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The Courier Journal And
Trust Company
if there is ouo thing abovo anothoi
for which wo aduiiro tho Courier
Jourual it Ib its Sterling fidelity to all
that interests its own city It exhibits
a keen Interest in all that pertains to
Kentucky but whore the special in
terests of Louisvillo are concerned
those of the state ai largo must stutul
aside Notably is this commendable
characteristic of tho Couiier Journal
exhibited in its sovoro attack on Judge
Iluoknors Bill to put a limit to tin
grasping greed of tho Trust Companier
of tho state That thu force of this bill
is primarily directed at tho Trust
Companies of Louisvillo vc do 1101
suppose any one questions for these
are the institutions that from late de
velopments in this county need to
have their growing and tightening
grasp taken oil tho throats of tho peo
ple That tho Seuato will Pee the
necessity of curbing tho powers ol
thesoinonoy devils and saving other
portions of the state from tho so
voro trial through which wo are pass
ing we sincerely hope If the hardships
we aie enduring shall bo such an ob
joct lesson as shall awaken our law
makers at Frankfort to tho neccssitj
of putting a limit loan evil of thrcal
ning proportions we shall not have en
dured tho pressure of tho heavy hand
of this corporation iu vain
The Courier Journal says Tin
passage of this bill illustrates tho east
with which a legislative body ma
bo induced U lend Itself iu ignorance
of the facts to pernicious interfer
ence in the freedom ot business for tin
purposo otsatisfying a private grudge
Tho ciicuiustuucuf leading up to thic
bitxf legislation for which then ha
been no demand save from one quar
ter arc the best ovdenco that the bill
is vicious and that it will removo a
valuable safeguard against fraud in
tho diR liaio of trusts
The New Farmers Bank of ill
Sterling suspended during the panic
The court appointed a Louisville tru t
company receiver over tho protest oi
ihe officers and priucipul Moeklioldois
of the bank who had a choice of theii
own for receiver Tho appointment
was bitterly denounced by All Sterling
people and tho Alt Sterling press feel
ingly pictured tho debtors of the bank
relontlcssly crowded to the wall by u
60ulle68 foreign corporation who wan
ted the money to bring to Louisville
and pile up in their vaults after ex
tracting fat fees therefrom Subsequent
events proved tho wisdom of appoint
ing a disinterested receivor who could
bo relied on to settle tho banks alliair
iu a strictly business way and save
an much as possible for the stockhol
What docs tho C J mean by satis
fying a private grudge It cortainlv
does not moan to say that Judge Wni
Jjeckiieris eo small that becauso ho
has lost a few dollars by tho Columbia
Fiuance Trust Company being
made Trustee of tho Now Farmers
Dunk interests that ho will cok his
lovcngo in the lino of his proposed
bill Tho facts are Judge Bcckncr
directly lost nothing by this transac
tion but ho was near enough to the
ground to be thoroughly coiiveisant
with the workings of this corporation
and consequently to understand tho
evil it is bringing upon our people
Let us review a few of tho facts iu
connection with this case So far as
the inside workings as to how tho
TtiM Company came to mjciiio tho
position it- trustee of the Banks inter
est has too little to do with the mat
ter under diciibiou to cut any figure
ono way or another Whether this
appointment was brought about bj
Lurorfulso mcaim straight 01 In
Fraud and Bribery wo do not cure
to discuss nor docs it mattci tlnl t lie
Court appointed a Louisvillo Trust
Company receiver over tho piotct ol
tho ollicors and principal stockholder
ol llio bank who had a choice of theii
own for receiver when thoo warn
ing factions went into Court beforo
the judgment had been entered and
old the Court that thoy had reconciled
their differences and agreed upon a
receiver It is true l ho appointment
wan bitterly denounced by Alt Ster
ling people and tho Alt Sterling picss
it by tho Alt Sterling press is meant
lie Aovooati other papers of tho
town for icabons best known to them
selves have not8con III to oxposo this
Trust Companys doings and methods
feelingly pictuicd the debtors of tho
bdiilc relentlessly crowded to tho wall
by a houlless corporation who wanted
the money to bring to Louisvillo and
pile In Its vaults ay or extracting fut
foes therefrom Tho Advocatk
wont farther and shnvod that tills
JlUHt LViinatiy cared not one wldi
for 1m ofiln diipoiitois
ucdltbre of tho bank save in so far ii
yers to Do paid from tho assets ol
ilm hank Is it any wonder when
people saw what they consider such
reckless dlsregaid of tho banks iu
tcrestsorsuch criminal Ignorance ol
the simplest i tiles of business thai
they lost faith iu tho Trust Company V
abilitj to complete this trust in a
manner creditable toil and profiiabh
to the depositors When the bank
closed its doors a comniiltei
consisting of some of tho most success
ful business men of thlseuliro section
went over tho banks assets and re
p ri d to the stockholders that then
wero poud notes sufficient without
taking aliy account of the Mitcholl
paper 1 pay tlio depositors in full
Later on Air J Greon Trimbc who
wo are ready to say can show with
Mr Attilla Cox dollar for dollar 01
jovery cent Mr Cox has made ami
whoso judgment on a piece of paper is
considered no mean thing was ap
pointed Temporary Receiver hi
stated bcKuo ho turned into tin
hand of tho Im st Company tin
assets n i lie bank that he could pa
over dollar ol tho batiks indebted
ness nn Inn a ear aud have some
thing n il for the stockholders Mr
rriiunii is still ot that opinion Tin
fniM Company took hold uf the aflaits
it tin- Itiuk ni nd tho value of tin
assets Ilgau to tall at once Reports
bfgaii io be industriously circulated
whether by those interested in the
Trust Company or not wo are unable
tosi that the bank will pay onh
80 75 50 etc until an em
plujee ot i his saino Trust Company
when summoned hctore the Board ot
SuperviMirsot the county stales that
tho buuk in his opinion will not pay
more than 25 Ar 30 cents on thudollar
Is it any wonder that the appoint
ment was bitterly denounced by the
people ol Alt Sterling when not only
arc men who owe over 000000 pmh
ed to the wall fur its collection but the
depositor who out of something over
300000 are only to get trom 75000
loljiJOOUO ot their money In shoit
this Trust Company is hewing at the
root of mo countys prosperity with a
doubled edged ax That was a fatal
error wm u so large an amount of the
business jiitotcsts of this section was
placed in the hands ot a corporation
that had no kind of interest iu us
except to got its foes out of tho funds
ol tho bank
Tho Trust Companies of Louisville
are the only ones that wo hear
of that are seriously objecting
to this veiy salutary law hai
Judge Becknur has introduced
Wo have had a most stinging example
of wlut evil may aud oftou will
arise iroin placing so largo a part of
the eotiui interests iu tho hands ot
those who have nothing iu common
with us
The WIIhoii Turifl Hill passed
House on Tuesday by the
cnutvoteof 201 to MO A largo
crowd HI led the galleries to see tho
end of this memorable struggle
A fi w leiierats deserted their
colorn ami wont over to the enemy
but in the main the men of any
leal standing in the party voted
for the mcastiio
It will be remembered that tho
bill eariies with it the income tax
lcaturo Chairman Wilson closed
tho debate for thu Democratic hide
and Tom Heed of Maine for the
Republicans Tho Rill must now
run the gauntlet of tho Senate
Nine suit aggregating 205000
wore fllul against thu Pa nix liridgo
Company in tho Clark Ind Ciiouit
Court in Jellcrsonville by
urutoM bridge victims Ii i
claimed Die company moved from this
btuto t Indiana lo escape being sued
hi the IiiHVille courts Tho Inuniix
Uridg Company notified tho Ea i End
Imprm m Company that thoy wero
Willi I- biin work on the bridge
at inn1 1 1 i thought however that
ivoik i iii begin until April 1
The Wilson Tariff Bill Passes the
House Triumphantly
A Day of Oratory and Excitement
Chairman Wilson Carried to the
Cloak Room on The Shoul
ders of Democrats
A Great Crowd Invades the House
This roll call will be entered not
alone upon tho minutes of this
House it will bo inscribed in the
history of the country and in the
annals of freedom everywhere
Tho roll call upon this bill will
be tho roll of honor tho roll of
freedom and in the name of honor
in the numo of freedom I summon
eyery Democratic member of this
House to answer to this call
With these triumphant words
spoken by Win L Wilson of West
Virginia official leader of the Dem
ocrats in the House of Representa
tives closed the debate upon the
tariff reform bill
The total vote shows 204 for the
bill 140 against it The vote was
196 Democrats 8 Populists for the
bill 122 Republicans 17 Demo
crats and 1 Populist against the
It js not every day that the
House passes a tariff bill It is
not every day that tho giants of
both parties meet on the floor of
tho House to speak for a common
causo and participate in a wordy
warfare It is not every day that
votes are taken on great measures
The Capitol on lost Thursday
with the Wilson bill about to be
voted upon with the speeches of
tho leaders of both sides promised
became the mecca for all Washing
ton So the great army of unem
ployed made a rush for the great
building on the hill Tho corri
dors und galleries were packed and
jammed beforo 10 oclock and by
11 oclock it was estimated that
there werti 10000 people in the
House wing of tho Capitol
At tho conclusion of Mr Wil
sons speech ho was carried from
the chamber to tho cloak room on
the shoulders of loyal Democrats
Tho bill will now go to the Sen
ate where it is likely to bo tore up
considerably but it is believed
that it will be all the better and
more far reaching when it passes
tho Senate Now let the good
work go on and let tho Senate
puss this bill as soon as possible
in order that the people will feel
tho good oiTccts beforo another
hard winter overtakes them and
relieve distress and hunger thereby
There will bo very few if any
more witnesses before the Senate
Hawaiian investigation committee
Senator Morgan Chairman of the
committee says that so far as he
knows there will bo no others sum
moned that there might however
be other persons in tho country
whom members of the committee
would desire to havo called but
tho number would not be large
and ho felt justified in Haying that
the hearings wero drawing to a
close The investigation consum
ed a good deal more time than was
at iirst contemplated It is not
probable that tho conunitteo will
arrive at any conclusion for sov
cral weeks
Tho Coiiiiei Ioiirnal Cos manager
W N Ilaldeman Is a director in tho
Louisvillo Trust Company and of
course it wenis to his Journal that
tho very best thing to do when a Re
ceiver or Trusteo is to bo appointed is
to have a trust conipanv to attend to
such business for tho counties It is
no wonder that the Courier Journal is
opposed to Judge Uooknorsblll beforo
iho legislaturo restricting tlio appoint
ment of receiver and triHieon to tlmlr
owircouutloa Such a bill would bn
against Mr I laldoniaiis interest
thos creditors interests lay directl
alongside those of tha Trust Com
pany No whero was tills more plain
ly exhibited than iu tho rccklo is man
ner in which it was proceeding to
make litigation lusolvont debtor
arosued that neither uow have a
dollar nor is thoro any future prospeci
of their having one subject t execu
tion the property of men amply sol
vent in ofory respect is attached on
some frivolous excuse and law suitB
arc tho results with almost ccrlulu uuu
disastrous judgments for damages
com promises where a debtor praoiii
ally insolvent oilers to turn over
property tnat will secuio all or ncarlj
all of his debt is refused and about
all ol th debt is lost out of all which
aud much more that wo could cniini
oratCjOiilv ciiue court costs und law
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healthy vigorous action by Dr tierces
Golden Medical Discovery Afore than all
the liver and thats the key to th whol
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controls tho health tho liver controls th
blood the Discovery controls the liver
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dull languid and out of sorts and you
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in any disease that depends on the liver or
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Bronchial Throat and Lung affections ev
ery form of Scrofula oven Consumption or
Lung scrofula in its earlier stages and for
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He Will Be Succeeded By Admiral
Stanton Who Saluted Hollo
A Bpeolal from Washington says
Secretary of tho Navy Herbert
has issued an order to Rear Admiral
Kirklaud directing him to hold him
tclflu readiness to leave aud take
commund of tho Pacific station by the
steamer of February 17 from San
Francisco for Ilouolulu Admiral
Kirklaud will succeed Rear AdmlrS
John Irwin as tho naval commander
at Honolulu Tho change in com
mand is duo to tho approaching retire
ment of Admiral Irwin In Apiil
next Admiral Beuham whoso gallant
couduct at Rio is now so genorallj
commended will rotiro by the opera
tion of law An order will bo issued
in a short time detaching him from
thocomniaud of tho South Atlantic
squadion which includes tho fleet
uow in Rio Harbor Admiral Bonham
it is learLod will bo succeeded by
Admiral Stanton who was detached
ttom tho South Atlantic command foi
saluting Admiral McIIo at Rio The
two Admirals changed places Stanton
akiug charge of tho North Atlantic
station Tho dotaclimcut of Admiral
Beuham will bo preliminary to his rc
lironicnt which takes placo in April
- i
A Third Class City
It looks as if our sister city of Win
chester thinks sho is outgrowing hei
neighbors and is bent upon finding
other company Wo note tho follow
ing special scut to some of tho dailies
under date of February 3
It dawned upon tho peopleof Win
chester this morning that the city had
grown too big for her trousers and
was eligible to havo a charter ot a city
of tho third class along with only five
other cities iu the Stato A special
census has just been taken which
shows a population of 8435 and tho
Council in regular session last night
passed a resolution asking our Repre
sentative and Senator in tho Logisla
turo to introduce and support a bill
admitting Winchester to tho third
cluss cities
A Disturbance
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and bowels aro irrogular
about all you got though with tho
ordinary pill It may roliovo you for
a moment but youre usually in a
worse stato afterward than boMro
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ent from the huge old fashioned pills
Theyre not only pleasantcrbut theres
no reaction afterward and their fcolp
lasts One little sugar coated pullet
for a geutlo laxative or corrective
three for a cathartic Constipation
indigestion bilious attacks dizzinesp
sick and bilious headaches aro
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faction or your innnoy is rottiruod
You pay only for the good jou get
Tho Louisville OeiiHial Cuuiki1
Friday night adopted a resolution ex
tending a eorditil invitation to tho
Grand Armyof the Republic to hold
next carn encampment iu that city
The general impression seems to bn
that a Southern city will bo selected
and Louisvillos admirable locivtioji
aud adequate hotel accommodations
should by all means bring tho mealing
there Atlanta is aho making a vig
orous tight aud has enlisted the ser
viced of two prominent Republican
newspapers at Chicago
Mr Hill presented to tho Sonata
without cnmiioiit Thursday two reso
lutions adopted by tho Now York
General Assembly Ouo congratula
ted the President 011 his abandon
ment of his Hawaiian policy and tho
ollmr was a protest against tho Wilson
Tariff Bill -
u v fi
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