRfttlor 1lIt to ilealli the
deeds of the body That Jslol
doinp the Bflflsli tlilnps HIP fle h In
clines to1I05worl1l TlUll rliows In
rerjfs 1517 that tlip Christlnn is not
whipped Into Hue by Cod like aslavp
but that be is nod child and that his
service Is love service
1nCTICAl StlaQ STI08
There hllo coudeniriaUon to them
that are intChrlst lf us bftaute tliev
han liii l11ohrdlnl I lI
There Is no condemnation to iJiom
that ore inClirlst Jesus becniiEe they
lire trying to live up to the lnv
Thorp Is iio condemnation to them
that are In Christ Jeuis because they
are lod by the Spirit of God
There U nn lonOeninatioii to them
that are In Jhrht Jesus because they
are the clilldrejjyof Cod
Our prijcr may fall liui the God I
of urujtr uiil uot JIaujf Horn 1 1
< r Ji
ci CCc Cic cc cnClIcc Mis
If I tJi
liJo T
V I 4 t
ir J 1 I c U MoHI
The Secret Room Was Invaded By 1
Thieve and Robbed
Oweluloro Ky May 25When Qcn
Don Carlos Ducll the noted union gen
eral died flve years ago In the castle
like mansion that stands at Aldrle Or
tho banks of rJrecn river In Muhlen
berg county a provision was left In his
will that a certnln room In the build
ing should novcr again be opened under I
any circumstances
jfien iluclls remains were taken to
fit 101118 tor burial His nearest kin I
Was a stepdaughter MUs Nannie Mi
son who IR now with the sisters of
Sacred Hoartfl of Loulfivlllc For the
fast five years the mansion with u I
room had been constantly guarded by
Hamscy Briggs
BrlBCa dlecovcrcd Saturday that thnI
hoiipc had been robbed the night be I
lo IndlrntloriB were that the sacrcl
room had nlso been broken open and
no telling what Is missing Briggs
culled in the neighbors but none wouid
dare go Into the nacred room to sec if
everything was nil right A valuable
book on the front veranda and the Dig
broken glass In the front door show A
that the house had been vandalize 1
Brlggs always stays In the rear an
hardly ever opens the front of the
Miss Mason hRS been sent for and
probably will arrive at Aldreo Sunday
night It was never known why Gen
liucll ordeiad that his private room
should iiovcr be entered after bin
It Will Be Controlled By the Groweril
Association This Year I
Lexlnjtoii Ky May 27 TheFe will
bo a drlcgaicd racotlng of tho Ken
lucky Hurley Tobacco Growers asso
elation lnthl city Thursday nqxt be
ginning at 1 qVilpck Tho purpose ot i
the meeting Is lo receive the reportu
of Its aBcntsandtbeTr work arapnjtho
tobacco growerspfstho bilrley dlstrSc
Chairman WYllawk n oq1 n I
ty statc < l Tucsffar tl the < had s
> i
eellnlbtalnl Jtl1e naJrel
rtmifif or vtattanr cUUiny aiir
that they had organized In this county
He also said that the asso61atlon
would now bo able beyond doubt to
control all the burlcy Tobacco of this j
seasons cnpp It I
An Arrest For Arson Near Paintsvllls
x Due to It
Palntsvllle Ky May 2ft1afe Penis
Is the father of pretty 18yearold Mai
vy Harmon Butcher living on nn ad
joining farm fell desptrntoly In love
with Malvy and sought her hand In
marrlagc The Iralo lothcr
I ufe t 11V Alll v AUkllUI lU MIlaUU
the young man who It Is alleged I
awore yenseance upon tho Pouix house
hold Ponls8 barns cow bogs and I
300 bushelH of corn were dcstrdyed by
fire and Penlx swore out a warrant for I
Butcher gharplnR him with the crime I
Butcher was lodged In jail here Mon
day Confessed to Goebel Murder lonj
Lexington Ky May 2GUpon the
voluntary confession of having flrotl
the shot that IdllMI Goy William Goe
bel from a window of the state housR
Harry Anderson nged 41 years was
locked up here Monday night The
prlfoncr has evidently been on a pro
trartod spree and was drunk when ar
rested so that the officials place no
credence In his story
Fire In Richmond Ky
Jtlclnnonil Ky May 2GTwo large
training stables belonging to Dales
McBlraln the stnble of United States
Senator McCrpary and three dwellings
burned Monday Five fine highschool
ed horses just ready for tlie Eastnm
market wer < > bilrncd to death Loss
The Chlnns Lost Their Suit
Lexington Ky May 26Phll T
Chlnn and his wife Elsie F Chlnn
lost their suit against Mrs Bessie L
Ferguson tho former proprietress of
Kingston stud for 1500 The ofI
returned a verdict Monday In favor of
tho defendant
Not Known In Paducah
Paducob Ky May 26A telegram i
from Fort Worth Tox says that Dr
Robert E Carlisle under arrest there
on charge of murder and bigamy has
wives living In Nashville Tenn and
In this city Neither ho nor his alleg
ed wife Is known btre
Elks State Reunion
Lexington Ky May 26The vari
ous committee of the Elks lodge era
making great efforts to perfect plans
of entertaining the visiting delegates
to the state reunion to bo held hvthls
city Juno 1617
Harry Anderson Released
Lexington Ky May 27Chlcl of
Police J J Ileagan Tuesday released I
Harry Anderson who wanted to SUIJ
render Monday saying that 110 ha I 1
Killed Gov Goebel Investigation i I
showed that It was merely a case ofI
drunken vagary I
A Blaze at New Castle
Eminence Ky May 27Tbe two
story brick residence of Mrs Martha
Young In New Castle was destroyed
by tlre The loss Is about 2500 with
Insurance of non on the house nnl
fltl on tho household loodsI
Louisville Women Cleaning Up the
Streets In Front of Their Homet
Louisville Kyj May 2GFor several
hours Monday a number of women
piled brooms and shovels an Bank
street cleaning up the thoroughfare In
front of their homes For some tlmo
lie appropriation made by the city
for cleaning the streets has been sill
ficient only to kttep the principal thor
oughfares In tho heart of town clean
The dirt has been accumulating to
such an extent that tho housewives
last week began making Individual ef
forts to remove lti Sunday many
women living along Bank street be
tween Twentyfirst and Twentythird
decided that there was virtue In organ
ization and met at the home of Mrs
George Jansen It was agreed to maka
a united attack at a Certain hour Man
day morning Consequently a band df
women went to work Monday morn
Ing and remained at tho task until n
space of about two blocks had been
cleaned They contracted with team
sters to haul the dirt away Men in
the various households J were not al
lowed lo participate The movement
bjds fair to spread to other quarters
of I1e city
They Are Believed to Have Peen Kid
aped From Lexington
LexIngton Ky May 2tlt Is be
lieved tho two Children of Joseph Mc
Cann have been kidnaped here They
are mysteriously missing1 having been
left In a buggy on Maid strect by Mrs
B T Hiime Into whoso caro the cir
cult court had assigned them Tho
mother in the wife of Senator J W
Peake oi Chattanooga and the father
la supposed to have gone tqjtho Indian
terrjtbry They separated several
ycafa ago and have been fighting In
ibp courts for the possession of the
hlldrcn for several months
Mothers Plea F en HerSs Iii T tTI
Litnlprf jCyV May 2ti cSfcwfA
Qpten fI1tmUdercr o IIt
GJ hm Ilrrend t tkf
ft 1W t t Vf
f HvPrt K frtier fr > KiTT > jii iSk 0
Monday night 4 > which shi prcaettts ft
pathctlc plea A petition Is being pre
pared for circulation among those who
know OBrien In Memphis for presen
tation to Gov Bockham asking execu
tive clemency
May Name Judge Denton
Frnkfott Ky May 2GThe court
of appeals having decided that Judg >
Cantrjll must vacate tho bench In tha
case of Commonwealth vs Caleb Pow
er in the Scott circuit court rumorJ
have been ereafed as to who the spe
cial judge in the rose will be Somo
have It Judge Willies L Ueeves ot
Todd county and others have It Judgn
Denton of Winchester
IOl Newspaper Sold
Lexington Ky May 27The Ken
tuck Gazette one of tho oldest news
papers wcAt of the Allcghcnlcs pub
lished In this city was sold Tuesday
to Ed S Kinkcad VHio will tako
charge June 23 It was established in
this city nearly CO years ago but sus
pended and was later revived by H
H Gratz who has owned and edited
the paper for 37 years
Fire In LouIsville
Louisville Ky May 51lre In tho
establishment of the Falls City Shirt
Manufacturing Co caused n loss of
40000 The damage to the building
owned by J H Block will bo 20000
The stock of the Carter Dry Goods Co
In the adjoining building was damaged
by smoke and water to the amount of
Hargis Visited Bcckham
FranKfort Ky May 25 Judge Jan
Hnrgls of Breathltt county was hero
Saturday attending tbo meeting of tbo
state central committee of which bo la
a member Ho said he had never op
posed tho sending of soldiers to Jack
son Judge Hargis called on GoY Beck
ham as a matter of courtesy but re
mained only a few minutes
Children Marry
Bowling Green Ky May 27Vor
non Hatcher aged 10 and Lulu Wyly
about the same of Little Muddy went
to Gallatln Tenn Tuesday where they
Tere married The children were ac
companied by Mr and Mrs Sam Keith
The bridal party were hero Tuesday en
route homo
Judge Robblns to Try Powers
Frankfort Ky May 27Juclgo J
K Robbins of Mayflold was Tuesday
morning appointed by Gov Bcckham
as spccIaL Jiidgoof the Scott circuit
court tiry the case of Caleb Powers
for tho third time HoUbjus has been
a circuit judge In his ilhtrljt and la
prominent nt Western Kentucky bar
Another Good Well
Owlngsville Kr May 270no oj
the best strikes of oil yet made In tbo
llagland field Wall In a well drilled b
the Central Oil and Gas Co At a
depth of 300 feet drilling waif stopped
d ollllrosep 1 dcetbq 171 feot 11
12 minutes
No tjjejn Methodist Conference
BowJlnK Green Ky May 27Tl1
Louisville district conference of tho
Northern Methodist church met aft tha
M E church corner Twelfth and Ad
ams streets this City Tuesday morn
Ins aB1 will bo la Eosslou two days

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