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Wo ask advice but wo mean appro
bation Coltott
Congress has passed a bill making
Labor Day a National Holiday
Varioty alone gives joy tlio sweet
est meats tho soonest cloy Prior
lMio truest oloqonco is that which
holds us too mute for applause Bul
Tho Four Seasons Ilotol at
dlcaboro has been forced to close its
Idoals aro like boards men do not
havo them until thoy grow up
Alvlu Cotrell claiming to bo from
Stamping Ground was arrested last
week in Lexington charged with
passing bogus checks v
At Lexington last Thursday thoro
was a visit of a damaging wind and
rainstorm which was destructive to
trees fences and buildings
John II Grimes superintendent of
a distillery at Burgin while riding
home in a buggy and carrying a rifle
was fatally shot by au accidental dis
Tho burden of suffering seems a
tombstono hung about our necks
jWhilo in reality it is only tho weight
which is necessary to keep down tho
diver while ho is hunting for pearls
Caleb Godloy a mulatto was hang
ed by a mob noar Bowling Green last
Tuesday night for attempting assault
ou tho person ot Mrs W P Coleman
on Sunday previous while gathering
eggs at her barn
Tho retail grocers of Frankfort are
mad at tho Louisvillo jobbing houses
bccau60 thoy compel them to pay for
boxes and drayago at both ends of
tho lino and propose in the future to
patronize Cincinnati
Wisdom without honesty is more
craft and cozenage And theroforo
i tho reputation of honesty must first
bo gotten which cannot bo but by
living well A good life is a main
argument Ben Johnson
In Louisvillo last week a violent
storm blow down tho residence of
Efor man Zilah His family were in
tho building and wore caught in tho
debris but wero only slightly injured
Other houBes in the city wero uu
All tho world ovor wo aro and all
that we have our bodies and our
souls our actions and our sufferings
our conditions at home our accidents
abroad our many sins and our seldom
virtues aro so many arguments to
mako our 60uls dwoll low In tho deop
valley of humility Joremy Taylor
The feeling between tho Catholics
and tho A P As is becoming very
bitter at Lexington At tho A P A
meetings it requires tho presenco of
tho polico to maintain peace Tho A
P As aro very antagonistic to Cath
olics and Eev James C Barry of St
Pauls Catholic church is doing his
fighting through Bomo of tho daily
Smutty oats should never bo fed
to horses A recent bulletin of tho
Idaho experimental station treats of
this subject and of tho method of re
moving tho smut from tho grain
This is dono by treating the oats to a
bath of Jiot water 130 to 140 degrees
tho Michigan method This destroys
tho vitality of one seed without injur
ing the other In Idaho tho past year
one fifth of tho oat crop was destroyed
by smut an average loss of 50 per
There are fow mon who aro not
ambitious of distinguishing them
selvds in tho nation or country whero
thoy live and growing considerable
with whom thoy converse Thoro is
a kind of grandeur and respect which
tho meanest and most insignificant
part of mankind endeavor to procure
iu tho ltltlo circle of their friends and
acquaintance Tho poorest mechanic
nay tho man who lives upon common
aim gets him his set of admirers and
delights in that superiority which he
enjoys ovor thoso who aro iu some
respects beneath him This ambition
which is natural to tho soul of man
might mothinks rocoivo a very happy
turn and if it woro rightly directed
contribute as much to a person
advantago as it generally does to hi
uneasiness and disquiot Addison
Various Taxes on
Among tho curiosities aad adsurdi
ties of curront politics must b ranken
the protended debate upon tho inconv
tax As a tax that has uqt been im
posed in this country for more thai
twenty years this method of raising
rovouuo presented a fairly debatable
question no candid man -will den
that Tho Courier Journal has novel
desirod to bo dogmatic upon thh
question Whilo favoring a moderate
tax upon incomes wo havo uovor in
sistcd on making it an article of faith
at least in the absence of any doliver
on co ou tho subject from a national
couventiou of tho party
It cau lio urged against tho income
tax that It is somowhat difficult of
collection that it will ofton bo evaded
It also presents temptations to rich
men to commit porjury in ordor to
avoid payment It is likowiso somo
what inquisitorial Theso aro factB
that aro undeniable and tho answer
to them is simply that liko objections
apply to all Bystemo of taxation Tho
tariff as wo havo been repeatedly told
by its warmest advocates is constantly
evaded not only by smuggling but
by undervaluations and various other
devices It is inquisitorial from be
ginning to oud to tho point of a rigid
examination of personal effects and
oven of tho clothing worn by persons
coming into tho country Tho internal
taxes aro ovaded by tho moonshiners
and by frauds of various sorts Thcv
aro inquisitorial to tho oxtont of placing
tho property of tax payers under tho
exclusivo control of officials of tho
Government until tho tax Is paid
Those objections to tho income tax aro
in kind liko those to all othor taxes
tho degrco of objection is a fair subject
of debate
Tho opponents of tho tax howovcr
whilo they havo urged theso points
havo not laid the principal stress on
them Thoy havo spokon of tho tax
as one upon industry upon thrift as
socialist communist and all that
sort of thing tVo aro asked to
beliovo that it is conceived in hatred
of wealth of tho accumulations of
savings by laborers Tho charges
havo been rung upon this idea with
untiring persistence
If thero is to bo no tax on industry
on incomes on savings on thiift who
aro to pay tho taxes Obviously it
requires monoy to pay tho expenses of
tho Government and this monoy
must ba paid by thoso who havo it for
it can not bo collected from thoso who
havo it not And whero do tho
masses of tho people get tho monoy to
pay taxes unless by industry by
thrift by savings from earnings which
might otherwiso bo exponded for tho
necessaries or luxuries of life
Evory tax is essentially a tax on in
comes Taxes must bo paid either out
of incomes or out of accumulated
wealth Now ouly a comparatively
small part of tho population havo any
considerable accumulated wealth
Thoy must therefore pay their annual
taxes of every sort out of the iucomo
of tho current year Of that part
ot tho laborers income invested in
dutiable imports an average of 50 per
cent iu round numbers goes to the
Federal Government Of tho first
cost of articles on which internal rove-
nuo is levied much moro than half
goes to tho Government and much of
it goes to States and municipals in tho
way of license and otherwise As a
result of tho customs duties levied for
protection immonso sums are con
tributed out of tho incomes of laborers
to tho rapacious interests including
trust that go into partnership with
tho Govornmont to oxtort monoy from
the masses Tho Republicans in the
past havo been in the habit of denying
this but they havo beou themsolvcs
reciting it vociferously in discussions
of tho sugar schedules These com
bines aro oager to tax tho incomes of
othors for their own benefit but are
unwilling to pay a small porcontago
of their own for tho support of tho
All these taxes on consumption aro
paid out of Incomes and tho bulk of
them out of small incomes Thoy areil
taxes on industry on thrift and thoy
tako a largo part ot tho earnings of
tho industrious Thoy tax the average
income all that it is ablo to bear
without earning privation and not
infrequently thoy go boyoud this
Eory income up to several thousand
dollars is heavily depleted by taxes
ou consumption But whon tho iu
como rises above tho point that is
suficient to pay for all articles consum
ed it becomes under existing laws
entirely exempt from taxation
requisite to oxistonco is taxed tho
surplul is ontiroly oxomptcd Tho
tax on this surplus imposes no hard
ship In othor words tho incomb
He Wants Him Prosecuted
To tho Editor of tho Evening World
Now York
There recently appeared in a coun
try uowspapor an advertisement read
ing about as follows Upon tho ro
coipt of 1 I will forward to any
address a recipe for killing potato
bugs without tho aid of poison Iii
common with several othors my
father who is a farmer sont in his
dollar aud in return received a
printed circular reading Boat them
to death with a club Is thoro any
law under which ho can prosecute
the advortisor of tho foregoing By
giving this information you will
obllgo my father and do7ons of others
who havo been swindled iu this
Henry W Gat
The First Step
Perhaps you aro run down cant
eat cant sleep cant think cant do
any thing to your satisfaction and
you wonder what ails you You
should hoed tho warning you are
taking tho first stop into Norvoup
Prostration You need a Nerve Tonii
that is too rnall to remove toV to
Weaken the motive toP Accumulation
The tax on the surplus income is less
than that imposed by many cities upon
capital It has been repeatedly pro
uouueed by political economists and
by such Republicans as John Sherman
the most equitable of all taxes Like
all othor taxes it is a tax on incomes
but unlike tho othors it is a tax on
that part of tho income which is not
needed for subpistonco Courior
How to Preserve Game
Tho Province of Ontario has Bet a
flno oxamplo for our States to follow
by prohibiting tho salo of turkey
grouse quail cock and snlpo for a per
iod of three ycara If evory State in
tho Union would join in making the
saloofgamo unlawful for thrco yeard
thero should bo grand sport when tho
close period ended The short cut to
having plenty of certain birds will bo
found in a prohibition of traffic in
And tho too rapid destruction cau
bo lossencd in another way and this
partial remedy concorus ovory sporte
man Too many mon complain about
the ravages of tho market shooters
yet mako no effort to lesson tho annual
slaughter by limiting their own bags
Men who would scprn to soil fur fin
or feather killed by their own skill
aro far too frequently a bit hoggish in
their estimate of what constitutes a
satisfactory bag Thero is moro true
sportsmanship in sparing a fow birds
for seed than in loading a coat with
dead ones Tho man who measures
the pleasure of a days outing by tho
numbor of victims ho sccuros has no
right to howl at tho pothunter for ho
is liko him in everything save tho sell
ing Not bno bird or fish should bo
killed merely to swell tho count
Dont complain about tho uselcssness
of individual effort hold your hands
a bit gentlemen sportsmen afield and
you will do some very usoful work in
of tho game Outing for
Do you see tho man
I do see tho man
Who is the man
Grover Cleveland
Who is Grovor Cleveland
The President of the United -States
IIow did ho get there
Tho Democratic party put him there
What is tho Democratic party
It is what swiped the Republican
party off tho face of tho earth in 1892
Did it
That was tho inference
IIow wash dono
By promises
What kind of promises
Promises to do what tho pcoplo de
manded by tho majority to be done
llave tho promises been kopt
Yes kopt In tho background whero
they cant bo got at
What aio these promises
Tho substance of things hoped for
tho ovidenco of things not seen
Ah faith
Tho same but tho works aro rusty
Who is doing this
Tho three Cs
The three Cs
Yes Cuckoos Compromise
Cleveland Now York Sun
and In Eloctnc BUtors you will find 1
tho exact romody for restoring youi
norvous systom to its normal hoalthj
condition Surprising results follow
the uso of this groat Norvo Tonic and
Alternative Your appetite returns
rjood digestion is restored and th
Kidnoys and Liver resumo nealthj
actidn Try a bottle Price 00
at TV S Lloyds Drug Store
A 4 to Camper
nn8PF ii r
SffiE 5r7r t
kl 1
Ivortising with
fcr in your city
purchased flio
Iwn auvortlser
fing been kopt
contented with thuOtho capitalist
thought If Ido notbpond my money
in advertising all thorders will bring
moro profit and in a fow months I
shall be very ricli Ho therefore
stopped all advortisiig and w aited to
got rich BHt the stoppago of tho
advertising took all tho lifo out of tho
specialty which remained oh tho
hands of tho capitalist a dead failure
- -
A Little Girls Experience in a
Mr and Mrs Liren Tipcott aro
kcepors of tho GJv Liglthonso at
Sand Beach Michj and are blessed
with a daughter fotr year old Last
April she was taken down with
MeasleB followed with a dreadful
Cough and turning into a fever Doc
tors at homo andlat Dotioit treated
hor but in vain sin grow worse rapid
ly until 8ho was L moro handful of
bones Thon sli tried Dr Kings
Now Discovery and after the uso of
two and a half bf tiles was completely
cured They sat Dr Kings Now
Discovery is woilh Its weight in gold
yet you may geta trial freo at W S
Lloyds drugstore
He Stooil Them Off
Jl delegations charitablo disposed
ladios who 1ml nothing else to do
called on a porchant to solicit his
aid in rclicviiu tho necessities of a
poor family
What is tie name of tho induced
family askd that merchant
Tho ladyiad scon bettor da s and
Is too proudAo allow hor name to bo
montiOucd if this connection
Thats jst tho fix my family is in
If I woro tocoutributel might be con
tributing tl support my own family
as objects if charity My pride will
not sufferno to tako such risks as that
Othorwisf ladies I would bo only too
glad to efesist you Siftings
On aciount or the San urancisco
Mid Wfitor Fair tho Chicago Mil
waukee St Paul Railway Company
will sei oxtufBlon tickets to San Fran
cisco St Jose Colton Los Angeles
and Sin Diego Calt and Portland
OroJat reduced rates good until
April 1894 For particulars call on
any mpoutickot agent or address D
O Ifrady Southern Passenger Agent
Em rthavo Louisvillo Ky 21 tf
iBucIlenB Arnica Salve
viio host salvo in tho world for cuts
biases eoues ulcorssalt rheum feverc
spres totftr chapped hands chilblains
ctfms and all skin eruptions and
amvoiy cures piles or no pay ro
ired it is guaranteed to give per-
ct satisfaction or money refunded
frico 33 cents ner box For salo bv
W S llloyd
- J
fA holldayundsrthe crht eta
be made a remarkably plksant exper
ienca if coHnial spirits cmfttm the
party but that It a commW Mtjt
made by too Many of those wo tak
to tho woods t a time whon fish are
the only lawful quarry I rtfer to
the practice of takitig guns Mid rifles
to camp whotfiho law forbids tho kill
ing of any garho There is no sense
In carrying a weapon which ia not to
bo used and I know oases ivhero the
fact of ono bdlng within reach has
mado a law bfoaker of a man who
meant no harm but was tompted by
an unexpected chanco at
game Futhermoro tho
or riilo in included
outfit thoy I aro apt to
that it is thora for uso and
in the
that tho
campers will havo a ciuict try at
whatever gaiho appears This idea
encourages the countryman to do a
bit of illegitimate killing himself
whon ho gctsla chance Gun andriflc
aro excellent in their proper place
but that placo la not in a July camp
Tho usual oxeuso offered for thoir pre
sence is tho possibility qf a shot at a
boar or wildcat That lis all very flno
bnt tho bears and cat really killed
have always appeared t me to stran
gely rosomblo docs and fawns Is is
far better to ieavo weapons at homo
than to run tho risk of boing tempted
to join a native in that jniserblc
nosp floating or jack ng Outing
for July i J
m -
Old papers for saleat this office
This is for your bigness men and
is as truo as gospel Think decide at
once and begin your
tho most rcadablo pa
A certain capital
busiuessofa woll k
whose specialty h
going by advertising had brought
him iu many dollars each day Not
1 19 11
Everything that one
could expect to find s
In a first class Dry
Goods House4
j tfi
UMStsria m ur samuel nulier p
and Children It contains nei her
other Narcotic btttHnce I is
for Paregoric Drops Soothlr f 8y
It Is Pleasant It guarant
Millions of Mothers Castorli
leverisuneee uastoria prev
cures Diarrhoea and Wiw
teething troubles cures c
Castorla assimilates tho foi
and bowels givinsr health-
235East Market
ripticm for Infants
ium Morphine nor
armless substitute
psauu uastor Uin
hirty years use bj
estjf oys Worms antt allaysv J
its vomiting Sour Curd
Colic CastoriarolieveS
stipation and flatuleucy
regulates the stomach
and natural sle Ca3
toria is tho Childrens Panaleathe Mothers Friend
Castoria an excellent mwliclno for chil
dren Mothers huvo repeatedly told mo of Ita
good effect upon their children
Dr O C Ossood
Lowell Mass
Castorla la Uie best remedy for children of
which I am acquainted I hope tho day Is not
far distant when mothers will consider the real
Interest ot their children and use Castorla In
stead of the varlousquack nostrums which are
destroying their loved bnes by forcing opium
morphine soothing syrup and other hurtful
agents down their throats thereby sending
them to prematura graves
Dr J F Ktnchhlok
Conway Art
Tke Centanr Company 77
Castoriii l so well adapted to children th
i rcoommenu n as superior to any prescript
n i
111 So Oxford St Brooklyn HrTJl
1 f 1- Im 1111 J M 1
ur juyBiciauif iu mo utuiuraa aeparp
meat have spoken highly or their ep f4
enc In their outside practice wlthCestorVjj
auc although wo only have among oua
me leal supplies what Is kiiown as reguiaj
pro ucts yet wo are free to confess that thl
me its of Castorla has won us to look wjtl
f a r upon It i
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