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AXGDCS loaned over and salted
the arm of nls Intervlemtr
LAXGDC e bore young man why
arent you In polities he sal t
Too busy senator replied Haines
Ecsldes I like the newspaper game
Gamer queried Langdon
Oli I use the word in a general
sense senator replied IIalnes Prct
ty much everything Is a gamesocle
ty politics newspaper work business
of every sort Men and women make
moves to meet the moves of other
men nnd women Why even in rell
glon tho way some people play a
The speaker was Interrupted by the
appearance of Hope Georgia who was
searching for her father
Stay here and listen to what n hard
task your old father has got said the
Mlselsalpplan to his daughter wbotr
be presented to Bathes with a pictur
csque flourish reminiscent of the pride
and chivalry of the old south He hat
the Idea that those New Yorkers who
read his paper would actually like to
know something about me
Hopo Georgia stole many glances at
i tho reporter as he talked with her tar
thcr lie made a deep Impression on
her young mind She had spent almost
all her life on the plantation her fa
tber providing her with a private tu
tor instead of sending her to boarding
1 f school where her elder slater had beer
educated Owing to the death of her
r mother the planter had desired to keep
Hope Georgia at homo for companion
ship This good looking clean cut
well built young man who was taking
no big and so active a part of the
worlds work brought to her the at
r mosphere that her spirit craved He
gave one an impression of ability of
earnestness of sincerity and she was
glad that her father approved of him
Hope Georgia by the same teken
did not e QIIPO the Attentlou of the In
r terviewer Her appealing charm 61
I taco and figure was accentuated by
her daintiness nnd a fleeting sugges
lion of uulvcto in poise and expression
when she was amused His first
glance revealed to Haines that her
eyes were gray the gray that people
say indicates the possessor to haTe
those priceless qualities tho qualities
that make the sweetest women true
that make the maidens eyes In truth
the windows of her soul the qualities
that make women womanly
She sat close to her father her hand
In bla listening Intently to the unfold
lag of a story of what to her was a
I mysterious world the mans world
the strong mans worldwhich many
a woman would give her all to enter
and play a part therein
What else have you against a po
lltlcal career Mr Haloes went on
tho senator taking up their conver
Well my age for one thing I
havent any gray hairs
f L1ngdon waved this objection aside
I might arrange to pool ages with
you Sometimes I think wo want
young men in politics like you
The reporter shook his bead
r Old in age and young in politics
like you Senator don he replied
Politics I sometimes think is pure
Lypocrlsy and sometimes something
worse A man gets disgusted with the
trickery and dishonesty and corrup
tion Then drawled Lan oo the thing
to do is to Jump In and stop Itl I
read in tho newspapers a great deal
about corruption The gentlemen In
national politics whom I have had the
honor of knowingSenator Moseley
1 an Intimate friend of thirty years my
I present colleague Senator Stevens and
i others have been as honest as the day
Is long
But the days do get short In No
vember when congress meets dont
2 they laughed Haines rising Im
afraid Ive taken too much of your
time and I seem to have talked a lot
I Langdon was amused
r Doc look like Id been Interviewing
I tDoc reckon each oDe of us has got
a pretty good notion of what the other
I mans like I wanted It that way and
f4 I like you Mr Raines Ive got a prop
t osition to make to you They toll me
11U need a secretary Now I think 1
need Just such a young man as you I
dont know Just exactly what the work
would be or what the financial nr
rangements should be but I think you
and I would make a pretty good team
1 wish youd come He turned to his
daughter with a smile What do you
I s think of that Hope Georgia 7 Isnt
your dad right
Smiling her approval tho young girl
squeezed her fathers hand iu her en
ft I think Its a splendid idea dad
fi I Just great Wont you come Mr
r WonCIOU come Sir Ualnat
Ualues WcebII know my fa
then would like to have you
As be stood before hU two new
I r found friends for such Haines now
IgA81IIBad4hs411vl BAllk1l
I r
daucnfcr hf ouT nor suppress feel
ings of surprise tinged with uncertain
ty He bud like other newspaper men
received offers of employment from
politicians who desired to increase
their Influence with the press Some
times the salary offered had been large
the work so light that the reporter
could earn the money and yet retain
his newspaper position a scantily dis
guised species of bribery which had
wrecked the careers of several promis
ing young reporters well known to
Haines young men who hud been thus
led Into selling their columns by nn j
scrupulous machine dictators I
Hainan knew that the Mississippian
had no ulterior purpose to serve In his I
offer yet be must have time to think
1 over the proposal
I thank you senator he finally
I said I appreciate the opportunity
coming from you but Ive never I
thought of giving up the newspaper
profession Its a fascinating career
one that I am too fond of to carlOlI
Langdon started to reply when a de
lightfully modulated southern voice In
terrupted Father Ive been out with Mrs
Spangler to look for some other rooms
1 dont like this hotel and I fouud some
that I do like
Ualnes turned to see a handsomely
gowned young woman who bad the
stamp of a patricians daughter In her
bearing and hit countenance bra
nette with delicate features though
determination shone In her eyes and
contained poise of
appeared In the self
her bead She was the Imperious type
of beauty and suggested to Uainoer trpeI
dry point etchings of Paul Belles Ho
instinctively conceived her to be In
tensely ambitious and of this Unlace
was soon to have unexpected evidence
Gazing at her with a sense of a grow
ing admiration Haloes gave an Invol
untary start as Senator Langdon
spoke My daughter Miss Carolina Lang
don Mr Haines said the senator
Carolina was interested
Are you the newspaper man who is
Interviewing father I hope youll do
a nice one We want him to be a
successful and popular senator Wed
like to help him If we could
The correspondent bowed
I should say you certainly would
help him to be a popular senator he
declared emphatically falling to notice
that Hope Georgia was somewhat an
noyed at the enthusiasm displaced over
her elder sister In fact Hope Georgia
was suffering a partial If not total
eclipseIm leaving It to Mr Haloes to put
down the things I ought to say broke
In the senator He knows
Yes he knows everything about
Washington Carolina exclaimed Hope j
Georgia spiritedly I
The older girl spoke eagerly I
I wish youd interview me Mr j
Halnes Ask me how I like Washing j
ton I feel as though J must tell some
one Just bow much I do like 1tl It
Is too wonderful
Id like mighty well to interview
you Miss Langdon enthusiastically
exclaimed Haines I
I hope you will some time Mr
Unlace remarked Carolina as she said
good by
Watching her as she turned away
flames saw her extend a warm greet
1 hope jouU do a nice one
Ing to Congressman Charles Norton
who had advanced toward the group
Strange how the Langdons treat
him as a friend Intimate one too he
thought What If they should learn
ot Nortons questionable operations at
the capitol of his connection with two
unsavory deals one of which result
ed in an amendment of the pure food
law so that manufacturers of a value I
loss consumption cure could continue
to mislead the victims of the white
plague Norton who had uttered an I
epigram now celebrated in the tap
rooms of Washington The paths of
glory lead hut to the graft
Miss La jdon Is very 4 beautiful and
attractive sir said flames resuming
with the senator
Yes drawled the Misslssipplan
Girls in the south generally are
Well I must be going Ill think
about your secretaryship Senator
Langdon Perhaps 1 can find some
oneWish youd think about it for your
self observed the senator while Hope
Georgia again nodded approval It
would be a bard Job There are no
many matters of political detail about
which I am sadly inexperienced that
really most of the work would fall on
the secretary
Bud Ualnn paused Again be thought
over Langdons offer Its genuineness
appealed to him Suddenly there dawn
ed oo him an Idea of Just what It
might mean to be associated with thin
honest old citizen who had asked for
his help r bo needed It as Haines
knew only too welL He would be the
senators guide And confident bis ad
visor In big matters Why ho would
practically be United States senator
himself He knew the inside as
few others in Washington Here was
a chance to match his wit against that
of Peabody the boss of the senate a
chance to spoil some of the dishonest
schemes of those who were adroitly
playing the game He could bother
too the Intriguing members of the
third house as the lobbyists are
called Ue could direct a lightning
bolt Into the camp of Andy Corrigan
who claimed the honor of being
speaker of the third house These
thoughts crowded Into his mind Then
too Jp would bgcbme practically 3
p r
rr Iii
A 4 f
Nwttiiad frooi tho play lay JPachri ieliRDooe bs
cenTl lllMlMA w
member of the tanT don family and
harp association with the two charm
ing daughters with Carolina Lang
It would be a great chance he
murmured half aloud next thing to
being a senator
The old Mississippian heard the
young mans words
I reckon It would ho drawled In
Tau feel tar you want me urged
the other
Langdon chuckled
1 asked you he said
Haines nme abruptly to decision
Ive thought It over senator and it
1M 17 tall to a gnat chance C n every trai
t m accept
Seems to me It will be a great chance
M very way 1U accept Well fix It
up tomorrow and Ill try to make you 1
a food secretary I
Langdon held forth his hand
And Ill try to make you a good i
eedator my boy Fix up nothing to
inoipow Your duties begin tonight
Sou are to come to dinner with me and
my daughters
A rtKW stag 01 1X UTU PASTtiBIUni
HB combination of the forces ot
Langdon and Haines did not
find muck favor among the
> powers that areat the capital
Senator laiabody peremptorily demand
ed an explanation from Stevens as te
holy he had allowed his senator to
engage as his secretary this Inqulsl
tiN man flames a reporter Who dldn1
know his place
Here weve put Langdon on naval
Affairs because we knew he didnt ut
flerstand what going on and YOU
Elevens supposed to be the finished
product of the political mill you fall
pewbom nobody can control one who
knows the Inside workings of Wash
Ington and who will take par ticu lsr
pleasure In teaching your fellow Mh
slsslpp > lan tar too mnoh for our good
Stevens reply to effect that prob
ably Haines would consent to be tak
en care or If judiciously approached
Was derided by the observant Pea
body A young reformer grows tat
on notoriety he laughed and think
what a scandal he would have for his
newspaper If wo took a chance on din
closing our haud to him No no tJte
vuns wo must have trim watched and
try to discredit him In some way Per
haps we can watt Langdon believe
that his secretary Is dishonest
Oongressmap Norton was another
knan who was XUwnayed at the forma
tldn of the firm gf Langdon and Rains
Young Randolph too could not forge
the defeat and humiliation be had prey
tlonsly suffered at Halnc hands and
grew more better an the reporters In
flutnco over his father grew stronger
But nalnes most effective enemy hat
artiep in the person he would be the
last to suspect one whom he nnceas
tngly admired one whose very word
be bad come to cherish And possibly
it Was not all her own fault that Cnro
linn LTncdon had enlisted her services
subtle nnd quite overwhelming owing
to IInln ir fervent worship of her
ngalnst the secretary Perhaps the so
clal system of which she had become a
port la Weblngtoii had something to
do with the craving to became it loadei
In that fascinating world whose far
lUng variety and Infinite diversion
so med to Oil her soul with all that It
yearned for Love she had for she
had now promised to wed Congress
site had confessed to him and gradu
ally she came to work desperate
gainst Halnes who she had been
convinced by Norton and Randolph
would prove a stumbling block to them
to her father to herself In her career
at th capital If his Influence over the
to increase And so on the surface
Carolina Langdon was most amiable
to thfr secretary encouraged him In his
attentions to her led him surely into
feer txjwer Norton haying prevailed on
eto keep the knowledge of their to
gag mont secret from every one even
Lot father
The days and nights became filled
with Imp rtant work t 9r Senator Lang
don and his secretary Together they
went over the important measures out
lined what appeared to be the beat
course of procedure and carried It into
effect as far as possible Langdon be
caine a prominent figure in the senate
owing to his consistent support of
measures that fitted in with the public
policy or what should be the public
policy of the nation He had learned
that the only practicable way to out
wit or to cope with the members of
the dominating machine made ay be
Wrfs surprised to see of members of
bob the parties the only two la
Washington was to oppose what the
machine wanted with enough power to
ro it to grant Blm wbat be believed
the public ought to have He was de
scribed by some of the hidebound In
siders on Capitol bill as the only
l sjnx UiiQ Jtba k4 fought the marI
cblne ln ibfrty rear I
fI h uid later established
In Washington ra preferable to the
I International b el were frequently
seen a small cotrle of senators and
congressmen wl hud become known
houses of cong s as the Langdon
I crowd which Avd was admitted to
be soniewbatjifsWAClnr when It final
I ly prevailed a president to take
over 11000 postKstors from the np
polnUneot class Ind put them under
the control of thvlvll service commis
lion resulting ll the necessity of a
competitive exiflnlnation for these
postmasters instead of their securing
positions throug political favoritism
Those who did not know Lnngdon
Intimately suggested that this fellow
ought to be taken care of What in
Gods name does he want A commit
chairmanship ambassadorship
tor some Mississippi charcoal burner
A couple of federal judgeships fur his
friends Well whatever it Is give It
to htm and get him In with the rest
of usl
Again It was Peabody who had the
deciding say
Theres only one thing worse ttan
a young reformer and thats an old
oncA be laughed bitterly at a secret
conclave at his apartment In the lux
urlous Louis Napoleon hotel The
young one thinks he Is going to live
and wants our future profits fur him
self The old one thinks hell going
to die and hes sore at leaving IW
much graft behind him
Heads nnd hearts thinking and throb
bang together Langdon and his secre
1 tary Ilnlnptf plodded along They
had learned to lean on each other
the young gaining Insplratioa from the
old the old gaining strength from the
young They loved each other and
more than any love they trusted one
another And Hope Georgia watched
It all and rejoiced for she believed
with all the accrued erudition of eight
een yean of innocent girlhood that
Mr Dud Ualues was quite the fiueat
specimen of young manhood this
world had ever produced now could
be have happened She was sure that
she had never met his equal not even
in that memorable week she had spent
In Jackson
The passing weeks taught Ilatnes
that he was deeply in love with Caro
tins and though be had endeavored
to keep the knowledge of this from
her her wosasns Intuition had told her
his secret and she stilled the momen
tary regrets that flitted into her mind
because she was now In the game
aerself the Washington game that
ensnares the woman as well as tbeI
man and auks her a slave to Its fan
cy No one but herself and Norton
knew how deeply sho bad plunged
on a certain possible turn of the po
litical cards She must not she could
not lose If life itself were to remain I
of value to her and on her sway over
this secretary she was told it all de
pended A subject that for some nnexplaln
able reason frequently lodged In
Halnes mind wu that of the appar
ent assiduity with which Mrs Spangle
cultivated Senator Langdons friend
ship For several years she had occu
pled a high social position at the cape
tal he well knew but various Indefi
nite intangible rumors be bad heard
be could not state exactly where had
made him regret her growing intimacy
with the girls and with the senator
They bad met her through letters of
Introduction of the most trustworthy
and assuring character from people of
highest social rank in Virginia where
the Langdona bad many friends but
ev nso Hnlnca refilled people who
write Introductory letters are some
times thoughtless In considering all the
circumstances of the parties they in
troduce and residents of Virginia who
had not been in the capital for yearn
might be forgiven for not knowing of
alt the more recent developments In
the lives of those they knew In Wash
ington While not wishing to have the
senator know of his Intention the sec
retary determined to Investigate Mrs
Spangler and her present mode of life
at his I1r opportunity hoping the
while that his quest would reveal her
to bo what the Langdons considered
I ltera widow of wealth fashion and
reserve who resided at the capital be
I cause the memories of her late hus
band a former congressman of high
standing were associated with It
I Coiling at the Langdons house one
to receive direr
evening In February
I lions regarding important work for the
lilts a trick mid
I Balnet
next day Haloes
was somewhat
puzzled at the pe
culiar smile on
the senators face
Answering the
secretarys look
of Inquiry the
M I shalpplall
Ive been told
that I can name
the new bolder of
a five thousauj
dollar a year posl
tion in the de
pertinent of com
merce and labor
and that if I have
no on In particu
Ilnr from my state to namethat that
you would be a good man for the job
I First 1 was glad for your sake my
boy for If you wanted it you could
have the position But on thinking it
over It seemed there might be some
thing behind it not snowing on the sur
Its a trick Mid Haines Who
made the offerr
Senator Steven n
I mlgtyt have knows hotly re
sponded the secretary Theres a
I crowd that wants you and me separat
ed Thought this bait too much for
me to resist did tbeyr Then be
I panaZd rnbhlnc t to ors tbrnlllirh Ws
r I
hair In n perplexed manner Strange
isnt It senator that a man of your
party Is offered this desirable piece of
patronage entirely unsolicited on your
part from the administration of an
other a different political party Especially
cially when that other party has BO
many hungry would be tax eaters
clamoring to enter tho land of milk
and honey 1 think Stevens dellbor
Thcrc there Bud broke In Lang
don you mustnt say anything against
Senator Stevens to me True he asso
elates with some folks I dont approve
of but that doesnt necessarily mean
anything wrong and I myself have al
ways found him thoroughly honest
Yes muttered the secretary fol
lowing the senator Into the library
youve always found tilm houest be
cause you think everybodys honest
but Stevens Is just the doctor who will
cure you of this ailment this chroulC
llnlnw laughed softly When Pea
bodys little Stevle gets through buck
ing nt the prostrate body of political
purity his two handed sword of polit
ical corruption will need new edges
Thus far neither the senatorTior hi
secretary hid suspicion of any ques
tionable deal In regard to the gulf
naval base The rush of other events
particularly the fight over the slue
tion of the tariff
had pushed this
project tempora
rely Into the back
ground no far as
they were con
cerned though
the boss of the
lunate and his
satellites had
been losing uo
time In perfect
lag tljelr plans
regarding the
choice of Altacoo
la as the silo
Peabody and
Stevens had in
geniously exploit
ed Laugdon at
every possible op
Dtttcr tee Senator
portunlty In relation to the naval base
Asked about new developments In the
committee on naval affairs the ready
answer was Better see Senator
lInn He knows all about the
naval ibal the matter In full
charge1 really know little about Ito
So by biding behind the unsuspect
lag old hero of Crawfordnvllle they
diverted from themselves any jiosnUjle
suspicion and placed Langdon where
be would have to bear the brunt of
the great scandal that would they
well knew come out at some future
time after their foul conspiracy
against the nation bad been consum
mated after the fruits of their bo
traral lad been secured
What after all the schemers con
cluded Is the little matter of an Inves
tigation among senators to guilty sen
ators who deep
ly versed in the
law have de
stroyed every
document compromising t hat
could be admis
sible as evl
Why the senate
would appoint
an Investigating
committee and
investigate It
self would It
not when the
ridiculous scan
dal came
And what len
Anil what tenator
cuuhl fctirhtrtuttft
ntor would fear himself or for him
self us be Investigated himself when
tho blame had already been put pub
llcly on some ono else some simple
minded old soul who could go back to
his cottou fields In Mississippi and for
get all about it strong in his Innocence
even though shorn of reputation and
Continued next week
He Fooltd Himself
JL station master who bad been tak
ing a short holiday at some distance
from his own station went to catch
the last train homeward and on enter
log the station found a lady trying ti
turn the handle of one of the compart
ments The station master rushed to
her assistance opened the door bun
died the passenger In slammed the
door to and then by force of habit
waved his band to the guard and stood
calmly on the platform till the train
had steamed out of sight He had to
walk home and the other station mas
ter laughed London Standard
Iflglitiou Bald Mountain
On a lonely night Alex JBuiiton
of Fort Edward N yr climbed
Bald Mountain to the home of a
neighbor tortured by asthmnbint
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hinsolf of asthma This wonder
fnl medicine soon relieved and
quickly cured his neighbor Later
it cured his sons wife of a severe
lung trouble Millions believe its
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fever grip and vhooping cough
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pour stomach constipation hull
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2 e
A Doubtful Comollrnent
Today I heard n new one roman
ed tho professional raconteur amid Ii >
told It Thure was wild appluucc ox
edit In tho case of one man In HIP
audience That mall was genuinely
Thank yon for telling mo that In
said shaking bands effusively with the
professional raconteur It takes tne
back to childhoods haply hour It
was the first funny story i ever heard
My greatgrandfather always claimed
that It had happened to him personal
ly Thank yon thank you > New
York Time
A IlurryUp Call
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A Practical Ghost
London Society relates one of the
few Instances In which a ghost Is re
corded to have played a really practi
cal part It happened in SlcUy som M
yean ago when nu EngIbtl ian win
was taking a solitary walking tour tr
tho interior of the Island suddenly be
came aware that a friend vi his wire
bad died some time before was walk
lag by his ride A little farther on he
came across some brigands who were
evidently lying In walt to attack him
They looked nt him and then remark
ed with evident surprise Why there
are two of tbemT and Immediately
hurried away thinking It WM not sat
to atttrk them The writer does Dot
tell what happened then but leaves
ono to draw his own conch lions
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mall rune up to lie or too yarde
For Kilt description ol
aU Martin Repeaters
just let our 136paie
cataloc Mailed free
for a stamp postage
l Ili lWllllUa e
42 Willow Street NEW HAVEN CONN
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No 1 No 8 No 5
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Lv Jncksor f 10 ti 2J 7 J
OKJet Gift 26b 7 Ob
Klkutarf G 20 2 30 70
Oakdnla 6 33 2 H 7 2R
Athol 6to 2 b2 71v
Talleun II JO 3 00 7it
Htt vle JcL j Oi 8 20 7 U
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passengers to and from Cambton
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for Cannel City and way stations
A N r M
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A N 1 M
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Frozen 8 56 9 04
OK Junction 9 25 2 25
Sunday passenger train leaves
Cannel City at lOOp ni returning
leaves Jackson at 4 00 p m J
Mountain Central
Depart Arrive
6 45 a m Campton 11 30 a m
146 p m Campton 6 00 p m
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WITH Dr Kings
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