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The Mt. Sterling advocate. (Mt. Sterling, Ky.) 1890-current, March 17, 1891, Image 8

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F Vl
i -
the Advocate
Murrlago U an ordered pinlcn
Courtship ft sweet tanslod wood
Jlarrlaco la tlio sober cummer
Courtship eprlnc In wayward mood
Jlarrlaso Is ft deep etIU river
Courtship a bright laughing stream
Marriage U ft dear possession
Courtship a perploslng dream
Which of these my wife shall bo
Crowned ta best by thco and met
MarrlnGO H tho blno dors bounty
Courtship tbo cajrriclona morn
Morrlogn ij tho aweot rosa gothorcd
Courtship bud UlU fcooed with thorn
JJorrltico W tho pearl la RoUias
Courtship U Ulo dangerous dtvo
Marrlaco tho full oomb ot liancy
Courtship tho now bveiliur klva
Which oX thesa door wife Ball bo
First prof orrcd by thoo aail mo
Oh tho tangled wood was lovolr
Whoa wo found It la our play
Parting curloutJy tho braocAu
Whito with nuvesca of tin Mar
Eocjcrlr tho paths exploring
Leading to wo know not where
Sovo that million flowers edged them
And that bird soopj HI tho air
Thrushes Joy notes Philomelas
Stfll rooro cxrralstto despair
now wo wandcredt Now oar wlM wood
lias becomo ft garden plot
Sczicthln misssd c t3sct strcES s wppp
fa tho method of our lot
Ordered walks and formal borders
For tho wood paths strango and wild
Host superb and stately My
Whero tho careless wood flowers smiled
Summer grevo and sobor matron
For ycrane spring tho eager child
Which oh which preferred shall bo
Twelve years wife by thoo and me
Nay tho garden has- Ito glory
Stately flower and fruit mature
And tho w ihl wood had its dearncES
Btrango delights and wonders puroj
AikI tho snmmcr has fulfillment
Jf tho spring has promlso Btorc
And tlio river U tho deeper
If tho younct brook laughcth more
And tho real joy obldcth
When tho towing dreams aro oer
And tho broad blno sky has glories
If tho morn was wildly fair
And tho gathered roso i3 safer
If tho buds morapiqunnt were
And tho pearl is raro and procicna
IfitwiJ woofuIVcf glee
jtTyro ft t in jjoTchango our honey
Bwcct Is courtship svoet la marriage
Crown them darling ccjuallyi
B Vornon in Lclsuro ILocr
J It hn rxwm mid by tlio wiso mM of
old that thcro is no now thing rmder
the 6nnM If this means fhat tho ad
venturo I am about to rclato vraa only
a ipctitlon of comcthinar that occurred
to jtno other hapless damsel in tho
pro hhrtorla ages I hcrewidi nceord her
thnt I am impulsive end tipS to
braco opinions with n degrco of I
6iosm and a total disregard of oil ad 1
verso arguments howovcr weighty
that h truly feminino ATlion there-
foro shortly after Jeaviny school I a i
my brother says tooiS up oolqtlon I
and read various nlMrueo treatises upon
tiro development of sppcles onfl tho j
descent of man iiwas in no half
boartcd manner that I rodo nry hobby
inv nttnnttnn tA nn account Rinnan was On OE that WHICH I bad SO Often
-1 I il - 1 1
ftivinc mo of tho mysterious loss of ci
vory handsomountl much valued brace
let which had occurred that vory day
Somo hours beforo my arrival hor
maid had Informed her that tliis brace
let which had boon recently under re
pair and had been returned that morn
ing from tho jowclcr was missing It
had been laid carelessly on tho dressing
taolo when it arrived nnd had disap
peared Search had been mado in
ovcry likely and unlikely spot servants
had been questioned and ns usual
under such circumstances had all in
dignantly and Gomo tearfully denied
any knowlcdgo of tho missing trinket
which apart from its Intrjnsio value
was doar to Marian from sissociatJens
connected with it I could euggest no
ctopa for ifca recovery beyond tlio ordi
nary English altornatlvo of communi
cating with tho police
This I found had been already dono
tivoughovldontlyiiiy friends had small
hopo of any good results- following upon
tho exertions of that estimable force of
wliom according to IJaunah no ono in
Ireland stood In awe Altogether it
wna an uncomfortablo stato of things
and although wo diseuisud tho subject
in all its bcaring8 entering into tlio
most minuto details of any burglaries
wo had previously heard of or read
about wo only succeeded in making
ourselves dlstlnctlyuncasy and had to
dccldoat last as at first that it was
most mystciious
Directly after dinner I begged that I
might bo allowed to retire for tho night
03 my Journey had thoroughly tired mo
Marian took mo to my room and wish
ing mo a good eights rest left mo to tho
nunlstratlons of Hannah whoso equa
nimity was thoroughly restored and
who was in a stato kof discursive con
tentment very frying to tho patienco of
ono whqsoeycS woro closing fast under
thosootlilng process of hair brushing
and whoso solo idea was bed and
that fspccdily But at last I got rid of
my talkatlvo attendant and having as
a last precaution looked under my bed
my constant practice though if for ono
moment I had supposed there could bo
anything there nothing would have in
duced mo tb look I retired to rest and
woseoon wrapped in dreamless slumber
After I suppose somo hours I was
awakened by a loud noiso closo to my
bed as of somo heavy body falling on
tho floor from a height but being only
partially roused I drowsily conjectured
it wa3 fancy on my part nnd turned
f over on my side preparatory to again
composing myself to sleep This move
tny sinccreat aympathica I ment brought my faco opposito tho
i Tho intelligent reader must bo kind Window tho blind of which I ltad dc
onough to understand aoaprellniinary eircd Hannah to draw up tho last thing
nt night that I might enjoy tho bight
of tho sunrise if by somo untoward
and unusual event I should not sleep
I on lato as usual Tho room was flooded
I with bright moonlight and I had an
uneasy feeling aa I gazed at tho whito
cspanso of toilet cover on tho dressing
tablo before tho window that there was
borne thing rong about ita appearance
Suddenly I remembered that I had
certainly placed my watch and chain
lf fhnrrmrrMv fbnt T 1w l ctrrjiur oi unj muiu micr
tliorn in tlio flesh to most of my rela 1 liS lt nP aiB niSht Jt wa3 no
4V - r A- sefioolboT tlicra Tryjng to ptrsuado my-
bestowed upon mo tlooontemptuoaA jttK - t J --
appellation of tho baboon and mado --e------ r4
movement had Httlo
unkind allusions
to my frequent visits
to tho Regents Park gardens oo being
paid to next of kin
Certainly I did resort often almost
every day to tho monkey houso to
study tlio attributes of its interesting
occupants Perhaps somo lingoriivf
infatuated idea possessed mo that it
might bo my brilliant mission to dis
cover tho missing link atanynito
my notebook of that period contains
many finely worded desirei to watch
tho agilo monkey in itinativo habitat M
and to traco tho simian likeness totho
human amid tho primeval forests of
another hemisphere
At length I was onabled to partially
fulfill my dreams
Having rocoived a warm invitation
from an old school friend to spend
somo weeks with her at lier homo In
tho west of Ireland I btartod with my
maid as osoort for Bailynaghadoc
My friond Marian Edwards hod mar
ried three years before an Irish gentle
man of somo property and I had never
seen cither her husband or heruclf
since her marriago eo that it was with
delightful anticipations of rcnewinir an
old friendship and forming a now quo
that I faot out on my jewrnoy My
brotlioM aceompaulcd mo to tistv
tion and epod me on Kiy way witfi a
uiiinirnons wish tliwt I might irwet it
gorilla or n ehimpatiBco white ttJthiy
my wallta obroMl In whiii the pr
bwted in eoHintr tho wildB
My maid Hannah vasau oeHiuttbla
woman wry much privileged by rca
bon of her Kng and faithful serrtca
and as wo nourod our dewthiatioii svfepr
p long and fotiguitiaf jounie fw eft
tjils ot which would bo as tlresomo as
unnccKrary became overwhelmed wifh
dismay fallirrj into tears allcglm be
nry a displaced
tugged toward tlio foot of tho bed In
stinctively I chitched my retreating
coverings and in spito of sorfio unseen
opposing agency succeeded in restor
ing them to their former position only
to fool them again slowly drawn away
Three times this agitating plicnomoiion
At last I determined to abandon
somo portion of tho bedclothes rctain
iT3 only tho sheet in which I wrapped
myself tightly and watched tho blank
ets etc pulled to tho floor and slowly
dragged under tho bed Motionless
with terror I lay scarcely daring to
breathe whilo numerous and dire pos
sibilities occurred to my distracted im
agination Vas my unccn vkitor a
moonlighter AVao tills a preliminary
measure to the murdering in ones
bed eo graphically quoted by Hannah
from tlio P C 192 tho well in
formed 1 Certainly I was not in favor
of lioino rule Could tho Land Lcaguo
bo about to mako on cxaruplo of so in
significant a unit ns myself
Alter a space which seemed to mo
interminable although it could havo
been only of a fow minutes duration
my nocturnal visitant who had been
emitting sundry very terrifying snorts
and suppressed demoniacal cackles put
otrt a hairy hand and grasped tho edgo
of tfco bedstead farthest from mo blow
ry drawing to its full licight tlio body
cif a rargo baboon clad in a species of
loooo tunic Round its neck was bu
ppndcd my chain whilo tho watch
srfill attached to tlio chain was hold in
its hand I gazed horror btricken upon
this fearful sight recalling in a kind of
agony all tbo stories I had heard nnd
read of tho cxtrcmo ferocity of tlio
baboon remembering too that my
tween licr soba that P C C 1JJ2 had J001 wnw locked and that I was
toid her tho day before wo started that
Ireland was aeoantry whero nobody
csjutMsvtho pOlieo
Tills was in my worthy Hannahs
oyos Hro dimas of barbarism j and
whcn slio proceeded to btato frapn In
fonuation received from
tho camo reliable norrreo that bcinj
urardcrcd in ones bed wes eonsMcrod
in Ireland quito an ordhmr and ppaee
ful way of doptrrtms tW life I felt
that it behooved mo to assert myself
trn ly at tho mercy of a bruto almost as
Inro as end Infinitely moro powerful
rtian myself
It was not in this way that I had so
ardently desired to study tlio faseinat
Itt5 ways of the Oimis and as I thought
of my brotlicrs laughing wishes at part
ing with mo I was struck with a senso i Oazctte
o tiro grim humor of tho Lituation
Cut tiro ImmoTom aspect did not ap
peal to mo for long a3 I watched with
fascinating cagcnioss tlio movements of
nnd finding all eoqthinjc orjurseirta of my tcrriblo visitor With uncouth
no avail I administered a shaift shambling stepn tlio creature walked to
lng which had the desired ofrcet and tho window and by tho light of tlio
Induced my aWnfl to flry hw yes moon examined my nnortunato watch
whib Fho hoped with e ifleredtrlomi ltd glittering poot evidently delighted
snort and desponJmg wiako of her
head thftt tliluga woeld torn oat bet-
tr than slio expected
Tlio prospective pleasure of my vSt
was largely onlmnocd by tlw msoTcy
tiiat Mr Ardagh wliom I KkoJ eietjy
J tw him was a proat hmr rjd ein
dent of zoology andhadqaitoaTnertrtj
orlo of tamo and wild animals to which
ho was constantly adding interesting
specimens I promised myself prcat
plcasuro in inspecting tlio ammals and
cultivating their ocqunintanco on tiio
morrow but was recalled from my
uJoasurabk onticiDatlons to dovoto all
porato it and k tossed tlio watch con
bemptuoiwly aside tlwugli it remained
dangling from its chain dowi tho ani
mals back
Onco I mado a slight uound but my
undcsirablo visitor resented it by do
savago a spring in my direction that I
feigned profound slmriber and only
ventured to open my oyes after sovcral
minutes of strained expectation that I
lossly npokon about tho extraordinary
physical forco in tho -fore limbs of tho
qundrumana When I did daro to look
again I saw that tho baboon had Boated
itself before tho toilet glass and by tho
aid of my brushes nild combs was at
tempting to roduco its bushy locks to
somo order
Finding this task n fruitless ono it
proceeded to ransack my jowol case
which Hannah had carelessly left open
and ono by ono raamlnod various ar
ticles it contained Rings and broodies
and bracelets tho creature appeared to
approvo of but a jowol comb for tho
hair and a diamond star it evidently
did not at all appreciate flinging them
down and snarling at them savagely
I dared not attract tlio creatures at
tention to myself by making any sound
and lind to watch in silent agony this
rifling and appropriation of my most
cherished possosslona by an unapprc
clativo baboon 1 At last it turned away
from tlio window and camo in n leis
urely manner toward tlio bod oyclng
mo stealthily whilo it advanced and
having reached tlio bodsido stooped
down and proceeded to draw out from
under tho bed tho blankets of which It
had despoiled mo at a very early stago
of tho operations
Upon theso blankets it tried to find a
comfortablo resting place but after
turning and twisting uneasily for somo
minutes emitting short granta of ill
temporand dissatisfaction it got up
and to my horror lay down on tho bed
across my fcett Tbp discomfort and
pain were almost unbearable but fort
unatoly after a short timo tlio baboon
rolled further down ho bed pnd lay at
tho very foot with its face turned in my
direction Its regular breathing soon
showed it was asleep but I remained in
an agony of fear lest somo movomont of
mino should awaken tho bruto
How tho remaining hours of tho night
wore away I know not to mo they
seemed interminable But when tho
sounds of tiro awakened hcmselrold
mado themselves lrcard nry terror In
creased for I feared that the baboon
would certainly bo roused and attack
mo Still It slept and still I lay and
watched it until Ilannas knock at my
door awakened mo to consciousness
that this could not go on forever
In n very low voico I bado my maid
call Mrs Ardagh and when Marians
voice was heard outsido demanding
anxiously what had happened I Jiur
riedly explained tlio dreadful situation
To my surprise ebo exclaimed in what
sounded almost a tono of relief Why
that must bo Molly Oh liow pleased
Tom will bo Plcaso lio quite still until
I fetch him My feellng3 whilo I lay
and awaited tho end of this inert un
pleasant adventure may bo better im
agined than described but nt last Mr
Ardaghs voico was heard outsido tho
door calling in tones of nuthority
Molly Molly comohcre
Tlio baboon sprang to her feet gavo
a startled glmico round tho room and
rushing to the fireplace mado its exit
on it had mado its entrance by tho
chimney When tlio cxtrcmo tension
was relaxed my ncrvco gavo way aud I
fainted Mrs Ardagh and Hannah
having forced tho lock off my door ap
plied rootoratives nnd after somo timo
I regained uid was able
to hear a detailed account of tlio capt
ure of tiro baboon which Mr Ardagh
accomplished with much difficulty
Her escape had not been discovered
until lato on tho night of my arrival
nnd tho idea of licr being in tiro house
had never occurred to him as all tlio
doors and windows were carefully fast
ened and tiro chimney never suggested
itself to him as a mode of ingress
though it hod evidently appeared to
tho fancy of Molly
Many of my possessions which had
been appropriated by this kleptomaniac
baboon were restored to me but my
watch was hopelessly damaged in
Mollys ascent of tho chimney In tho
pocket of her tunic was discovered
with my trinkets Marians bracelet
which had so mysteriously disappeared
proving beyond a doubt that Moiiy had
mado her cscnpo much earlier than was
at first supposed
I stayed at Ballynnghader only long
enough to recruit my strength suffi
ciently to travel nnd then started for
home accompanied by Marian For a
long whilo my nerves did not recover
from tho shock tlioy had sustained
Every ono wa3 very considerate about
it oven my brothers did not chaff me
as I had dreaded they would and mado
very fow remarks anont my want of
philoproenitlvoncss when I beajed
to bo oscusod from aocomnanying
them to tho Zoo Belsravia
rutins rirftor Bleeptng
Eatliwj beforo Bloophur now so gen
erally reoommendod by pliymcium to
tliofio troublod by iusotanla roMrftlna
from icrvouH trwiblo is not a dlffiealt
prescription to fill bat tba dotermfna
tion of Uks quetrtion just what to wt is
not Infrequently pnrzling One who
has experimented for ycow nemca a
glass of warm milk as a pood nlglrtoap
for many whilo for poopio who havo a
tendency to biliousness Jt win not do
at all To tho latter buttermilk not
too oold is said to bo tlio best of night
caps Warm milk with vicliy is also
recommended Oranges and to a cer
tain extent hot and tour lemonado aro
good for all Cincinnati Commercial-
Ho Pnllctl tTrcUsonH Nnjo
ILJI Iyavcnder of Wadiington says
that ho was standing on tlio wharf at
Alexandria Va when Lieut Randolph
stopped forward ami pulled President
Jacksons nose IIo heard tlio presi
dent exclaim Show mo the villain and
I will send him henco Ilandoinh cot
flic baboon as It stroked it repeatedly j away in good timo or Jackson would
with one finger but tlio ticking of havo carried out his threat cosy enough
winch Jt could not dlsoovcr tho causo Tiio old gcnenUshairbtood up
or tiio whereabouts appeared to oias
er than ever when tlio Incident oc
curred and ills oyes fairly llamed with
anger Chicago Herald
ot So raiy to Suit
Married 3Ian Vliy dont you get
married Miss Jones f You aro getting
to look liko a bade number will
soon 1x3 An ofd mold
Alifes Jones If I was as easy to plcaso
asyourwifo wad X would havo been
woo about to reccivQ oractical illustra 1 married long ngo Texas Sittings
TlraiisinR Toarisli Coll
I net tlw oldest inhabitant tho7tiior
day and among other things tto oid
gentleman told mo thai although peo
plo who aro as fooliah os Tiiompsons
colt can bo found in all parts of tho
earth Thompsons oolt tho voritobJe
foolish colt whoso idiosyncrasies haro
becomo known the world over belongs
to Illinois
1 know Thompson Tory woll eofd
ho and also his colt Both erf thenj
lived at Canton Ilia a greofc any
years ago Thompson was a fcrWks m
dealer in horoos and mulea Ho never
was looked upon as a bright fellow
and nlthnately tradod hmiGcif outof xJl
of lusproperty and wont tosush finan
His eolt gained notoriety through a
Rnplo occurrence or saUiar a eingh
story for tlio yarn itotf novor vas gan
erafly bofiovod Tliompsou kiste4
that ho OTieoeaw hfa eott dottbtwettiy
5wimcross tlio ercck cfcab iho f urtticr
bank shako tiio water from ho coat
turn around and drink otrt of tho
stream and oiiortly afterward swim
bad aeross tiio creek
Whether tlio story liad any foomla
tion otlier tiian an miusQuily aotive
imagination I do not know but it garro
riso to tho familiar expression As fool
ish as Thompsons oolt Chioar
InBunlfry mxl Deafuem
Dr Sanborn of flw State Insane
asylum at Augusta has a wide syrapa
tliy and fools deeply for his charges at
tlio asylum
Wo wero making a totir of tho boo
pital with him tlio otlwr day wlton he
stopped to spook to a youug num w1k
seemed very Acal Toa aro bett to
day Bsmuol hald lie patting him
upon tlw baeic You are much bet
ter and I am glad to eoo it GoocWjy
Wiien tliit iimmi etmie hero tiireo
days ftgo sakl Dr Banboca IjoooM
hear with groat ncutenees He was e
this timo veiy violont and had to b
kept eeoaTC As hfa maid ptwmd b
bocamo dctf IIo nta ltaen 1mm bs
fewo comes here jarkdSctilly tuii
eooh tmo I notioo ilie pooahwrHy i
his ltesrmg Jt h a oorioao eitse Wlwt
strango action of tho brtdn la ft rliat hi
hsanity awakens his senep ot hecrlngf
In lib mania hia hearing is estoqediigiy
aotrfco in hfa canity ft is estcoedmcry
duil Tl brdn is a worKterf al world
Lowiston Mo Journal
KifTTtelB In Pom
An Ilrastrathm at tin trrrlli of thin
proverb is found in Mr J G Bortas
book The lTrrtt of Hks Boa It
soetwt thet a motKipoly of t mtonsh
fisherioo of Scotland and Eiiglftird ortoe
enrno into tho hands of a man who heyrt
his agonto at tho principal stations and
required tliem to famish hhn all facts
that camo to thefr knowledge
At ono of Ms stations In tho for north
tho fishing had been unsuccessful for
tlio greater part of Ore season and
Micro was no prospect of Inipiu naueirt
when ho looked into tho matter Upon
exammhg his Bgcnfs letters from tlrat
place for corao years back bo found by
a comparison of dates hat at a cerrara
place lrsrrings were likely to bo found
IIo accordingly instructed his agent to
send his boats to that spot
Tho flsiiermen laughed at fhe fdea of
a man sitting somo hundreds of rafles
away and telling them where to got
fish but as his orders were posftiro
tlwy had to oboy and tlio coiweqwcnee
was that tlroy returned next morning
loaded with herrrnRB
ChtKrafnjr Trndo
Modem Girl Father I long to bo
Independent- to rely trpon my own e-
unrans iot support wnat troao or
profession would you rccoimnendf
Wlso Fntlicrz Pirst class cooks mako
3000 a ycar8
Modem C tliko cooking
Itfl too ir -Ark Weokl v
ii iLJL
mmnmmi 1 i
11CH 17il891
trcmenduous stock of
ings and osiery all
the McKinley Bill
Borne Ortrloan TWnjjs Developed
Old PlocoVCTjr In Optiot
Tlio magie lantern was invented
Jong beforo tho developincntof photog
raphy fjafre It a piaetical value eald
an expert la mm picture making Its
dlsecrveTy fa credited to Atlmnaeins
Ktrche who died ra 1GS0 though oa
eertlons havo been made tliat Roger
Bacon iour ecutories earHer was
JojifUipr wltli It Tlero Is no doubt
howovcr tiwsb tor long time after ita
Invectioo tbo magic lantern was re
gardod rthnost purely and simply as a
toy tirosgh persons oalling tliemselvos
wisords oaployed tj apparatus to
ewirmioa ghosts and do other trioka for
tho flofOptioa of tiio Ignoraiit
Bvcn to this day tbo magie kuitorn
aauwitn a Jiiost popular toy aud alkies
for tJw MrtortahMivcttt of diiKlrou era
iamrfftetored by wlxttcsale in many
largo dfcios both Iwro and abi ood
Nearly all of tbcts aro painted on tlw
glass often In voter colore tlrougli
transparent ofi eolors am best far the
purpose WlHi oodi a medhrm all forta
of ftrarry pictures aro produeed wlrich
thrown apoii rnvbtto sheet are esloa
Istcd to mmrsotoetrt to the youth
falndlonoe It Is cosy cnooffh toirfve
the funny fignres action by employing
two riWes erne reproajnt1ng lie back
BTOnnd remains stationary in tho lan
tern whflo tlio other fa moved across
BkuTfnTry managed the dramatis per
conm In fhls sheet play may bo mado to
ect fboir parts most entertainingly
However pljotograpiiy bas dfeoor
ercd a much moro serious and Import
ant tiso for tlw magfe lantoin By lt
aid the lecturer fa obte to show the
most brnrtiful photographs matrfned
to big dirrrcnisiorffl for the benefit of
hrrge jmhonecs In the eatmo way
rMus ere prelected gigantteally upon
tlte fwreen which would require great
labor to enlarge with ftcruraey
Tickle lantctn slldce for such pUT
posei ore rafldo by plwtograprry m tbh
wy A hm woEpruro is obtamod from
aw wtmfl seerre s rriiotogroph or otljer
obfeet urn from this negtire a photo
grtrph is tnfeen on glass The brttor
phoiojjKtph h flw raajfio loBlem slide
n posftrre rfao on ordinary photo
An fcrt restlngi imi faaailfer ftpplleft
tkm of file magfc hrrrtorn is ratdo by
revolving two glass dishes
rtllntod patterns m the Ktrrrem
workms f Irejrwo h opposite weoys by a
simple wheel eontrl vance so Hbak tho
patterns ore mingled m a beanttfal
kaleidoscopis fashion
Dot moro eurlous and usefnl fe tho
Idea of placing Ihrmg orgamsms within
donbTo Slides of glass Inelosirttr watcw
so tlrat fho organisms m question are
eshfbf ted upon tbo scioco afivo actually
for flie study of tho knowing and tiro
ignorant Even Chogrowth of crystals
In process Is shown In a singular way
though not less extraordinary is tlio
method practiced with fho aid of tlio
mogfo lantern of causing figures upon
fho whito shoot by a slmplo device to
grow to be giants that threaten to de
vour tlio spectators Washington
No Jolro on Jones
Hire M A Jones and
Jones fed bad ho cent
four lottcrs with tlw
Woncs Jones annealed to
town Detroit JVco Press
y far the largest and
and Novelty
handsomest stock of
the market and all
Table Linens Torchon Edg
bought and paid for be-
was passed
have more Carpets than
I town nut top ether We
only house that carries the
dont deal
onest Goods and
OeiCTriy Retain Thetr fllven Cognomens
or at lenst the Initials
Do yon know that Jacob Kronfcld
ho was beforo Commissioner Iloyno
charged with smuggling dkl something
imuenml m chunging his namor1 re
marked ono of Uncle- Saras secret serv
ico men It fa not strango that ho
saw fit to cliango lib namo of course
but his manner of domcr it was unusual
IIo adopted tho nameGustavo Lango
ftcampictocbange you see for his real
nanje Peoplo wlw foreonvenienco or
from necessity temporiC iiy alter their
names very rardy mako a completo
cliangc as Kronfekl did
It may surprlso you to know that
servablo in assuming fictitious names
certain peculiarities which ore to bo ex
pected in the false namo which serve to
indicato that it is not tho real name of
tlio man who claims it Of courso
when a man determines to adopt a ficti
tious namo there is no way to predict
what tho now ono will be but it is
pretty safo to guess that it will possess
certain known characteristics
If you havo not investigated tho
subject you very likely imagino that
when John C Brawn finds it neces
sary to assume another namo ho is
likely to becomo Georgo T Jackson
Well this is not tlio caso Moro than
60 per cent of fictitious names havo no
ehango except In tho surname John
C Brown becomes John C Baker
Well of courso this is only another
case of tlw ostrich hiding herself by
eovermg lor head
Somotimcs tlw mlddlo initial h
euongca uuv uio given namo gener
ally remains it is tlw last to yo And
when it does go it generally ia ropJucod
by another namo luwing tlw somo in
itial Hero tlwn aro tiw changes to
bo looked for in tlw soquenon in which
they aro usually found John C
Brown becomes John C Baker tlicn
John W Baker tlwn James C
Baker Ninety per cent of tiw ficti
tious names assumed to escape deteo
fckni contain at least ono of tbo initials
of the mans truo nanw
It Isnt an easy matter for a man to
ehango his name A namo cannot bo
drawn on end off liko a glove It Is
bom with ft gjiaai ond seems to bo
port of himself Bren tho worst erim
toftls usually cling to tfeoir real names
elmnged in somo respects true but
not completely dianaed Bfllv Ht
KW never becomes Jack tbo Tenor
ThoKronfdd case I pvesotrw for
I know nothing about It Is an instance
m wliich tlio namo of another person
has boon asmmed Ill venture to say
that Gustavo Lango h not a mythical
personage but a flesh and blood ac
quaintance of Kronfcld wlio lives on
tho other sido of tiro Atlantic n Chi
cago MaiL
Tlincceny rtetrtrcg
Who that loves Thackeray forgets
tiro sense of fitness which has recom
mended to hhn drawings insufficient In
tlwmselvcs and weak in their execu
tion but so evidently Imbued with tbo
living literary conception f That bo
could not satisfactorily fllustrato tho
thoughts of otltcrs vo havo abundant
ovidenco vbtrt where havo wo over seen
eo nmfto Mr nclit undcrstandrmr of the mtiv
hhn tliroo or thought than thoso in tho Cliristmas
nam spelled Books of Mr Michael Aneto
ricaalnjj n
Sho You havo deceived mo Didnt
you tell mo you loved nrof
Ho Ko I was very guarded about
that I only told you I worshiped tho
ground you walked on Koto Kelda
Uro marsii or in Dr Birch Our Street
Wfw nni ri rkt k tAfiAtiMBwu
United etHtcsauaiortties and tho Joker and Tlw Kickicbarys on tho Ilhinof
settled the caso for 230 IIo can now Who can forget to namo but ono in
spoTl with any man in tlw Branca tlw picture of tlw unfctrm
Miss Ivittlo to whom taba had assigned J
lw JUulhgan as a rjartnerf Like a
vld kid hi the talons of an eagle
thtlt vounc creature trembled in hi
hug Milesian grasp Hero ono feels
instinctively at a fflaoeo that them h
no weakening of tho epontandty
luipulao by tho tranamksdon of the
n9piip4 io aootbac
brands such as LOWELLS HART
FORDS BROMLEYS etc etc and
which they sell as low as other
- - and Misses Shoes the
cheapest in America
and everv Dair
warranted Also A
J Johnsons nnd
Made Shoes
Treatment go to
OL mazelr igq Dry Qood c r j u
4vaitfvMtl 4Mrwrsf10t ltfi
- 11UJ Hi i I - mwii ii i mi
Wells Hazelrigg
Staple and Faney Dry Goods
Dress Goods
paid for
nA ll
Catnbrhlco TlmoM Is Senretl
j i
tho Observatory nt Harvard
No timepiece is perfect and there
are no means on earth of keeping per
fect timo Tho stars howovcr furnish
tho necessary means At tlio observa
tory in Cambridge tbero aro two prin
cipal clocks employed m keeping th
standard thne the frfjinflnrd iwn
Urno clock which telegraphs its signs
over tho surrounding country and the
normal sidereal docs which is
main standard of tho observatory to
which everything is referred Tho
dereal clock as Its namo implies keeps
sidereal or star time which gains about
there fa quito a desrarr wguTurftrol1
per day over mean solar time with
wuicn wo are an laminar
Tlio clock is of tlw finest workman
ship and Is kept in a brick vault nn
temperature is as nearly constant as
Every effort is mado to protect it
from any influence wluch might affect
tfcs rato or in other words tiro
amount of ita gain or loss pcr day
Tliis is necessary in order that the w
may bo depended upon to givo tlw e
recx tuno during spells of cloudy
er wncn no observations can i
On every clear morning t
this clock fa carefully dcW
observing certain bright sfi
Instrument known as th
This instrument consists of a te
luirantcu on rrunnions iiko a cannon
and supported bv a nier of BoTtd mv
eonry It fa eo arranged that H con bo
directed toward any point on tho mo
rfdion butcannot bo pointed away from
tlw meridian liiro On looking into tiro
yepicee of this telescope ono sees a
scries of fine parallel lines mnmng
north and south across tiro fiekl of
viow tiro middle lino marking tlw
When a timo observation fa to bo
mado the observer first sdects j
able star from a printed star list
gives tire exact time at which o
sliglrtly If on tho ttuor
trtft npfiirtvrtfil f m MWHuv u
wH uu j ui UWtn UMi inrtririinH r
dcrneath tho observatory where thov
HoftcmeetstlwtolesaipoatUMrjroporl ft
point on tiro meridian to intcrcopt tbo J
tar and putting his oyo to theoy rLn
j iuu Buirjo appear
As tiro star crosses cacTilftbe
before mentioned lro presses an el
Itoy irhich lro holds in his hand
sfgnatj tlms given are reoordeA1
ly4tW t13t
rm n MmM4nM
mTled a ehronogmpli on which attl
being recorded the seconds of th
ciock is ronnu to do tast a eonospond
creal clock Tlw olrronograph oonslS
of a cylinder mado to rovolvo by clock
work at tho rate of about onco a min
A paper wrapped around this
uur receives ino record traced bapenj5
which fa connected by an electro mag
net in sudi a manner that any signal
mado dther by tiw operator or tbo
clock causes tlw pen to mako a mark
on tho paper
T- m I
ing wojgnt is xneing tlw
dock loso sJowly In this waytf
standard slgnnijoro kept within a w
tenths of a second of tbo correct tank
-Youths Companion K
uy examining tuts pancrthoobservTr
fa able to tell within
a tenth of a sec
ond tho time wlildi tiro normal clock
indicated when tho star crossed tlw me
rVT 4 4KlMJt e
A man atn d Bank N J dklnt book Illustrations moro to tho from tlwstar list shows the SrrfS
dock A comparison fa then made be
tween tho sidereal and mean thno
docks whidi after allowing for tiw
difference between mean and sidereal
time shows tbo error of th mean fehno
If tlw clock is slow a rut
placed on tlw top oc tiw
bob which causes tho clock
I fl
lnd theHI

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