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Breathitt County news. (Jackson, Ky.) 190?-19??, September 21, 1906, Image 4

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r I
1 J I tine PILLAR tl
Author of Th Vni TRACYI
Copyright 1801 by Edward J Clodo
Ig O never satis
OMB people arc
fled snKl Pyne while lie
lsrE tho cooKs by smash
lngn ham bone with n ham
mer The bone had been picked clean
JTrTment and marrow on the first day
jI nfter tho wreck but It occurred to
iLtjId that If It were broken up nnd
b > 1ihe might procure some sort of
zir nourishment for the two children who
t i In condltlnn
W J rNC tast4rullnlntdowlI
y WlmPJs tho matter flow Inquired
Coustauce whoso attentive eyes wero
t 1boerlng between the cooklns stove
Pc and n dlstlllluB kettle
F41 All thofloHr and biscuits with the
et jitIbttwo this reserved for ox
fr strlvlBK to concoct cakes of chocolate
eutofic6coR nu article more plentiful
i 0 Huan any other food Of Its kind In
1 Btcck but water could not bo spared
t nnd eating dry powder was dllllcult to
f parcheil palates
There are two tugboats r trawler
nad a Trinity service boat not half a
iMe awfiy said Pyne and the cliffs
nt Jjinds End are peppered with
people Surely that Is satisfactory Dad
told mo that the Falcon signaled this
morning he was to expect a special ef
fort to be made at halt tide on the How
nud not on the ebb as was arranged
yesterday Yes that Is all right so far ns It
COPS Pyne leaned forward with tho
ale of one about to Impart Information
of great value But the extraordinary
thing Is that while every man on board
those vessels Is thinking like steam I
how best to get Into the lighthouse we
nVo most desperately anxious tb get
out of It So you see as I paid before
ome people
Oh dash I cried Enid Ive gone
Mid burnt my finger nil through listen
ing to your nonsense
Are there really many people on the
lifTsT demanded Constance
Pyno pounded the bouo viciously
I go out of my way to Inform you
of a number of Interesting and strictly
tiecurnto facts he protested and one
of you burns her fingers and the other
doubts my word Yet It I called your
HlJeiHlclsm unfeeling Miss Enid would
be angry
I dont know why kettle lids are so
cantankerous said Enid They seem
to get hot long before thewnter docs
I Tho hottest part of any boll Is on
top said Pyne
i Enid smiled forgiveness I bcllevo
you would bo cheerful If you were go
lug to bo electrocuted she said pen
jnlvely Yet goodness knows It lv
4iiimrdthkeep ones spirits ujnthls morn
J iVlUjlHoomo or u < rr ive got norener 7
I Zt5 llerjtotlTf
Mr Pyne Interrupted Constance
1 suddenly do you think that any of
the men can hare gained access to the i
storeroom during the night
ri I cant say for sure ho replied
What has put that Into your mind
Tho purser and I cxnmJned all that
was left this morning and wo both
agreed that some of the things had Ills
appeared It Is very strange
1yno wns not wholly prepared for
this mine being sprung on him so ho
essayed to gain time
It doesnt appeal to me In that light
There was a miscalculation about tho
water WIly hot nbout tho food
Because my father wont through all
the stores personally nnd portioned
Ilem out Some flour nnd tinned meat
Iinve gone I am quite sure of It The
question Is Who cnn have taken them
The flour at least must have attracted
attention If anybody tried to cat It
Did you say nil that to the pur
rer he asked suspending hIS labors
and looking at her steadily
Xo he could not remember exactly
what proportion of the various articles
there ought to bo left
Then take my advice Miss Con
stance and keep on forgetting ho
A quick flush camo Into her pale
i You are not saying that without
good cause she murmured
1 have the best of reasons If the
least hint of such a thing goes round
nmoug the men there will be ructions
jjoilstauce went to the door and
closed It
tXfy Enid she said I believe father l
4 find Mr Pyne have cot som dreadful
Vplan In their minds which they daro t
not fell us aboutI
But the American was not to bo cor t
ncfeiirin such fashion lIe opened the S
door again and went out pausing on l
orJl thcgjresholdto Ray
r V lwouldnt venture to guess wbatt
might bDTtrbubHnij Mr Brand but youp
I can take It from wo that what ho saysn
pooa Talk nbout grasping a nettle IJ
llruilyl I believe your father would
> >
a grab n scorpion by tho tall It he felt
i L that And wayW with tills cryptic utterance heD
I quitted them In tending to warn Branda
gLa1iI1rstopportunity that the tlmoa
> ffwan ht hand when he must harden liiT
rhcirt and take the decisive step ofo
gutUiiT off communication between the
servJca room nnd the remainder cf thet
1uuilbIgThIa ould be done easily Theo
flange of the uppermost Iron staircase I u
below A few minutes labor would rari
moo tho screws The steps could hoth
lifted bodily Into the service room andI
there utilized to seal tho well I 4
What a howling menagerie willst
break loose hero when they find outIt
thought Pyne Its a hard thing toW
open Quito a stack of folks will needLu
to IK > pitched outsiden
A comforting roflactlon truly yet hisIu
taco boro no token thereof as he Join ev
ed the lighthouse keeper and severalth
of tho Chinooks officers and men ontb
the IJorytb
IJiwJ1l1 ha1 Rblttl t o tho
north and the siiac
of polntsW tlid Ir
I apart frmaflhp reef Was running In mi LtI
heavy uubhteen swell That was the
tantalising part of it Any ordinary d
11ive i
llvo Id perfect safety in tboopou I
Hut the Iron toothed rw > f with It 4
tortuous channels and battling iurrcnts t
changing wltli every stage of the th1eI
surrounded the pillar with an nppar
ently impassable barrier while tint
lighthouse Itself offered as frowning aI
front as any of time black rocks whlllII
roared their Weed covered crests atI
low water I
Signals were being exchanged be
tween tho gallery and the Trinity tend I
cr Brand seemed to be very ifmphnlicj
In his answers to the communications 1
made to him by Stanhope
Xo no ho muttered aloud while j
the anxious man near him wondered
why he was so ImpatientI 1 I
It Is utterly Impossible he said
should atoll him It means certain loss
of life
lifeAt last becoming aware thnt his
companion could not understand what
was goitigon he turned to them with
passionate explanation
That bravo fellow Stanhopo nays
that with two others at the oars ho
Intends to row nenrenough to tlie rock
at half ood to endeavor to spring on
to tins ladder I cannot persuade him
that no mnn has over yet succeeded In
such n mnd project Look below nnd
see how each ware climbs nround
eighteen or twenty feet of tho base
The thing Is wildly Impracticable lIe
will bo swept off and smashed to pieces
before our eyes even If the boat es
capes If tho boat can como near enough
for that purpose couldnt wo heave a
line aboard her asked ono of the
ships officers
We can try I shall signal them to
that effect Anything Is better than to
sanction an attempt which Is foredoom
dcattfiof tbo man will tries It 4
Tlicrcupou more energetic flag wav i
lug took place Finally Brand desisted
In sheer exasperation
II cannot convince him bo Ee11
lIe has made up his mlnil Maytibo
Lord preserve him from tt peril which
I consider to bo nnnortnl onel
Has bo put forward any theory rf
asked Pyne He wns doing n lot of
llevcs that a strong boat rowed toJbo
vverge of the broken water might toMIoI
her opportunity nnd dart In close to ti ie
ladder on the back wash of obI way c I
allowing Its successor to lift her high
enough for nn active mnn to Jump on
to the rungs Tbojowers must pull for
their lives the Instant tho WOo breaks
and leave him clbiSlng to the ladder i itSj
best he can Thero Is moro chance of
success in that way bo thinks than In
trying to make fast a line thrown by
ns even If It fell over the boat It Isa
nil n question of time he argues and I
have failed to convince him that a Jt
oniy ho but lila companions frill be
lost Is there no chance Inquired Ii boI
second officer
Look below repeated Brand hope
Ics ly and indeed when they obeyed
him craning their necks over tiiomv 11I
to examine the seething caldron from
which the granite tower tapered up to 4
tietacf keeper deplored H Htnnhope de
cision without good jeifepn 4
They understood matters n little bet
ter perhaps when one by one they re
ciitcm tho lantern tho Falcon having
flitted away to make her final prepara
tlons Brand asked thcmjiot to mith 0
known the nature of the pending under I
If I thought It would do anY good to
the suffering people I woUld fcladjy
seo them enlivened by the news Ii Ieof
snill I cones however I y lfvci
nothing but disastrous fallnre i7nd
gentlemen Lieutenant Stanhope Is
practically engaged fo be married to i
0110 of my daughters
What was to bo said They quitted
him In tho silence that was the dom
Inant note of their lives Just then
Pyuo alone remained IIo wondered
Why one man should ho called an to
cnduro HO much
Though each of those present on tile i
gallery was loyal to Brands sorrowful
request It was Impossible to provSRC
others from seeing that something of
exceptional interest was In progress
allont and on the rqck I
Ulrnnd did not know thnt tlio officials
3f tho Trinity house had only ngreod
to help Stnuhopea hazardous project
under compulslou VTho sailor inform
ed them that be was determined tb 1
carry gut his schema with or without
Uclr sslstnnce So when the Falcon
the tender and n strong tug hired by I
Mr Trail rounded the distant Corn du
icndland at 11 oclock the lighthouse
keeper felt that further protest was
unavailing It behooved him to take
ill possible measures to help tlio men
who were about to dnrb so much tot
help him
In the first place he caused a ropet
to ho swung Prom the gallery to thot
doorway If nny doubt were enter
tnlned ns to the grave risk attending a
Stanhopes enterprise It was promptly t
dispelled by the extreme diltlciilty itieta
with In accomplishing this comnlnrat
lively simple task Even a heavyw
plcco of wood slung to the end of the
ninety odd feet of cord necessary dliiIt
not prevent tho wind from lashing the
weighted end In furious plunges seas
ward At last a sailor caught the f
swinging block with a boat hook fliev
man would have been carried away by 10
climbing wave hud not his mates th
perceived his danger anti held himin
Then two life buoy wero attached tom
other ropes In case thero might be
omo Blight chance of using them TheI
tacklo which the unfortunate captain ch
utilized to construct safety Hues in tho
Ibo entrance way Loops were fastenri
six of tho strong llt
he chance of being
swept through tho kn
loor to instant deathIts
Meanwhile the three vessels had tho
itcamed closo to the mooring buoy hie
full view of the kitchen window Cotiof
itance gave them a casual glauco Bero
ug versed In tho ways of tho son shew
ustanUy discovered thnt somo unusual w
ivent was astirop
She called her sisters attention tore
maneuvers steamers One tho
TllQJJl2 IowerInJ 4X
Inru she nnuouucotl titter tlIllpU1
watched tho proceortlngs for n Nttla
wlillo with rowIng cxtrloilty At tlui
aistantv nonrly 000 ynrds It was dIf
flettlt to discern exactly what was tal
lug place
Xo boat cnn live It It comes noar
tho toOk cried Enid And then a Wikr
thought brought her Heart to her
UouthOh Connie she cried Itt n j udilen
nccess of terror I fool mire thnt Jack
Is doing Romething despomto to wivo
us Dad knows They nil know but
they would not tell in That Is why
Mr ryne has not been near us for
cjIf cannot be Xo ono would permit
It Father would never give his ranc
tlon Enid my dear one why do you
ny such things You frighten me
But Coustaucos lips were bloodless
Il1ut her eyes dilated with tho fear
which she too would fain deny
They weroporched so high above the
cn that the danclnfr hillocks of green
water could not wholly obscuro tho
stoutly built craft which bobbed Into
startling promlnenco round tho stem
of tho tender
It Isl It Isl shrieked Enid Look
Connie There Is Jack kneeling In tho
bow Oh dear Oh dear In bo mad
Why dont they stop him I cannot
bear to look Connie tell me shall I
ice him drowned before my oyes
Tlo girl Was dlfitruuglit and her sis
ter was in llttlo better plight Vathi
Mnated speechless clinging to each
other like panic stricken children thu 3C
followed the leaping boat with the
glassy staro of those who gazo open
eyed at remqrselew death
They scarce understood wttatwas ti 0
VflnJ m
As the boat a strong 4O yaft yet such
a mere speck of stanch lIfe In tho tllln
bllug seas was steadily impelleil near
ahead of tho
Ir they saw tho tulf iurclinhati 0n
other vessels nntlTn line was thrown
artJicaught by Stanhope who Instant
jyffastonod JtyTound his waist Thfl
rowers wore cork Jackets but ho was
quite unprotected Bareheaded wit b
His well kWt limbs shielded only by n
Jersey loose fitting trouscra nnd < ciiitr
v 1 s shoes ho had decllnM tp hampei
lis freedom of movement MH > II Ie
njolle who mgh11Jc rlffia
that dreitdft l sea JIIW
The girls oven In their dumb ngouyj
a1er dully conscious of a scurry It
10teehlP and down the stni WlUit lU I
It matter They 111111 Ijfll to ng It
0sne the advancing boat now deep Inc
tho trough 0111 wavfr now pbrcte ti
precarlottsly on a lofty rest Shoe d1
tlio n > wera ere Dey triifled jAJll y
rtotbe Uwtriictloiisjveu bt the wut
itS01lth who peered so boWly Jnto Ihg
j wilderness ahead ftc Jylifg foam
otalll1 high tossed spray Ira IS to Ui fJ1
InlIghtbouso the semblance o albruntcly
IYlIUn and lowering Its huge frame
amid tlf furloustoireuts that ouch
ciell H Korvps ef Au strong hearts
tnllIl true were lided by thoso wlio
boW011111 voluntarll enter that wutory
IIIC rllot
I Yet tho men A the oars did not alter
I iinor
I evenly lutdiLIit wllhjhe short deep
11SI1I1Icn trfe utIDI9 IMlelznaQ flu 11
I Stanhope Jew t1rnrUIlY welO IhUCl8t
111Intl1u htUX whoro rUm waves lost
tohClr lfh ularlty produced n paddlo
itorqiA1 1ltwIsUl1e boatha4t u
Comloe jyituraand swirl
StcnltlfinMflfo iKiwcrful tugboat crept
I In thn q ot the smaller craft lintll
It becnuiolvlcpr t < 2tlt > girls strained
vision tbatt dtglifpl helpers lpslicti In
1the vessels DMTX wqro unuliulalng
0llIIolIllr ropp ii fit drag thus helping
the sailors cff < jr to prevent their frail
argosy fronT bc iig swamped by z 1
0breaking sea
yrhell a miracle dill IinnnitTi n mlrnplrt
of c < lcnco When ho bait wns yet
200 yards away Ufindjvlooklng put
from the gallery in sfonyilespalr sud
denly behaved nsjpue nosStsscd of n
fiend rf
Follow mel hi roared tit Comne
every maul 11
lib rushed Into the lanterni A li1 I
wanted wings ratherjthau Hint 0
swung himself by hls bnuds to I I
I1I00r of tho service rooiit f
llalvajilzcd Into nctlvltya tboso jvho
were with him on the leilatfniced after
11lm They know not witia4 hx
pciied Their leader hud spokon nu4
they obojtd
Down down they pelted taking tbu
stelll staiN with lirtlahnocfcI41 umi
til they reached the oil room with Its
thousands of gallons stored linT great
tanks w
UlI empty tins stood there awaiting
the next vIsUTof the tender and Brand 0
wrenched the cover off the nearest cis
tern He scooped up n tlnful of tho
el I
Crjilg nil you can carry he tthout
cd and was off agafii with un energy
that was womlcrfullu n man who had
endured the prlvatloniand hanlvhlpa
of so many hours
They understood WhyTind none of
them thought of it oirller Jn Its cold
jranlto depths tho llghthoumj carried
hut which had tile power to suliUuo
Iho roaring fury of the reef
Tho first man to reach the gallery
after Brand was Pyne who chanced
to bo nearest to him when the hubbub
arose lie found the oilier man thug
lug handful of thuoll as far to wind
ward ns the thick fluid would travel
out It must bo scattered
So the colza fell In lIttle patches of
smooth tranquillity Into the whlto void
beneath and before StauhojM had
piloted his boat half the remaining dis
tance tho wave currents surging about
the rocks ceased to toss their yellow
mono pd high and the high pitched
masses of fontri vanished completely
Tho seanicnTliftloiied tho cutraneo
Wero nstonlsli < d by the rapidity of tiio
change III less than a minute they
found they were no longer blinded by
e spindrift cast by each upward rush
right Into the Interior of the light
uouso rite two nearest to tho door
looked out hi wonderment What devil t
Incut was the reef hatching now that ia
claws should relax their clutch on a
e pillar and Its icy spray bo with f
held V
ldiEach J
Each wave ns it struck to westward
the column divided itself into two i
roaring streams which met exactlyb
whcro the irpu rungs ran down ho b
wall There was n mighty clnsh of tho t
opposing forces and a further upward l
rearing of shattered torrents beforeh
tborounltel1 mass fell away to glvo h
Full twenty foot of tho graulto layers <
tl thus ublUol ell llitll cxpo
wnonaver II vttt cuinoar 111OIUII ueul
oror tho reef
But thoso straight forward nttnctts
wore spasm < nll4Oftoii the eddies ore
fitod by thajocks came tnDlblillif poll
melf f rom tDo WirtJj Soito < lnio they
wouTil coiubliR5vAhitho TOwtulntf tide
ana thou i1t J1 to cling
touaclonsly la II1 6 sidtOtiihio lIght
IlohiSt until tln e4t height
sivuluuiliug tkt tti l1UlI 11IOllplUt
buck wllhn t ifltdrrCldl There
irerjttiuuib34 v1itIt nor1lteriahIy iII
11nfffihto IIJCI Uh its rtvil IbbU It
teaii4I J1tO ll Crtalll1 by tho
rcco lllirG i I nil IILlOnt the Il1ht
110118e vuLOi n Ifl iviiIrlpul Il1htI
StnnhopoN itt Was to rush the boatI
when 1Il1ft tluso coniparatlvely
In whe jine o llJlljInnltlcl
less daiigefous tpportunltles offered
He would uprltig for tin ladder run up
If possible but Jt cniiKbt by n vault
Ing bnuker lock hjniself with bauds
nnd feet on tltV TOU rungs null en
iiunxf to vllliJlnml the stifling em
brace of the ouihmltig sea Ho was
sllre ho could hJ ut against tIuat4fn
rioiia uisluhiglJrIco41t lent jut wI
an cXll tiFr land diver and ho
believed that uglni ilmpetllktf 1
llm fnrv > oftl1ii plm linil th < rrvilll
site Ktrcnl SIll mugs nllll sInews to
resist ono IMUMrtuore of those watery
nvnhiuchw j v
ThiT rope nrou id ills Wrilst was hold
from riio tug iVo luistant lie ninde his
leap the men ulh him were to back
water the crew it tlic drag to haul for f
nil they wcro Jr1h and consequently
pull thin boat tloar oJt tho next wave
ere It broke Tlwt Is why ho selected I
n Jmndy craft In phvo of hit lifeboat
ottered to him ny aonu ns his resolve
was wlilcpcVodutishorc It was on ra
pidity quick Jinlgnicnt tlic utilisation
of secoiijs that he depeivled The un
hwJolllly bulk ofJtlio lifeboat not only
detracted from these nil important con
stl1lnt1l > US tiuit t 11111110 It Inure than
probable that riit would hit apslzcd or
ttouch the recto
Ifbr thcsnme reason Un lulled hla np I
proach oti the rWiK tide 11 cigihl
venture uearej Ui the HghthoUHe Itself I
nnd thi boat cotild bo rowol nuU drag
god more speedily Into nafoy vith
hilL too Avere nice who knew every I
Inch of the Gulf flock lIe knew ho
could trust them t > the end
rlthVUSh ho had mapped out his pro
I gnunmitc the last doluH Branr Jn
Miratloulu usliiff tboVll creatod a
frush tutu hItcr1tunforeseciF t or fl
dltlous t
Vouutaliious rliIgi3 still dailcod foil
I tasHenlty up nud down thc fiiuwth 1
granito slopes but they no linger
i bfjbke nml > It Is broken water IIIUJBJI
I JUoUlI hietir ng seas that nn iicU
hOlt uiiuit tear f
I Whit tile IiitIuii ot lI bjti sailor
rpailyxt Pclzc iujv ndvantnco Klvcit t i
Iiumaii ciiviuy > or angry ocean Stall
hope decided tut the very Jaws of dp
porlunlty to abandon his orlgliul Ice
sIgn totally dud shout to the 3nQu ho
saw standing In the cntnmce tiThesivp
him a SJC Irt1 lllM liavu hlrettrruw
the t1uinFer or the juuiip no guam
r101lJl1 to cnduntjlio fierce etnissi
which might cnjue before ho readied
those wafting liliads Ho thought lie
1 would have hiI t < ward In the lent joy
j of the figljt lit rllTflnl salvation to
nll1ftut1 tri 1t11lltr In 1WC11JF her
swj1iicu Igt otter these days mid
nights lr jitks j
But Uio i11utftuiut neeil tntQ1i
t1bg AtwonUjmry1 nnd to ulnfi
iithLeJiitpitivhiiiii iltnhhIhtoU
vhMI III liItulIetl ojfirln torturi
IIhouri 1ltllelI1 11w l rfl1ge ot lie pnl
I con QI the iyinh tQlqer TIIlule I l1u I
I siblfftb rjfrtli lui r IIIth1 vicinity
of tho wk tlju IjthJit dnrcil Ig li sfitc
Therefore ho Uict It was ndvl tble to
ndopt the n rtnp mcaiiH of commuul
cation of the thrown ropo In preference
to the uiiccrtuluryorhls own power f r
rcichi IIntl dim tor IIRr
rllnrtlnt out h4 IWnrll1 be Ino
Mouodio the nnj lttvtfiB1gritioii to
110 teihv to 1111 uilf The wiuiul I
fa tho chief trouble now but lie must
chance that T >
ait IIUIllIlI lit r lIl1 over n s
ehouitttraa n nio1trous wuvb prahcod
over 1rg reotii uuuveiopklihlia cohi
uTh lfI t Iiih01S 4
t1ye out his crewV
Up went the lnWt on the crest and a
fOnrsome cavcru Rpreiid beforo his
cYcic rtivvalliiR 114 seaweed tliqjl lung
tofho lowest tier of nmsonryJInfUio I
tame Justant lie cuttiglit ntlll II
iiltiysp ui n JUMJi liiil7iv riP1g lirk I
ronWf jiqjrofks cal tho iiorUi
Down 11k tho bat jlifTl tim door of
flit lighthouse 8Xined to bo nu awful
llstfincc away Flic rose again > nd
Stanliopo stood upright his knws
wedged against 1e wooden ribs Ono
piercing glalice In front itiul another to
the right fhovpd that the antagonism
of the two volumes of water pave tho
expected lull 3
tPull f
Tlfie boat shot tfitwnrd Once tlc
three tlmcH the oars dipped with pro
dLsIpflT11ede rowers who went with
37io rope uJiJrriu through the IItrI
their backs turmyi to what might bo
Instant death wartbravc and stanch I
liS he who iooketl1i unlIiucIiIugly In the I
ace j
HeavoU roaral > Stnnhope to tho I
white vlsiiged Keind olllccr standing
In the doorway fntvubovo blm i
The rope whirred tlirougU the air tho
bt rose sllll ii4hie meet it and
tho coil struck Stanhope In the audJ
Mashing him snag lr la thojflnal spite
1111Sbing baffled gasa which puny man
Christian Never was charity UOT taken wlth r such
fI JjJtictie Irlp nnll tho ORlIenJ
t a
tot knowing what Imil hnppeliwt bent
flgmtist th loimh hustles Tho tugs
fujlora at tlio ling tlwnpli the cnginis
irludlug at halt speed wore keeping
Ulnni grandly nimlnst UK race not
more than ICO yards itt thin rear failed
for AH lustmittD undi > mtitnd AvlwJ wall
going on nut their rnptuln had Seen I
the est and Lvud Its niKiillicanro J
ot thiahVr and to cheer them oiiujlJj
wl other wor u which Bluiwwl tblIIO
TUS in landsman
PliUiUopo deftly knotted tho light
IIDIIW line to the limp thOu off his
Ilhlll t lie cast the Jolnod cords orllr
tfhrtnk Cod ho said hlfd he lopkotl i
tit > at tho groat pillar nlrondy growing
ltus 10 Ihltltlstll
Now fniiiftlic kltphon owing to its
hrlgbt tiboyo sol lovnl and the tlttcK
1Itt uf the wall pierced by till win
dow ns soon ns the bout came within
fifty yards or so of the llghthouse the
girls could BOO It no longer
VheyVllydropppd out of Bight for tjju
last tlmo CO utniee could not endure
tho stniln Though her dry tpngiio I
Tlfckwl in her mouth she forced a de
spairing I
Enltl she screamed lean out
Ihrpugh the window It Is your place I
I cannot Indeed I cannot He will i
be killed Qh save him kind Provl
deuce and takolny life In hU utcadl
Constance lifted the frenzied girl In
her strong arms This was no moment
for pulltig four
If I loved a man shp cried anti
he werw about to die for my wake I I
phould count it a glory to scq him die
Tho brave words gave Enid some
measure of coniprebenilon YCS that
wts It Sho would watch her hjvor
whilejlio faceil tI alb even though her
lit iirt slopped beating when the end
niuie I
niuieIlclpotl by her stater site oixsnc l tlio I
wlndoyand Ihntst Itor jjad out To
her hqlf dif pd bmln IIJthe fy iif
scIousnM that tho sea fadfciost US
veiioiii She saw the Iwat come on
pause leap fonvnnl tho rope thrown
ajul tllU knquiinlo
As the boat related she caught
tnllliollls Joyous Blitjico lIe flaw hoc
iAwaveti 11tll htLhL olllethlnl lie
s cLuiseI the twqj4yersfor Ito ilrst I
u t ito gtO duO 1b1t giiu Iek
wpra for they wcro now Kciuldlug rap
IdljrJhwny from the llniiRi zone Hho
know uoiui tho inuuugcd to s 4n4 n
frunlljjj recognition to nil three
TIiei rtln an almost ovcrpowerindtrc
ietl < nHln > drew back from tholwln I
Mow earl tears of illvlndrcllef 8trenrued
from her eyes jfr
i Constnneett she irobbcd ho bilk
saved tsl Lo < iH OUt You will BOO him
I cannoti
Yet nil tremulous fluid breathless
she bniithetl awny the tfcirs nnd strove
to distinguish the boat one more It
nppeanxl n vaguo bldt In the mULJImtf
ol1shrouIII her
Connlo she sajil R2aln toll Tin
that all III tUtU i P
tICf Mear Indeed ndeed he I 1
Aud iliyou know who crfhte wllli
ulm 1 savSUhekr fncMrHwi Poltanl
dUll Jim ijpeuvelfl tho Dabty los It
Jit try u4IJq g Inlll it with
nuivrliey hi4 iiuWRh lIc1 wOteO
flll lw rosctuxl 1 bft aQWII doing
could thank him m iuy knees for the j
rust of riiy llfu x
Cto jut cokrororo1 JlJ
j I i
TlItiVKXAS O 111mI
111mCttlcs qnd I
Itlicumntic troubles Sold by ilndj
Klrjijffjists or two months t rent V man t
uY nilor 100 JrF v H j
II 11SOUO Olivo street St LonU
Mo Sowl for Kentucky testiik
ImoninlF v 22li
L oati Wclimlejro 5tVorlA
Noah Webster froth first to lost
pent seventeen ypar on hU Diction
ry or the lItgllis 1 Ii iUe
fr J
Onnd for me ctuwit itMiu vej ihj >
cIdJ cause uf the cttigI lVp
IutJof Kennedys Laxative Ilpnoj
IlIeI firtIle nrlglpul InxitUe c iijilr
yrup Cuninins no opiates Sold by
flkflflPrie h
i U
i2 41
Y If You I I
Y llow
The trouble is your livers
sick One of its products
bile is overflowing into I I
your blood
You cant digest your food
your appetite is poor you
suffer dreadfully from head
ache stomach ache dizzi I
ness malaria constipation
etc What you need is not a
dose of salts cathartic water
or pillsbut a liver tonic
BIackDraughtThIs I i
This great medicine acts gently on
the Sick liver It purifies the bloodI
renews the appetite feeds the nerves i
clears the brain sad cures const
It Is a true medicine for sick liver
and kidneys and regulates all tha
digestive functions Try It
At all dealers In medicines In
25c packages
Mores the Bowels
I SUJmmlt Tiain TA 1111
j jjDJ OrIY SKPT 0 1000
NO 1 NO 11
D lily Daily
I J inn
I Lv lackson 0 tu 2 ili I
O A K Junction 5 15 iZ auI
Kllintnwn IJ JO 2 3It
Athol 15 JO 2
pIuuI1eguu j HI tJ ii II
p St Helens 0 51 a I I
Hetitty villa Janet 7 07 a 2U
Torrent 7 JO J 12
NntuIIUhit1 15 l Ji5
CiuiipfonJtet 7lio i liT
Stunton 4 8 J5 1 i3
cmx Cit S f5 4 at
Indian Fields 8 12 t lit
LKJunot S liB li oa
WindhesTcr n 10 is 20
oAr Lexington n MLO
p2 Not
Dailv DaIly
i Lv Lexington 2 25 7 m
Winchester J J 10 8 12
It K Juticf a 25 8 21
Indian Fields ato 8 12
Clay Oily TOO 0 00
Stnnton 4 10 J OS
Campion Jnnct 4 40 n H
Natural Hriilgo 4 45 9 JO
Torrent 1 f 7 i 9 rm
HcnttyvilloiFunotS J8 10 11
St Helens K 27 li
Athol 5tjiL 1040
OakdaTo 5 > 0J iois
Kljfntmvijf 002 H 05
O 1 et GO 11 10
AI1jlon cQ 11 HII
4L 1 E JfJNCTlQS J1 nUlls Nos
1 2 and 1 will make connections
with C O Hor Mt Sterling
rains connect with Mountain Cen
tralnilwnv for Pine KUlgo and
Gampton V
Trains sS 3 and 1 connect with
L A 114for Itantlyvillu
r IJ lONTniiiw No
a and 1 vyD 1 the Ohio Kentucky
Mountain Central
Depart Arrive
o 80 n m Pine Hi Jjro 11 05 it m
lao pm Pino Kidsto 0 00 p III
8 OOjj m Oi j > jion Jun 10 Ofl a in
1 OQpin CVmjitoi Juii 1 ILl P III
Motto runrwation with nil I <
IS pns oti or trains
O K Railway
Effective Max 21nd IPOC t
Cut Hound VestIlouna I
rv HeIlUrylnJlloction 12 M 4 15
tr lIt1lltnllll Ji
> M X > i
kfrjientiyvhile ex
lv Irvfnp 2 < > 7 40
r A lUchmnnd 8 Ii 6 1
Ar Vnlley View 4 12 0 07
iiciiorasvuiie 4 85 15 82 I
t8lll1hi C 20 10 Iiir
4 I AMf
Lv Vernnllles VA 2 CO jtfW 1
S Nlcholnsvillo 2 15 I 45
5 Valley View II 01 0 07
Lv nichmond 345 0 SO
5 Irvine 1 Ui 10 10J
Ar llenttyrllle 0 JR 12 20
Lv Heiittyvllle 8 60
Ar Henttyvillu Junction 4 20 12 2011
ML Smith Q F A I A Ver alllei Ky
r Best for Children
> l LV rv tV Ill AR TM AR
710 v 106 Gunnel Oily 1240 BV
733 122 lleleclinxvn Uso 4l
824 llrllnmptun 1202 4111
837 JI WIVrtlmm
8M 2 w frozen hlrl2 33S
0iO 100KJulloJll6 810
030 285 Jnokson nJ5 30ol
NoMJond 22 will make close con
nieuoaht Of K Junction with Nos
Vld4 tar Pint on the Lexington A
KnutLrn Hallway
Uouisville Atlantic Ry
It iv1
Schedule Jeffect JYilr 15 1000
1000I I
jt pit
to atc
Shortest nml host Hauto 1orcd1l
LoninVillo 1I11ilIulln Lexi lon
torJt o us
I oWest
and Mo e
Two lUst twins ilnily ruitfVm
through solid from Unnvilje to 5t
I jimm without cluuiiri with con
mutiiitf earn from Loxinjtou us
Leave Ieiiigton515 a in
hcuva Danville 6510 n in
Leave Louisville OQQHStni
A rive St Loins UMLjiijnr
Vcstibulcil Coaches antIcQiier t
vution Cafe Cur on abovb trains
Icto 1xitlgtonvi5O0 1 IUc
LCIO IaiiUlc zfi 15 la in
lcmo ouis11o l1i trIh III
Arrive ht I oiua < r7tsii 1
Pullman Sleeper Hiid J reelC J
cliniiiK Chair Car on above trains
I t dire5t liil f luuIttsIuHsg l
Allllntn XnttscviIlcIfiitrkthn
lloridn Rnil I thllIstcrl
1ointsu incluu1intsiievlle tl c
and tho lcuutifulLantl of the
Sky and Sapphire country 4
Surttl 2c stamp for Land of tjitf iij I
Sky booklet nnd other illustrated
HtQrnturp For tickets 1 Pullman reserva
tions and full information cull on
or address 1t
T V Logan T P A IjM
MiuuJ3trcet Ltixinjrtnn Ky
IVlssr Ajjl aa1 Fourth Avenue
LouisvilleOHALLHN A 0 P A
St Louis Mo
ana Southwest
FIRST AND IHI3D iiirioAYt or
For IDInusWo u11WH AdJnt
Ill E Min t Lellntoa Ky
W A OAlUU1T Orneral Mans1st
Clnclallall 0
Denver Colorado
Springs and Feu bio
> > r and Return I I
from Louisville
Henderson lion to
Oorrcsi > ondin < lv low rateslfeillj to
> tHcri uiiJiiicr resorts W
AHk ffitvinfotiriatloni
4 fN
f H GATJf1AiW1grnrclil1J 1t
liissenger Agent I
IJ J lJtWINIGcnqrnl P1ken fi ti e
Agent t q fiJ i
LOtJJHlILT E Icy lti
a 1
BAKER c t r j f
i Mado for more than n quarter of n t fury Thij rnut slmplo
durable and economical Have IK c > njl All wcirin surlu
enclosed and f reef ruin ustnlwLJr
A coldrolled stationary st < d spindle on which all our hllliIJ J
revolve renuiriiig No Babbitting IS A JKATUUK J
Fagtcnliig the sails without rivets or bolts nnd the use of 1
48 5allilin wheel IS A FKATUUK
A smooth running Chilled eccentric driving tlio actual
A chilled ballboaring turntable anti selfregulating device IS A FEATURE
Inc imranlp e Uc Alio niukv a toil linn of Twwvr Til Uu IuiMpa All our tfutxti rant with theui auntt
THE HEUERAUUEF co Mupotoon Ohio u s A I
Red Clover Blossom on Ererr Gottlo
1 i
Hiitly all other cou2h cures are eonuipaCai psclally tboia eor44lnins OphlM Keaoeiifi LawUve Honey and Tar moves the bowels contains no Oplatta

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