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7cT i 0
Scrap Rook
Not In the Army After All
A Methodist negro cxhorler shouted
ob do
Como up cu Jlno do army
LohdlI done Jlncd replied one of the
congregation Whnrd yoh JlnoT asked the ex
liortcrIn do Bnptls chucb
Why chile yoh nlut In the army I
Voha In do navy
God help the boy who never BOOB
The butterflies the birds the bees
Nor hears the music of the breezo
When zephyr soft are blowing
Who cannot In sweet comfort Ue
Where clover blooms are thick anti
And hear the gentle murmur nigh
Of brooklets softly flowing 1
God help the boy who does not know
Where nil the woodland berries grow
Who never sees the forests glow
When leaves are red nnd yellow
Whose childish feet can never stray
For auch a hapless boy I say
When nature does her charms display
God help the little fellow I
Nixon Waterman
TheSun a Foreigner
Suuwt Coxs most successful sallj
nt his opponents In congress was his
resolutions against free sunshine made
whenJhcro was n fight on against low
ering tho duty on coal
Ilcsolvcd That nil windows cky
lights Inside anti outside shutttrs cur
tnlna and blinds shall bo permanently
cloned as also all openings holes
chinks clefts and fissures through
which the light fliRt heat of the sun
have been allowed to enter houses to
the prejudice and Injury of merkorlouf
miners nnd dealers In gas coal to pro
tect domestic Industry
Tor tho sun is a foreigner 4 ex
plained Mr Cox lIe comes jfrou l
abroad and we must shut out thellghl t
or tho sun In order to gratify these
1ennsylrnnla gentlemen who havo a
monopoly of this article of coal
His Secret
You ought not to work such long
hours Surely your boss can get nlon
without you part of the time
Sure ho can but I dont wnnt him
to find I tout 3
The Pot and thertCettle
A portly German of obvious Hebraic
nncestry boardid TJroadway car Hi
handed the coSductor a ruddy faced
Irishman a transfer not good An that
particular llne Tho Inevitable wrangle
followedjn which much vehement Ian
d f iguage found expression colored with n
strong Hibernian flavor ind nn un
mistakable Teutonic accont
At lei tho fat German rose but
before iiellcft tho car shook his fist lii
the conductors face and exclaimed
with profound contempt You You
ore no Aiherrlcau cltlsscnt You have
not yet lost jour brocqueJ Uppln
> Alls Fair In Love and War j
A soldier belonging ton brigade L
4 command of a general who believed
n celibate army askedpermlssionlp
marry ns he had two good conduM
badges nnd money In the savings banlr
Well gp5nway said the general L
nnd If you como hack to mo o ycrtr
from today In the same frame of mlnjl
jbu shall marry Ill keep tho vn
rOn the anniversary the soldier rc
plated his request
fUnt do you really after a year
waul to marry Inquired the general
IiI n surprised tone f
Yes sir very much
Sergeant major take his name
i believed thero ivan so much constancy
In man or woman IllgTit face jiHck
J inarchi4ts 4
As the man left the room turning
his head lunfnld Tliank you sir but
It Isnt the same woman Toadies
Home Journal 0 I
l What en Amendment May Do
Snob an amendment said Senator
Tlllman during n debate would de
ntmy the bills meaning as the mean
5lug of the epitaph on old Jfthn I
TJUiail8 tombstone was destroyed ifhe i
nllclIthat was tacked to Johns
rpltaph coiwIsteuMf oo J011II81
friend It was put oitoi Jbe deajl > f
night The epitaph before fUat read
c He did his bat
Na Need for Pensions
t A traveler In the orient who was
picking up material for a book asked a
piubn Is tho civil service like our Z
1 An there retiring allowances and pen
II MniMy
My Illustrious friend replied the
I pasha Allah Is great and the public I
functionary who stands In ncwl of n
fcrlltlrlng allowance when his term of
4 orI
j VolUce expires Is n foolW
c I
f Fox Hunting In a Greenhouse
Tho only fox hunting I have over
I J tolle was on boanl an Impetuous tough
I I ijiouthod fore and aft horse that had
I 4 emotional Insanity As I was away
from home and could not reach my
1 j 4 own liorse I was obliged to mount n
t i i hips one white eye and n big red liDs
tril tyat jpn could set a Shanghai hen
III TisUjliorBe ns soon ns thepack
e w24rok Into a full crj < climbed over n
a4Afeiiie thai had wrought Iron briers on
1 It lIt Iii a cornfield 1llUbtl hIs hInt
t 5r tII ouglin sero and yellow puuii
filn M hlehiiib wore the rest of the day
JrfHh Vitvcn ynrils of pumpkin vim
I wtttjujug out behind and aWay wo
4 dh hertcrosR < onnto1
Irronlued mounted because I hated
I 0 tosauSit In pieces
I I J Wo Ol hot see the foijtiut vc BIIW
l i nliiot o rytliliit elm J rciifeinler
r I irlhll hlroigll II Iwl sennil how I
1 i tJ iti ALIlor1iilthlnperlIrougIi
t J1lelYntO17 whlJ tbo rl4lutj and
l Ju llnt1 Jack rte IkS cuidIcd up
4ti 1t tigjtlftTtla their little bctlsjls a thing
f riJ htuud knee 1001 In glqlliil1tlll
ndloi to smell tho uiaxhcd and
niusstJ up ialsnp otte j1dd tho last
fnjgiiliit sigh erVtitt iMgbtcbcft ucllo
troiro LoacaUi Uio ItiijfTftlToar Lowe
wbUI Car uWllfYI tlitouilied Lliy
Jilt of tho hoa > hoUy hUI
Ing th rceknSf t the nn
11g ctthJagJu eoIUlJ > I
J4tJft 11wI hfJt < r
f f
t J rt
t r r t VJ
music Is Joy to tublumfsrinlirs Heart
One on the President
When President Hoosevelt ntlghtctl
nt Ited Hill Va to seo his wifes new
oottago liu notIced that an elderly WOo
man was about to board tim train and
rushed forward to nsslst her That
done ho grasped her hand fluId gave t
all executive shake
The woman snatching her hand
away exclaimed Young man I dont
know who you are and I dont care n
cent but I must say you are the fresh
est somebody Ive ever seen lu those
Isaac and the Annul
Old Isanewns devout Christian It
was his custom when his work vas
done to retire to his caliln and devote
himself to worship until bedtime His
earnest and frequent nnnouucemonts
that lie was always ivady to meet hi
Ijiwd had been KO often heard thut
some boys decided tojcst Isaacs faith
Ono night while he was under full
headway 0 Lawd wo know dy hong
tmfrln fur Ills benilcd sinner but we
reel 0 Lawd dat In dy love we will bo
upahed dy vnnglns and rat We lire III
ways rertdy Iawd at dy blddln to
cum nnd meet dy angel CinbrYl Send
him 0 Lawd wld his shlnln trumpH
his rpbo3 ob glory and his crown ob
life and tithe dy poll sahvont Into dy
Isaac IsaacI conic In deep sepul
chral tones down the chimney
Amenl pofljy said Isaac closing
his prayer abruptly and rising with
fear and trembling
Isaac Isaac came the still dread
fulton s
fultonesWhohohoa lInn stammered time
awe stricken negro
The angel of the Lord has COllie for
Isaac Isaac hesitated and then with n
show of cnforccdfamrage It came
j > o Iawd bless you dut phI nigger
linlnt bwii here for n week
The Reporters Version
When fleltcotiImnli Hpton Sinclairs
Utopian coloiiy buniotl down among
thOi p Itijuivd was ITrs Grace Mac
Cowan Cooke the will known nuthor
A yjoutjiful roporter on one of the big
Ncyr York dallies eager to get his
story In tho first edition wrote lair
riedly that Grace MneGownn the
opk suffered from serious burns
f Which reminds Upplncotts of n
typogrnphfcnl error In one of Kiln
Wheeler Wilcoxs poems The author
ind wrlttetin sonnet containing this
My BOUlTis a lighthouse kecpfrf
tTo hcriamnzemcnt the verse read In
My soul I s a light housekeeper
J Decidedly Slouchy
Xo 6aid Xuritch 1 aint no
dune Clothes dont make tbe man
you know
tXo replied 1eppoy but many
of you self made men look as if
you had also made the clothos
Philadelphia Proas
Aheadof the Railroad
We arc apt to think that a great
city containing the comforts nnd
elegancies of modern life cannot
exist without railroads at its gates
IJogota the capital of the republic
of Colombia is an exception flaw
ing a population of 125000 line
residences excellent schools un <
colleges literary artistic and must
cal societies clubs polo tennis
balls dinners elegant society that
knows the Parisian fashions Bogota
lies on a plateau which no railroad
has yet reached There is however
a short railroad on the plateau it
self but to get tojt by the most
used route one must journey two
and a half days on muleback An
other wayof approach reducing
the mule ride to ecvcti or eight
hours requires several days of river
navigation But the railroad is
coming although late Youths
Road Legislation In Arkansas
JThe Joint resolution Xo Introduced
n tho general assembly of the state of
Arkansas by Kepresqntallvo Ifunr was
duly passed nnd was olxncd by tbu
governor May 23 1007 This resolu
tion Is considered the most Important
of the good roads measures passed by
the assembly Rays tile Good Hoads
Magazine It provides for a change In
the constitution so ns to allow cities of
tho first and second class to Issue
bonds for road building and for pur
poses of general Improvemout nnd
counties for purposes of Improving
their hIghways This measure in or
der to make It effective must be ear
ned in the election two years hence
I Some Words With the Cook
lIt wnll n sad faced American tour
ist anti as he Heated himself In n I < on
don restaurant ho was immediately at
tended by nn obsequious waiter
I want two etKJs Raid the Amcri
can ono fried on IIUe side nnd one on
the other
4 Ow Is that sir
Two eJIJono fried on one Jde nnd I
ono on the other
Very well Blr I
The waiter was gone Rovcrql < min
utes When ho returned his face wa
n study
Would you please repeat your bor
Iler sIrT
I said very distinctly two eggs ore
fried on one sUe and one on the other
Oppressive silence and than n ilazcd
Very well sir
This tluio he was gone longer and
whtfn he returned he said anxiously
Would it bo nwsklng too much sir
tpnvo you repeat your border sIr I
cjtwnt think I no It right sir y
know s
Two egp said taevj4niO lcan sad 1
ly and patiently one frlcft on ono
More oppressive sllomie anti anotlur
nud fainter Very well sir
ThIs Ime ho was gone still Ibhjer
When he returned his collar vrnsvjlrtr
buttoned Lg hair dlshorcled nudKls
face scratched oJ1tl bleadLig JeiY i
over time waiting patron ho whispered
beseechingly >
Would you mlad tyklnff bolted
hegB9air IratmU some worda with
theeook i Z 0J
It litt
1 2
Vi 01
b 15
y a
4 Little Printers iIilk t
t Makes MtlltOk1S t
I ThinlThink Think I
I = I r
Moro truth than poet
J ry A little Printers Ink
p prints a little advertise
I ment in a little maga
zino that circulates at n
t little price and goes into
I n million little homes
chiefly in tho little cities
I and towns nnd country
t places
Tho millions of peoplo
I in these homes are
caused by tho Printers
Ink to think that they
can get big bargains for
their money by sending
it away by mail order
ing the things advertised
by tho little pinch of
Printers Ink
Sometimes when they receive the stuff theyorder by f
mail they havoanother Think coining They think What I
fools we mortals be and apply tIll Think to themselves
And sometimes some of them think something like thisI
Wonder why Mister Man our IccaLdealcr in g
I many things we need doesnt advertise these
things in our local paper Maybe if he did we
wouldnt be tempted to send to the big thesei
p these same things If we were sure we could
buy them at home for abc Jt the same price and
have a chance to see the goods before taking 1
we think wed prefer to buy them at home
3 4 Xow Mister Man what do you thinkthillkthillk1 I
rz 3
Easier to Decorate Prettily Than i
Houses In the CityI
The country home Is well provided
with large windows and this allow I
of some very decorative cfTtts
Look nt the picture for Instniico
This Is n simple Interior yet It Is I
charming and may bo reproduced nt
nsllght expense f
You will readily see the keynote of
tile vhole thing the Kiuall pancd Ellzn
bcthnn window which opens outward
ly The curtilna on cither side of this
arc In a rich shade of rod which li
further carried out on the walls and
In the fringe on the bronze lamp over
head There Is n handsome gilt mirror
over tho fireplace TIme ornaments con
Blst of a pair of silver gilt cuudlc
itlcUn n clod nnd some old blue and
whIte plates Time couch in of russet
leather with roil cushions
The ng nre of the same warm tints
nnd the many books show this room is
for use no well nd for looks
For a clear complexion take
Laxative FlitS yrup
Pleasant to take
Orino cleanses the sys
teriand makes sallow
blotched compfexons
smooth and clear Cures
chronic constipation by
gently1 stimulating the
8toraachliverind boweji
Nilus suiqits PtIi 01
J I t
F = t
b f i 1 >
1 0 j
liny Fever iitul Summer Colils
Victims of hay ren r will experlenci
grit berjfii by inking Ftleys hone
nnd Tar u it flops difllcut breathni
itnniediilply and heal the ii < lUmei
tr pat flge nnd even If it should fail
to cme you It will give you Inetnnt re
1Ir The genuine U in a jtllow peek
ego Fold by Jtb m Drug Oo
The word psyche originally algal
fylng tho soul came afterward to
menu also a buttcrtly a likeness be
ing observed ctweeu the ninnncr III
which a soul and n butterfly freoi
from the bodyor chrysalis In whIch
they hnvo beon confined rise on wlnj
I amid waft themselves lu tho light
Men last Sixty In Danger
IlUl1I than Imll of mitnkiitd over
siaty yenrs of age iuHtr from kidnej
und blndderdiorderi Hualy enlarge
nient of prostate gland This is bulli
ipulnful and dUllg roll antI tol yi
Kidney Cure should be taken it Iho
Hut SIgn if danger its It corrects Ir
I regularities and has cured mniiy i Id
men nf this diteprH Mr Rodney Bur
felt IlooKpurt Mo writes 1 gtjf
fpred with enlarged prostate glaid end
kidney trouble for year and after Ink
jug two bottles of Foleys Kidnej
Cure I feel butter than I have In went
years although I am now 01 years od
Said by Jt > ckun Drug Co
One of Ha Whust Days
Andrew I uijir once called nt till
house or IiunoH Inyn to InquIre nbou
his health Tlio rervnnt Informed hlui
In n broad accent that It was oue o
the novelist uhnst dayB Mr Iang
Imagined that the servant referred tu
Mr Pnyn Iwlug wonrc and expre rod
his regret and walked away nut the
day on whkji Mr Inyn was wont to
receive throe old friends who made a
four at wliiy Both gentlemen were
amused at tIme jmmlstake whldi deprived
each of the pleasure of meeting At
the Reform club III year gone by there
was n certain group of well known
whist players unions whom Jnines
Pnyn was certain to bo found enjoying
thu rigor of tho game
KalHlng From limO Crave
A prominent manufacturer Win A
Fertwell of Lucnmn N 0 relate a
njiHt remarkable experience Hes y I
After taking lets thnn three buttles ol
Kleclilc Hitters T f < el like one raising
from the grave irfr tronbla U Ilri lits
diie fe In the Ii bi > tei since I fully
believe Electric lilit > M will cure me
llI1ntlitlrfnr it iliu4 already stofi
pud the liver and bludder cumplica
II Ins whiflh have troubled me for
years QuarnnUed at JaoUcoti Drug
Ia Ilcoonly 25 I
Somoyeara ago at Winchester a no1
lice was put up that Mr Hoandno
one if time m iunrul will give n tiwtnvn
on Our dyes null How Aye See
Jfhrongh Them Uiidcriicath l this
ttmio boy wrote Or our pupils mid
iioiv they see through us London
Chronicle I
VyjintnNcw Jersey Editor Says
MTiynch editor of the Phillips
burgNJ I Dlllir lost writea I
liacejsedimmniiy kInds of medicines for
Q > uifc and cldi In mr family hut never
pny tpjnjf so Awl at Foleys Honey and
f It Tdolmll1 y Dlu CiI1
v 1
p I
I i
Crocodiles cf Old
Tl sahxxjof lies iiboat or icoile >
found In < rfil banks < lnH > liM tho uttdur
ntandlr uveii of tho osptrlpncal icml
er of i Ictltnovnl iintuWl history HP
is n n nt worm ITo 13 afraid of liar
fron i < tiltS hoiiuy 1he crnccilllr
rnnnoti nwv from n innii If ho wIn
with hit left eye and look steadfastly
npoti him wllrh his riBat eye Ito cir
rica wiiterir his mi > ith to make tin
rents slippery mill si ciitclit people
alive Tbora Is an nmlty and iiatiirn
concord hotwooii swum null crorollo
nnd much moivtof tho s 1It kind
HoradotUH lIttle plavrr which vnk
Into the crwoflllos mouth and jlrku
oft tho loache ls Ihangttl hy Dir
tliolotnow Into flub With create like
KnwH ned n fowl nut a corpciit nil of
which wnllc < hout liiBtdo tho eroroJlleV
stomach na It It were n parlor Lon
don Spectator
Donl neat n cough cure thai you
lilly bt told ms Jim es good ru Ken
IltI1IIXBIIt Cough Syrup tieoniiru
t 1111 j intna miod there ii quite n
llflertiico K iitiidjH Conch Syrup
ids Kditly upon th bowels und chairs 1
ho vhulu ujRicni of ctlUth nnd colds
It promptly teltaveri inllnmtiiatlon ot
site thront nnd nlUy irritntlcii Smith
hy Jack vn hrugCo
Time Hutch dlirovi r > l tIn Ulaiul of
Mniihntlun III 1000 Thu ttrat Dutch
name lir limo ivjtlon discovered wits I
Ncw Xctherlnndii nnd of the settle i
nent Now AinstorOnm The New I
Xethorlntids was flnnlly surrendered
to the English In JUG taking thu
name of New YOlk
Hunting for lrollllt I
Ive livid in Ciif < HHn 20 JIUI
> d nm still hunting lur trouble In the
ray of hums Korea vonndn thtI
Ills < prlnu or i csa of pile hut I
licklfi Arnica Snlro wont quickly
I ifH xvi lie Olmrle Wallers ofiiI
vgliany Sierra 0 > i Xo mu hunting
> lr Unlter it CtM < every caM >
tJunrntlluid by JHOkon DrilROo 25 f
ne urhecn or Chinese vIolin In
IHO rofomlilofl nn ordinary hummer
tvlih Its hiiullu It IIIIH two etrlnpi I
nd U plnyrMj with n how
We never repent of Fitting too
ttle vnj ono of the ten mien of life
C Tlitr ns J ilerson pre < idt nt of the
17 lied dtntr nnd the ruls applies to
very ine without exception thu log
1ls hot wenlher buonuse It U hard for
od even In smell qimiuiilej to be
Igested when tIme blood U at high
ptnpcrature At this season wo ilio uld
put epllrlnJlr properly Ve should oho
help tho stomach ns much as poitibta
by the me of a little Kmlol For Imli
Kestton and Dyspepiln which will rest
the etomach liy dle tli > K the food It
4If SnIt by Jrckinii Drujr Jo
The Court Hnvo you anything jtO
1 5S > 1 egrc I pronounce scntoncu iiptft
Tho Iflioner Yw your honor Id
like lo AllOlolac for my lawyer Ho
defended mo ns ivtt nn anylwxly muld
bo oxifecled to do oru two tktltar fw
PiWitt ltttle Baily lCIo1rA dont
sicken or grime Small 1MI eny to
lake SoIl by Jnckcon Drue Qtf t
Those who luve smturn tim ton bit
no matter how slight houd give
every por Ilile help to time digestive
organs so that the food may b j di
gested with the least effort Tlii4 niny
ba dooo by taking something that con
talus natural dlgxailVH pmporties
oinutlilHK like Kodol For Indlgtffllon
mud Dyspepsia Kodol 11 a preparation
of vegetable ncid and contnln the
vrY8l1me juices found In a healthy
4t > mach It digests what jou Put
5olii by Jackson Drug Un
A Saerifies to Putter
In bntteriiiRUIuK district nhrond
you Jiil utihmilthy children said J
lhJfllclull o
Time butter robs tin little onus it
robs them of this rlrhuptH of the milk
that Is the first two or three ywirn of
thulr life theIr prlnelpnl food The pnr >
emits lio ltnto lutwoen their young lint
the dulry antI ultlnmtoly deciding IIi
the dnlrv8 fnror take out of the nillU
its life giving > nrt must xond It olf to IKJ
liindit Into butter
In coiideqiitiico tile children fed on
blue milk grow up thin white blood
lugs n siicrltlue to butter
John hums a promlnrtit dealer of
Vinlng In ftuyt I have been splllnp
IMVIu Kidney nnd iiladder IilU fur
about n year and thej give better culi
action than any pill I ever sclil There
are a dozen Ienple htre who JIBVB used
iltrm and they give perfect imtlitfactlon
In every Cllle J hnvn nied them my
self with line results Bold by Jack
son Drug Co
Tho famous statuary group known ns
the Tjioeoon wa found lu 1500 In
one of the halts of time batlu of Titus
ntllome The woifc wits then pldctd
by Iopo JulluM 11 In time Viitlrnu gal
lery where It hns shicoruiniiliKil Ilio
Lnocoon1 IH supposed 15 liairo been ex
ecu ted by Greol sculptpra of Rhodes
If you have kidney and bjadder
rouble aid do not use F Icy IWdnpy
Cure you will havo only yourself to
lliino for result cs It positively cures
all mini of kidney and bladder dh
eaues Sold by Jackson Drug Co
Jack Tar as u hearty amid pleasnut
nutuo for u sailor reminds us thnt tho
soldier wns Jack Firelock before he
J vus Tommy Atkins London Ma II
KePII tltU ponjs open and the skin
clean when jouluiva n cut or burn
brulpu or scratch VI WilL Cir
bollzid Witch IIl1zel Snlve penetrate
the pores fnd heals quickly Sold by
Jnukson Drug Go
of n womans life Is tho name often If
given toto change of IIrto Your
menses come at long Intervals nnJ
grow So1nUer until they stop The t
I cliango lasts three or four years and i
causes much pain and suffering
vhldi taking can however t > o cured by I
WomnnsRefude In Distress
It quickly relieves Uio pain nerv
ousness Irritability mlscrableness
tainting dizzIness hot and coU
flashes weakness tired feeling etc
CarJul will brIng you safely through
this dodging period and bullJ
K up your strengtli for the rest of your
> fl life Try It
You can get It at all druggists In
100 bottles
I IUrrtn tUft Vlritnla Kib > onorK > t
1 on MJ until I look Csr2m hkh cure
me to quickly It urptU J ny tluctcr s 1111
dIJnt know I wu tAint Ik
Wizards of tho Wicket
In the first half of tin last century
thcrw wan 110 mow eimecmimi bowler
than od William Illlywhitv of Snssos
nnd few greater butMiioti Unlit Ionl
Predcrlek ItiMiirlorvk one of the load
lug memliors tit IordX the former
was cnRUtol to howl to the mOil Iwyn
when over sixty years of nm but van
then NO Intlrni nlthougli his accuracy
waa still as great us over that n fag
i was always told nit to pick up and
1 bund the bull to lilnihno ho vam4 not
titiml to stooping for it himself As
for Iord Iroderlek vlfwiuclorck he
thouglt no highly ofliis own bntttng
cnpabllltlcs that hoticd frequently
na If In defiance of iso bowler lo
hniiK lmii ROM watch on tho 1I1Jon
don Captain
A Yulitnlilo JIMUIII
Six years ago I learned a v lnal > lf
e Soil write John lMe antof Mng
nnlUlnd I thcnbegan taktug Dr
Kings New Ille lIOf and the longer 1
take thl1 the better I find them
They plpmo everybody Quarnnteed
at J tokron Drug Oo 26a
May I Intwcdure to you my
fwUmir nslMHl n fft blon t > k > young
mull at n iwenMOBBCo lie ISP
1111 AU you ffiow
Imleetl cJLtljilniu hits partner
Aw yes He iut this Society
XewB n Ihrt of tho pipit nt tho lam
pahty nnd tho amah itccoptod U
Neighbors Gut tltlhc1
I was hleriOlydtffitnighlng myself ti
death und had WS nin too weak t <
lenvo my brd anLtjlch uu predlutei
hilt I would nevqbav It alli < but
ihey got fooled r 6rpmtiVs bo toO d 1
was induccJ tim try Ur Kings New Ils
aofoiy It took just four one dolloi
b > utlei > to completely cure the oongl
cud restore mo lo good health wrltei
Mrs Kva Uncnplter of Orovertown
titnrlcCo Ind This King of cougl
and colcj cures and healer of tho Ihroal
jndlriitcs in guaranteed by Jackst
prQifa COvj and f I 03 Trial blnt
Of course said Henpecki I donl
nlwnys do what my wife tells mo
fcWhnt exclaimed Meokitiyjln ur
I prise
I Xo you see If HUCH In n sarcastIc
mood when she orders me to do niy
thing I know she wants mo to do jnsi
the opposite
OrIiioIBxntlveFriit Syrup lit Mild
tinder n positive guarantee to cute
roust I isaitoti rick headechp stomach
trouble or any form of Indigestion
If it fnlU time manufacture refund
your jnonuy What moro can any one
do Sjld by Jackson Drug OJ
lly subjectIng mlnernls conlalnlng
various motnU to time npnrk of n high
tension induction coll chnrncteriHtle
colors are lniparte l to the spark by the
different metal It Is not the heat
that produces these colors but cen
trifugal fotvc which ptitH the corpus
ties of thu molecule lu motion
Ton Yours In Itotl
For lets year J was cnnUiied to my
lIed wllh dlsen eof my kldiiHys writes
K A Gray J U of OaUvllo Ind It
was KO iurerd that 1 could not mova
pirt of the tulle consulted the very
bert medical tklll nvnllhble but could
gel no relief until Fooys Kldnuy
Ours was recommended to mu It has
bet n a UoJiund to HIP Sold by Jack
son Drug Oo
WITH Dr Kings
New DiscovelY
1110 0
Trial DolUa Frco
Not NOa
Ex Sun
Iii Jackson C 10 2 20
O K Junction li 15 2 2
Kllinliuvii 0 20 2 80
Atliul 0 40 2 l 2
Talloira 0 J9 800
St Helens 0 ill I 11
Torrent 7 10 a 41
Campion J unct 7 18 8 57
Dundee 7 lJ2 1 03
Vllfon S 0J 4 14
Stanton 8 18 4 2G
Claw City 8 25 of t5
Lei It1Junct 0 00 r 07
Winchester 9 12 r 20
Ar Lcxinuloit 9 M li 05
xo 2NO 4
Ex Sun
Lv Lexington 2 21 7 ir
Winchester 8 10 8 13
L E Junct 8 2r 8 20
Clny City 4 00 9 02
Stanton 4 10 0 10
Filson 4 20 0 2il
Dundco 4 JJ7 9 81
Campion Junct 4 40 9 38
Torrent 4 f7 9 88
Ueattyvillo Junct fi 18 10 IT
St Helens 5 20 10 25
Tallejja 5 37 10 36
Athol f 45 0Jl
Elkntnwa n 00 11 10
OAK Junct 0 10 11 15
A r Jackson C 15 11 20
L E JUNClIONlrninl Nos
1 anil 3 will make connections
with aO Hy for Mt Sterling
trains connect with Mountain Con
tra Unihvuy for Pine Ridge and
Cain liton
Trains Nos 2 und 4 connect with
L A Hy for jmssonuora to and
from HcnttyviUe
3 and 4 with the Ohio Kentucky
for local stations on 0 K IJy
IRT LUI So aiaVfl
Lv Jaolrton 11 05cr
OKJunationl1 15 810
FrozenIr 11 Jl 0 33
Vuiiclovo 11 M U12
Wilhurst 11 44 J rro
Uo City 12 lit t4I
Ilujcplitnvn 12 10 I lii
Ar Cannel City 12 Jlfi l 20
2n OIAM lilT mA
A ZitI
Lv Cnnnel City 7 10 1 00
Helcchawa iia 1 17
Lee City 7 15 1 23
Hose Fork S 00 lr2
Hampton 8 21 f 41
Wilhurst B 37 1 51
Vtinclovo 817 1 87
Frozen 8 50 2 01
0 K Junction 9 25 S 2S
Ar Jackson 0 10 2 80
Sunday passenger train leaves
Cnnnol CIIut 1 00 p m returning
leaves Jackson 1 00 p 1111
Mountain Central
Depart Arrive
S 4ri D m Campton 11 30 n in
115 p m Campion 0 00 p in
8 00 n m Campion JunO 05 a rn
4 00 p in Campion Jun 4 40 p in
Mnlcc connection with all L
E passenger trains
Reduced Rates
ON THE 1ST AOT 8 jfi
Winter Tourist Tlcl < etsi
till May 81st 1007 l
1or prrticulars write I
Lexington Ky c
Rtaerti InJIcnUonSourSlem DechlneoIOu Eta 4
a tJ I il t
0 t Si 4

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