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Breathitt County news. [volume] (Jackson, Ky.) 190?-19??, November 15, 1907, Image 3

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t 8 3I J I U Nfl
TkIrT ANDADJ IN I o lErt 4 +
4 >
fi1 v v y 4
V y
J WIBX lleuliiu ditor and I bhehorA flnvs Ai 1iavorxo TO X
M 0 10 J t
lolf 6ium VII 1 i I taclsonJCentuck il atr
t I f i
4 Big stocW Fall Goods
Which we are 1t to sell
4PerC htt
iV th tho utmost care we have e4IF big Bl okti Clot i ng
10rjJfao B a a q Children far Fall b pr li WihtolMfiftyle
workmanship fabrlewtiarngpotnte i 11 have bt n t on Sid errd The
f oKtRLi 1st9e wlH k oodf eofvice a1 5TI
ron in cptfVr that there lre nonebitter firs dtreapy V att or
r tallorel wu Yaw uatl Uraotoryilldehco of tin oto
n pnrcuasiSby cjUfth any < 6 f W l Fall Mf S Wt
WirSack lngioStd pbfcjViflioa Stile for JF ra
i w vk > ahowln J allsaek nglo dp
JJ i and Yqung Mou and Children F vire did andlttaineoi in M
< iv approved slosoFilII and Derby Soft jaff +
A truly beautiful gathering of the Fall and Winte Models in1
Suits Designs materials wiJrkmanibip lit and quality could ot
41 bo bettered We have made careful suleotlouB In Ludioijitad MiiM9 I
Cloaks in Black Blue Gray Castor and oth nrbIotTloo prnttlot
line of Ladies Mid Mt8iosrSkirta tMrtin Jttdltaon u1 du nov
tfi weaves and colors and In all the inoat apjlroveil styles are on display
Sv hero Ask to see our beautifuj Fall lijae of lress Good Silks
fV > < Flannels all colors Lacea TrintuinRs ant l Hibbom Gloves Urtftd
lr 4kerchiefs Underwear f EinbrpideriM Hosiery Fancy Belts Back and
f 1Sido Combs all this ueaaotTfl goods at 1lk er cent discount Mothers
ask to see our lino of Infants garments
We are showing beautiful HUll of ready to gear and Trimmed
V I Hats We era you style beauty and individuality for a vey small
J amount of money All trimmed with the daintiest of trimminga
In Underwear and for Men Women and Children Outing Cloth
and frun
Carpets Watting Oil Cloth Hug
CVallees and Boys Flannel Shirts we
V VaHecs Comforts and Blankets Mtni
irv > Our Fall Shoo stock
offer Idvntngla that nnnot bo had utfiirliHr
J prceehis
0 his now in Almost ooryslz6 pU
We have too goods and are
Come and see this elegant stock many
going to sell them at 15 per cent discount
Euster Isaacs
r f rHi ijO O H H i iQGiH i
t 4x tt1 + > A4fliFj41sIt
r1LOY1 J SAMUKl 1ID Jr Cashier
C11l P OIIAWFOHD Vice Ypres f
3L P DAVIS Acting Ciwlilor AV H HOPPKIt AMt Cnali j
lIIunnrnrltf 1bI
iI 41rIR
S To a large and growing clicntilc If
i you arc arc not already in this nUln
i llotOpOll an account now
iI 1 bel why open
I Call in and talk the subject over with
r f USrA call will entail no v obligation
f Wont you try and seer
9 J J J 1
IJtf Jackson eltUCkY
w HiH a
if 0
r 11 Soiitherii D y f
J Homes ke 71 + c abf r 1 1
M y
A To Arkansas w 4
Indian T err t or y S c trrt j I
f 1 S tg
I j Louisiana M s
f i > OklahVma eits
Tickets on sale rho fliitfd thirdS Tues
i jp I
1 of each month I
y to any ou tithorn r entor write
kwfr Xv
Jr s
r i
i J tr +
rt 4
fl The Breathilt County Yea s m
jj has now the largest clrcgja 1
Atton of any raper in Eastern C I
Kentucky Merchants arid
JtKino6s jnen irs invited to
Ike advantaxe of Luis splon
did adveriiDU medium If
u piae aore lartf5l Il
1RUAitciv8W3 a chance If 1
Yd mour apreal for
t AdO t1 h Tho tCVSit
ihIr o larcest and
moetint s of buy
ers in thta coin t Your
1eis U 1 tiiand
1 t
they willb4c nr cust
piers l Try ita
Ui5 sati
Christian CIiurchBazaar I
The time iif ther has ar
rlygd 1ie tlhough JXtnas be
fflq to e u ad ill t f tho
firsnndio ° of the anr h oC
tire scaeoqi the ehaotwCbl t of
tbVz > toTSWd by the La
dies Aid Socicipof thf OVristian
church They have tscl fted De
cember 12 ifpr llibheel Jon and
they will have on sale alarco as
sortment from which to select
gifts This Will be a fine oppor
tunity to purchase your holiday
presents Kemember the date
TOQ place of holding tho sale will
bf in the church basement
t To Correspondents >
The time of the year is here
when Thd ows wants the oldstand
by correspondents to rub the dust
troln their pens and ret down to
pending us the news again Tho
ions cold winter night ftro np
pioachinjr when father mother
and all the children like to gather
around tho lire in the evening and
read Tho Breathitt County News
and wo want them to have news
from allover the county Send
the news to us every Tuesday and
V < w rt J UBSiVvri =
not later hlib Wednesday morn
Ing The sooner you send it the
I am highly elated over the re
turns from the present election I
have felt that God would lay His I
heavy hand of justice upon those
who wore oppressing the poor and
respecting not tho mandatory laws
either moral or divine I trust
that our newly elected State of
ficers will execute the duties of
their respective offices under the I
guidance of an aUwise God and in
favor of the great common people
of our much abused and well be
loved State Let the people re
joice and God bo praised
Sincerely yours
UfSjt n Nd LE
Tells Sk 01 a Reslg
Ifov e < rorris pastor
t the Ccnt9 nary 11 ethodist is
copal church Lexington i ed
am operf letter to the i fist
Friday in which hf oh the
d lopln Lexington Jueiay and
dramatically calls on tJoljft Sltrff
the Democratic caqdidatinvho was
elected Mayorto r sO the pr
Gcd The letter ndes as fo
lows <
UJ cull upon Jbhb kahvnd all
o Decent mciiJ Wotickct for
die sa ofdnay fbrthe sake
of hone pf partyy whose nlimo
they bear to rofuso oflico on the
condition 1 under which they were
glopfed This I write as a citizen
whO is chagrined Jill the blood
moulj td his fade every time he
think of the thin < he sang nail
knpVs These things I write af
t jiiaturo deliberation because I
am a man and an American jimd
I would have ceased to bo cither
if I remained silent i1iay God
have mercy on this community
1 pThe Fiat Snow
Ch t fi ftbw df tio season foil
Tuesday motoiaijr JIt wag dab ui
tiree inches j deeps 6nt molten
S 9B kly after the clouds
cl hy fo 0
W 1cl 9ihiib ti als
Rol1c1 t 1l1tlfewlDJt our
rli t Wddnesday and Thurs
IlIlf J If
tw 1 4
i t
sEd Turnc A
Counsel for E formic ly
prison At
of Brcathitl co
Cllattnnoo aunder wen
tcnce of deatl lie laardcr of
his wife nunIjist turd ay
that the Suprej rt as set
November 20 aseon which
the case will bd It had
beenquipwould got
tiS rCcneu for ov a y ear rty x
Two inchof f r r s =
ground Tues n r
Bud LS of
bu wellS1
2 S1A
a The hen1t t It 111
111ii1 er
to report
Only fourteen
the amendment ooin
in Owaley com xtM
Congratulati a vottfrs C f
Breathitt coun kohl
did their duty 4 t t
A party that j rs do
and disf ranchl the poor an
unfortunate In picky will son n
be a thing of t fist
harry Couch ho was cut nn d
dangerously YO tied by CIa J
Harcy Jr In woek ilf much
improved and wfll get well
John R llak > our jaUr > j
I wth U8 no more Like the Ara
he folded his oLII and iii Mr
stole away and g not been i
in our parts far moro than a
nf I
monthClay 1
Clay Harvei V was delivered
to Squire hailtinday charge d j
with cutting lIar y Couch with in 1
tent to kill 114 rived examina i
tionandoast 1 in a bond ofI
1000Y 1 I
iJqiADtkson was confine d
in jMraf pr Ja 1 wearing jaRl I
r gem t
out of a wfndowtnd escaped to < s
nether with thrcft1 others confined
on penal charge but our eflicient
deputy jailer had them all back in 1
tho cage in less haD twentyfour
hoursto I
w 4
The election owmissioncrs for
this county mcBst Friday and 1
tabulated tho dHion returns as r
follows For Governor hazer re r
ceived 245 votes Willson 1157 s
the other State candidates about r
the same Constitutional amend J
montfor 14 against 1049 Jori
sheriff G B Wilson received 545 t
votes II H Ricq 454 S A Cau
dill 236 and Albert Brandenbaugh J
Democrat 190 votes Willsons
majority for Governor was 912 l
and Wilson for sheriff received 91
Printed by r = Request i
Mix tho following byfshaking 1 E
well in n bottle ana t Ki ill tea o
spoonful doses after meals and at
bedtime <
Fluid Extract Dandelion one 1
half ounce Compound Kargtin
one ounce CompoundSyrup Sar j
ipanlla three ounces A loci tf
rhgiist is the ty that thcSc1 j
r plot harm t icnts a 4 t
be obtained a cost 1rc 4
our Borne dry 0 41 j
The mJxitu to caps e J
and strengthen ie clogget ana
inactive Kidneys overcoming g
Backache Bladder weakness and j
Uri nary trouble of all kinds if J
taken before the stage of Bright I
diseasoI f
or Thoio who have tried tills Say 1
It positively overcomes pain in thec
back clears the urine of sediment I
and regulates urin ion especially j
at night curing en the worst
forms of bladder akness 11
Every man or aD hero who j
eels that the eys are not t
strong or acting in healthy mnnII
nor should mix tbTi prescription t
at home and give itk trial as it is A
said to do wonders W many per r
sons t
f 1he Scranton PaJ Times was r
ungif print this ronarkablo pre R
slptipn fin Octobfr of 1906 af
slnco when Ian the ding news
papers of New Yor stun Phil
a cJptl11Flttaburg other eitici
J iRYo mode many pjnounccraents R
of It to their reader j
I 1
J r
Here s a w
Thos Pryse ie bu didtiA pis
ncs9 house nQarthe f lt br
ou t11tst n street i Ili e
This is ilia fourteenth se
aalyilblqtjet o p l
Ir 11Rcotltdituit to
Ia ij r
IST The thFyear IK toy of I
toys d
deatltan ifs hI
1g lash twejk the a b t
q of I y t ttita sspp r
tiHLIi L
Ii U htat
tofSces in
+ to
Tt f
Cstirt of t1N
ef Kene
yen 1M nttsl
Judge r
Tph teAJ b t
rs4p1 Nof more
dhoihtia ntally do
tvhild p
memberJ s
o family absent from
h except jr daughter
I r clotha and was
y blf rile w ishe died
wht fe hours
Lb p hI brother of
ktllecs j
In tit jilon 4a batMe in Lox
ington i ibejeif arrested charged
haterd °
tho fact to the murder of Police
man Murphy by aiding and abet
ting his father W > R Campbell 1
to shoot Murphy Ho
was re
loaned on 2500 bond Warrant I
were sworn out for W R Camp v
bell charging him with the roar
t r ot bfarphyanowitfi havits I
shot Policeman Smith
Tlie fourth trial of Caleb Pow
ere charged with alleged com
plicity in the assassination of Win
Goebel was called Monday at
Georgetown before Special Judge
J S Morris and passed until
Tuesday because of absent wit
nesses The Commonwealth an
pounced ready Tuesday andas
soon as this announcement was
made the defense filed with the j
court a plea of abatement contain i
ing the Tfardon Riven to Powers j
by iot N S 7or The do
fen scored a victory when the
judge ruled that Powers attorney a
may make avowal that he was par
don ed by kQov Taylor and that
witnossea vouid bo heard on this
pouf iaAl netv nino pf defense will i
be hs4 itisrholiovcd and
Powqfs attorneys wall > attempt to
show that Hc s Qutsey not
nly concoatld tlio conspiracy
wlh h1 ttoythc assassination of
Go Iit ° cred the fatal shot o
< I
ircuit court atOwentop t
filedi Jn
ha V 12 Yancoy county >
dier ing and Otho Ira
her chagipg thera
witjvttampc with the grand c
Jule an t11 1s COUnCCtien Ins
foripntioQ nasi agajnit J H s
Clifton JLJIIo Y Iand fo
T fi StatTordmemli of she J
grand jury 1lio inforgi ion was
filed in connection wjt indct
smeats returned against j s
Stt optT A Alosanlcr4 and J
ltiG rln for h psdfQg e
bezzlingthe funJgiofti a county 1
and the action was taken aftVr the
dismissal ot the indictments on
motion ipf the Commonwealths
Attorney on the allegation that I
the men against whaiii tsfl infer
illation had been fifelL jiou caused m
he jury to sled hctionj and rknom
what was coiiiar ion hn tJia 7Wf
room A of rho ofiah t Ivhom ly
theln In tionwas 1 era art re
with the ex tioh
n and placed in Ji il i w re
afterjvurds released onlbon
J J 0 Bask picnt t
QuIcksftQd Wedricadgy ° t
abou4 liig fare
boauio law xnlrcs t i r
rk I
mp u W i
bliftb 3
wt t
t the roller ate c
I tou It pakof
r f91t1tYti4A + Iea00Cpd
1 got tltJ HHItii 1iI
tigthe fl c grespeil lt a
to aroui clbglog to ItrFi
af before Iaut o 7otst CrIt
who hM pue finnd otr Ibaf same njl
ffw < mwratbeibBfe mtajlerd of cat
leab rCI
iberr to her takeHg eloaace
fig the hack of iiiy lw 4y er tor
ev ender my Belt 14 i rttJ
ei V d tHHi
0tIt hiat myan bpa + et
Lk A lltO iat ahtd pat
V tl taft and wPich
i t i tat She aka
RAs tjerellntl
e end IVthouBhtindced I
he TB JouM Wf tlpift return my
sacdice by i iy lgAy to me Jibe
did not Asfttt Vriproached I saw
Wlnt trace ofi nmuSjenf on her fa
wiwclally In her eyof thcn whep 1
In a few foot bf We she cast 1
down as If njuch0mlricd to
from Me what WII duo to her
Apaln thy gallantry prevailed aiM
moved to what was to rae Ifnm1
danger and again iron mute thJ
conveyed by tho eyes arid lips iron
eldered them ample recompense ereu
tor so great a sacrifice
Well every few minutes the girlI
would conic round meet me and I
would get out of her way I was
grnduaUy getting a trifle used to my
skates but did not drop any of my
woebegone expression at being obliged
to trust myself to then
1By and by I began to think that the
girl had become familiar enough with
her skates to trust herself on the rink
at least for tho few moments geese
sary to our passing but she showed
no disposition to do so though at our
meetings her gratitude found more at
tractive c prcijslon Indeed I was be
ginning to take a positive pleasure in
my sacrifices when they were inter
The girl was approaching me for the
seventh or eighth time when a young
mali skated up to her and said in a
surprised tone
Wbyr hiIfIltty latlfeJyOtld o
Ifog hanging on to the ralf yon one ot
the best skaters in the rlnU
The girl laughed flung me a look full
of merriment and loosing her hold
sailed out on to the floor like a bird
Never has an inability to do any
thing troubled me so much ns not toI
have been able to make a similar dis
play of my own statesmanship The
girl darted hither and thither grace
fully while I was still clinging to the
rail Then the young man who had
spoken to her caught her hand and
together they skimmed the surface like
n pair of swallows Bho seemed to >
take a malicious pleasure In flitting by
me at tlmea homo of her ribbons Hut
terihg in my face just to show me
hoy Independent she was of that rail
to which 1 was chained Once when t
she passed me collecting all niynerve j
I let go and took a few Independent t
strokes My feet flew into the air and j
with the thud that followed was uiin t
gld a smothered laugh from my tar
mentor as Bho whisked away
ilie next evening I was ntjtthe skat
Iogrukand the next and the next
It was not until the fourth evening
that 1 easy again it ho girl ° wUo lmd
fooled me V JienJl did she was tikiitejj
lug with tbcyoung fellow whqhacF
grayed her skill Iou the rollersto me
As she passed Inn she did not notice
me any moro than It I were a worm
< toduet bit looked up Into the
face of her attendant with an ex >
pres8lon of admiration sad devotion
passed Aar purposely a number of
timber urlJikth aevenlUBfocI > wbM
euae skatj indlff cpntlyr > I9pnJsoe
uefIB ns
I attention t L pib hfahe passed
mb f befole ien tber Ink and 1 r
llhen 1tl jjbtwas an amMsedismlle a
1 inf bT tbJe little lac1dca11 linnt
ront led 10 upotl neaning atle t a
ot t aw9ntfllrL wbentuagirl ftrst 11
Site took tbJt herself on ptirp HB
tolforco quo To let colJIP1 she kepi B u
her ilwteus for the l > uriHse of
peering me ° jJHt her real object
was to littrnct iBrinttfentlon to put w
nutherself t1
snake would charm a hiedb
wonlsj to tort Do you TI
Illiys thatjj i game with AW < <
SJjat do yoScall hlma fjlrt7 I
ttCertalnly not Tl1 ru w no 1 c1 Iu I c
4r iauguag lee fl eyi n rou s
n It otnn q
routii Ii
epBOdf you ha
None wliatfi P
Why did WKot TOm around t
meeting tko < fin and skate the oper w
eetlnthfl A
oJ n er thought bf burlth
y fovM you iiriOW1bo atrt dt tone I tho
y sought to attract your ord
Because I tuarrtedher Rnd she con lC
fused that she had donor so P
Had you uo trouble In gett1 iriter7 V
Ihall I was obliged to dirt with
II t girl before brluglng her t t
tfeaaibt rtu ID
fee expreae a
7 uaietalirer
tft WI
Eafy N
r ten amb > v J t l
l ys i ia i
A Wa IIrtl
err frtif C
tetaaeli tee lo make
towgt by Reefer J
b hayebred et least iSr 1 Z +
Ill1r jWbWi AMlflc a k
iMTe Mfe thingsty
T 1ieLauiud the ear
ttYed which e
tle lile4be due fdteirl Y
Pt4xktt btmli 1i pte h of
trermfkaed roomic
Derin ntfte winter we jav
ibe b b ono bushel of cora
apl raedlBr cornstalks ad
tjMMJM lees would eat
a r fhnuUud alHc pro 3 t
Nti tel eldtibep
1Ij Otae
w iIf
lb usake 1
f tho H
eteraal v1gllaee G
j a katfe WM tto
> We divided aM
The fired MB
iIJ i alcM while tb
n 4wst11 toraIq u
toetia to rb the WM
Denyfrysei the ret of
the verrtew days we weald
n lilt as nroaI4 sieve up a grade
least bit df a htamket was wrapped
about him aadkemoue placed In a
capacious basket behind the kitchen
stove If pretty tar gone a spoonful
of brandy was poured down his
throat This will revive almost any
brandy does not make him drunk Try
It next spring
BIB Gain Good Price
We succeeded in raising 100 lambs
one per ewe When these were old
enough we nailed slats around a pen
placing these just far enough apart to
permit a Jamb to squeeze through Ini
this pen were placed all the cracked
corn and other fattening grains that
they would eat The gains made were
almost phenomenal Several which wo
weighed at consecutive periods pIned
seyeupounds per leek IbeJt ot
August they averaged seventy lids Ya
fpounds apiece many weighing upward
of ninety pound At that time we
received ie per hundredweight atPi
home Now tho some lambs will bring
about 720 per hundredweight dells
ered at our home station sr
Why Not
Tou perhaps wonder why we have
not tried again breeding earller as I
hare suggested We would havedon
so only that the kind of hired help
which will sit up half of the night la
order tp look atteryour Intefeta can
not bo picked up at a minutes notice i
Dortats Irv Hothouse Butlnvts
Joseph E VlU In his book on
Sheep Farming In America says that
the Dorset ewe has the way of drop
ping her lambs at an earlier season
than any other ewe Then she Is the
greatest milker of any of the sheep
tribe and because of this and of theft
ability fo UseVgraln at an early age
Dorset lambs soon qttnln good weight
and are usually sold tat from their
mothers Bides and pJQtjjrofltcoinoa
from selling them at Itwe to four
tnontlte of age Dors l are largelf
used In hothouse lamb J errp
Naturally the larger nuAKrof lainbV
n the annwUl to tlordate for
the fancy trade There fe Vhowerer
abundBBt prqjtr In fattening them to l
e itt MKLApril May June or
Tel y B
imonll DUatttr 1
Toting Itjfwas paying devoted
t tq rich and beautiful girl and
c ful result seemed inevitable
whin disaster lunspeakable wrecked
Iichancell forever One morning
discovered that the next day
r birthday and informed her
oe that on the monjuir be
d her a bouquet of roSes ono
each year That night be
lea moba to jtIs tkirlst orderingthe
ltunaUa 0 delivery of twenty roses to < AJe
e oung lady Thoflorist read the
derayd thought he wouldjpleafio the
young mau N provlng 01 1tifOh t
to pile c
roem you
h ha

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