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rlIIE WAns Of 1ACtu
4d 6
I aim
LANGDON was tlr
Ita term by whUh the Illsenn
J tor from Mlssl slpit bud sennI
ntTwtlonately known to his lu
aimes carried his 230
r tlmates for years
ftlmntes with ease IjcspeaUIng Brent I
of muscular power In sjlite of his gray
j I balrs Ills rugsed courage unswery
s and ready belief In hllO I
f et4 jug honesty hllOI
f Iy t friends won him a loyal followlns
L I ttnSTbf whom frequently npnicd
> I I wjutiwat known as Bill Lnngdona I
7 Iilftb
k l dtn I
I + itmeretievcr sn man yet wbo I
Y k1ia C sw tFOrJb1 lt
+ i09CtOTtiSIJolJt knM t111Sfltoenus
their own virtues pop npawf blind Vin
4 I hen thel look at somebody else
i At the reinwsof fits old war com
J wades LangUon was n > way depended I
4oil to deseribOqnce again how the
4rt ° Third Mississippi charged nt Craw I
L fordsvlllo and defeated the Eighth 1111I
nols nut the stirring cventa of the
past had served to Increase the plant i
ers fondness for his home life urn his
children whose mother had died years
r before At times be regretted that hk j
unexpected political duties would take j
him nway from the old plantation even
though the enthusiastic approval of
Carolina and Hope Georgia provrti con
siderable compensation
Although not sworn In ns senator
Colonel Langdons political duties were
already pressing A few days after
Congressman Nortons visit be sat In
a his library conferring with several
i prominent citizens of his county re
purdlng a plan to ask congress to uP
propriate money to dredge n portion
of the channel of the Pearl river
which would greatly aid a largo sec
tlou of the state
During tho deliberations the Mme
of Martin Binders was announced by
Jackson the colonels gravely deco
rous negro bodyguard who boasted
that ho wuz brunc up by Cunel Marse j
Langdon sub a flghtln Mississippi i
cnne suh renco long befo de wall
nnd way bcfo dam suh
Show Mr Sanders right In com
manded Colonel Langdon
Good day senator spoke Sanders
the boss of seven counties as he or
k pored Glancing around the room he
continued bending toward tho colo
nel and mufillng his now whispering
lIce with his hand 1 want to speak
to you alone Tin here ou politics
Thats nil right but these gentle
men here are my friends and constltu
tcnts was the reply lu no uncertain
j olceto When I talk politics they
bave a perfect right to bear what I
Ana their senator say Out with It Mr
F Sanders
As Sanders was Introduced to the
members of the conference bo grew
red In tbo face and stared nt Langdon
amazed At last bo had discovered
1 something new In politics Say he
AI finally blurted when 1 talk business
Are you In politics as n business
quickly spoke Colonel Langdon
hyIcrno of course not tho I
visitor stammered I am In politics I
ii 1111 3t
Carolina Langdon had an austere lore J
pllnc S
i p
HrI far y yrtysesale Just lllto every I
i boc1 lee dandf Sanders grinned sug I
r fqftlwJy at tiM questioner p > j
A y J l foe you anything further to say Ii
eslied Langdon In a tone hinting sayI
11ii Ir iii o It would like to be rid of his caller I
tJ Well since you are so very new In
r thin game senator Ill talk right out
In meetln as they call It I clime to
i > ask about an appointment nn to tip
you off on a couple o propositions I
J want I Jim Ilngley taken cure of
1 y youve heard of Jimwas clerk o Fen
more county A 520CO a year Jol > II
E do for him 500 o that he glvu b oI
t I
c eIF IYourethoorganizntion arent you
queried Langdon
Why yes Are you Just jjcttln
wise cried Sanders Havent I got
fellers voters wrens VOTRItS d
lt hangln on to tne that uccdx to be
7tlllen care oft An so I make the tel
lows that work help those that dont
e Why Laugdon what n h arc you
klokln nn questlonln about Dldu t
you get my twelve votes In the legisla
ture Did you have a chance for sen
Mt ator without cm Answer rue that
° will you Why with em you ouly
had two more than needed to elect
nn the opposition crowd was solid fur
Wilson cried the angry boss pound
Ing the long table before which lung
don sat
Ill answer you almighty quick re
torted the now thoroughly aroused lien
ator elect rising and shaking hU
clinched flat at Sanders Those
JSfilSft XClej you gay were ourl
t to A
yoursYtty mine Thorn noble leul + 1ltClN 1
> im < iic < mn was 1111 U mint milt
1 toll you Jit i
like I had em lit
my poek > t 1111I
thats where II
iniwtly curry em
1 o US tluy wontI
go Btrpyln nM1I1I
car J epwltkut I
yoiiiltilnt harp
to vote those moil
for inc I IdI
you dt the Ilpli
tot that I 111111I
not make you erI
nnybcdy else IInl
promises You
y6lSaTthpm for
Ifle or1tyollr UW1 > >
ui eenl lbatIII1Ie
lllC e
I lIser i
Them nnMo 10fJ1Ii 0 At this point tllaI
of the
OrB teat mine geullomcn I
county present who Sanders entered I
nnd who hud no desire to witness fur
they the unpleasant episode rose to
leave In spite of the urgent reqiu 8t of
Colonel Langdou that they remain
The only one reluctant to go was PtU
icon Amos Sinnllwoml who coming to
the plantation to sock employment for l
his son had not been denied of his de I
sire to Join tho assemblage of bps I
neighborsLast move toward till door bo
stopped In front of Sanders stretched I
his tire feet three Inches of stature on I
tiptoe and shook u withered fist In tile
boss firmly set determined face I
Infamous shrieked the deacon I
Youre n monster Youre unright I
eous You should havo belonged to the
political machine of Catalina or Pon
thus Pilate
Never heard tell o them muttered
Sanders deeply puzzled Guess they
was never In Mississippi my time
His accompanying gesture of per I
plexity caused the deacon to hasten his
exit Tripping over the leg of n chair
ilie fell headlong Into the arms of the
watchful Jackson who received the
deacons blessing for uplifting the
righteous In thchour of their fall
Relieved at tho departure of the wit
ccsaos Sanders showed Increased ag
groBslvcuoRS To bo sure senator
you were careful not to personally
promise me anything for my support
at the election as you say the leader
encored but you had Jim Stevens to
make promises for you which was
smooth absolute an artistic smooth
Stop slrl Langdon furiously shout
ed You forget sir that your Insinu
ation la an Insult to a man elected set
ator from Mississippi an Insult to my
state and to my friend Senator Ste
veils who I know would make you no
promises for me for he bad not my
Certainly youro n senator but
lwhats n senator anyhow Ill tell you
Mr Colonel Langdon a senator U a
man who holds out for his own pocket
ns much as us fellows that make him
will stand for When we dont get our
rightful share hes through I
With n sudden start as though to
spring at Sanders throat Laugdon
with compressed lips and eyes blav I
lug grasped the edge ot the table
with a grip that threatened to rend
the polished boards With intenscst
effort ho slowly regained control of
I ufmsclf Ills fury had actually weak
ened him Ills knees shook and ho
sank weakly Into a chaIr When bo
finally spoke his voice was strained
anti laborious Sanders you and I
sir must never meet again because I
might not succeed again In keeping my i
hands off you What would my old
comrades of the Third Mississippi say i
If then sand mo sitting here and you
there with n whole body sir after
what you have said They would not I
believe their eyes thank God sir j
They would all go over to Stuart City I
and buy new eyeglasses sir A BUS I
plclous moisture appeared on tho colo
nels cheeks which ho could not dry
too quickly to escape Sanders observa
nut I had to let you stay sir be
cause you the cole accuser arc the
only one who can tell me what I must
NVhnt do you want to know asked
Sanders who had realized his great
mistake In losing his temper lu talk
Ing as openly and as violently as ho
had and In dragging the name of Sen
ator Stevens Into the controversy lie
must try to keep Stevens from bearing
of this days blunder for Jim Stevens
knew as well as be didnt he that the
man who loses hIs temper like the
man who talks too much Is of no uso
In politics
I want to know how you formed
your opinion of political matters of
senators Is It possible sir that you
have actual knowledge of actual hap
penings that give you the right to talk
as you have I want to know If I
must feel shame feel disgrace sir to
be a aeuator TrolU Mississippi that
state sir that the Almighty hhnselt
sir would choose to live lu If he came
to earth
There there senator dont tape too
seilously what I have said Zanders
replied In reassuring tone having outI
lined his course of action I lost ray
head incense you wouldnt promise UJT
something I tieededtlmt appointment
sculls I
tors aV such was all wild words
tierL I
Ibo senator This query was a happy I
afterthought which Sanders craftily
suggested In a designedly artless man
Just what I thought and know ex
claimed Latgdon sharply It couldnt
be It Isnt possible Now you go sir
nnd let It be your greatest disgrace
that you nro not fit to enter any gen
tlemans house I
i Oh dont rub It III too bard senator
You may need my help some day but
youll have to deliver thccooda before
Noveliaad irofDthe play by FrBd2rtckRTooinbsi
TnT poll but bores n tip Dont I
blues tnefor lljiiitlu you Ivo got to
llKhi to Jive Im a liuunti twin an1
liutimna lire prolty much the sable all
over the vurUl nil cx ipt vcniyouru
only half natural The rest of yolTU
After Snndera departure HIP coloucl
sat nt hU table Ills howl nt ting la hla
hnudjjhe events of the day crowding
1JI tl hl11I JtWlllllrlllsl t
The battles of peace are wort han
any icuurejnrd ever led rum ditto Ill
murmured KlghtliiR to conquer one
melt la harder than turning the left
Until of the Ighth Illinois Inuii cm
lilndluj lire
But till new senator from MIssUsTppl
dtdnot know that fur 111111 the wars cf
pence had only Just begun that per
impsliia own l JJIII1tl blood and that
of the wife and mother Who had gun
Jieforp woUd tern traitor to bin colon
lu the very thickest of the flay
lK International Lintel In wash
Ington was all hustle niu bUfilltJ I
Was It not preparing for Its
first senator since 1SS57 No
Icsa a pDrsonttgjj than lira IIo r A Wil
to be n WII rill personal friend of Sen
ator Stevens one of the loading mem y
tiers of his party ut the capitalthad
engaged a Milt of rooms for himself
and two dnughtcrSj
Alnt It the limit remarked the
chief clerk to Hud Hnlnes correspond I
cut of the New York Star The sen i
ator wrote us that be was coming here I
because his old friend tho late Sen 1
iitor Moseley said back In 75 that this
was the best hotfl In Washington and I
where nil the prominent tniU ought to
stay Maine the ablest political reporter I
In Washington bad come to the Inter
national to Interview the nil w senator
to describe for his paper what kind of
n citizen tangdou was lie glanced
around nt the dingy woodwork the
worn cushions tile nicked nnd uneven
tiles of tho hotel lobby and smiled at
the clerk Well If this Is tho new
senators Idea of princely luxury he
will fit right Into the senatorial atmos
phere Hath laughed derisively Dy
the way added llalnos I suppose
youll raise your rates how that youve
got a senator hire
The clerk brought his fist down ou
the register with
n thud
We could have
them every day
If we wanted
them Tills fol
low thoui well
have all winter t
guess Ills sons
here now Deco
breaking all rec
ords for drink
lug Congress
man Norton ol
Mississippi baa
Well cant VOlt tee been down here
tefiut tour doJntr with him n few
times There young anpdon Is now
Unities turned quickly Just In time
to bump Into a tall slender young
man who was walking unevenly In
the direction of the cafe
Well cant you see what youro do
lag muttered the tall young ban
thicklyHalncs smiled The chap who has
played halfback four years on his col
lege eleven and held the boxlu cham
pionship In lila class Is apt to be good
natured lie docs not have to take of
tense easily Besides Randolph Lang
don was plainly under the Influence of
whisky So mines smiled pleasantly
at the taller young man
Heg your pardon my fault Halues
IWell dont let It occur again Anon
strolled with un
bled Langdon ns ho unBud
even dignity toward the door Bud
Ilnlnos laughed
1 guess young Langdon Is goIng to
be one of the boys Isnt he
lies already one of them when U
comes to u question of fluid capacity
laughed someone behind him and Hud
whirled to meet the gaze of his friend
Dick Cullen representative of ono of
tho big Chicago dailies
Von down here to see Langdun
tool commented Bud
Cullen nodded Queer roost where
this senator Is to hang out Isnt H
It cant be n rich one then Bug
jested homes
Cullen chuckled
Perhaps lies nil honest one
I hadnt thought of that You nl
ways were original Dickie comment
d Hnlnes dryly By tho way whist
lo you know about him
Nothing except that too Evening
Call printed a picture of hits eldest
daughter says shes the queen drug h
ter of the south a famous beauty rich
planter for n father mother eft her n
Shell cut quite a social taplr with
this hotels name on lnjr carter non t
chol1 broke In mines ns he led Cullen
to n seat to await tho expected legis
lator whose train was late
Ilator dont know very much about him
myself said Mollies All Ive been
able to discover Is that Stevens said
rtho word which elected him timid that
rUle s bad Great glory when f thin k
wlmt n senator of the right sort has n
Wnsimimgtony a
uoiipnrtlftuu straight out from tho
yIslbulder roan He reused to shake
his head In disgust You know these
fellows hero In the senate dont even
sec their chance Why It you and I
didnt do any more to hold our jobs
than they du wed bo fired by wire the
first day They know Just th old po
lltlcnl game thats all
Its n great frame though Bud
sighed Culleir longingly for like many
newspaper men h6 hlltltlJl secret feel
ing that be was cut out to be a great
if aim
ulJJCIIl Lnngdon I A Gentleman from
ore Tts n KTWU panic ns n game
ngrwd Hnlnes = 0 Is bridge and stud
poker and three card monte and fun
flam generally Take this new mary
Lungdon for Instance Chosen by Stf
terra hcIFprobably bo perfectly obed
tens perfectly oasy going perfectly
blind nudperfcclly useless WhatV
wanted now Is to get tho work done
not > lny tho game
rheroughly a cynic through hi
years of experience ns n uewspape
man which bad shown the Insldt
I working1 of many Important phase
pt the cmi ir ly conventional life M
I this complex world Cullen prctende
unbounded enthusiasm
I Hear Hear he shouted AH yo
earnest citizens come vote for Ite
I former llaluoa Im for you u
What do I get In your cabinet Iv
joined the reformers too and like a
of tlwni me for PUIlITY ns loaf
ns she gives me a meal ticket
But not even Culleu could tnaki
homes consider his views on thi
necessity of political regeneration ti
be ridiculous ills optimism could no >
Te snuffed out fur be was a gunuln <
believer that tlit naiiiral tendency 0
humankind was to do right Wrou
he believed to be the outcome of un
natural RUled This quality com
I blued with his practical knowledge o
I the world timid his courage made him o
formidable man one who would our
I day ncccmpllnb big IngsIr he got
the chance
You know you cant shut ino up
Dick was his response to Cullen
oratorical flight Im going to have
my say I dont too why a senator
shouldnt Je bonott All I want them
to do Is to playa new limo Let om
at least seam to be honest attend h >
their biwliftips forget politIcs The
country sounds Uivin here to work nut
If they do tlic work the people really
dont rare a hml C what party they be
long to
Come out of U Bud Your brain In
wobbly yawmJ Cullen wearily Pit
buy 11 drink If jtull quiet down Lets
bo comfortable till this fellow Lang
don appears He caught his friend
by the arm ac9 In splto of protcsi
dragged him of to tho cafe Just mr
young Iing < lofl pod Congressman Nor
ton came down through the lobby
Though but ew years older than
Randolph tan lon Charles Norton
had long exercised strong Influence
over him because of his wider export
dice In the winds affairs Like his
father young aiigfiou had stayed
close to the p mutation most of his
life particular ntterl leaving school
devoting his at > ntlou to studying the
business of co ducting the familys
big estate No tgn brought him the
atmosphere of he big outside world
ho yearned toI e even as did his slit
ter Carolina nn be Imitated Nortons
manners hIs less and mode of
speech file t ugressmans habit of
confiding iirilnpolph n subtle com
pllment was > cply appreciated bj
the lam who u consciously became n
tontlnunl ndverlser of Nortons man
virtues to Cn yna and to his father
all of which tli congressman know
I That Norton political career was
the outcome < Carolina Langdont
ambition to sl o in gay society wall
known ta his rlonda na well as hl >
family and iiI desire to win her and
place her whe she could satisfy c
ory whim lied levelopcd almost id f
frenzy Seelnp ordeucoR of Senate
Stevens vast 1 luence he did not lies
Itnte to seek n lose relationship wit
him and tin senator was clovei
enough to lead iorton to consider hit
Lila friend i
At the start > t his political career
j Norton bad hlf or ideas of honor than
guided his n ns now tint he bad
become a par of the political ma
1 cbfno that coral oiled his native state
11ut Mississippi nd of the bipartisan
combination 1t dominated both
houses of con ess In the Interest of
the treat rat IY and Industrial cor
poratlons vSe tor Stevens and other
powers had s Istorted Nortons view
of the differs o between public nod
11prlllto Intcre I and their respective
titrights that be id come to believe cap
ital to bo the erred heritage of the
nation which mat be protected nt any
cost The IK ptiiuce of a retainer
from the C S and P Railroad com
pany for who unnecessary services
lu Wnshlngtoi only another way of
buying n man i transaction arranged
by Senator St ens was but another
stage in tin disintegration of the
young congret nans character but it
brought him st that much closer to
tho point wb i he could claim Caro
linn Langdon i his own And oppor
unity docs in knock twIce nt a mans
door unless Is ut the bead of the
rattnaclmhmc t
it2nlr i persevering young jaw
student who loved time girl who hind
been his boyhood playmate was now
Norton who coveted her fatlier lauds
who boasted that he was on the In
side in Washington who wus ou tho
way to fortune If the new senator
from Mississippi would or could be
forced to stand In favor of the Alto
cooItTnaval base
Ills conversation with Ilandolph
Lnugdoh as Halncs and Cullen saw
them pass through the hotel lobby II
lustrated the nature of the Norton of
the present mid his Interest In the AI
tacoola scheme
Theres no reason why you shouldnt
come In on the ground floor lu this
proposition Itnudolpb he was urging
In continuance of the conversation be
gun overo table In the cafe No rea
I son why you shouldnt do It lilY boy
Why are you still H cjilfd or are you
really a man You have uow drafts
for SMOOO hjivcut you
Yenh agreed Lnngdou chagrined
at Nortons Insinuation of youthfulness
pod anxious to prove that ho was real
ly n man of affairs Ive got tho fifty t
thousand Charlie blltbllt you nee i
thats tho money for Improvements on i
rljt plantnttonYta father has put me
In ns manager I want to innkv a show
You cant make It until spring
urged Norton The moneys got to lie
n till bank nil winter tow why
dont you make n hundred thousand
with It Instead of letting It lie Idle
Isnt that simple i
The younger mans eyes opencdwlde
and his imagination stimulated by the
special brand of Bourbon whlaky Nor
ton hail ordered for him took rapid
One hundred thousandl You meat
l could raako a hundred thousand with
my fifty between now and spring
Sun ns n nigger likes gin replied
Norton confidently
How asked Lnngdon
The young congressman leaned over
This Is under your bat Randolph
You can keep quiet
Lnngilon nodded eagerly
Then put It Into Allnroola land
The naval base gasped I ansdon
Norton nodded
Now youve hit It The government
will select AJtacooln for n naval base
Then laud will jump way up to never
and youll clean up a hundred thou
Bend nt the least Isnt It simple
There are u thousand people with
mutiny who would Just love to liars
this chance And Im giving It to you
because of our friendship I want to
tie you a good turu Ivo got my money
In tlporp
Young LatiKdon was visibly Im
Youve nlwnys treated me right
Charlie youve been for tne 1 know
lint suppose the government doesnt se
led Altacooln Gulf Citys lu tho run
Norton laughed sarcastically
Gulf City Is a big bunch of mud
Oats Besides Ill tell you something
else Just between us remember lie
waited for the boys eager nod before
bo went on Theblg men are behind
Altncoola Stnudnrd Steel wants A 1
tacoola and what Standard Steel wants
from congress you can bet your Ix tom
dollar Standard Steel gets They know
their business at No 10 Broadway
Now then are you satisfied
Randolph vas more thnn satisfied
Already ho felt himself rich and hon
estly rich too for Norton hind con
vinced him that there was no reason
why ho should not use the 50000 otI
uh fathers when It lad tit He lu the I
hMlk anyhow nil winter and he would I
have It back In time to use on the
plantation In tho spring when It lens
needed How proud of him his father
would be when he showed htm n clear
profit of 1000001
Ill go get the drafts nt once Char
lie antI Im mighty much obliged to
you he said with gratitude In his
Nortons smile was one of deep antis
Thats all right Ilnndolph You
know I want to do nuythlug I can for
Randolph was starting for bin room
when HalncH nnd Cullen turnujl sharp
ly around the corner of the hotel desk i
Again Bud and tho young southerner
accidentally collided i
Where nre you going Cant you
look out1 blurted Laiigdon
Ililiits grinned
Guosfl its your fault this time
Oh It In Is It Irritably replied i
Itnndolph wbo as the young marse
bad been accus
tomed to nccuS1
unable deference
on tho plantation
Well take that
he angrily cried
aiming a savage
c swing at Hollies
The reporters
athletic training
proved of ready
service Dodging
under the clinch
ed fist he turned
dexterously seiz
ed young Lang
dons outstretch
ed wrist and bent
the arm down
I Langdon was helpless over his Unities
I shoulder aa though to throw tho young
attacker with the wrestlers flying
marc Langdon was helpless an
Ualnes bad also secured his free hand
but instead of completing the throw
the reporter walked away with Ills foe
licld securely on his back to put him
to bed n kindly service III tfow of
Itandolphs mental state
From across the lobby Chmrksur
ton had watched Itandolpbx discomfit
ing encounter with Ilalnc with iitmmi
Now that Ivo got the young fellow
to sew up his old mans money In llnI
coola laud be chuckled
reckon Sen I
ator William II Iangdon wout tree i
anything wrong with that same noble I
tract of universe whcji he comes to
vote for the naval base Senator Ste
vena will be pleased
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ing and antiseptic and act prompt
1y1uut fail to pet DuWitt
Kidney and Bladder Pills Accept
no substitute Itegnlur Bizd 50c
Sold by Jackson Drug Store
Five oclock Tea I
Four teaspoonfuls of ten four cupI
fuls boiling water candled cherries I I
slice cf lemon Put a candled ox heart
cherry and slice of lomcn In each cup
t > efcr pouring I
Always have Kennedys Laxa
I ivo Cough Syhip handy especial
Iy for the children It tastes mica ly
Its good as maplb sugar It cures i
the cold by gently moving the 1
jewels through its laxative prill j
iple and at the sitino time it iSj
oothing for throat irritation j
hereby stopping the cough Tlioro
is nothing aa good Sold by Jack
son Drug Store
< WESi liOt m
14Nu 1 No >
11nlEx r
Kx Sun
AM v >
Lv Jackson 0 JO U >
2O its
Klkutuun 024 tf Ii
Oakdalo um s i4
Athol C JO if 6 u
lnlle a 0 ty 8 00 7 JJ8
bt Helens 0 CO a 11 7 1SV
Bttnlo let j 07 n 207M
FLorrcnt j1O 3 41 8 If Y
jlHiicairn 7 10 3 HO S11a
Nntl IrVre 7 15 a 65 8 20
20C j
2HUtindeo 1 J
48Suuitoii i
Suuitoii 8 HiC 420 8 64
jKTct U 00 11Yr it
f11incltcster fro
Wvandotto Ufjt IVu 1
Avon 1 82 fi
Mont roso 1l 4O5r 5O Mb 12
< 1
11urtrosu 2 IS 7 40
48NVvandotto 7 Mf
aWinchester 8 12
14 tC B Jfiiict 3 20 8 20
Jny City 1 An 9 02 l
Filson 4 14 9 22
Dundee 4 2f 9 84
Natural Hrlilyo 4 St 9 4IJ
asTorrent U1I1
iMiicnstlc 5 00 10 08
St Helens ft 17 10 2G
00O 1 j10
05A 11 15
L 15 j UN jJTIONTrnlns No
1 and 1 will lllnkc connections
witMJ o Ky for Mt Sterling
the Mountain Central Huilwav for
passengers to and front Cnmuton
No 2 will connect with the L A
at Ueattyvillo Junction for llcatty
J and 4 with tho Ohio C ivontucky
for Cannel City and way stations
Ol K IZA l dale AY
IFFICTIVI xov w won
A N p Mr
nclon Jl 05 3 00
Frozen n yt 3 33
Vnnclcvo M J8 3 42
lanipton n 6j 4 05
Jlcleclmwa 12 19 155
IEASI 2n 111111 let onss
A lI I I
7 10 1 00
I 00llelecbawn
Ilclcchuwn 7 M J 11
i Lee City 7 45 1 21
24Williurst 1 41a
Williurst 8 37 1 1
51Vnnclevo 1
Vnnclevo S 47 1 57
47frozen 2 01
u As K 1
925Ar 2 25
Ar Jaclcson 9 30 2 30r
Sunday passenger train leaves
Cnnnel City at 1 00 p m returning
leaves Jacksonat 00 p III Y
111 CONLEV G cn 1lr
Mountain Central
Depart 1J rrh
5 45 n III CnmljtOt 4 30n in <
145 p m CnlJlPtilG 00 p in fJ
Arrive Depart tit
8 00a n r r a
u m Compton Jun 10 05 am
4 00 p m Campton Jun 4 40 p m +
Make connection with aU L
g passenger trains
WITH Dr Kings
Neier Discover
InItmI y I
Trlal oUe ret
Moms fil BOlels Best for Cuildreu adCIm y
Muir tJJ wer seib taxes tins cegsupnstlos Wiiaih7 tNM qusldagrtPbbb EJpseVh iawln Nap tyM T r r anfle u Nab iii 1M 0 1
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