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I f VoJ eVt I f t Jackson Kentucky Friday Juiip 25JX009 > > tl i < 1f n u34 t 1
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to iw 1 f tt NA JWl1
d t JCf wwww w
3 t
i GjJ 1 ie v I
c4 J u r Isaacs
1 j
r Cwt <
c 1oi
i 1 rWe hale received a new and complete stock b s
Lrofspjrina goodsG i
sE We have received 500 mens suits AH jg
colors 18 15 12 and 10 suits floino j
E 1t half price i r
> F We have received a nice line of Mens shoes gj r
f iTiio lorshicm 8li6cstlieUommonvcnltl shoes and thn Ufa
e Hate Shoes > IJ
Tt il it < > i P
f viy t 11o have a big line of Ladles and Childrens slipperffpjg
fj wfitoiiVo will seller low k
6 nj fAt e laya t nice line > of Ladies Skirts 3 s
Q koodi fM t e
Containst w
t g Ladies hale OSnlsMinlsT llrynods Notions Clothing 0
gg CarpelTruuht yuHfics Oil clothsV Mattings and Lace ci
S curlmitrsI 1 j
rThanking you for your past favors bud hoping to re ei
1 ceivnyaur trade pr J909hwercmnn J
w 1
3 Sincerely Yourse e
< u t
f s7 r
i t4sthr Jsaacs M
8a < MtMM1MMMM ftI M1M J I
J A Pomance
of Progress
ARCHIMBDKS The Jfrcsh y t
Minded DtocovereC
JI Belli
Tt jRhrC6u crowded MtMf cl
the iTSunt fS clllanHrtt e f
one < Jy luteVla tbe lhlrd1irt 7
U C ruAVl an elderly + lsait
4 d wild erf I njun > betml JifowM i
jItlII l iK > mU the Greek NON 1
Kureka tI have discovered It
Not a stitch of lotblnx covered him
Nor was ho aware of his own nude
state until arrested by the scandalized
The man who thus Unconventional
ly hiirrt upon the public gate wall I
Athlmedcs greatest of old tlme In I
ventors atd mathematicians Tho rcn
lion for his peculiar action wns that
a certain amazing discovery he bad
jut worked out had so elated him
that he absentmindedly forgot every
thing else In tho Joy of the moment
And this Is how the discovery wan
made King III era Greek ruler of
Syracuse had ordered a heavy and
beautiful gold crown constructed for
himself Ho had reason to suspQCt
lthnt tho jeweler to whom he had In
trusted tho task had cheated him by
mixing a quantity of alloy with thq
gold that went Into the making of this
royal emblem Hut Micro had no
mentis ot proving his suspicions Ho
therefore sent for Archimedes whom I
he admired as the wisest man In his I
realm and asked him to find out some
way whereby he could mnko certain
of tho presence and exact amount of
alloy In tho crown
Archimedes undertook the problem
though he had no reason for suppos I
ing ho could solve It For days tho
matter vas ever on his mind ono
m o r n ln c while
A Stranee Prb tbul pondering he
Urn and Its stopped Into his
Soivlnd Ntil 41s lie did Bf
he iIWM4 Mat till tub aUeadly full
teethe Wlni oreSflowed vynpa lila body
entered tho water This was a nlm
pie phenomenon A jnllllon people
had observed similar action on tho
part of water but to none of them
had It suggested any especial Idea
To lArcklmedes however tho lucl
dent rhea nt something Ho Instantly
while hill bathing set to work on the
great Archimedes Principle mill In
use TWs principle briefly assorts
that any object plunged Into liquid
sustains an upward pressure equal to
the weight of the water It displaces
In other words that the body 1m
tnersed loses as much weight while
under water as the weight of an equal
volumeof the liquid Itself From this
it was b itip step for him to figure out
an abaurdl simple plan for dotermln
lug absurdltSlmPIO alloy In lifroV
crown Hq would drop tho crown Into
+ a vessel fulrof water and then after
e removing It drop In an equal weight
of gold and watfih the difference of
tho two overflow
If Delighted lU Oile double mental
foat Archimedes aped from the
1 bath and out Int i thrdtreets shout
leg abroad his greqt discovery lie
s rwas heavily fined for his fdecprous
action and rewarded by Hlerb with a
laurel crown for his invention
Nor was this the only s eritldo dis
covery Archimedes mndq In tfleroa
behalf The king had a mn aWceni
j galley whose hold became foffaa
tpr With the primitive appllaBfea
of the limo It was well ntgli Impoi +
Bible to bail lt Up appealed to Arch
Imedes The latter Wanned put ftvra <
twtlcbjt cyltader kJlf U a4oelytiil
i f
r yy
t P
from the bottom of tho hold to the
upper nit < Inside this cylinder he
arranged a long spiral closefitting
arrow air Unlit and twisted by a
crank from above ny turning this
scrod thawAt < ir was of Cpitrse drawn
tip front the hoJ through the cylinder
In mathematics Arcbiracdcs excelled
h w relations oteinSrpjftrp
ri g dand fife niea uremcBiflt
Im a circle ai4 spade
r En known the 4i nee
M rhou
r1i alnltor loverge The
ii jfA oeM cotaplezcraak aa h
p11ar p laAtrmcaayaiiI
TilVaVlouB dlccorerleii aflll lnyprtte
he founded the entire art of itKchan
Irs In use todaY To no other man do
mechanics roatheinatlca and physics
owe no much
Those were the days of Greek de
cadence MarcMlus tho Reman Ben
eral besieged Syracuse Archimedes
at once turnod his talents to account
In devising catapults and other war
engines that worked havoc on the In
I vaders He Is even said to have ar
ranged a collection of burning glasses
In such a way as to sot fire once to
thp attnoVIng Roman fleet
RlarfehiB like all the world to
gardetl ArchImedes with reverential
awe He gate strict orders that In
case the city should bo captured
Archimedes and aH Jils propeUy were
to be spared Hut when In 213 H C
tho Hnmuns after a three years
liege Qtrumed Hyracusd Archlmedef
fell victim to lila ojvn abienl minded
nessTho victorious soldiers junUlnp
through the city came upon iTnuiii
75 yearn old seated In the middle of
the marketplace tracing geometric
figures In tho sane with the point of
his staff It was Archimedes He
wits so Absorbed In puzzling out a
problem In mats ematics that ho did
not oven know the city was captured
Afthe soldiers ran up he tried warn
edit disturb my figures with your
treatTs tamping feet
The next Instant a halt dozen spear
points passed throughhta body
MantTnlds Diron ChtvrUli
niclmnl Mam folds first great sue
cess In January 18SJJ was n tj Aaron
Chcviflnl In A Parisian Homimco n
part that wune to him throujli the re
fusal of the veteran J II Btodilart In
A M Palmers Union Square company
to play the part Mansfield gave ninny
hours to n study of Its possibilities anti
the detail of n realistic makeup
It was probably the njoat realistical
Iy dutnlUnl llgiire of reared moral not
physlvnl depravity searched to Its III
evltiiblu end the stage has ever seen
For a moment utter the curtain fell
there was a hush of awe mid surprise
then the nuillenco found Itself nut call
ed SInnsfleld to the footlights n dozen
tliuqs Hut neither then nor there
after would he appear until he hind
fymoved the wig and wukeup of the
itjd baron There was no occasion to
cliaiigo his clothes lie wore the con
ventional evening suit The effect of
shriveled uiiUerslzednesa was purely a
I muscular effect of the nc or The con
I trnst between the figure that fell nt
I the head of tho stairs and tile athletic
oun6 gcnflemau who acknowledged
itk of I Pjlk1 r IfO + t j ae nq anticlimax
1l1ibnrd uasheld tho Mng and tb >
AciorV jyPaul Wtlstach
Fntliei Wtittl Another drcwinmUi
err blllT 1Mf dear girl youjihowia fir
yotjr mlnfou Boinellilng Ulchur limn
dress UaughtcrSo I have papa
Ivp got inf mlnd fixed onnlovQ of n
I tIna downtuwuinlliltiQrs window
aodjustthlalt itaonli I 9DBt lanII
gotJt ° tor alai troy t yowA p pli detrVi
Y r
r 1
t K <
Thc Democrats Name eI
V THeir ticket Which
I rwill Sweep the Conn
l Skty In November
fhoF delegates selected nt tli e
furious rprccinct in the Counti
Saturday forlho purpose of nomi
bating candidates for time various
county ofllceH inctut the Court
ConventiuE °
was called to order by P 1
Crawford County Chairman
JudJo S Ii Patrick was elected
Temporary Chairman find Joseph
Creech Secretary and Scwell Will
rv Assistant Secretary On
motion the temporary organxia
iidnvWAB < mndo permanent On
motion Vri J owinJ gentlculc n
tcerorf rIfoinlcda VOl1nuittco on
Cr rlentiaat G V2lcenor Mat 1t
Craw ford f1amojShort Dlnt t
Spencer Ihoraus Gnflith Ben Me
lr1loshl WmSSCVmy TJohn Moore
J 11 Combs J M Allen S J
Wndkins L C Calhoun J M
Wiillcri and W 0 Hnrdrmnn
who rcpcrlcd that there were no
contests and reccommcnded tlmt
all the delegates named in the var
ious reports were entitled to seats
in the Convention Time Jteport
wnsuiinnimuonsly adopted
On motion the following gentle
most were appointed Committee on
Resolutions G W Scwcll Miles
Uqck A C Russell James lilan
ton loin JtQorls Herr Turner
and it DMillcr who brought in
the following report
We the Committc on Kesolu
tion < beg to report the following
le olvcd First That we apri
prove of the time and place of theI
holding of this Convention nndI
the manner in which it is being I
conducted I
2ttdv Wo rcnflirm our faith in 1
ijiMiidamcntiil principles of the
Deroi lit4fl > nrt
JrU41fp express our appre
lat his tlcudi Gght the
fluhtt t
Irmricrats J f1h American in I
gress hrc making for the relief of
the people from the grasp of thoI
trusts and mQiJololiesI
1th Wo deplore the existing 1
state of nllnirs under Republican
Rule in our State and Judicial I
district which prevents the pay
ment of the just earnings of our
school teachers juries and Com 1
mimwcnlths wit nesses I
f th Woespeciully urge hint
this Convention will he conducted I
in such t spent of harmony and
good fellowship as will insure thoI
redemption of our county und JuI
dicial district from Republican 1
misrule G W SKWKLL
lhmuy Tuna alt i
Nominations for County Judge
were then declared in order nndI
J Wise iffJins received the nomi
notion for said office on the first
ballot Alfred Russell was then 1
nmninatcdffor County Court Clerk
by Acclamation after tifhich Judge
W II llIimton vas nominated for 1
County Attorney on the lirst bal
lot Three ballots were then tak
en fpr > lnilcr without n nomina
tion and the Convention adjourn 1
ed till 8 oclock Tuesday morning
i The Convention met pursuant to
adjournment Tub llf r n i n JI
when Wesley Turner Jr was nomi
tinted for Jailpr by acclamation
Then followed the nomination of
T II Hudson for Shcritl on the I I
first bnllotIT W Sparks nsf
nominated for Coroner on the lrd IS
ballot and Green R Allen WISI
nominated for Surveyor by accla
motion Then followed the nomi
nation orw J Lnndrum for
Assessor W B Card well for
Circuit Clerk and Kash Williams I
for County Superintendent of 1
A Resolution was adopted that I
the names of the candidates should
bo placed under the Democratic I
device of tho Rooster on the ballots i
tribe voted nt the November clec
tion ljjp9Tho Qonvcnttoo then
Adjourned II
S Convention Notes I
Chairman Patrick received the I
epraise of the del i ates nail tin
candidates for the fl band impnr
tial manner in wlil3j he conduct
ed the convention
It was tlio rnost hftrmoniou c < m
vention ever h ditJn Breathitt
County for county tr trainees
It is conceded Umt tho ticket is
n good one f
The ticket is a winner from top
to bottom t
1lalan of time Republicans that
attended were disappointed in that
there was no d is tur ice or con r
fusion v
fusionThe M
IThe K P Convention
Held Here Tuesday
The Knights of Pyjiins District
Convention held in thts cily on
Tuesday was an occasion long to
be remembered bv Clio people of
Jackson Prominent Pythians1
from the District andjf rom various i
sections of the State ivcrp in utj
tendance J
The open session held in the
College Chapel in tire I afternoon I
was largely attended find the pro 1
gramme rendered furbished a rare 4
treat to tho Jackson public I
Judge G W llecnor presided at 4
the Convention nnd welcomed the i
visitors in an eloqflcnt address 1
which WitS responded to by Past i
Grand Chancellor Thomas G Stu I
art of Winchester in his own in i
imitable style Addresses by I
Grand Chancellor O II Pollard
on tho Object aims and achieve
ments of Pythian Knighthoo land I
b y Grand Keeper of UccoriJ ndf
Seal J W Carter on the l i Pi J
cal Work of tho Order in oa l
lucky proved an inspiration R 1
the members of the Order Then J
two officers have been worlcinff
hand in hand for tho past eight
months in an effort to disseminate It
the principles of Pythian Kni hty
hood and their earnest nppcal t rI
JJIr idcnls o r incf irta sciia
and better standifftls of jnerican I
patriotism will Ifttij bo rctnomber f
cd by the people wio w m fortun
ate enough to hear them It is to 1
he regretted that every citizen of t
Brcnthitt county could have not I
been present and heard thexoi f
splendid addresses II
Tho people of Jackson arc just
ly proud of the fact that in Grand 1
Chancellor Pollard Jackson is the J
possessor of a man who stands at l
the head of a great fraternity I
which under his able administra j
tion is rapidly taking the first po c
sition in the front rank as n lender
of advanced thought in matters j
pertaining to the elevation of char
acter and tho improvement of citi
zenship We are proud of the
fact that the mountains of Ken t
tucky have furnished to the 1
Knights of Pythias a man who nil j r
the people consider to be the best e
Grand Chancellor that the Knights I
of Pythias have ever had in Ken
The Convention closed with an A
elcuant banquet provided by Pan
Bowl Lodge No 122 of Jackson
At this banquet the local lodge
entertained their lady friends and
the visiting Knights lIon L Y
Rcdwinc ns toastmaster sustained 1 1
his reputation as till ideal Knight
and a man of altars Covers B
were laid for 12G people and the J1
banquet was pronounced by the
Grand Lodge Oflicers present as +
tho most elegant entertainment of 0
its kind they had ever attended
At tho banquet toasts were re 11
spomled to ns follows The Ago 5
of Chivalry by Hon R C Mu
sick Mr Muaick by IUH eloquence r
transported hn hearers to the1
age of chivalry nnd won the hearts
of nils
Colonel T G Stuart Stunrts 11
Toast The Ladies and their in
iluon cc upon fraternal Organiza J
tions completely captivated thei
hearts of the ladies Time Bachelor l
Knight was a subject assigned to
Hon L Iunks Editor of thof
Kentucky Pythinn whoso wit dist
playedthe unique handling oI
the subject kept the banquets rsI
in an uproar from the moment ho I
was introdUCed to the conclusion J
Hof his remarks
W9 arojglad that time Knights J
of PythiJsheld tholr convention in
Ordei for purity of life of nobil
its oficharacter its record for
bencvoenco and charity cannot
fail to commend it to the highest
consideration of every man who
loves his country and stands for
improvement of citizenship nnd
elevation of humanity Jackson
should be proud of tho fnct that it
is the homo of n splendid Knights
of Pythias lodge and bur people
arc all proud fur Grand Chan
To all persons that desire lo I
t a h any school in Educational
Division No1 in BreathTft Court
ty Iywill please file their appli >
cation with me before the last Sat
urday in Juno 1009 as snidlBoard
will meet on that day to1 elect
teachers in all of the subdistricts
in said division 1
The Nell Law recently enacted 1
by our Legislature which is given
below is presented to tho people
of Breathitt County for their con
sideration and action From a
careful rendin of it we can eas t
ily learn that this evasion of our i
prohibitorylaws by means of sell t
ing five gallon lott ice
u pntcticecom t
mon with distillers in this count d
is just as gross n violation of law
ns the retailing of liquor jn pints 5
or by time drink We are advised t
by tho AntiSaloon League i
s that this law is in force
and applics to our county Such
icing the cnsc what shall we do t
ikKoul itl Why not punish till un c
fijul tellers of liquor lie diRi
fifl 13 Uns the bootlegger
< 2t L K1aNtli j
It hall yinlatvful lo ell by
wU iesalo nny sipifituous vintfe V
uwtottolicrdntoxicatipg liq ors
rar l al tllultjg sheI c
it is called except manufacturers
selling liquors of their own make
lot the place of manufacture to a
wholesale denier or a licensed re I
tail dealer many county district
precinct town or city wheretlie c
sale of such liquors has been pro t
hibited by special net of lheGc
eral Assembly or by vote of tho
people under the local option net
Any person violating this act shall
be deemed guilty of violating the
local option law andshall bo sub
ject to a trial and punishment ac
cording to the provisions of same
nnd its amendments
Approved March 10 1008 of l
Notice to Creditorstl z
All persons havingclnims against u
the assigned estate of Wn
Hamilton of Jackson Ky are tl
required to send said claims plop
arty proven to me on or before Egg 91
3rd day of July 1909 at my of s
lice in Jackson KyR I c
Assignee of W D HAMILTON tr
y m
On the 20th of Juno live shots
were fired from ambush at y Jacob S
Woods Robert Woods and John
1 Lewis The shooting took
place about OuO in the morning <
Rhodes Hall and his little boy
were passing and was in thirty J
or forty yards of the hidden party
when the first shot wa < lircd lIulltl
hid by time side of the road till tlieIJ
hooting stopped The b u s h frs
were so thick that ho failed tos
ccounize any of the party Uncle 11
John B and Rhodes went to where
tho shooting was done and tills
shoo tracks looked like they were e
m ido bn No 7 shoo Undo Johna
ll says that ho has lived in good
heart up to this time and that he
is not discouraged at being nm t
Bushed for ho knows that ho isa
advocating sound principles Ho
eels that his bold stand against
the sale of whisky is tho C1useI
10 believes that God will preserve b
himto soc the sale of whisky stoph
pad on Lqpgs Creek Wo ask h
the County Judge County Altorll
troy and the Courts of Justice if t
hoy are going to let the violators
JTftiiOilftwdrlve out the law ubi I
JTY1l =
c r
t J0
Ataa +
f i
F P CIM WFORD Pre Jot N T HINbMANCashieJ t r JI r f
1 c if
I l
1 16
tJJt t
1 ai
fJ f i
County Banket t
t r Capital 15000 CFJ
r ourjhome banJo owned and contrOlled I lr
r b the people of Breathitt county
ri jhesafety of abnk doe lot dependon c I
limits charter but on themana entente tM
f The directors direct the affairs of 0jc i
Utf institution and are hies of known k 1G +
j business abilit Y i gritY c
lDrl t ORS
F P CAAWrnxn n Cepwman IJ W Fm t
r CHU TERflr GI trmir JE C Ilnsviv
> IAn Cmicrorn Od4 TIFction JlllIM T lltKDMX t
ZE i rt jKEaae Ks t
ding citicns till autb3r
ides nllols jiisiiippedtp UK
depot then hauledout throug
the country fur distribution Sun
day school llln hardly b6 he held
on Longs Crbek or preachni ll
scarcely ja ills part of the coun
try there npriears to bo noofiicer
in this part ofv trio country t iu t
will prosecute this shamofutcurse
will tho county nutfvonljics give
the people of this pm + rtoLt h e
countyipchce officers tlnt will taho
iioldoFihcscVcioHiUdns witlVsuQi
Miii ouriigtrtobting ho i lr1 ti
ttO 2Jalnora V h l llic sift
6 R
Rzcpsfi down
inHfieir + cdtrifielHf Jiv the ficads
of drunkennEssir <
t lO 11xtlL 1
The Trustees of Divisidii Far
hereby notified to meet at the
Winnie Branch school house to
consider applications for schools
the last Saturday in June AI
come by 111 in if possible
Camp Algonac
The Kentucky Evening Gazette
announces its sccond annual outing
htCainp Altronac Mich the week
of July 2028 Lost year 384
Central Kentucky people Qnjoycd
thin delightful outing and tho Ga
zette has dccidedfto make it an
annual feature 2250 covers all
necessary expenses including
transportation from Lexington to
Camp Algonac and return tourist
sleeper going breakfast on the
steamer Taslimoo before reaching
camp board and lodging for one
week For further details of tho
trip address Outing Department
Kentucky Evening Gazette Lex
ington Ky or U C Musick lo
representative c + Jackson Ky
Mrs TIB Thompson has taken
charge ofiier hotel which had been
rented for sometime It Las been
thoroughly renovated papcrecj and
painted throughout and being the
most centrally located and well
shaded it is now the coolest and
most inviting Hotel in Jackson
The beds are absolutely clean and
she will set the best table in East
ern Kentucky Rates reasonable
and services unexcelled
Armor Plated Pawnshops
The Inside of a Chinese pawnshop Is
terra Incognito to most people Chi
nese and English Few arc niluilttctl
within Its mysterious wall except
hole dJrectly conuccUd wllh the Imsf
ness A traveler was rycomly permit
ted to Inspect one In tip Inland own
and was surprised to Hud thft entire
building InpnBcd In sheot Iron about
jncclEhtb of nil loch tbU It must
lunc cost n large bmn to build nu Iron
house within the usual lofty brick cdl
lice yet there It wan even to the root
It served n twofold purpostfn probe
thou npnnst fire mid thlovejJr ° lct even
within this Iron castle ulgtirjvatch
men armed wltb heavy rcyolvcr nnd
clad in bullet proof jackets ever hasp
Ittcbl n
1YOUR nA < 4 r l
1 1 iJ w I r I
< r N
ct 1
tIt6 <
J r r
P1 f flf
IN RfTU R 4 tc
i 4 Iii > k
For1Ooiilidoncaecand hatrona e I t 0
ati rids back aPy iutimiee gopd ri1J
or bad it ho p1J ith lotion D7x n
l < rI t l ti fi
apta r 1 of
your busiHesa wi f h ref ereDcowftu 1
r o
f asked for with advice of men
trained in matter of finance 1 i
Why not make this bank the
best and larjgest in the City and ° +
10 t
County YOUR BANK with a11r
the title iruiIi ar
implies by opening a c
checking account today v t J
Interest paid on time d5po3itsf l f
Money Loaned on Approvodv
Securities L I
+ ti
Capital 2566000 V
Afir r
t r
4 0t
Jackson Ky r
lx P ADAMS President I
J I LETTONashier
I r
James P Adams
A M Arnold
TP Cardwell Jr
J IL Ilammons i I
John 0 Griffith v t
S II Stidhara l
1 t
J II Letton Jr l
11 I
to 0
Yi t I
wont get It Into your head that
strict quarantine regulations are
all rlght when enforced against
your neighbor and all wrong andl
needless when there U a case of
contagfoTIs sickness In your own
family luis as much the business
of the Jjealth officers to compel 4
you to obey the law and thus p r t
ttect your neighbors chlldr n > > I S
Its for them to enforc Hk l W
against your nelghbo r for the prO
I tection of your children
4 This Is lhd only way to look at S j
matters of this kind Wien the I
department says that Ylur child t
Illpflth dlphth cl ttt
fj with other children eventiF
tliugh It Is ab i t jHt up and
ucplng about lypHyp Id see to n f
It lat these Instruction are car 1
rlicf oM tNo the letter And the 1 e
same should be true respecting
any and all the Instructions given
IlamCl fltalth Bfflctra for the prt <
loti n ef tht liubllo MaWi l I
0 At
1 00 1

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